Mum tries to make candles for her family for Christmas – but they end up looking like 'veiny willies'

They're personal, meaningful and show you've made an effort – but as one poor woman learned, they can also go horribly wrong.

The woman revealed her crafting mishap on Mumsnet yesterday, explaining that she'd planned to make her family a hamper of truffles, soaps, bath bombs and scented candles.

But unfortunately, the candles didn't turn out quite as she'd hoped.

She wrote: "We all love Game of Thrones, so I thought it would be cool to make white candles with a blood red centre, and then carve it to look like one of the weirwood trees.

"I made a lot of red, cinnamon scented wax and poured it into moulds made out of bog roll tubes."

It all seemed to be going okay – until she began to decorate them.

She continued: "The results were a bit lumpen, but not awful, but then I started coating the red wax with the white and now they look like a load of big pink veiny willies.

"Do you think I can salvage them? Or should I just give as is and pretend they're meant to be erotic candles? They smell really nice but look horrible."

The poster shared a snap of her handiwork, which caused quite a stir among other Mumsnet users.

Some seemed to think they were a lost cause, with one commenting: "The only salvaging involves melting and remoulding properly. You cannot give someone a wonky veiny c*** candle."

Others joked: "They look like something off an eating trial on I'm A Celeb," and: "They look like big fat spring rolls."

However, there were a few people who reckoned the woman could still use the candles in her hamper.

One reassured her: "They do look a bit strange but I'm sure [your mother-in-law] would appreciate the trouble you've gone to!"

Another message read: "Could you melt them into nice Kilner jars and tie a festive ribbon around the top?"

It's the thought that counts, right?

In more weird news, Moncler is selling puffer jacket DRESSES for £2,120 – that make you look like the Michelin Man.

A menswear brand has released a pair of penis pocket trousers… but we can't see them catching on.

And guests were left giggling after 'horse ovaries' appeared on a wedding menu – thanks to an awkward spelling mistake.

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What is hypnobirthing, is Meghan Markle going to use the technique and can it make labour easier?

But just what is alternative pain relief method all about?

What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing techniques are used to ease the process of giving birth and aim to ensure the mother remains calm and controlled from the moment she goes into labour.

Experts claim the benefits include a shorter first stage labour, less intense pain, a shorter hospital stay and less fear and anxiety after the birth of the baby.

Hypnobirthing is described as a mindfulness practice that helps to alleviate any stress or discomfort.

Fans of hypnobirthing say that staying calm stops your body going into a panicky "fight-or-flight mode", enabling you to focus your energy on a faster, easier labour.

It’s also thought staying calm helps your body release hormones like oxytocin – which encourages contractions – and endorphins, which numb pain and help you feel good.

Will Meghan Markle be using hypnobirthing?

Sources have claimed that Meghan Markle is looking into hypnobirthing and has been "reading up" on it.

She is also said to be researching natural-birthing techniques, and wants to opt for a home birth rather than using the Lindo wing like Kate Middleton did.

Who else has used these techniques?

Harry Kane's fiancee Katie Goodland gave birth to their second child back in August.

The England captain praised his other half using the hashtage #hypnobirthing in a Tweet.

Harry was forced to clarify his hypnobirth comments on social media after he welcomed his second daughter into the world.

The Spurs striker uploaded a photo to Twitter and Instagram of him in the delivery room with Kate Goodland and his new baby daughter Vivienne.

He tagged the snap "Our beautiful addition to the family! Vivienne Jane Kane. So proud of @KateGoodlandx for having the most amazing water birth with no pain relief at all #mygirls #hypnobirthing."

The comment led to a backlash on social media, with some taking his comments as a dig at those who give birth using traditional pain relief methods.

But the footballer responded to the original post praising all women for however they choose to give birth.

Kane followed up the post by writing: "Let’s get one thing straight, any women can give birth however they would like.

"I’m very proud of my fiancée for doing it the way she wanted and we both learnt a lot from hypnobirthing."

Is the birthing style popular with celebrities?

The Duchess of Cambridge was rumoured to have used the technique when she gave birth to Prince Louis on St George's Day.

Celebrity mum-of-six Angelina Jolie allegedly used hypnobirthing techniques when she gave birth via caesarean to her twins Vivienne and Knox.

Actress Busy Phillips also decided to let nature take its course, with a little help from hypnotherapy and complementary birth therapies when she gave birth to her first baby.

Actress and mum-of-two Jessica Alba has also previously revealed her love of hypnobirthing.

