Blake Lively’s vintage Versace chainmail dress costs $88K

Tons of stylish celebrities showed up to take in Versace’s pre-fall 2019 collection in New York City last weekend, but it was Blake Lively who stole the show.

The actress, 31, chose a vintage chainmail dress from the Italian fashion house’s spring 1999 show featuring a golden butterfly detail. A near-identical dress from the same collection is currently listed for a whopping $88,000 on online antique and design marketplace 1stdibs.

And Lively’s accessories were just as glittering — and expensive — as her dress. She paired the slinky metallic slip with crystal-encrusted Christian Louboutin pumps ($4,440), a similarly sparkly Judith Leiber clutch shaped like a phone ($5,695) and over-the-top disco curls.

But while Lively’s top-to-toe look would set you back a staggering $98,140, you can pick up a likeminded outfit for under $200 with this silver PrettyLittleThing dress ($72), INC International Concepts pumps ($49) and Betsey Johnson bag ($60).

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Suga From BTS’ Tweet May Confirm A Song With Ed Sheeran, So ARMY Are Freaking Out

Did BTS just give a huge hint that the band is collaborating with Ed Sheeran? If so, then the BTS ARMY is going to be ecstatic because that’s one collaboration they’ve been waiting forever to hear! And believe it or not, it was one of the BTS guys who actually gave the hint and on social media, no less. Suga from BTS’ tweet may confirm a song with Ed Sheeran and that means it’s time to get pumped, everyone.

“Hmm… this is for you @edsheeran #SUGA,” Suga wrote in his tweet. The image included in the tweet looks to be a screen shot from a music editing software. So, that’s a big, big hint that some new music is coming soon! And since he directed the tweet at Sheeran, then I guess it’s safe to assume that BTS and Sheeran will be making some beautiful music together!

Actually, this isn’t the first time news of a possible collaboration has been shared by BTS or Sheeran. Just a few weeks ago, on Nov. 19, Sheeran did an interview with Heat World where he seemingly confirmed the collaboration as well.

It all started when fan asked a question via Twitter about a potential collaboration.

"I want BTS x Ed Sheeran but when will they ever," the fan wrote. Then, Sheeran responded with, "I actually wrote a song that I think they might be messing with. I heard this the other day, but yeah, I really like BTS. I think they’re great.”

In any case, here is what Suga from BTS posted on Twitter on Wednesday, Dec. 5:

And this is what Sheeran said during his interview with Heat World on Nov. 19:

So, it seems like it could really happen! But there’s some doubt in Sheeran’s statement as well because it definitely seems like it’s up to BTS’ discretion to release the track or not. But hey, at least BTS and Sheeran are working together even in this small way. And if it turns out that BTS does release the track eventually, then there’s no doubt that this collab will make history.

I mean, Ed Sheeran and the biggest K-Pop band on the planet working together is a pretty big deal. Whatever happens, though, Sheeran and the BTS guys have the utmost respect for each other. That much is clear.

As you can imagine, the fan reaction to this potential collaboration has been pretty wild. So many fans have taken to Twitter to express their sheer excitement over the whole situation. Regardless of whether BTS and Sheeran actually release the track, the fans are super happy about it anyway.

Here’s what all the BTS fans are saying on Twitter right now:

Needless to say, the BTS ARMY is beyond excited about their favorite band collaborating with Sheeran. And believe me when I say that those tweets are just a handful of thousands. So, lots of fans are waiting with bated breath for the BTS and Ed Sheeran track to drop. Hopefully, it comes soon, if it comes at all!

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Partner of missing mum Sarah Wellgreen fears something ‘terrible’ happened as he rubbishes rumours she had a new boyfriend

Neil James, 45, opened up about how he has struggled to cope over the past two months and shot down rumours she had a new 'Mediterranean boyfriend'.

Dad Neil, from Farnham, believes "something terrible must have happened" to the mum-of-five and that not knowing whether she is alive is torture for him.

He said: "Sarah would never have left her children. She adored them."

