Mum mocks lingerie model’s sexy window pose and gives her neighbours an eyeful in the process

ONE mum has the internet in stitches yet again with another post copying a model’s steamy black-and-white lingerie shoot.

Laura, who posts under Knee Deep in Life, has amassed more than 70,000 followers on Instagram, where she shared yet another hilarious photo.

She copied a photoshoot of a model wearing black lingerie while posing in a window.

Standing in her living room – with the curtains open – Laura posed in her bra, some granny pants and a pair of socks.

The mum captioned her hilarious post: “When it's less about looking to the light and finding the right angle, and more pray to f*** someone doesn't choose to walk their dog as your colon is smeared across the glass.

“Thank f*** our road hasn't entered into neighbourhood watch.

“I've been told matching underwear is the key to a mans heart, I've also been told so are b*** jobs, but that's not happening either.”

Fans have praised her for her hilarious portrayal of yet another photoshoot, commenting: “You are my hero.”

Another joked: “Your poor neighbours.”

Wile a third said: “This is awesome. You're the greatest.”

Others also commented on her outfit, with someone saying: “Lol it socks make it look more funny hilarious.”

And the pants are a big hit, especially with this person: “Big pants, comfort & safety.”

Agreeing, this person said: “I have these knickers .. so comfortable… and white matches with everything.”

Here’s Laura doing what she does best – as she recreates another sexy pose, this time in a car.

And if you want more, here's Laura copying a very high-cut bikini pose.

Plus here’s what happened when she tried to squeeze in to a pair of spanx.

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