Rachel Lindsay Reveals She & Bryan Will Film A Special Wedding Clip For Bachelor Nation

Rachel Lindsay Reveals She & Bryan Will Film A Special Wedding Clip For Bachelor Nation

While Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo won’t be having a wedding special on television, the former ‘Bachelorette’ told HL that she & her man are planning something special for Bachelor Nation!

We’ve seen our fair share of Bachelor and Bachelorette televised weddings, but other couples enjoy the privacy of celebrating their wedding with just their loved ones watching. Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are planning to keep their nuptials off television, however, the former Bachelorette did reveal to HollywoodLife.com exclusively that they plan to film something special for Bachelor Nation! “I’m not filming the wedding, but I’m going to do something with the show…I think they want to do something where it shows ‘We do support their relationship and maybe we didn’t show it in the best way.’ So there will be something!” Rachel excitedly admitted on the HollywoodLife podcast. “I’m not going to have a full-out special or anything, but you will see something in the future of Bryan and I sitting down that will be in some type of Bachelor-related thing, but they will not be at our wedding.”

Rachel added that she and Bryan will tie the not in the Caribbean in August 2019, and she’s coming back to NYC with her mom and Bryan’s mom to try on some gowns! “All I wanted to wear, was a pantsuit, but now I’m working with Randi Rahm, who designed my dresses, most of them on the show, actually,” she revealed. “I met Bryan in Randi Rahm, he proposed to me in a Randi Rahm, it just makes perfect sense. I have a great relationship with her. I just feel like she gets me.” Rachel added that Randi told her, “You want to wear something that you can’t emulate on a red carpet. You want it to be for you. You want it to be able to speak to Bryan.” “I thought, ‘That’s why you’re a wedding dress designer, because you just got my mind right. Now I want to wear a dress!’” she laughed.

While Rachel is busy planning a wedding and relocating to Miami, she also is hosting an ESPN radio show! “Now I do a sports talk show and it’s called GTL, it’s 12 to 4 PM ET on ESPN radio, the app, and Sirius XM channel 80,” Rachel revealed. “I’m with two other guys on the show, we have so much fun doing, you should definitely tune in.” You heard the girl!

We’re so excited to see Rachel marry the man of her dreams this August, and for her sneak peek for Bachelor Nation! Listen to the full interview now on the HollywoodLife podcast.

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