After 18 months of living together, Sarah suddenly left Neil in May 2018, apparently without warning.

"One morning I had a call at work from the children's school asking where they were. I phoned Sarah and she told me she'd gone.

"She said she couldn't cope with the situation anymore. I was heartbroken, but Sarah felt she had to put the children first.

"She was very stressed over the situation with her ex, and worried that she could lose her kids, and they meant everything to her."

Devoted mum Sarah, 46, had just got a new job and boyfriend and was planning a girls’ day out with friends when she went missing from her home in New Ash Green, Kent.

Sarah told new boyfriend Neil James that her ex Ben, 38, had asked whether he could claim benefits cash for their three children now she was in work.

Beautician Sarah went missing overnight on October 9 and Kent police say they are treating her disappearance as suspicious.

Detectives have studied more than 2,000 hours of CCTV footage and searched her home, but are still no closer to finding her.

The CCTV outside Sarah's home was switched off on the night she went missing, so her last movements remain unknown.

On November 4, grainy CCTV footage emerged of a hooded motorist acting suspiciously in Greenhithe, Kent, five days after Sarah's disappearance.

Neil's struggles have developed alongside rumours Sarah had a new boyfriend at the time of her disappearance.

Her uncle, Ronald Wellgreen, 61, said the last time he'd seen Sarah in the summer, she'd spoken about a new romance.

He said: "She told me she had a new boyfriend. I saw a photo on Facebook of her with a man who looked to be in his 20s and as if he might be Turkish.

"The photo was taken in the UK. That was the last picture I saw of Sarah."

The manager of the beauty centre in Portsmouth, where Sarah worked part-time, also spoke of a man in his 30s, who looked Italian or Spanish, who picked her up from work one day in August.

But Neil, who insists he and Sarah got back together in July, dismisses the rumours of her seeing other men.

The Mediterranean-looking man, he claims, was the boyfriend of one of her friends who was helping her with DIY at her home in Portsmouth.

Neil said: "During our split, Sarah told me she'd been on a couple of dates, but said one of them was only after her money and she didn't click with the other.

"We got back together because I still loved her and she realised she still loved me.

"She had a number of regular private clients, who were mostly women, and I've spoken to all of them.

"I can't bear the thought I might not see her alive again, but what's worse is that her five children – and mine – don't know where she is or what's happened to her."

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Family’s heartbreaking tribute to girl, 16, who died after being hit by a lorry

A family have released a heartbreaking tribute to a 16-year-old girl who died after being hit by a lorry.

Eliza Bill died following the collision which occurred on London Road in Osbournby, Lincolnshire, at 4.43pm on Monday.

A 14-year-old girl was also injured, although police said her injuries are not thought to be serious.

Eliza’s family described her as having "the most beautiful soul", calling her their "princess", reports Lincolnshire Live .

The full family statement read: "Eliza was the most beautiful soul. She touched the hearts of all who knew her with kindness and caring.

“She leaves us with broken hearts that will never mend.

“We will love you always, our princess. Your mum, dad and sister.”

The family say that they would like to say thanks to all in the local community and all of Eliza’s friends who have been so kind to them since they moved to the area earlier this year.

Wayne Birks, principal at Eliza’s school St George’s Academy, has posted the following tribute to the "kind-hearted" student whose ambition was to go into teaching.

He wrote: "It was with the greatest sadness that we have been informed of the tragic death of Eliza Bill, year 11, in a road traffic accident on Monday evening.

"We understand that another St George’s student was also injured in the incident but her injuries are not thought to be serious.

"The staff, students and governors of St George’s Academy would like to pass on their sincere condolences to Eliza’s family and friends.

"Eliza was a quiet, warm and kind-hearted student who was always willing to support her friends.

"She had recently expressed a desire to continue her studies in the sixth form and her ultimate ambition was to become a teaching assistant.

"We have provided an outside space for any floral or other tributes, opened a book of condolence in our main library on the Sleaford campus and have suspended year 11 mock examinations across the whole academy on Tuesday and today as a mark of respect.

