Priyanka Chopra Just Made A Huge Update On Instagram Showing Her Dedication To Nick Jonas

It’s official: You can now call her "Priyanka Chopra Jonas," well, at least on Instagram. Priyanka Chopra added "Jonas" to her Instagram name, as pointed out on Thursday. It’s been a longtime tradition for a woman to take her husband’s last name during marriage, or to at least add his surname to her already existing family name. Changing one’s name after getting married is a personal choice and one that Chopra seems to be embracing wholeheartedly. More than anything, the major Instagram update shows how committed the former Quantico star is to both Nick Jonas and their marriage.

It’s unclear if Chopra legally changed her name to "Priyanka Chopra Jonas" or if she simply added "Jonas" on Instagram. So far, she hasn’t added "Jonas" to her name on Facebook and the same goes for Twitter. The 36-year-old also hasn’t made it clear if she wants to be called "Priyanka Chopra" or "Priyanka Chopra Jonas." At this time, the Baywatch actor hasn’t made any comment about the name addition, but there’s no denying it’s just another way of Chopra showing her hardcore love for Jonas.

Over the weekend of Dec. 1, Chopra and Jonas officially tied the knot. They had two ceremonies that embraced both of their cultures. As reported by People, the first ceremony took place on Dec. 1 and it was a Western style wedding at the Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, India, which Paul Kevin Jonas Sr. officiated. The second nuptials occurred on Dec. 2 during a Hindu ceremony at the same palace. They have been extremely open with their special day by sharing many photos and videos, including one giving a glimpse of their first dance.

The actor and the singer both appear to be on cloud nine right now after their whirlwind of an engagement and wedding. They are even welcoming the new nicknames they can now call one another. Not only did Chopra add "Jonas" to her Instagram name, but, on Dec. 6, Jonas called Chopra "Wifey" on Instagram.

On Thursday, Chopra appeared on Vogue‘s newest cover for January. Actually, she’s the first Indian woman to cover American Vogue in the magazine’s 126-year history. That’s a huge deal and one both she and Jonas are proud of.

Clearly, the former Jonas Brothers singer couldn’t contain his excitement, because after Chopra shared her cover on Instagram, he commented on her post, "Wifey."

It might be hard for people to believe that they share a geunine love for one another, especially since they moved faster than the average relationship. But, Jonas and Chopra seem beyond happy with each other and in their decision to marry.

It almost seems like Chopra knew Jonas was the one, too. As she recalled to Vogue, while on a date with the singer in Los Angeles, he said to her, "I love the way you look at the world. I love the drive you have." Chopra told the magazine, "As a girl, I’ve never had a guy tell me, ‘I like your ambition.’ It’s always been the opposite."

And now here they are expressing their intense love for each other. Between Chopra adding "Jonas" to her name on Instagram to Jonas calling her "Wifey," it’s safe to say these two are living married life to the fullest.

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‘Hannibal Lecter’ nightclub boss jailed after offering woman cocaine for sex

A nightclub boss who demanded a woman take off her knickers before calling her a b**** has been jailed after a judge said he behaved like Hannibal Lecter.

Darren Pinches also offered the woman cocaine in exchange for sex on his desk and told her “I’m going to f*** you”.

The 52-year-old, who the victim described as a “raving animal” after he got her alone in his office, ran Browns at the Quay in Worcester, and spotted the woman at the bar.

She told a court Pinches acted like the Silence of the Lambs serial killer, who was played by Anthony Hopkins.

Pinches was sentenced to 21 months after he was found guilty of offering to supply cocaine.

Jailing him at Warwick Crown Court, Judge Anthony Potter said: "This is not a case, I remind myself, where you have expressed any remorse for your offending.

"You have continued to deny this offence as is your right.

"You became aggressive, so aggressive in fact that she compared the transformation
to turning into a Hannibal Lecter figure.

"You made a series of expletive-laden demands and announced the plan to have sexual intercourse with her.

"You referred to her as a b**** and cleared in a violent manner the desk in front of you of any items and demanded she get undressed and get onto the desk.

“It’s clear that your main intention in offering her cocaine was with a view to lowering her resistance to your approaches and seeking to make her more vulnerable to your sexual advances.

"She described how she had never been so scared in her life. She plainly thought she was about to be the victim of forced sexual intercourse.”

Jurors heard the woman, 40, said Pinches was “like an animal” and demanded she took off her underwear.

She said: “He leaned back in his chair. It reminded me of Hannibal Lecter.

