Reddit users share their most satisfying hacks for spring cleaning

Reddit users share their most satisfying hacks for spring cleaning

From cleaning walls with a hairdryer to degreasing the kitchen with baby oil: People share the quirky hacks that will get your house gleaming – without hours of scrubbing

  • Reddit user asked for people to share their best cleaning hacks
  • People from around the world shared tips including using baby oil to degrease 
  • Lemon water can be used to clean the microwave and vinegar for the shower
  • Others suggested a hairdryer to clean any sticky residue off the walls

As spring approaches, many people are preparing to clear out their wardrobes, and their homes, but the yearly deep clean can involve laborious scrubbing and days of hard work.

Luckily, Reddit users from around the world have put together their favourite hacks for deep cleans  that will make the job a bit easier. 

Posting to the cleaning tips subreddit, user nerdyfood said: ‘My annual 3-weekend Chinese New Year clean-athon starts today. I am sure there are other people out there preparing for spring cleaning.

‘What do you clean once a year? What tips and tricks do you use to tackle the dreaded task? 

Users shared how to clean everything including walls, the shower, the oven, the microwave and more. 

Here, Femail picks the best tips for a satisfying and clean new year. 

Reddit user u/Lithiumlaced revealed they use a combination of vinegar and dish soap to clean the bathroom

Clean the shower: Vinegar and washing up liquid

One user said that a homemade spray is the key to a gleaming bathroom. 

‘I put it in a spray bottle, around four parts vinegar – one part dish liquid, and spray it on and leave it for a few hours, coming back and spray in again when I’m around, or I remember,’ the said. 

‘Makes the bathroom stink like vinegar, but it works. Sometimes takes more than one go depending how long its been.’

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Another user, suggested using a plastic brush for cars if the limescale is very bad.

They said: ‘No joke, the limescale is so bad in my bathroom, I went to the hardware store and got a plastic brush for buffing cars and attached it to a drill to scrub my tile (test on a non-conspicuous spot, first to avoid irreparable scratches). 

‘Not a dent with my normal bathroom cleaner. Used this homemade remedy, and it took me a looong time, but it worked! 

White vinegar can be used as a base for making your own shower spray when combined with washing up liquid (stock image)

To clean the microwave

Cleaning the microwave can be a tricky task, due to the awkward shape and the difficulty in reaching into the nooks and crannies of the machine.

One Reddit user suggested an easy hack to stop the awkwardly stretching into the corners to get that bit of exploded soup.  

‘Pour about 1/2 cup of water in a microwave safe bowl. Squeeze the juice from a lemon wedge in’ they said.

Adding lemon slices to hot water and microwave to loosen up hard food stuck to the walls and help to get it shining (stock image)

‘Drop the lemon wedge in. Microwave until it starts to steam up the microwave. Leave it in there for a few more minutes.’

‘When you open the door, the acidity from the lemon steam will have loosened up any dried food on the inside walls of the microwave.  

‘You’ll be able to wipe it away easily with a paper towel – even the stuff you couldn’t scrub off otherwise. It’s very satisfying.’      

Cleaning the oven  

While asking for tips u/nerdyfood also shared their tops hack on how to clean the vent covers above the oven.   

‘Fill your stock pot to 1/3 with water and bring to boil. Add 1 tsp of dish washing liquid and 1/4 cup baking soda. (Step back because it will foam up.)

‘When the fizzes die down, the solution is ready. Keep it on simmer to use. Use thick rubber gloves and tongs to protect your hands. 

Baby oil can help to get rid of residue on the extractor fan above the oven, as well as clearing away dust (stock image)

‘This stuff will also take the sticky gunk off the cabinet above the stove. Transfer the solution to other pans, bring to a simmer, and it will remove stubborn burnt-on grease within minutes.  

If conjuring up a solution seems like too much effort, u/StealMySkin said their favourite hack was the use baby oil to clean the vent above the stove. 

‘It cuts all that dusty grease immediately. It also makes subsequent cleanings as simple as one swipe of a cloth.’ 

Cleaning the walls  

Getting blutack or other adhesives off walls can be tricky and pull off paint. However, according to u/StarFruitIceCream this can be solved with hairdryer.

‘Blow dryers can be used to melt adhesive off of things. 

Hairdryers can help to get sticky substances, such as Blu Tack or other adhesives, off your walls after you’ve taken down pictures or decorations (stock image)

‘If you’re a renter and command strips and hooks are a part of your life, it’s a handy trick when you leave sticky patches everywhere and want your deposit back.’

And to get rid of smells

If you’re dealing with scents that get stuck in the air from cooking or cleaning boil some water on a stove with a stick of cinnamon to vaporise the odours, u/_Arlotte_ shared. 

Boiling some cinnamon sticks in water above the stove gets rid of strong odours that can be left over from cooking and cleaning (stock image)

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