America’s greatest national anthem singer is a 7-year-old girl – and LeBron is a big fan

LOS ANGELES – Christmas is approaching and Los Angeles is starting to think about championships, with the resurgent Rams and Chargers dreaming of playoff glory and even the NBA’s Lakers and Clippers surging impressively.

And, in a warm and tasteful condo in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood, Super Bowl aspirations also are bubbling in the mind of America’s most adorable, and quite possibly its greatest, national anthem singer.

“My biggest dream is to sing at the Super Bowl,” says 7-year-old Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja, as she and her family welcome USA TODAY Sports to their home. “I’m always nervous though. If I get something wrong it’s going to be bad because it’s a special song for America.”

Not much chance of that. Forgive the clumsy sports analogy, but despite her tender years Malea is a big game player who thrives in the company of superstars. Every rendition so far has been vocal perfection.

When she performed for the Los Angeles Lakers on Nov. 25, some guy named LeBron James turned around to face her and began applauding as her golden notes electrified a Sunday lunchtime Staples Center crowd.

“Amazing,” James said. “Just amazing.”

Saturday, Malea will sing in front of her biggest gathering, in front of 73,000 supporters at the MLS Cup final between Atlanta United and the Portland Timbers at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, a game that will be broadcast in more than 170 countries. No pressure.

It has been quite a ride. Just six months ago, Malea was singing in front of a few hundred spectators at minor league soccer games, or World Team Tennis’ Orange County Breakers, and it wasn’t easy for her father Arman to get her booked at those low-key spots. Despite most anthem gigs being unpaid, plenty of aspiring singers view sports events as the perfect place to get noticed and collect reps in front of a live audience, and competition for places is real.

When she was picked for the Los Angeles Galaxy pre-game spot in September after winning an online competition, it was the start of a remarkable journey. She not only met global soccer superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who spoke of her talent in glowing terms, but her performance went viral. That led to a swath of international attention, including great interest from Indonesia, where Arman and his wife Esther moved from 11 years ago.

Soon afterwards invitations from the Clippers and Golden State Warriors followed, as well as the deafening thrill of NHRA drag racing.

“It was very loud there,” says Malea, a second grader at a Los Angeles Mandarin immersion school. “The ground was shaking like an earthquake.”

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Saints owner Gayle Benson pays off layaway items for more than 400 Walmart customers

An anonymous customer recently spent more than $93,000 to pay off roughly 400 layaway items at a New Orleans Walmart. 

And on Tuesday, that customer was revealed to be New Orleans Saints and Pelicans owner Gayle Benson.

The Saints confirmed to multiple news outlets Tuesday night that Benson, the widow of longtime previous owner Tom Benson, paid off the layaway items for unsuspecting customers at Walmart's store on Tchoupitoulas Street ahead of the holiday season. WWL-TV in New Orleans reported that the payments totaled $93,502.

"This was a gift from Mrs. Benson for the holidays," the Saints told the television station in a statement.

Zena Williams, the store's manager, told The Advocate that Benson's payment was a blessing for customers, some of whom were floored by the gesture.

"They're coming in, and they're calling their friends and family," Williams told The Advocate. "They're very excited. It's a good thing. It's a good thing for the community. It's a good thing for the store."

Benson, 71, became the sole owner of the Saints and Pelicans franchises after her husband died in March. Tom Benson, who purchased the Saints in 1985 and went on to own the team for more than three decades, was 90 years old.

Contact Tom Schad at [email protected] or on Twitter @Tom_Schad.

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Capitals forward grabs opponent’s stick, then gets penalized for trying to use it

Evgeny Kuznetsov’s stick (among many other attributes) has made him one of the best offensive players in the NHL.

So on Tuesday, the Capitals center decided to see what he could do with an opponent’s. 

In the second period, Kuznetsov lost hold of his stick at about the same time Golden Knights defenseman Nick Holden’s stick got wedged in the stanchions.

Thus, Kuznetsov did what any good goal scorer would do: Find the nearest stick and use it. 

The Capitals forward grabbed Holden’s left-handed stick from the boards, corralled the puck and looked to make a play in the offensive zone. Then, he realized it wasn’t his.

