Shirt that 'never stains' means you no longer have to fear spilling red wine and coffee

Shirt that 'never stains' means you no longer have to fear spilling red wine and coffee

But you’ll never have to walk into a job interview with coffee drips on your shirt ever again, after a company invented clothing which literally repels stains.

You can drink your tea and eat your chips without worrying about the consequences in Chico’s ‘No-Iron Cotton Stain-Shield Easy Shirt’.

Did we mention the wonder shirt also doesn’t need to be ironed?

The crisp shirt uses ‘stain shield’ technology to repel oil and water based stains, such as red wine, coffee and fizzy drinks.

Amazing footage shows a glass of red wine being chucked on the pristine shirt, which vanishes after some water is poured on it.

  • Chico's Women’s No-Iron Cotton Stain-Shield Button-Up Easy Shirt, Amazon, £35.56 ($46.99) – buy now

Not just drinks, but this shirt is also one for the messy eaters out there, with the fabric able to repel food stains such as ketchup, mayonnaise and even salad cream.

The shirt's tagline is 'eat. drink. no worries' – and we can see why.

Describing the genius shirt online, Amazon says: “Featuring wrinkle-free cotton that also helps repel oil- and water-based stains, this shirt works overtime so you look crisp, pristine, and put-together.

“This top is great for business or personal travel, and doesn’t need an iron to be ready to wear.

“Just machine wash, tumble dry, and no iron needed.”

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