We need a ‘Bird Box’ sequel to answer our many, many burning questions

We need a ‘Bird Box’ sequel to answer our many, many burning questions

Spoiler alert! This story contains plot details for the Netflix sensation “Bird Box.” 

The parakeets are chirping, and the world is wondering: Will we get a sequel to the meme-able hit “Bird Box”? 

Netflix revealed that a record-breaking 45 million subscribers watched the post-apocalyptic thriller in its first week of release, and Nielsen confirms that 26 million U.S. subscribers watched the movie in the same seven-day period. That’s a lot of fans who would be interested if the streaming service made another film inspired by Josh Malerman’s book about Malorie (Sandra Bullock), who escapes an ominous presence with the help of birds she tows in a box to alert her when danger is near. 

Sadly, it probably isn’t happening, at least not soon: A person familiar with the situation but not authorized to speak publicly about it says Netflix has no plans for a “Bird Box” sequel.  

The movie ends with Malorie traversing rapids and swimming to safety with her two children and, as far as we know, safely finding refuge in a home for the blind. We may never learn what happens next, but we have many, many questions: 

1. Is there a physical movie monster?

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