The process has also been endorsed by supermodel Gisele Bündchen.


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Jennifer Aniston Looks Sweeter Than Apple Pie in This Unexpected Midi Dress

Jennifer Aniston Looks Sweeter Than Apple Pie in This Unexpected Midi Dress

Only Jennifer Aniston can make me rethink my wardrobe choices. The actress made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote her new Netflix comedy, Dumplin’. She wore a long-sleeved midi dress that came in the most unexpected color: chocolate brown.

While you probably haven’t given much thought to the color, the actress showed us how to make it holiday-ready by adding a luxe, animal-print leather belt with gold hardware and a cute barrette on one side of her hair. She showed off a hint of skin by leaving a few buttons open at the top, and styled the dress with a long, gold chain and a pair of suede criss-cross heels. Read on to take a look at her entire outfit and buy similar versions of her dress ahead.

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Best Dressed At L’Oreal’s Women Of Worth — Amber Heard, Eva Longoria & More

Stars stunned at the inspiring and beautiful night, which was held in New York City on Dec. 5. See the most gorgeous outfits from the carpet below.

Stars like Amber Heard and Eva Longoria looked gorgeous at L’Oreal Paris‘ Women of Worth celebration in New York City on Dec. 5. Held at The Pierre hotel, the event honored these inspiring and charitable women. Amber looked gorgeous in a silky gold dress. Her makeup was stunning, anchored by a bold red lip. She wore L’Oreal Paris makeup, and it was done by artist Katey Denno. Amber’s sexy, sultry updo was by Jon Chapman. 

Eva wore a black and white jumpsuit. At the event, Eva, one of the faces of L’Oreal, said: “Because You’re Worth It — is not just a tagline for us, it’s an ethos for the brand, and it exists to lift up women, to give them confidence and celebrate them, it’s more than lipstick, it’s more than a hair color, it’s to make sure that you understand that you are worthy.”

Julianne Moore wore a black and teal Givenchy dress and echoed Eva’s sentiments: “Like Eva, I’ve always loved the phrase ‘you’re worth It.’ This phrase means so much – it means everyone is valuable, everyone deserves time and love and attention and care. The more we keep that alive in our lives, the better off we’ll be.”

Andie MacDowell wore a gorgeous fringed dress that looked spectacular as she sashayed down the carpet. See more best dressed stars at the Women Of Worth event in the gallery attached above!

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Mel B reveals she had the inside of her vagina 'scraped like a rape victim' to ‘erase all remnants’ of Stephen Belafonte following their split

The Spice Girl, 43, said she wanted to "scrub herself clean" after leaving her film producer husband of 10-years.

Speaking to The Guardian, Mel explained: "They scraped the inside of my vagina and put new tissue in. It’s almost like a rape victim would do – essentially, you want to scrub yourself clean."

Mel also had a tattoo that was dedicated to her ex cut out of her skin and asked the doctor to leave her with the "ugliest scar ever" as a constant reminder that he is no longer in her life.

At the weekend Mel's eldest daughter Phoenix, 19, opened up about the extent to which Stephen bullied her mum and implied it stretched to sexual abuse.

She told how she would hear her mum crying in her bathroom or bedroom and recalled a particularly harrowing incident during her early teens.

"My mum came downstairs to the kitchen followed by Stephen. I looked through the crack halfway up the stairs – where I could just see the kitchen – to check if everything was OK, which it was, then returned to my room," she told You magazine.

"Then I heard more screaming and her shouting, ‘Stop, get off,’ and heard little thumps.

"I went to the stairs again and saw Stephen with his pants down and my mum pushed over the couch. I froze, but then I just went back. This was my family life."

Mel B has reportedly been granted a restraining order against her estranged husband over claims he beat and sexually exploited her.

According to TMZ, the Spice Girl's divorce lawyers obtained the order which forces Stephen to stay away from Mel and her three daughters.

As part of the order, allegations surfaced that claimed the film producer used to get aggressive and physically violent during their marriage.

It was also alleged that Stephen owned a gun despite being prohibited from carrying firearms as part of a previous domestic violence conviction with another woman, and tried to stop Mel going to see her dying father.

Phoenix said she found Stephen's gun while snooping around her mum's bedroom and "saw the bullets in the barrel".

Stephen's legal team has called Mel's claims "outrageous and unfounded" and say he "vehemently denies" any abuse took place, claiming Mel has created a "false depiction" of her marriage.

The pair finalised their divorce in August this year, and Mel has since reignited her singing career by signing up to the Spice Girls reunion tour.

