'Counting On': Joy-Anna Duggar Was Not Austin Forsyth's First Choice When It Came To Marrying A Duggar Girl

'Counting On': Joy-Anna Duggar Was Not Austin Forsyth's First Choice When It Came To Marrying A Duggar Girl

Austin Forsyth’s romance with Counting On star Joy-Anna Duggar has witnessed its share of scandals. The pair started courting when Joy-Anna was only 18 years old and announced their first pregnancy right after their wedding. The timing of the announcement sparked rumors that Joy-Anna had gotten pregnant before tying the knot. Fast forward two years and Joy-Anna is looking to expand her family yet again. While the couple appears more than happy to be together, inside sources claim that Forsyth had his eyes set on one of Joy-Anna’s siblings before being forced into the marriage.

Forsyth wanted to marry a different Duggar

Forsyth was a friend of the Duggars long before he started courting Joy-Anna. The two families are associated with the same church, making Forsyth a perfect match for one of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s children.

When they first announced Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna Duggar’scourtship, both families seem overjoyed at the potential union. Counting On fans, however, are convincedthat Joy-Anna’s parents had a lot to do with matching her up with Forsyth.


According to TheHollywood Gossip, some fans believe that Forsyth originally wanted to tiethe knot with Jinger Duggar. As the theory goes, his parents were thrilledabout joining the families and did not care which Duggar Forsyth married. Butwhen Jinger fell hard for Jeremy Vuolo, she was no longer an option. That iswhen Forsyth turned his attention to Joy-Anna, despite the difference in age.

One hole in this theory is that Jana Duggar still has notgotten married and was available when Forsyth and Joy-Anna started courting.There is also the fact that Forsyth is only four years older than Joy-Anna. Theage difference is not that great and certainly would not prohibit a romancefrom blossoming on its own.

What about Joy-Anna Duggar’s first pregnancy?

Counting On fans have long speculated that Joy-Anna and her parents are lying about the conception of her first child with Forsyth. Many fans believe that the couple got pregnant before their wedding and that the Duggars moved the date in a blatant attempt to conceal it.

There is no denying that the wedding was moved up, and thefact that Joy-Anna and Forsyth refused to address the rumors only fueled themeven more. But after analyzing Joy-Anna’s social media posts, it looks like shewas being honest about her pregnancy timeline all along.


Taking to social media, Joy-Anna finally addressed theshotgun-wedding rumors by revealing her real due date. Based on the due date,Joy-Anna definitely got pregnant after tying the knot with Forsyth, though theconception admittedly happened very quickly.

While fans also speculated that Joy-Anna might be expectedtwins, the Counting On star gavebirth to a healthy boy. The couple also announced their second pregnancy earlythis year, though they recently confirmed the heartbreaking news that Joy-Annasuffered a miscarriage.

Is Forsyth controlling Joy-Anna?

Shotgun wedding talk aside, fans also believe that Forsythis a little too controlling over Joy-Anna. The controlling rumors started afteran inside source claimed that Anna Duggar, who is the wife of Josh Duggar,criticized Forsyth for being immature and having bad character.

Fans took the comments a step further and feel like Forsyth doesnot treat Joy-Anna as an equal. During the most recent season of Counting On, fans noted that it seems asthough Forsyth makes all of the important family decisions.

Fans also commented on how Joy-Anna is always the submissiveone in interviews and defers to Forsyth before answering questions.


Some of Joy-Anna’s behavior can be explained by the way JimBob and Michelle raise their daughters. Because of their religious beliefs, thecouple teaches their daughters to be submissive to the husbands, who aresupposed to act as the head of the family.

Exactly how far this goes is unclear, though it would not besurprising if Forsyth is a little too controlling, even by the Duggar’sstandards.

The new season of CountingOn is expected to premiere on TLC later this year.

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