"Students and staff also have access to counselling services at this difficult time."

Anyone who witnessed the incident is asked to call police on 101 with reference number 290 of December 3.

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  • Brit’s UAE ‘psychological torture’
  • Celeb nightclub ‘sex assault’
  • Shocking ‘Cloutlighting’ trend
  • Mum and girl, 8, ‘murder-suicide’

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The Secret Meaning Behind Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's Indian Wedding Ritual

Like many fans of pop-culture, romance, and opulence, I’ve suffered the most terrible F.O.M.O. watching the wedding activities of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. The pics are straight out of a Bollywood film, but my favorite part has been the couple’s transparency behind the rituals. One thing that really caught my eye was the reference to the traditional hindu ceremony called mehendi. Nick writes in an Instagram post: “An important part for the girl in an Indian wedding is the Mehendi.” Theirs took place in Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, and though I’ve devoured every image of it so far, I’ve experienced events like it many times before.  

Mehendi ceremonies are deeply intimate even as they’re raucous and joyful. Usually set two to three days before a wedding, they are a time when the women in a bride’s and groom’s families come together, and have intricate henna designs applied to their hands and feet. (The couple of the hour broke from tradition, so Jonas could be a part of this typically girls-only ritual.) As a kid, every mehendi ceremony I went to felt like I was being admitted into a vast secret, even when I hated the cold jewelry and itchy clothes that Indian wedding festivities required, the shuffling from aunt-to-aunt-to-cousin-to-sibling and back. But mehendi night was different. Magical.

On mehendi night, the women of my family held court from their jewel-bright pillows like empresses from forgotten poems. The bride, my aunt, sat in the middle, serene as an icon. There was a moment when I felt suddenly shy around her even though I’d known her my whole life. It was the first time I felt like she’d crossed some threshold to a place I couldn’t follow. (Priyanka Chopra embodied this regalness in a bright yellow- and pink-striped embroidered dress by Indian designer Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla.)

During the ceremony, my aunt held out her arms to a woman holding what looked like a thick pen. The artist drew dark, flowery whirls, vines, and paisleys that stretched from my aunt’s elbows to fingertips. Her feet were similarly adorned. The whole room smelled of henna, a cloying mixture of hay and warm spices, like candied earth.

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As I grew older, the mehendi ceremony became my favorite event. It was always full of laughter, gossip, women … and I grew curious about the reasoning behind the ceremony. Some of my family members explained that henna’s ayurvedic properties ease the nerves. Others said it was merely for decoration. My favorite part, however, was the lore. Supposedly, the more intensely the rust-red henna showed up on the skin, the more the groom and his mother were destined to love you. Even the color, somewhere between cherry and chocolate, was said to bring prosperity.

But henna isn’t just for the bride. On the eve of my cousin’s wedding, she pointed to a section of her henna where the artist had cleverly hidden her groom’s name in the design. “He has to find it,” she said slyly.

At the time, I was in my teens, stuck in a paradoxical age where I both desperately wanted to earn notice and stay invisible. I couldn’t imagine anything more vulnerable or horrifically awkward. Because here, in the design, lay an invitation to discovery: to touch.

As a writer and the daughter of immigrants, I spend a lot of time thinking about ceremony and tradition, how things have changed — and not changed — in the crossing of oceans. There’s a beautiful imprecision to honoring your heritage so far from your original lands. When I ask my mother or grandmother to show me how they prepare certain family dishes, there’s no rubric. It’s always “a handful of this” or “add fenugreek leaves until it smells right,” or an absent-minded shrug of “you just know.” To me, this is terrifying. There are so many unknowns. That’s just the price of existing.

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#TBT to exactly one year ago when you told me to come look at a castle even though I really wanted another pastry but I said yes and was grumpy but then you proposed AND I got my pastry. Best day ever.