“I’m more confident than I’ve ever been. I had no confidence for so many years and I had to nurture myself, almost bring myself back to life,” Mel told The Guardian.

“I probably loathed myself. But I can genuinely say now: yes, I do love myself. And I did when I entered into my marriage and that got chipped away. I allowed that to be chipped away.”

Speaking to The Sun, Phoenix said: "My mom is this crazily tough woman, but I knew she was scared of him."

She added: "I’m so glad my mom has left (him). I just want life to move on."

Mel's book, BRUTALLY Honest, is available ­now and audiobook is available ­exclusively on

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Gwyneth Paltrow Looks Like the Ultimate California Beach Babe in This Sexy Bikini

Gwyneth Paltrow Looks Like the Ultimate California Beach Babe in This Sexy Bikini

Leave it to Gwyneth Paltrow to heat up our gloomy weekday with a steamy cover for WSJ. Magazine. It had us dreaming of warmer days full of pristine sandy beaches, palm trees, and piña coladas. During the shoot, Gwyneth showed off her toned abs in three different bikinis, my personal favorite being the cropped Miu Miu sweater paired with striped bikini bottoms. She also wore a yellow two-piece that featured lace detailing, posed underwater wearing another orange bikini (can we just take a second to appreciate that underwater shot?!), and stood in the sprinklers wearing a tangerine sweater with matching swimsuit bottoms. Keep reading to have a look at the gorgeous cover story and buy similar swimsuits for your next getaway.

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How Stacey Dooley was Strictly-fied and went from hard-bitten reporter to glamour girl

But it's not just her moves that have transformed throughout the series – she's also had one very glamorous makeover.

Last night, Stacey headed home from Strictly: It Takes Two filming looking super-chic in tailored trousers, heels and a smart longline coat.

A smooth blow-dry, flawless make-up and a designer handbag completed her look.

Over on the dance floor, the 31-year-old has well and truly embraced Strictly's over-the-top vibe.

She's rocked glitzy outfits, backcombed curls, false eyelashes and bright lipsticks for her routines with partner Kevin Clifton.

Stacey's fancy Strictly style is a far cry from the pared-back look she usually sports in her documentaries.

She's jetted to countries including Iraq, Kenya and Cambodia, reporting on hard-hitting subjects such as sex trafficking, domestic violence, ISIS and homelessness.

Obviously, Stacey has more important things to worry about than clothes and make-up at work, so she tends to opt for practical ensembles.

Stacey – who came to fame on BBC show Blood, Sweat and T-shirts in 2008 – has also found her own style over the years.

While she once had a youthful long hairstyle, she's now switched to a choppy red 'do.

Not only that, but her noughties outfits have been swapped for cool smart-casual ensembles.

We don't know about you, but we think she looks Strictly fabulous.

In more celebrity news, Liam from Tracy Beaker Returns is back on TV and he looks completely different.

The Royal Family have put their Christmas decorations up – but an etiquette expert is 'mortified' at their timing.

And Cheryl uses coconut oil on 'everything' and has 'pared back' her beauty regime since having son Bear.

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Boohoo slammed for ‘Obsessive Christmas Disorder’ PJs by mental health charities

The festive set, currently on sale for £17, features the letters OCD – with Rudolph's red nose forming the O – before spelling out its message.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder affects up to 750,000 Brits and sees sufferers carrying out repetitive behaviours and battling intrusive thoughts.

The nightwear sparked outrage online, with one shopper tweeting the retailer saying: "Hey @boohoo, what's with these pyjamas?

"OCD is a real, valid metal illness, that effects and can destroy lives. Its not something to make jokes about.

"I know for a fact that there would not be pyjamas with jokes about depression, bipolar disorder, anorexia etc."

Mental health charities have also criticised Boohoo.

Olivia Bamber, the Youth Service and Communications Manager of OCD Action, said: “Products which mock or trivialise OCD add to these misconceptions and can stop people who are genuinely affected by the condition seeking help, often due to a fear that they will not be taken seriously.

“It’s important that we challenge these trivialising products, even though their intention is not to cause any distress or offense.

“OCD Action welcomes conversations with organisations and is happy to help educate them about how they can contribute positively to people’s understanding of this debilitating mental health condition.”

OCD-UK has also contacted Boohoo about the item and was told Boohoo will review whether or not to ban it from sale.

It comes after TK Maxx was forced to apologise and pull a line of OCD Christmas kitchenware from sale after receiving a backlash from campaigners online.