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Paul Pogba demands Jose Mourinho stop blaming him for all Manchester United's problems

The pair had a frank dressing-room exchange following Saturday’s 2-2 draw at Southampton.

United boss Mourinho said Pogba was like a virus who was infecting players around him.

But Frenchman laughed off the attack and said he should not be the scapegoat for United’s failings.

Mourinho also told the whole squad that they need to think of their team-mates.

And that if they are not giving 100 per cent then they need to drop out of the team.

It is the latest episode in boss Mourinho’s difficult relationship with £89million club-record signing Pogba as United struggle in the league.

They face Arsenal at Old Trafford on Wednesday having taken just two points from the last possible nine.

The Red Devils had to come back from 2-0 down for a point at St Mary’s and are now already eight points off the Champions League places.

Only one team has ever had a worse start after 14 games and made it into the top four.

That, coincidentally, was tonight’s opponents Arsenal in 2012-13.

But they were only five points off the top four at this point and won eight of their last ten games.

Little wonder  then that Mourinho has adjusted the target he gave the players a fortnight ago — of a  top-four place by the end of the year.

The Red Devils chief did, however,  backtrack on  his claim it would be a  “miracle” if they achieved that aim even by the end of the season.

He said: “I don’t know if I said that but if I used that word it is not what I feel at all.

“We are eight or nine points from fourth so I don’t think we need a  miracle at all.

“We need a good run of results, not to waste points we shouldn’t waste.

“Last week before the Crystal Palace 0-0 I said my hopes and targets were end of December to be in that position.

“The target has changed  but in the sense of let’s try to close the distance as best we can and be very close to these positions.”

And his  target then got even lower — with Mourinho talking about a top-six place and the potential to leapfrog Everton, who are currently just above them.

He said: “Everton have made phenomenal investment and obviously there has been a great  improvement in their team from last season.

“But I don’t think Everton will be in front of  Manchester United at the end of the season.

“There are six teams that should stay in the first six positions, season after  season.”

Right now United aren’t one of them.

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Mark Taylor: Paine the right man to lead Australia out of dark times

When I captained Australia for the first time at home, the pressure for me was dealing with the expectation of a nation that was becoming accustomed to us winning.

It was the summer of 1994/95 and the commentary at the time was the Ashes were ours to lose. Even England captain Mike Atherton said he would have been happy to draw the series.

Glare of the spotlight: Tim Paine addresses the media in Adelaide, where he will be the face of an Australian team reinventing themselves in front of a home audience.Credit:AAP

Tim Paine is under a different form of pressure as he enters his first series as skipper on home soil. Not only will he be judged on wins and losses, all eyes will be on how his team plays the game.

This will be a difficult initiation, much tougher than mine. For starters, he does not have his two best batsmen, which will pose challenges for his inexperienced team.

A year ago, Tim was not playing for Tasmania; now he's been given the job which some say is as important as the Prime Minister's.

It might not be the career trajectory he would have expected but make no mistake he is the right man for the job.

We had no hesitation as a board in March to sign off on his appointment in South Africa and again later in the year when he had the job long term.

He might be turning 34 this weekend but his experience and maturity will be vital for such a young team.

One area where he is already making significant inroads is in team behaviour. I disagree with Michael Clarke’s comments about what it means to be a tough cricketer.

Being tough is not about sledging but playing well when conditions are not in your favour. As a batsman, it's about finding a way to make runs on a difficult pitch, while for bowlers it's having the courage to keep running in when it's 39 degrees, like it will be this week, and creating opportunities.

Balancing aggression and respect: Mitchell Starc in the nets during an Australian team training session at Adelaide Oval.Credit:AAP

There will not be a huge change in the way this Australian team play but they will be toning down aspects of their play which the public have given their emphatic disapproval.

They will not be spending as much time in team meetings discussing how they will put an opponent off their game.

This stuff happened too much in the past, and not just with Australian teams. I don't want to point the finger at Michael Clarke or Steve Smith but it's something that has come into the modern game as players have become more familiar with each other.

The introduction of Twenty20 leagues like the IPL means players from different nations spent more time together. They know what makes each other tick and also what gets under their skin. Unfortunately, familiarity has also bred contempt.