“He drew the air through his teeth and looked at me.

“It was the way he looked at me. He turned from being normal and quite jovial into some kind of raving animal.

“He said ‘I’m going to f*** you.’

“He was talking through his teeth. I just thought ‘oh my God!’

“He absolutely terrified me. I have never been so scared in my life. He was like a predator.”

Jurors heard he swiped everything off the table and ordered: “Take off your pants.”

The woman escaped by telling Pinches, of Worcester, she needed to use the toilet but fled out a fire escape.

The incident happened in September 2015.

Pinches was cleared of groping another woman on New Year’s Day in his Bushwackers nightclub and forcing her to look at his "small, flaccid penis".

Michael Burrows QC, defending, said: “It’s important to bear in mind what he’s been convicted of, possessing a small amount of cocaine and the offer to supply cocaine.

“On any of the facts it was at the lowest level on a social and non-commercial."

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Is Zayn’s "Good Years" About One Direction? The Lyrics May Criticize His Boy Band Past

Attention One Directioners: Zayn just dropped a new song, and it might be about his boy band days. The singer released his new song called "Good Years" on Thursday, Dec. 6, along with a lyric video, and fans can’t help but wonder: Is Zayn’s "Good Years" about One Direction? It’s an introspective song about his past, no doubt, but the question of whether he’s singing about his past One Direction experiences or if this song’s meaning is more generic still remains up in the air.

The new single is one of those slow ballads Zayn loves to create. In it, he sings about what he calls his "good years," even though those years he’s singing about don’t sound all that pleasant…? His lyrics make it sound like he’s afraid that his past, albeit painful at parts, were the best years of his life he was going to get.

Zayn’s "Good Years" lyrics start off with him singing the hook. He sings,

Then comes in the first verse, and the first hint that this track could be about One Direction. Zayn sings,

The chorus repeats, then Zayn comes in with the second verse.

That verse fits the One Direction theory the closest. Zayn was the first to leave the group and has been open in past comments/interviews about how unhappy he was during the One Direction days. The song, if about 1D, hints strongly that there was a lot of trouble in their perceived paradise.

The song gets even more emotional in the bridge as Zayn croons,

The song closes out with him singing the hook once more.

Zayn, are we feeling introspective today?

One Direction fans on Twitter are convinced the song is about the group.

Adding more fuel to the fire when it comes to this One Direction theory, Louis Tomlinson tweeted that he was "proper confused" not long after the song’s release.

"Proper confused. What a hypocrite!" Tomlinson tweeted on Dec. 6. He doesn’t reference Zayn’s song at all in the tweet, but fans are taking this as a subtweet about Zayn and "Good Years."

So much so, in fact, that #Zouis (a combination of Zayn and Louis) started trending on Twitter.

It’s an emotional and confusing day to be a One Direction stan, that’s for sure.

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Female war reporter savages new film about Marie Colvin’s life

‘You can’t call this a biopic’: Female war reporter slams new film about Marie Colvin saying it gets facts wrong, ERASES her ex and gives her a ‘Bridget Jones-style’ best friend she didn’t have

  • American war reporter Marie Colvin was killed in Homs, Syria in 2011 
  • New film A Private War documents her life travelling to conflict zones 
  • However, fellow war reporter Janine di Giovanni says the biopic isn’t realistic
  • She criticises artistic licence used to portray Colvin’s friends, family and editors 

It’s been hailed by critics but a new Hollywood film about the life of American War reporter Marie Colvin has been called ‘confusing’ and ‘not a biopic’ by her close friend.

A Private War, starring Rosamund Pike and directed by Matthew Heineman, documents the life of Colvin, who filed reports from conflict zones and was killed in Homs, Syria in 2012.

Following the film’s release in the US, Colvin’s close friend and fellow female war correspondent, Janine di Giovanni, has slammed the film for using artistic licence in the way key figures in Colvin’s life are portrayed. 

Writing in Harper’s Magazine, di Giovanni says the film is inaccurate in parts and offers a Hollywood spin on Colvin’s life.  

Scroll down for video 

Rosamund Pike stars as US war reporter Marie Colvin in new film A Private War. However, Colvin’s long-time friend and colleague has slammed the movie, saying it’s put a Hollywood spin on the journalist’s life

Colvin was killed in Syria in 2011, just hours after she’d filed a report on the army’s shelling of ‘a city of cold, starving civilians’. She lost her eye in 2001 after being hit by the Sri Lankan army

Author and foreign correspondent Janine di Giovanni has criticised Matthew Heineman’s film, saying many of the people in Colvin’s life – including her former employees and boyfriend – were portrayed as ‘good guys’ when in reality they weren’t

She said Covin’s employees at the Sunday Times were not the ‘good guys’ they’re portrayed to be in the film and that many of the characters are merely composites of real people.  