Ashley Fulwood, of OCD-UK, said it isn't the first time they've had to battle offensive products.

Ashley said: “There are two issues – one is that it trivialises it and the second is that it fuels these misconceptions of OCD being something quirky.

“It fails to recognise that the D in OCD stands for disorder.

“It’s not just a case of us being easily offended. People fail to realise how severe it can be.

“It destroys lives, relationships, careers and sadly we have tragic consequences of people taking their own lives.”

A Boohoo spokesman said they are investigating.

The NHS recently warned tots as young as TWO suffer mental health problems, with one in eight kids at risk.

From bad moods to emotional outbursts, these are the nine signs your child could have a mental health disorder.

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Nurse Lisa Leppard, who has cared for 20,000 sick tots, backs our support of charity Bliss

Lisa Leppard, 52, who has worked at Southampton Children’s Hospital for 28 years, said: “These babies need your help. We can’t do it alone. We rely on charity support.”

The Sun’s appeal is raising money for Bliss, the leading charity for premature and sick newborns.

Lisa continued: “I remember a ­little boy who was born at 23 weeks.

“He very nearly didn’t make it but he has just gone to school. He’s the epitome of what we do here. To see him now, happy and thriving, is why we do this job.

Show your support for Bliss by donating here

“Babies like him would simply not survive if it were not for the work of Bliss. It’s a fabulous charity.”

Lisa started her career in adult nursing before moving to the neo- natal unit when she was 24.

She said: “There are lots of ­families that I remember, the babies you look after always stay with you.

“One baby I cared for back in 1990 now works as a healthcare assistant on the unit.

“Please give as much or as little as you can.

“It might bring a little Christmas cheer, and it might save lives.”

How to help


CALL: 020 7378 5740

DONATE BY TEXT:Sending BLISS followed by the amount (e.g. BLISS £10) to 70085. You can choose to donate £1, £3, £5, £10, £15 or £20. You will be charged the standard network rate when texting your keyword.

OR BUY A BEAR: YOU can make a difference to the life of a baby this Christmas by buying an adorable My First Bliss Bear. The cute white bear called Scuby, named after Special Care Baby Units (SCBU), holds a smaller brown bear called Inky, named after incubators. These gifts cost £8.50 each and the money goes directly to Bliss. You can buy a bear here.

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Bravo Babes! The Real Housewives' Best Swimsuit Photos

Luann hit the beach during a girls’ trip with her RHONY co-stars in Maimi wearing a sexy bandeau bikini top with matching navy bottoms.

“Jamaican Me CRAZY.” The Real Housewives of New Jersey star showed off her sporty-meets-sexy two-piece in her seaside snap. 

The 50-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star showed off her fit frame in a series of Instagram photos wearing an itty bitty two-piece royal blue bikini on a Hawaii beach after a morning paddle and swim session. 

The New York housewife had the “perfect kick-off” to summer celebrating Memorial Day on her boat in a red string bikini. 

The B is always in a bikini. Frankel brought her stylish swimsuit style to the beach in May wearing a ruffled off-the-shoulder top and string bikini bottoms with her floppy hat and pink-tinted glasses. 

There isn’t a swimsuit style that Rinna shies away from, including this Norma Kamali one-shouldered, high-cut swimsuit. (You can’t take the Beverly Hills out of the girl.)

The RHOA star had a quiet moment with her hubby taking a dip in the ocean at sunset.

The 51-year-old model and RHOA star was feeling “free to be me” during her Cancun vacation.

Another Atlanta swimsuit siren! Williams was so excited to wear her life Of G.O.D.S. swimsuit that she modeled it before packing it for her Jamaica vacation.

Sonja is “soaking up” the food, culture and wildlife in Bali and doing it all in her gunmetal bikini with white piping. (As Real Housewives of New York fans know, the star has been juicing, fasting and doing a lot of yoga.)

Ever the savvy saleswoman, the RHONJ vet modeled her own pineapple-print swimsuit on Instagram to push her Envy by Melissa merch.

Tamra accessorized her chevron peach-and-pink bikini with an item that isn’t very sand-friendly — a medical boot! But when you live in Orange County, the beach is always calling.

Teresa showed off the results of her yoga sessions and weight training in her ruffled yellow two-piece on the beach with friends in Mexico. And we can’t wait to see her on the Jersey shore this season.

The 61-year-old RHONY star wished all her Instagram fans a “fabulous Friday” by posing in a plunging one-piece on a kayak.

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