The positive out of what happened in South Africa is that it has allowed cricket to draw a line in the sand and do things differently. Despite the public commentary, cricket is not in a bad way.

Tim's Australian team can show this. They can win back the trust from the Australian public simply by giving their best shot and playing in the right spirit.

On a personal front, the last thing Tim will want is for there to be question marks over his form. I can assure him it's not a great place to be.

He does not need to make a mountain of runs but score them at important times like he did in the Ashes. Our keepers, like Ian Healy, Adam Gilchrist and Brad Haddin, have been very good at changing the momentum of games. I'm confident Tim has the ability to continue this tradition.

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Russian athletics federation remains banned, says IAAF

Monaco: The IAAF has upheld a ban against Russia's athletics federation over doping in the country, pending full access to doping data stored in Moscow and financial compensation.

Russia's athletics federation (RUSAF) has been suspended since 2015 over a report commissioned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) that found evidence of widespread, state-sponsored doping in the sport.

The IAAF, the sport's governing body, said RUSAF still needed to meet two criteria – access to samples of Russian athletes in a Moscow lab and full financial compensation for investigation and legal costs – before the ban is lifted.

Russia's reinstatement has been rejected on numerous occasions by the IAAF over the past three years and should it fail to meet conditions in the coming months, it could risk missing out again on sending a team to next September's world athletics championships in Doha, Qatar.

The European indoor championships are even earlier, in Glasgow in March, and take place before the next IAAF Council meeting has a chance to meet to discuss further developments later that month.

Since 2015, some individual Russian athletes have been allowed to compete internationally as neutrals provided they met certain criteria that showed they had operated in a dope-free environment.

"If the Russians can and will release the (drugs) samples is up to them. I hope they will deliver the data by the end of this year," said Rune Andersen, head of the IAAF's task force on Russia, sitting next to IAAF President Sebastian Coe.

"We have received no assurances that it will be delivered to us directly. The assurances have been given to WADA and WADA has set a deadline of December 31. We will have to rely on receiving the data from WADA."

The IAAF said the athletics integrity unit must confirm it has been given the data.

"All of the data and access to the samples that it needs to determine which of the Russian athletes … have a case to answer for breach of the IAAF anti-doping rules," the IAAF said in a statement.

"The task force stands ready to meet as soon as these conditions have been met in order to make a recommendation to council for the reinstatement of RUSAF."

I am tired of the white flag. I don't want to leave the track after my run or hide. I want, like in the old days, to …. run around together with the flag. I miss that.

But the IAAF said it had eased its demand on Russia accepting the WADA-commissioned report by Richard McLaren.

"It is not an easy one, as we would have wanted Russia to clearly acknowledge the McLaren report," Andersen said.

"But it is difficult not to do that when WADA has done it and we will have to move on and deal with what we think is most important, to get access to the data and the samples. That is what counts when it comes to the athletes."

The costs of running the task force and dealing with legal appeals by Russia about the suspension are expected to amount to several million dollars.

"It was an expected decision," Dmitry Shlyakhtin, president of Russia's athletics federation, told Reuters. "Two criteria haven't been met, as of today. Objectively, we did not expect concessions from the task force."

Russia's 2015 110m hurdles world champion, Sergey Shubenkov, told Reuters that, while he saw some progress, reinstatement did not look imminent.

"We are in the fourth year now. In my opinion, the situation is starting to come out of a dead end, it is developing," he said. "There is a positive dynamic here.

"I am tired of the white (neutral athlete) flag. I don't want to leave the track after my run or hide. I want, like in the old days, to hang at the stadium, congratulate the guys and run around together with the flag. I miss that."

Russia, whose athletics team was banned from the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, has accepted there was extensive doping in the country, but its authorities have continued to deny any of it was state sponsored and access to the Moscow lab data has not happened.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and WADA have both reinstated Russia.

WADA's controversial reinstatement in September this year was on the condition that Russia recognise the findings of its report and allow access to RUSADA's stored samples.

Failure to provide access to the full data from the Moscow lab by December 31 could lead to another suspension, WADA has warned.


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Player movement to take another step forward with free agency for life

The gradual freeing up of player movement in the AFL will take another step forward at the end of next season when any player who has qualified as a free agent will become a free agent when they next come out of contract.