‘Colvin had many friends in London, but none of them were similar to the Bridget Jones–style girlfriend character (portrayed by Nikki Amuka-Bird) in the film. 

‘Her last boyfriend was not a caring and loving Stanley Tucci but rather a man who gave her immense heartache and distress.’

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    Meghan’s maternity leave masterplan: Royal is ‘reading up’…

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    Ad Feature

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Author and journalist di Giovanni also criticised some basic factual changes including a reference made by Colvin’s first husband, Patrick Bishop, to ‘heads on sticks’ in the opening scene of the film. 

She writes: There were no ‘heads on sticks’ in Bosnia, as the character meant to be Colvin’s first husband, Patrick Bishop, says in one of the opening scenes (heads were on sticks in Chechnya).’

The film is the first narrative feature by Matt Heineman and has been well received in the US following its release in early November

However, Janine di Giovanni says that while she ‘respects’ the film paying tribute to her friend, she doesn’t want young girls to think that war reporting is glamorous 

Marie Colvin, 56 at the time of her death, was born in the US but lived in Hammersmith, London, writing for the Sunday Times

Colvin, pictured in Chechnya in 1999, lost the sight in her left eye after being struck by the Sri Lankan army in 2011

And Colvin’s second husband, Juan Carlos Gumucio, an obviously important figure in her life, is ‘erased from the script altogether’.

di Giovanni concludes though that she still ‘respects’ the film for paying testament to the courage and legacy of her friend but adds: ‘I just don’t want young women to watch it and think that being a war reporter is glamorous’. 

Colvin became known for her distinctive eye patch and tragically died during a rocket attack in 2012 while covering the civil war in Syria – just hours after telling the world how Bashar al-Assad’s army was ‘simply shelling a city of cold, starving civilians’.

A Private War chronicles her life’s work and is adapted from Marie Brenner’s 2012 Vanity Fair article Marie Colvin’s Private War.

Marie’s family have since launched legal action against the Syrian government. charging it with arranging her death in 2012.

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Supermarket food is fresher if you buy in-store rather than online, investigation by Shop Smart Save Money finds

The Channel 5 TV show, which airs tonight at 8pm, purchased 10 food items in three different Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Tesco stores.

It then bought the same items online from the supermarkets.

The team, working alongside Leeds Beckett University, logged the use by, best before, sell by and display until dates on each of the 10 items for each store.

They found that shopping in-store can seemingly give shoppers longer expiry dates than shopping online.

Particularly important when people are stocking up on food for the festive period now.

What did the researchers buy?

  • Own-brand sprouts
  • Potatoes
  • Mushrooms
  • Apples
  • Grapes
  • Chicken breasts
  • Organic semi skimmed milk
  • Double cream
  • Fresh orange juice
  • A loaf of sliced white bread

When it comes to individual supermarkets, Sainsbury's fared best with an average online shelf life of 7.7 days – the same as in-store.

Next up was Tesco with an average online shelf life of 6.2 days compared with 6.3 days in store.

Asda followed with an average online shelf life of 5.8 days compared with 5.9 days on average in store.

Morrisons came in last place with an average online shelf life of 5.3 days compared with 6.9 days in store.

Asda says it always tries to pick the longest possible dates for online shops, while both Asda and Morrisons say they make the shelf life of online items clear.

An Asda spokesperson said: "Our colleagues will always try to pick products with the longest possible date codes while we provide information, such as our website date pledge, to help customers make the best choices when they shop online."

A Morrisons spokesperson said: "We tell our customers how much life they can expect on online products and all the ones you selected had at least as much life as we guaranteed."

The Sun has contacted Sainsbury's and Tesco and we'll update this story if we get a response.

If you're stocking up for Christmas, Morrisons' £2 mince pies topped BBC Good Food’s blind Christmas taste test.

Meanwhile, Co-op’s £20 bottle beats Moet in a similar blind Champagne taste test.

Do Jack’s and Tesco products taste the same? Our Bargain Hunter puts them to the test.

We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online Money team? Email us at [email protected] or call 0207 78 24516. Don't forget to join the Sun Money's Facebook group for the latest bargains and money-saving advice.