A post shared by Roshani Chokshi (@roshanichokshi) on

In a few months, I’ll be married. And while I won’t have paparazzi hounding my every move, it does feel like a chapter in my life of intense scrutiny. I will engage in those ceremonies I’ve watched since childhood. I’ll sit with my arms outstretched, a still figure in a nexus of the women of my family. I will have the vantage point of being the center and looking out at all the women I love who have shaped me into who I am. For a few hours, I’ll slip into an infant’s neediness, dependent on them to feed me and hold water to my mouth while the inked design dries on my skin, where it will later become that invitation to touch.

I think, now, I finally understand the secret of the ceremony that once eluded me. The reason why someone like Nick Jonas can only say “it’s an important part” because over-explaining robs it of its enchantment. There’s no recipe for love hidden in the henna design. But when I walk down the aisle — feeling the weight of hundreds of eyes, adrenaline glittering in my veins, and nerves setting my senses alight — I can look at my hands and see the secret scrawled across my skin: That I am part of something greater than myself. That I am not alone. And what message, on the occasion of a woman’s wedding, could be more important than that?

Roshani Chokshi is a New York Times bestselling author; her novel The Gilded Wolves is available now for preorder, and on sale January 15, 2019. 

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Universal Developing Film Inspired By Prince’s Music

A movie narratively driven by Prince‘s songs is in the making.

Universal Pictures is developing an original film inspired by his music, along the lines of Mamma Mia, Variety reported.

The production company is said to have acquired the rights to a number of songs from the late singer’s catalog.

The film will not be a Prince biopic like the 1984 film Purple Rain, but a fictional narrative, according to reports.

Mike Knobloch, President of global film music and publishing for Universal Pictures, Universal’s Vice President of production Sara Scott and creative executive Mika Pryce will be in the anchor roles of the untitled Prince project.

Prince Rogers Nelson died at the age of 57 due to an accidental fentanyl overdose at his Paisley Park recording studio and home in Chanhassen, Minnesota, on April 21, 2016.

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This Week’s ‘Catfish’ Was Full Of SO Many Twists

Spoilers ahead for Catfish Season 7, Episode 20. If last week’s revenge-ridden episode stirred the proverbial drama pot, the latest episode of MTV’s Catfish sent that pot boiling over. Although there was more truth within this episode than, sadly, is revealed in most, the happy ending fans may have been holding out for didn’t come to fruition. While that isn’t necessarily a surprise, considering the show’s track record, Rachael and Vance from Catfish‘s story was still pretty dang shocking.

First of all, the accused catfish was, in fact, not a catfish by definition. The man behind the Facebook account Rachael had been communicating with for 11 — yes, 11 — years was legitimate. No fake pictures or fake names. That part was really surprising, considering all of the typical red flags were there: he never wanted to video chat with Rachael, he switched phone numbers often, and he always canceled plans to visit her IRL.

The two of them met back in the day over Myspace when Rachael was just 12 years old. Vance was there for her at an emotionally vulnerable time in her life — she had been sexually assaulted at a young age, and their communication was an escape for her. Throughout the past 11 years, they remained in contact intermittently. They always had feelings for one another, but continued to lead independent lives that involved other relationships, and even kids. At the time their Catfish episode was filmed, Rachael had recently given birth to her five-week old baby, and in true Nev fashion, he arrived in Iowa City bearing gifts — aka baby supplies galore.

Nev and his guest co-host for the episode, model and beauty influencer Kamie Crawford, put their investigative hats on and discovered that Vance could have some kind of criminal record, uncovering arrest reports and even a mugshot. They jumped to the conclusion that his communication with Rachael had been spotty because he was serving time. This isn’t the first time a potentially incarcerated catfish has come up on the show, and usually, it ends up being a false alarm.

After a seemingly sketchy Facebook audio call between Nev and Vance, they arranged for funds to be wired to his friend for a flight to meet Rachael in her hometown. He showed up, the real deal, revealing that he was never in prison. His life really just lacked stability and an income that would allow him to stay in touch or travel.