The biggest effect of the change will be for delisted players who spend a season or more out of the system as clubs will be able to recruit them as delisted free agents rather than them having to go through the national draft.

However the AFL confirmed the change will also mean that players on club lists who have been recruited to a new club as a free agent will once again be a free agent when they next come out of contract.

This interpretations means for example players such as Sydney recruit Dan Menzel will qualify as a free agent again next year despite switching clubs and Fremantle's Reece Conca will be a free agent when his three-year deal expires after switching from Richmond at the end of this season.

Dan Menzel will be a free agent again next year.Credit:AAP

Although on long-term contracts beyond the end of next season, players such as Port Adelaide's Steven Motlop and North Melbourne's Shaun Higgins will be free agents when next out of contract although most players who move clubs as restricted or unrestricted free agents do so on long-term contracts that means they are near the end of their careers when they come out of contract again.

However the ruling will make it even easier for clubs to acquire veterans late in their career to help with leadership as well as on the field.

The ruling could also make Fremantle's Joel Hamling a free agent when next out of contract, too, despite the fact he was traded from the Western Bulldogs to the Dockers after he played in the 2016 premiership because he qualified as a delisted free agent before switching from Geelong to the Bulldogs.

If the new rule had been in place when Hamling's contract expired at the Bulldogs in 2016 he would have been a free agent rather than being traded, however key people at the AFL and the players' association are of the view he will be a free agent when next out of contract under the new rules.

The rule also means clubs will be able to sign recently delisted players such as former North Melbourne speedster Billy Hartung or Geelong forward Cory Gregson as free agents at the end of next season if their form proved good enough rather than having to wait for the national draft.

Of course there are also possibilities for players in their situation to be picked up in the new pre-season supplementation period or in the mid-season draft when it occurs for the first time in 2019.

The change to the free agency rules, agreed to as part of the current collective bargaining agreement and referred to as lifetime free agency, was delayed until 2019 to allow clubs time to factor the shift into their strategic planning.

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Noah speaks out: ‘It was a rough couple years in New York’

The Feb. 3 Garden rematch between the Knicks and Memphis is no longer about David Fizdale versus Marc Gasol. It’s been replaced by Fizdale versus Joakim Noah.

Gasol, who seemed to put his Fizdale feud behind him in the first Knicks-Memphis battle, and Noah should receive heavy Garden boos, especially Noah.

The ex-Knicks center officially signed his one-year, prorated $1.7 million deal with Memphis on Tuesday, then broke his silence. He had kept quiet since being banished by the Knicks for his practice run-in with former coach Jeff Hornacek last January in Denver.

Noah was told not to show up to training camp and was waived Oct. 13 as the Knicks used the stretch provision on the club’s worst free-agent signing in history (four years, $72 million). It appeared Fizdale, despite having multiple conversations with Noah, was on board with management’s belief that the former defensive player of the year would not be a good fit in a rebuilding program.

Knicks president Steve Mills was general manager when Noah was signed, but sources indicated Clarence Gaines Jr., team president Phil Jackson’s top adviser, pushed for the move.

When he faced the Memphis media Tuesday, Noah was not asked about the Hornacek fight or the events that led to his Knicks breakup when he got waived late in training camp after not reporting.

“I’m just really happy that I had a team that believed in me and gave me a shot,” Noah said, according to the Commercial Appeal. “It was a rough couple years in New York, so to be in this position right now, I’m not taking it for granted.”

Rough is an understatement as Noah, a Hell’s Kitchen native, suffered through multiple injuries, embarrassing free-throw shooting, a drug suspension and finally his altercation with Hornacek, who yanked him during garbage time versus the Warriors after he had played just a few minutes. Hornacek played him just seven games last season and Noah apparently thought the coach went out of his way to embarrass him in Golden State.

“It means a lot,’’ Noah said Tuesday. “I feel prepared, worked really hard to just have a chance. For Memphis to give me a shot I feel really blessed and fortunate to be back in the NBA. I want to be here for the guys and be a good influence.”

The Grizzlies are 13-9 and play an old-school “grit-and-grind’’ style that will suit Noah, who has never shot a 3-pointer in his career.