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Yemen peace talks kick off on a cautiously optimistic note

RIMBO, Sweden — Representatives from Yemen’s warring sides sat in the same room in Sweden on Thursday as U.N.-sponsored peace talks for the war-torn Arab country got underway, aimed at halting a catastrophic three-year civil war.

Sweden’s foreign minister, Margot Wallstrom, opened the talks at a castle in Rimbo, a town north of Stockholm, wishing the Yemen adversaries strength to find “compromise and courage” as they embark on the difficult task ahead.

“Now it is up to you, the Yemini parties,” she said. “You have the command of your future.”

The U.N. envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths said the coming days were a milestone and urged the parties not to “waver… let us work in good faith … to deliver a message of peace.”

Griffiths announced the sides have agreed on a prisoner exchange as a first step toward building confidence. He said both sides have signaled they were serious about de-escalating the fighting through calls they’ve made in recent weeks, and urged them to work to further reduce the violence in the Arab world’s poorest nation, scene of massive civilians suffering.

Swedish Foreign minister Margot Wallstrom (C,2L), U.N. special envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths (C, 2R) and delegates of Yemen’s government and Yemen’s Houthi rebels attend the opening press conference of the Yemeni peace talks at Johannesberg castle in Rimbo, Sweden, Dec. 6, 2018.

“I’m also pleased to announce the signing of an agreement on the exchange of prisoners, detainees, the missing, the forcibly detained and individuals placed under house arrest,” Griffiths said. “It will allow thousands of families to be reunited, and it is product of very effective, active work from both delegations.”

Low expectations

U.N. officials, however, have sought to downplay expectations from the talks, saying they don’t expect rapid progress toward a political settlement but hope for at least minor steps that would help to address Yemen’s worsening humanitarian crisis.

Both the internationally-recognized government, which is backed by a U.S.-sponsored and Saudi-led coalition, and the Iran-aligned Houthi rebels say they are striving for peace.

The Houthi delegation arrived in Stockholm late Tuesday, accompanied by Griffiths. The government delegation and the head of the rebel delegation travelled to Sweden on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the U.N. food agency said Thursday it is planning to rapidly scale up food distribution to help another 4 million people in Yemen over the next two months, more than a 50-percent increase in the number reached now – if access can be maintained in the poor, war-stricken country.

World Food Program’s spokesman Herve Verhoosel said the “ambitious undertaking” finalizes plans in the works in recent months to reach 12 million people with food and nutritional supplements through January, from between 7-8 million now.

The target population includes some 3 million women and children who need special support to prevent malnutrition. Verhoosel said the rollout will require “safe, immediate and unimpeded access for food and other vital supplies.”

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Counting On: Why Fans Think Austin Forsyth is Too Controlling Over Joy Anna Duggar – The Cheat Sheet Counting On: Why Fans Think Austin Forsyth is Too Controlling Over Joy Anna Duggar

Joy Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth appeared to have a beautiful, budding romance when their relationship was first introduced to us on Counting On. But now, fans are questioning whether Forsyth is too controlling over his wife. People have their theories, but why have so many drawn this conclusion?

Fans aren’t pleased with Joy Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth’s relationship. | The Duggar Family via Instagram

Duggar and Forsyth began courting when Duggar was only 19 years old

Duggar is the youngest married Duggar daughter, and she entered into a formal courtship with Forsyth soon after her 19th birthday. Although the two had only just starting dating, they had actually known each other for about 15 years. Forsyth joined the Duggars’ church when he moved to Arkansas, and he’d essentially grown up alongside Duggar. (However, Forsyth is almost four years older than her.) Once Duggar began to become a mature young woman, Forsyth saw something different in her. The two began courting in November 2016.

The two were married just four months later

The couple originally had planned a wedding for October 2017. However, they opted to have a ceremony soon after their engagement and decided to change the date. They wed in March 2017, when Duggar was still only 19 years old. The wedding seemed a bit rushed, as Duggar was still very young. Although the Duggar daughters tend to get married young, 19 is barely an adult. Jill Duggar was 23 when she wed, and Jinger was 24, so Joy Anna was considered young even for that family. But Forsyth said she had a big heart and he loved the way she followed the Lord. He knew he wanted her to be his wife.

