Man 'heavier than a sumo wrestler' and who was so fat he got stuck in football turnstile loses 25 STONE

Man 'heavier than a sumo wrestler' and who was so fat he got stuck in football turnstile loses 25 STONE

Dan Howie, 31, from Derby, said he was “tipping the scales for stepping into a sumo wrestling ring” six years ago when he decided to turn his life around.

He now weighs 17 stone after transforming his grotesque diet, exercising five times a week and having a gastric sleeve fitted which removed two thirds of his stomach.

Dan said he now felt “a lot happier” and was able to walk his dog without getting out of breath after five minutes.

He couldn’t even squeeze through the turnstiles when he went to watch Derby County FC.

Dan told Derbyshire Live: “Eating the wrong stuff, no exercise, working behind a desk, it was a combination of things which caused the weight to creep up.

"I became lazy, started drinking heavily on nights out four times a week. I used to drink a bottle of rum before a night out because I felt I needed it to give me the confidence to go out being the size I was."


The 31-year-old said he’d then guzzle 15 pints, plus shots and jagers before wolfing down a takeaway.

“It was a vicious circle”, he said. “I’d go to work, then straight to the pub. It was a bit of depression as well, I used to order a takeaway in so I didn’t have to go out.

"I was heavier than a sumo wrestler, and not living a healthy lifestyle in the slightest."

Dan said he was inspired to cut down on his ballooning weight after the birth of his niece Olivia, now six, and nephew Riley, now five.

He said: "My niece and nephew being born, being a godfather to my best friend’s little girl. Those things put it in perspective, and were wake-up calls for me to do something about it."


Dan had a gastric sleeve fitted in 2014, which removed two thirds of his stomach.

He then joined a boxing academy and has shed weight by exercising five times a week, as well as being put on a strict meal plan.

This cut out the constant snacking, fizzy drinks, alcohol and greasy takeaways from his diet.

Dan’s now slimmed down to 17st 9lbs and is able to buy clothes from high-street stores for the first time.

“Life’s getting a lot better and easier”, he said. “I’m a lot happier with myself generally”.

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