Nev and Kamie were hopeful that Vance and Rachael’s story would be inducted to the sparse hall of Catfish success stories. After dropping them off on their first date, both Rachael and Vance agreed to give love a shot. But unfortunately, that didn’t last long. In the regular three month follow-up post-filming, Rachael revealed that things didn’t work out. He apparently asked her for money shortly after leaving her in Iowa, and with three kids of her own, she doesn’t need another person to take care of.

As far as a current update on both of them goes, both of their Facebook pages are private. Rachael recently celebrated a birthday for which she asked her friends to donate to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Another public status, shared on Aug. 29, could be an allusion to her breakup with Vance.

"By the time I believe someone is real they show me exactly why I questioned it in the first place," she wrote.

On Dec. 3, she also tweeted this:

In June, Vance shared a similarly vague, but emotional, post. "It is what it is and that’s just how it’s Goin 2 be & What’s understood don’t have to be EXPLAINED !!" he wrote.

As far as Rachael’s sister Samantha, who was the one who wrote in to Catfish in the first place, it looks like she and Rachael are still living together and sticking up for one another; Sam shares photos with Rachel’s kids often. Like she said in the follow-up clip on the show, family is there when no one else wants to be — catfishes included.

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Fiancé of Sarah Wellgreen baffled how his adored partner could vanish

Two months after she disappeared the devastated fiancé of mother-of-five Sarah Wellgreen is still baffled how his adored partner could vanish into thin air

  • Sarah Wellgreen, from New Ash Green, Kent, disappeared on October 9 this year
  • The 46-year-old lived there with her three youngest children and former partner
  • She stayed and lived with Ben Lacomba feeling ‘she had to put the children first’
  • Now her distraught fiancé Neil James, 45, is making a desperate plea for help 
  • As Kent Police investigate the case as a ‘potential murder’ and trawl local CCTV 

Every day since missing mother-of-five Sarah Wellgreen vanished nearly two months ago, the life of her devastated partner has followed the same soul-destroying ritual.

The minute recruitment consultant Neil James, 45, wakes, he reaches for his mobile phone to check for news updates and messages in the hope that she has been found.

Poring over happy photos of their two years together, he ruminates obsessively over where she is and what could have happened to her.

Next, he scans their social media and text messages — for the umpteenth time — searching for clues to unlock the mystery.

Rail-thin and gaunt, his tormented mind can think of nothing but the perplexing disappearance of the bubbly 46-year-old beautician, whose face now smiles from hundreds of missing persons posters.

Neil James (right), 43, and Sarah Wellgreen (left), 46, met in late 2016 through a dating website after she had separated from Ben Lacomba, father of her three youngest children

Neil James is urging delivery drivers, cabbies and cyclists to jog their memories to when she disappeared eight weeks ago. The couple are pictured together on holiday

  • Distraught fiancé of missing mother-of-five Sarah Wellgreen…

    Missing mother-of-five Sarah Wellgreen’s son reveals…

  • Police hunt for hooded man over missing mother-of five Sarah…

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Sarah was last seen on the evening of October 9 in the leafy Kent village of New Ash Green, where she lived with her three youngest children and former partner, 38-year-old taxi driver Ben Lacomba. 

It was a messy, tangled, situation, but Neil says that he and Sarah — who’d separated from Mr Lacomba before they met — were hoping to marry once she’d finalised the split with her ex.

Neil remembers his last phone call to Sarah at 9.24pm from his flat — a 90-minute drive away in Farnham, Surrey — the night she was last seen.

Ms Wellgreen lived with her former partner, 38-year-old taxi driver Ben Lacomba (pictured) in the leafy Kent village of New Ash Green

Sarah was already in bed, he says, and made no mention of going out again. She was excited about a new, well-paid job she’d just secured and her plans for the future.

The following morning, Neil sent a text: ‘Morning, honey, how are you?’ When it failed to deliver, he put it down to a flat mobile battery. 

But as later calls to her mobile went unanswered, he grew increasingly frantic. 

Panicked, he called Sarah’s sons from a previous marriage, Lewis, 22, and Jack, 21, to ask if they’d heard from her. They couldn’t reach their mum either. And no one has heard from her since.