But there have been rumors about Forsyth’s controlling attitude

The two have had a whirlwind relationship from the start. They courted for just four months before marrying, and a short three months later, Joy Anna announced her pregnancy. The relationship moved fast, and it wasn’t long before rumors started about Forsyth’s controlling attitude toward his wife. According to a source close to the family, Joy Anna’s sister-in-law, Anna (married to Josh Duggar), has said Forsyth has a questionable character. She supposedly called him immature and arrogant. And fans noticed something was off about Forsyth, too.

Fans don’t think the relationship is as equal as it should be

When fans watched the most recent season of Counting On, they got a look at how Duggar and Forsyth interact with one another. And they did not like what they saw. It appeared that Forsyth was controlling over his wife, and he made every family decision. One Reddit user even suggested he must be “at the very least emotionally abusive.” Another user suggested that Duggar has always been forced to listen to others and as a result has become extremely submissive in her own marriage. When she’s asked a question on the show, she always turns to Forsyth to answer rather than having a mind of her own. Users said all of the Duggar women must always conform to the men in their lives, which explains the submissiveness.

While sources have suggested people within the Duggar family do not like Forsyth, the Reddit users are only speculating the couple’s relationship based on what they’ve seen on the show. Duggar and Forsyth have never commented on the accusations.

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7 Free Winter Dates That Are So Unbelievably Romantic, You’ll Shine As Brightly As The Tinsel

A winter romance can seriously be the best thing ever. You’ve got someone to snuggle up with when it’s cold, you’ve got someone to buy a holiday gift for, and you’ve got standing Friday night plans — yassss! But the cost of going out with your bae can really add up and leave you in a panic trying to brainstorm free winter dates.

Just because you like saving money on dating doesn’t mean you’re a "cheap date." It probably just means you’re like most millennials with scary student loan debt, barely affordable rent, and maybe an unhealthy addiction to ordering Seamless at the last minute. If you break into a sweat every time you log into your banking app, don’t assume that means your dating life is over.

Believe it or not, it’s totally possible to create a special occasion with your boo without breaking the bank. Whether you like spending time outdoors, staying in to whip something up in the kitchen, or curling up on the couch, there’s plenty you can do with your partner during the chilly time of year. You don’t have to spend a fortune — or even a dime — to ignite your romance this season. If you can’t afford to be extra with your dates, that’s OK. With a little creativity, you can find plenty of inexpensive ways to keep the flames lit all through the winter.

Can’t think of anything? No worries! I’ve outlined seven free winter dates that are unbelievably romantic.

1Build A Snowman

If you live somewhere that gets enough snow during the winter, think about building a snowman with your babe. It’s active, it’s fun, it’s team-building, and it’s a completely free way to get some quality one-on-one time.

2Have A Cook-Off

If you’d rather stay indoors, cozy up in the kitchen with your partner this winter. Do both of you think you’re the best at homemade pizza or that no one makes avocado toast like you? Put it to the test with an at-home cook-off date.

3Take A Drive To See The Best Christmas Lights

Even if you’re not rich, you can still take a drive or go on a walk to check out the holiday lights in an upscale neighborhood. Most cities have a few streets that really go all out with outdoor Christmas decor, so Google some in your area to figure out the best streets to see.

4Watch A Movie At Home

All you need for this low-key free winter date is someone else’s Netflix login. Take it up a notch with hot cocoa and marshmallows or a bottle of wine, and hit play on your favorite holiday flick or maybe one of the predicted best-picture Oscars nominees.

5Have A Winter Photoshoot

Are you and your bae all about the ‘gram? Dress up in your favorite winter clothes, head outside, and take a bunch photos. Snap some selfies, ask a stranger to get one of both of you, and take turns taking each other’s pictures — bonus if you’ve got Portrait Mode on your phone.

6Make A Gingerbread House

When you think of making a gingerbread house, you might think of your childhood. But when you’re baking with bae, it will be anything but juvenile — even if you lick the frosting and get a sugar high!

7Go Ice Skating

Ice skating might be the most wintry date idea out there, but ’tis the season, am I right? Depending on where you live, going ice skating can be free or almost-free, and it’s the perfect thing to do with your partner. Bundle up, hold hands, and skate your hearts out.

Trust me, I get it — dating is expensive! But it really doesn’t have to be. Just because you’re in a relationship, that doesn’t mean you need to spend money every time you see each other. Keep these free winter date ideas in your back pocket for the next time you’re feeling stumped about what to do with your main squeeze this season.