“There’s a lot of really good young talent, and it’s a culture that has been known for its work ethic and its grind,’’ Noah said. “And I pride myself on being one of those guys. So I just want to keep that culture going.”

Courtney Lee (neck) finally made his season debut Monday night, playing 15 minutes and scoring seven points. Eventually the Knicks hope to trade Lee, though it is point guard Frank Ntilikina who has received interest from a handful of teams, sources confirm.

The Garden’s Hannukah Night celebration served a good cause. The Knicks hosted a Pop-A-Shot Challenge prior to and during Monday’s game, starting at Chase Square, then continuing on the sixth floor concourse.

The top four winners will compete Dec. 21 for a trip to All-Star Weekend. All participants had to make a donation to benefit the victims of the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting in the Squirrel Hill section of Pittsburgh in late October. The donations were given to the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh.

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Sergio Aguero's fashion: How to dress like the Gucci-loving Man City star on a budget

Sergio Aguero has been in blistering form again this season, and is Man City's joint top scorer as they sit pretty on top of the Premier League.

But when it comes to enjoying a night out, whether that's in LA or Manchester, the Argie striker is always on point with his style.

He favours high-end brands like Gucci and Balenciaga, which you would expect from a footballer who earns in excess of £220k per week.

However, if you can't afford those heftily-priced fears, don't fear… SunSport is here to provide some cheaper alternatives.

The man in black

On a recent trip to LA, Aguero did like the Angelinos do.

He went out to a nightclub, dressed down in a light T-shirt, ripped jeans and a pair of trainers.

Except what he was wearing was no ordinary teem, and the trainers were pretty pricey.

That Balenciaga Policitcal Logo T-shirt retails at £275, while his platform trainers would've set him back £575.

  • Tommy Jeans small logo black T-shirt, £19.99 through Footasylum – BUY HERE
  • Tanjun trainers by Nike, £47.99 with Sports Direct – BUY HERE

We found two options as alternatives that'll leave change in your pocket for a pint. A smart Tommy Jeans T, complete with the tiniest logos is a steal at only £19.99.

While the best price we found for Nike's Tanjun trainers, which give you a similar height boost like the McQueen trainer, was £47.99 with Sports Direct.

Easy, Tiger

Any footballer worth their salt knows that Gucci is the daddy in fashion.

That's why, when he's feeling a chill on a night out at dinner, Aguero wraps up in their signature White Tigers hoodie that sells for £850.

Another favourite for Premier League stars is Balenciaga, in particular, their Triple S Split Mesh Sneakers.

But don't feel you have to pay the £695 price tag.

  • Puma Rs-x X Transformers Bumblebee at Footlocker, £89.99 – BUY HERE
  • Crooked Tongues oversized hoodie with lion print, £45 – BUY HERE

Puma have definitely followed the Balenciaga blueprint with their Transformers Bumblebee trainers, and at £89.99 they might seem expensive but they're still over £600 cheaper than the Balenciagas.

DEVIL IN BALENCIAGA Marouane Fellaini: Get the Balenciaga-wearing Manchester United star’s look for a high street price

Complete the streetwear look with a pair of ripped light denim jeans and the above Crooked Tongues hoodie, which is available from Asos.

Trucker Man

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Goorin Bros. have been styling hats for Hollywood's elite through the years.

From Justin Bieber to Brad Pitt, all the big-hitters wear them, so clearly Aguero picked up the tip on one of his LA jaunts.

Gucci's hoodies with the lion prints are their signature this season, but at £1211 it's incredibly expensive.

As casual looks go, this is a costly one.

  • Leopard skull print sweat from boohooMAN, £16 – BUY HERE
  • Nike Air Jordan trucker cap, £24.99 – BUY HERE

As black hoodies go, boohooMAN are always reliable. Their leopard skull print sweat is trendy and a bargain at £16.

A cool trucker cap alternative could be Nike Air Jordan's model, which retails for £24.99. Every penny counts.

Dressed to the (Pepsi) Max

When your sponsored by a sports giant like Puma, we're sure their clothes are thrown at you.

For a pool day, Aguero opted for a sports casual look that's both comfortable and fashionable in trackie bottoms and a T-shirt.

He wore Puma's Pepsi capsule, which featured their all-over printed tee and their knitted track pants with black tape trim.

