Fundraiser for mum-of-seven, 29, with breast cancer reaches £29k after she pens heartbreaking bucket list

Fundraiser for mum-of-seven, 29, with breast cancer reaches £29k after she pens heartbreaking bucket list

GENEROUS donators have raised £29,500 for a mum-of-seven with breast cancer, after her heartbreaking bucket list was shared by a pal.

Alisha, 29, from Australia's New South Wales, was diagnosed with aggressive stage three breast cancer when she was 32 weeks pregnant with her youngest child.

She had a double mastectomy at 33 weeks and baby Isaac was delivered early, in February 2017, so she could start chemo two weeks later, but tragically her cancer has now spread to her liver.

Writing on a GoFundMe page, her friend Samir Taouk said: "Basically it’s the end of the line and 90% of metastatic cancers end in death.

"Doctors don’t have definitive answers as to how long she has left but the goal now is to prolong her life with on going treatment.

"She may have 12 months or she may have six years. Either way her life has been cut short."

Alisha's bucket list

  • Take the family on their first overseas trip (Fiji or Bali)
  • Have the opportunity to marry Metin in front of our kids
  • Swim with the big turtles
  • Compete in a figure competition
  • Learn to speak another language
  • Slow dance in the sunset after having a romantic dinner
  • Prepare and educate our children on all things in life, protect them, help them through all their problems from friends, to first heartbreaks to getting them ready for formals and high school graduations
  • Take the kids horse riding
  • Drive the Great Ocean Road and visit the hot springs with Metin.
  • Take the kids to the Royal Easter Show for the first time

Alisha's story touched people across the globe – who dug deep to donate £29,500 towards the cause.

Her friends aim to raise £41,000 (AUS$75,000) in total for the family.

Alisha and her partner Metin both have three kids from a previous relationship – meaning they had six kids under the age of 11 when they got together.

After four years as a couple, they decided to have their own child, bringing their brood to seven.

As a family-of-nine, money is obviously tight.

The donations have already helped to fund Alisha's first ever holiday abroad with her family.

Alisha has also been offered a holiday home, a trip to Taronga Zoo to feed the giraffes and a spa day with her daughters.

Among Alisha's wishes was that she could marry Metin – and people have rushed to offer their services for free, on top of cash donations.

The wedding dress, catering, invites, photographer, videographer, celebrant, decorations, hair and make-up, jewellery and family portraits are all now sorted for the day.

"It's overwhelming and unexpected," Alisha told Mamamia. "It's such a beautiful thing.

"When there's so much bad in the world, for people… for strangers to come out and offer their donations, words of wisdom, and their support is amazing.

"It brings tears to my eyes. These are people who I don't know.

"People who genuinely have good hearts and good souls and want to pass that on to make somebody who isn't going through the best time, to give them that little bit of happiness and light in their lives.

"And that means so much."

Sharing her list earlier this month, Samir said: "Reading It broke my heart. It’s simple things that we take for granted.

"Things that most of us can do regularly or can easily book to do over the weekend.

"Simple talks, chats and lectures you give on the daily to your kids. She wants that."

She added: "I want her to feel ok to say that if I’m gone I know that I have given them my best and created special memories for them.

"Because at the end of the day, that’s all we are left with. Just a memory of that person. So please help me create these memories."

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Ladies, please watch the below video for info on how to check for signs of breast cancer.

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