Mum parodies Kate Upton sexily dancing in a bikini as she tells women to 'dream bigger' than losing weight

Mum parodies Kate Upton sexily dancing in a bikini as she tells women to 'dream bigger' than losing weight

Blogger Laura – AKA Knee Deep In Life – shared a video of herself parodying model Kate Upton dancing, before telling her followers: "Promise to be kinder to yourself."

Posting on New Year's Eve, Laura wrote: "Before you make new resolutions about how you want your body to be different, that you swear the diet will work this time or that you'll promise to go to the gym more.

"Just take a moment to thank yourself for being f***ing amazing, for achieving 2018, because you're still here babes! F***, that's amazing.

"You're entering into a brand new year and maybe, just maybe you could dream bigger than the diet or gym routine, maybe dream of finding all the reasons why you're absolutely amazing, incredible and enough right now.

"Tonight ring in the New Year with a promise to be kinder to yourself, to surround yourselves with the people who matter, to work harder on finding you and reminding yourself why I think you're f***ing fabulous."

She added: "2019 we find ourselves and we make it our b****. Here's to you babes, the one who lost too much of yourself along the way, be ready to reclaim that beautiful mind, body and soul."

Proving that she'd be the first to follow her own advice, she said of the funny dancing clip: "When you think slow motion makes you look like a belly dancer.

"But you just end up p***ing a little because your body can't take that much physical activity."

Laura's post has now racked up over 159k views, 390 comments and 300 shares.

People are praising her body-positive message, with one writing: "I think I love you a little bit. You put everything into words so well. Here's to finding myself."

Another said: "This is exactly my plan for 2019. Make time for me. Be a little healthier and hopefully a little happier too. You are amazing x."

Laura is known for her uplifting – and hilarious – Facebook posts.

Back in September, she made us laugh out loud by trying to squeeze into Spanx for a "Jennifer Lopez stomach" – before it went VERY wrong.

And just last weekend, she parodied a sexy bikini advert to show how ridiculously skimpy the pants are.

Meanwhile, one woman has revealed her mum body-shamed her after she announced her pregnancy.

A swimwear model, 21, shared an unedited snap of her cellulite after being trolled on Instagram.

And the fashion brand behind the VERY high-cut bikini has responded to the controversy by raising awareness of cervical cancer.

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