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Who’s Hosting The 2019 Golden Globes? Andy Samberg & Sandra Oh Are Taking The Stage

With just one month to go until the star-studded night when the best of TV and movies collides, fans have a big question. Who’s hosting the 2019 Golden Globe Awards? You’ll definitely want to save a bottle of New Year’s Eve champagne for the award ceremony this year. After celebrating their own fantastic 2018, Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh will co-host the event.

Entertainment junkies haven’t seen a co-hosting duo at the Golden Globes, which recognize both TV and film performances of the past year, since Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s last of three co-hosting stints in 2015. While that funny pair of BFFs is always a natural pick to wheel out at award shows, the combination of Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Samberg and Killing Eve actress Oh is a surprising delight. In a statement, Paul Telegdy and George Cheeks, co-chairmen of NBC Entertainment, said:

The decision comes only months after Samberg and Oh co-presented at the 2018 Primetime Emmy Awards, becoming one of many celebrities to poke fun at the 2017 Oscars’ Best Picture mix-up. More than a year after that ceremony, you would think the joke wouldn’t have landed so well, but Oh and Samberg’s comedic chemistry totally foreshadowed what we can expect to see on Golden Globes night.

Receiving praise this year for her Emmy-nominated work on the first season of BBC America’s Killing Eve, Oh shared her reaction to the hosting news on Twitter. Tagging Samberg in her tweet, she claimed to be "#excited" and "#terrified." But we know Cristina Yang can pull herself together just in time, right?

Former Saturday Night Live star Samberg will rejoin the NBC network when Brooklyn Nine-Nine, originally a FOX series, premieres on NBC on Jan. 10. He also tweeted out the co-hosting announcement, but if Oh’s followup post about the gig is anything to go by, I’m expecting to see a friendly prank war begin between them.

Both stars have previously won their own Golden Globe awards. Oh scooped up a trophy in 2006 for her supporting role as Cristina in Grey’s Anatomy, while Samberg won for Brooklyn Nine-Nine in 2014 in the Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy. He also has tested out his hosting chops before, having helmed the 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards. Given Oh’s fierceness during their 2018 Emmys bit, it looks like Samberg can rest assured he has a strong partner in crime.

Oh also has even more to celebrate this week. When Golden Globe nominations were announced on Dec. 6, she was named as a Best Actress in a Drama Series nominee for Killing Eve. Can she pull double duty as a host and a winner on awards night? We’ll have to wait and see if that’s the case and if Samberg finds a way to give her new trophy a starring role onstage.

The 76th Golden Globe Awards air on Sunday, Jan. 6 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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Man distracted by his phone walks into canal thinking it was pile of leaves

This is the moment a man plunges into a canal after becoming distracted by his phone.

The absent-minded man apparently mistook the scattered leaves in the canal for a footpath and simply fell in.

The footage was captured on CCTV outside a Nottingham pub at around 11.30am on November 14.

Annmarie Gardener, landlady of the of the The Navigation Inn, said her camera caught the moment a man on his mobile phone fell into the canal at the back of her pub and how two people came to his rescue and pull him out.

Now the wants to alert people of the dangers of walking close to the canal while distracted.

She told the Nottingham Post: "It is not usually a problem – most people know it is a canal.

"When you watch it he thought because the leaves were on it the canal disappeared and became a path.

"He was on his phone. We do put warnings out in the pub and tell people to be careful. I think we have had one other person who slipped on the edge but he came back out.

"When the leaves are in there it can be dangerous. It does worry me and we would like to warn others. It is also deep."

The Canal and River Trust is warning people to be aware of the dangers lurking around canals during the Christmas period.

A spokesman said: "We’re obviously pleased that this incident had a happy, if soggy, ending, but it could have been a lot more serious and we’d definitely urge people to keep their wits about them when they’re on the towpath.

"While this kind of incident is unusual we are this week supporting the Don’t Drink and Drown campaign which encourages people to stay safe during the Christmas party season.

"Our advice at this time of year is to definitely pay a visit to your local canal or river as they’re great places to stay fit, de-stressand relax, but to take extra care.

"Towpaths can be wet or icy increasing the risk of slipping, tripping or falling into freezing water so stay away from the edge and be careful where you tread."

Di Steer, CEO of the Royal Life Saving Society UK, said: "People tragically die each year because they’ve entered the water with alcohol in their bloodstream, either deliberately or completely by accident.

"Drinking near or in water can be a dangerous and deadly cocktail.

Alcohol can seriously impede your ability to survive in water.

"When walking home from a night out, avoid routes that are alongside water, particularly in the darkness, and always stay with and look out for your friends."

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