Sarah was reported missing on October 11, with police now treating the case as a ‘potential murder’ and describing her disappearance as completely out of character.

‘I don’t think I will ever see Sarah alive again,’ says Neil. ‘Not after all these weeks.’ Existing on adrenaline and cigarettes, Neil says he is desperate for some kind of resolution.

A divorced father of two children — a son, nine, and a girl aged three — Neil says his daughter was staying with him on the night of his last conversation with Sarah, and keeps asking about her.

Neil is speaking now, in the hope of jogging the memory in the mind of someone — anyone — who might unwittingly hold the clue to her disappearance.

‘Sarah would never have left her children. She adored them. Something terrible must have happened to her, and not knowing is torture,’ he says, describing the past few weeks in limbo as ‘heartbreaking’.

‘My children loved her. They called her ‘Mummy Sarah’ and keep asking where she is, but I don’t know what to tell them.’

A devoted mum, Ms Wellgreen missed her son’s 13th birthday — two days after her disappearance — something her family say would be unthinkable. She is pictured here with former partner Mr Lacomba circa 2012

In the bathroom of Neil’s three-bedroom flat, Sarah’s toothbrush still stands next to his. In the wardrobe hangs her work uniform — a burgundy tunic and black trousers. Sarah’s beloved Persian cat, Leo, is curled up on the sofa.

Neil doesn’t want to believe she’ll never come back, but every fibre of his body is telling him otherwise. But he can’t cry or grieve for her until he knows for certain.

Since Sarah went missing, hundreds of volunteers have scoured woods near her home and around Kent. Divers have searched the Thames and River Darent, near Dartford.

Detectives have studied more than 2,000 hours of CCTV footage and searched her home, but are still no closer to finding her.

She vanished without trace, leaving behind her 4WD Hyundai Santa Fe SUV and bank cards, which remain unused to this day. Her black iPhone cannot be located; it is either switched off or the battery is dead.

The CCTV outside Sarah’s home was switched off on the night she went missing, so her last movements remain unknown.

A devoted mum, she missed her son’s 13th birthday — two days after her disappearance — something her family say would be unthinkable.

On October 16, a man in his 30s — reportedly Ben Lacomba — was arrested and, after three days in custody, released on bail until November 16, pending further investigation. His bail was later extended until the new year.

On November 4, grainy CCTV footage emerged of a hooded motorist acting suspiciously in Greenhithe, Kent, five days after Sarah’s disappearance. 

The images show a man spending eight minutes in an area near the Thames, leaving a Vauxhall Zafira parked in a side street while he walks towards the riverbank.

This grainy CCTV images of a hooded man and a car parked near a river may provide vital clues in the ‘potential murder’ of missing mother Sarah Wellgreen 

The footage triggered a police search of mudflats which, as far as we know, yielded nothing. The man has never been identified.

Kent police, meanwhile, renewed their appeal for people who may have been within a five-mile radius of the Bazes Shaw area of New Ash Green the night Sarah disappeared, or the following morning, to come forward.

Neil James has issued his own Facebook appeal urging anyone with CCTV or dashcam footage to contact the police, even with the tiniest of details they may think insignificant.

As he now tells his story for the first time in depth, the complexities of the riddle faced by detectives could not be more apparent. 

From the outset, the investigation has centred on Sarah’s complicated personal life. 

Her disappearance is set against a backdrop of past fractured relationships and searches for love through internet dating.

Neil and twice-divorced Sarah met in late 2016 through a dating website after she had separated from Mr Lacomba, father of her three youngest children, a son aged 12 and six-year-old twins, a boy and girl.

Sarah had moved from the £330,000 four-bedroom family home in Kent, to Portsmouth — more than 100 miles away — where she owned a property and worked part-time at a beauty salon. Her mother, stepfather, and two adult sons from a previous marriage, to whom she was close, also lived in the city.

‘Sarah was warm, loving and very attractive,’ recalls Neil, who spent weeks talking to her by phone before they met. ‘She was pretty, voluptuous, smiley and always fun.