It's not his most expensive look, but we can better that.

  • Men's white drink Coca-Cola T-shirt, through TruffleShuffle, £19.99 – BUY HERE
  • Nike Shut Out 2 Woven Pants, JD Sports, £25 – BUY HERE

If Pepsi isn't your tipple, and you want to show some loyalty to Coca-Cola, the above white T-shirt is just what you need.

And if you're looking for a trendy trackie pant, JD Sports sell Nike's Shout Out 2 bottoms for a very reasonable £25.

Super-size me

It's fair to say the 30-year-old Argentina international does have a staple look.

Aguero is always rocking a hoodie and trainers, preferring to be comfortable and casual when he's not on the field.

And his love for Balenciaga is well and truly in play here.

Their oversized Europa hoodie is an outrageous £650, while their Triple S Leather Sneakers will set you back £615.

  • Reclaimed Vintage oversized hoodie, £40 through Asos – BUY HERE
  • Adidas Originals Mens EQT Support ADV Trainers Core, £39.99 – BUY HERE

While Balenciaga is out of most people's price range, don't worry if you can't afford their hoodies or trainers.

With Asos you're covered with the above £40 oversized hoodie, and Adidas Originals EQT Support ADV Trainers are just as cool with a brilliantly affordable price tag.

  • Navy tile print tracksuit by River Island, £40 – BUY HERE

Gucci's famed print tracksuits have been flying off the shelves and worn by footballers all over the land.

But at £2,799, you'd need pretty deep pockets to be able to splash that kind of cash.

Why not try River Island's similar patterned tracksuit to Gucci's – you can buy the trousers or top separately for £20 or combine them for just £40.

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Knocking over India in Adelaide doesn’t make you a hero forever

He bowled Australia to victory against India in Adelaide in the first Test of the series played 51 years ago when he took five wickets in an innings for the second time in his Test career.

He only played two more tests before he was dropped for the final game of the four-Test series, his Test career ending after eight games with 23 wickets to his name.

If that sounds like the opening of a ''who am I?'' quiz, it's warranted because David Renneberg is not a name that comes to mind for any Australian cricket fan under 50.

However Renneberg is alive and well, living in the Blue Mountains and as keen as any 76-year-old to tune into the first match of the Australia-India series beginning Thursday at the same venue where his game in the international arena reached its greatest height.

"I'm just interested to see how [Virat] Kohli goes. One of the Aussies reckoned he wouldn't get 100. I wouldn't mind having a quid on that," Renneberg said on Wednesday.

David Renneberg in the nets in 1968.Credit:Fairfax Media

Renneberg took 5-39  from 86 balls in the second innings of the first Test of the 1967-68 tour, grabbing the first four wickets to fall to bowlers (Indian opening batsman Farokh Engineer was run out) and the final wicket to give Australia a 1-0 series lead.

Ray Lindwall, Craig McDermott, Damien Fleming and Peter Siddle are the only other Australian quicks to have taken five-for in a Test against India in Adelaide.

"The Indian batsmen weren't anywhere near as good as they are now, of course, and they played a few false shots and I was lucky enough to take five," Renneberg said.

"They just struggled with our conditions. There wasn't a great deal of bounce in Adelaide but there was more than they got in India."

Australia won every match of the four-Test series, only the second time India had toured Australia. The first tour was in 1947-48 when Australia  won the five-match series 4-0.

According to Renneberg the two teams got on well, with the Indians most competitive in the third Test when Renneberg's fast-bowling compatriot Graham McKenzie was inexplicably left out of the team.

There was, Renneberg notes, no sledging and no-one even contemplated needing to use someone else to fire them up.

"You're representing Australia, you just bloody did it," Renneberg said.

"The competition was pretty hard."

India would not be back on Australian soil for another decade with the 1978 tour starting against the backdrop of World Series Cricket. The depleted home team, with Bob Simpson coming out of retirement, got over the line 3-2.

That was the closest India has come at winning at series in Australia in 11 attempts.

Renneberg will be taking a peek to see how it all unfolds, recalling his day in the sun in modest fashion.

"It was probably the best bowling I've done in Test matches but I would not say it was the best bowling I have ever done," Renneberg said.

"It was a terrific day and something I will always remember."

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