‘I felt I’d found a kindred spirit. We were looking for something serious. Yes, it was complicated, but we understood each other,’ says Neil, who invited Sarah to his flat for a meal on their first date.

‘It was shortly before Christmas and my son was staying with me, so it wasn’t easy to go out or arrange dates,’ says Neil, whose flat was a 40-minute drive from Portsmouth.

‘Sarah walked in and immediately started to help my son decorate the tree. She just had this special bond with children. I was completely bowled over by her, head over heels.’

Neil James (pictured with Ms Wellgreen) has issued his own Facebook appeal urging anyone with CCTV or dashcam footage to contact the police 

In the post on Facebook Neil James urged people to jog their memories to when she disappeared on October  9

Kent Police Tactical Operations Search and Marine Unit searching a lake on Tuesday near to where she vanished

Police released images showing specialist police officers and firefighters searching a water-filled drainage and ditch

When the boiler at Sarah’s Portsmouth home broke, Neil invited her and her three children to stay for Christmas until it could be fixed. 

‘We all got on so well. Sarah and her kids never really left,’ says Neil, whose two children regularly stayed, too.

‘Her daughter shared bunk beds with mine in one room, and her sons and mine shared another room. 

Sarah enrolled her children in the local school,’ says Neil, who introduced her to his work colleagues and met her family in Portsmouth.

‘Sarah told me she wanted to get married again before she was 50, and we talked about having a register office wedding in Guildford, followed by a big party in Majorca.’

But there were stresses, too. Neil says Sarah’s children were close to their father and missed their old friends back in Kent.

Although spacious, Neil’s flat must have felt rather cramped with five young children, who were now part of an instant blended family, and no garden to play in. 

The speed with which Sarah and her children moved in with Neil — barely two months after they had met — also heightened disputes with her ex-partner over their children.

The strain and disruption of the to-ing and fro-ing between Kent, Farnham and Portsmouth eventually took its toll.

After almost 18 months together, Sarah suddenly left Neil in May 2018, apparently without warning.

‘One morning I had a call at work from the children’s school asking where they were. I phoned Sarah and she told me she’d gone. She said she couldn’t cope with the situation any more,’ says Neil.

‘I was heartbroken, but Sarah felt she had to put the children first. She was very stressed over the situation with her ex, and worried that she could lose her kids, and they meant everything to her.’

Sarah’s fiancé Neil James (pictured), 45, of Farnham, Surrey, said he spoke to her the night before she went missing on October 9

As a result, Sarah decided to move back into the family home with ex-partner Ben Lacomba. 

It was, Neil understands, a temp-orary co-parenting arrangement, rather than a reconciliation. 

Neil says Sarah told him she and her ex-partner, who had also met someone new after splitting from Sarah, had separate bedrooms and shared the school runs. Mr Lacomba also regularly worked nights as a taxi driver.

Every weekend, Sarah continued to drive to work in Portsmouth, but had ruled out moving back there with her children. She told Neil the schools were better in Kent and it would be less disruptive for them living with their dad.

As far as Neil was aware, this new arrangement — though not ideal — was reasonably amicable.

Could Sarah have just walked out? Had she — unbeknown to Neil — met someone new? Could she have crossed paths with a murderous stranger, or felt suidical?

When she first went missing, friends and relatives suggested she’d been dating other men following her break from Neil and reportedly pondered whether she’d gone off with a new lover — possibly to a flat she owned in Spain.

Her uncle, Ronald Wellgreen, 61, said that the last time he’d seen Sarah in the summer, she’d spoken about a new romance.

Sarah Wellgreen, a 46-year-old beautician, was last seen on Tuesday, October 9

HE SAYS: ‘She told me she had a new boyfriend. I saw a photo on Facebook of her with a man who looked to be in his 20s and as if he might be Turkish, though the photo was taken in the UK — that was the last picture I saw of Sarah.’

Martin Prus, 43, manager of the Puresun Health and Beauty Centre in Portsmouth, where Sarah worked part-time, also spoke of a man in his 30s, who looked Italian or Spanish, who picked her up from work one day in August. 

‘I’m not sure if they were officially a couple or if they had just started dating, but there definitely seemed to be something between them,’ he said.

It was also reported that Sarah, who friends said was her normal, cheerful self just before she vanished, had visited several private clients shortly before her disappearance to give beauty treatments or sports massage.

But Neil, who says he and Sarah reconciled in July, dismisses as nonsense the rumours of her seeing other men. 

He further rubbishes any suggestion that she wanted to end her life or start a completely new one without her children.

The Mediterranean-looking gent, he claims, was the boyfriend of one of her friends who was helping Sarah with DIY at her Portsmouth home, which she was renting out.

‘During our split, Sarah told me she’d been on a couple of dates, but said one of them was only after her money and she didn’t click with the other,’ says Neil. ‘

We got back together because I still loved her and she realised she still loved me. She had a number of regular private clients, who were mostly women, and I’ve spoken to all of them.’

Neil last saw Sarah two weekends before she went missing, when she stopped at his flat overnight, en route to Portsmouth.

She was meant to stay the weekend of October 6, but an altercation with a colleague at the salon had upset her, so she stayed there instead to talk to her manager.

‘She would never have gone off with someone else, leaving her children,’ says Neil. ‘To my mind, she was the perfect parent. Her kids always came first.

‘She was really happy about her new job and she’d just secured a mortgage, so that she and the kids could stay in their home and her ex-partner could live nearby.’

Police search woodland and surrounding areas of Bazes Shaw, New Ash Green after Ms Wellgreen went missing around two months ago

Hundreds of volunteers and police officers have scoured woodland close to Ms Wellgreen’s home in New Ash Green

Neil says he and Sarah were talking again of marriage and she was wearing her mother’s old engagement ring, until they could afford a proper replacement.

They hadn’t set a wedding date, and Sarah vanished before they could even work out where they might live as a married couple — or how their respective children would fit into the new set-up.

‘We’d both had our fair share of relationship car crashes in the past, but were really looking forward to the future,’ says Neil. ‘Sarah was the best thing that ever happened to me, and now this?

‘I can’t bear the thought I might not see her alive again, but what’s worse is that her five children — and mine — don’t know where she is or what’s happened to her.’


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Teen who accidentally shot herself in foot with AK-47 to be charged with burglary

A Texas teen shot herself in the foot with an allegedly stolen AK-47 that she had stuffed down her pants, according to police.

Police responded to the scene of the shooting in Harris County on Tuesday at around 4:15 p.m. They found three teens: two 17-year-old females and a 16-year-old male.

Preliminary reports and witness statements indicated that the male had taken the AK-47 from his home and that the teens were handling the gun when one of the females accidentally pulled the trigger, shooting herself in the leg, according to Constable Mark Herman of Harris County Precinct 4.

Further investigation determined that the gun had been stolen, he told ABC News.

“We have found out since then that the gun that was used was stolen in a home burglary just hours before that shooting,” Herman said.

The girl who shot herself was in critical condition and sent to Memorial Hermann Hospital. She is being charged with unlawful carrying of a weapon and burglary of a habitation. The male was also arrested and charged with tampering with evidence and burglary of a habitation, Herman wrote on Facebook.

“We filed tampering with evidence because they threw the gun down a storm drain after the shooting,” Herman told ABC News.

Video obtained by ABC News affiliate KTRK shows a girl lying on the road and neighbors coming to assist her.

“She had some pretty good wounds. She blew off the heel of one foot,” Don Sievertson, a 68-year-old veteran who ran out to help the girl, told ABC News. “She was in excruciating pain and she had every reason to be. She had very severe wounds, very severe.

“She was thrusting backward and forward, side-to-side screaming in pain and you know, [saying], ‘I need help.’”

As police continue to investigate the case, they also plan to determine if the other girl was involved.

“There were two females. The other one, we’re still investigating that aspect of it. But if she was involved in the burglary, she’ll get filed on, too, eventually,” Herman said.

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