'Daredevil' Was Netflix's Fourth Biggest Show – So Why Was It Canceled?

The strange saga that is the Daredevil cancelation continues. A new report reveals that Daredevil was canceled despite being the fourth-biggest show on Netflix. And still another report claims that it wasn’t Netflix who pulled the plug on the superhero series – it was Marvel themselves. Just what in the name of Hell’s Kitchen is going on here?

As you’ll recall, word came last week that Daredevil was joining the canceled ranks of Netflix Marvel shows Luke Cage and Iron Fist, leaving only Jessica Jones and The Punisher. When the cancelation revelation arrived, a statement claimed Daredevil would live on in some form, leading many to speculate that the show would end up on Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+:

“Marvel is extremely grateful to the huge audience that loved Marvel’s Daredevil. From the moment of young Matt’s first act of heroism to the birth of Page, Murdock, & Nelson, it has been an unbelievable journey. We are incredibly proud of the amazing showrunners and writers starting with Drew Goddard and Steven DeKnight, Marco Ramirez and Doug Petrie and Erik Oleson, Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson, Vincent D’Onofrio and our casts who brought our characters to life with such excellence, and every one of the fantastic crews in NYC. We look forward to more adventures with the Man without Fear in the future.”

Now, the Daredevil cancellation grows more curious in the wake of two different reports. First, Entertainment Weekly delved into the story, and discovered that Daredevil was the fourth-biggest show on Netflix:

According to the data, Narcos (presumably including the latest edition, Narcos: Mexico) was on top with 36 million “demand expressions,” followed by the recently launched Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (34 million) and then — rather surprisingly given it’s been a year since its last season — Stranger Things (31 million) and then Daredevil (30 million). Narcos: Mexico, by and by, just received a season 2 renewal.

Why would Netflix cancel one of their most popular shows? We previously reported that viewership for the latest seasons of Iron Fist and Luke Cage was down, which makes their cancelations slightly understandable. But if Daredevil was really doing so well, Netflix giving it the boot is curious.

Here’s the thing: maybe Netflix didn’t give it the boot at all. Steven Weintraub, Editor-In-Chief of Collider, tweeted out an interesting rumor regarding the situation:

I loved season 3 and was all in for a season 4. Disappointing it won't happen. pic.twitter.com/7Y6AmCEWq6

— Steven Weintraub (@colliderfrosty) December 5, 2018

As Weintraub states, he was unable to get a second source on this info, so it can only be chalked-up as a rumor. Still, this coupled with the EW report strongly indicates that this might not have been a Netflix decision. If Marvel really did pull the plug themselves, this suggests that maybe they’re planning on moving the show over to Disney+ in some form. In the end, though, we have no real answers. Only questions. But something about this situation doesn’t add up.

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Here’s Who Should Host The 2019 Golden Globes

Christmas may be thought of as being the most wonderful time of the year, but entertainment enthusiasts know this isn’t the case. The most wonderful time of the year actually comes immediately after the holidays when award show season gets officially underway. First up will be none of than the 76th annual Golden Globe Awards. And though the show may be just around the corner, if you’re having a hard time recalling who will be hosting the 2019 Golden Globes, don’t feel bad because that big reveal hasn’t been announced just yet.

That’s right, nominations for the awards show will be revealed on Thursday, Dec. 6, which is precisely one month exactly prior to the ceremony itself, and yet we have absolutely no idea who will be running the show. Some may find it a little strange that this particular piece of news has yet to be leaked by this point. Last year, Seth Meyers was confirmed to serve as host for the 2018 Golden Globes on Nov. 23, 2017, so the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) higher-ups are definitely holding out on us a little longer this year, and it’s getting time for them to dole out some much-needed intel.

That being said, we do know that Idris Elba’s daughter, Isan Elba, will be serving as the 2019 Golden Globes Ambassador, meaning it’ll be her job to present the trophies to all of the winners and help escort them offstage once they give their speeches.

It’s only a matter of time before the host will be announced, so odds are we won’t have to wait until the night of to find out who it will be. But in the meantime, it never hurts to come up with some suggestions as to who can (and should) take over the hosting reigns this time around. So if the HFPA is still looking for ideas, here’s a little inspiration.

Tiffany Haddish

She did an amazing job hosting the MTV Movie & TV Awards. It would be great to see her bring a little of that comedy magic to the Globes.

Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey may be done hosting this particular ceremony, but they aren’t the only hilarious dynamic duo capable of taking up the reigns. These Broad City stars would bring a fresh new perspective to the hosting duties, though, admittedly the person in charge of censorship would have their work cut out for them.

Melissa McCarthy

Is there anything this woman can’t excel at? That’s a rhetorical question, of course, because the answer is obviously no. She would make for a delightful host and perhaps even inspire a Bridesmaids reunion skit. Please?

Kate McKinnon

Michael Che and Colin Jost may have proved to be lackluster hosts for the 2018 Emmy Awards, but you just know their SNL costar McKinnon would nail the responsibility and make the Golden Globes the must-see event of the year.

Ellen DeGeneres

She proved to be a terrific Oscars host and helped take the concept of a selfie to a whole other level. Not to mention, DeGeneres is also extremely charismatic and instantly likable. She’d make those three hours fly by.

Steve Carell

You may have noticed that most of the people on this list are women, but if there was any reason to break the pattern, it would be to include Carell in all the fun. His latest hosting stint on SNL went really well. Might as well keep the momentum going and hopefully make that Office reboot announcement happen for real this time!

Kristen Bell

Because when you feel like you’re currently living in The Bad Place, you need someone from The Good Place to come make it all better.

Billy Eichner

Just watching him go around yelling at everyone would be very cathartic IMO.

John Krasinski & Emily Blunt

These two have had an outstanding year, between the success of The Quiet Place and their starring roles in Jack Ryan and Mary Poppins Returns, respectively. What better way is there to celebrate their good fortune? Their turn as hosts would be practically perfect in every way.

Hosting the Golden Globes is a major responsibility and can help set the tone for the whole evening, so let’s hope that whoever it ends up being will be up to the challenge and then some.

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‘The Conners’ Stumbles To Season Low, ‘Flash’ Speeds Up For 100th Episode

The Voice (1.4/7) was the top-rated show on primetime last night, but the real winner looks to have been The Flash (0.7/3).

Celebrating its 100th episode, the CW’s Scarlet Speedster series was the only show to rise on a Tuesday of lows, declines and same old same old.

Edging toward the annual crossover with Arrow and Supergirl starting Sunday, last night’s clip-finessed “What’s Past Is Prologue” episode was up 17% among adults 18-49 over last week. The uptick did not carry over to lead-out Black Lightning (0.3/1), which stayed even with its November 27 airing.

Heading into its final few episodes of this inaugural season of sorts, The Conners (1.3/4) took a double hit Tuesday. One, the Roseanne spinoff was topped in a matchup for only the second time in its run by The Voice. Secondly, taking a 7% dip from last week, The Conners fell to an all-time low. That low may hurt a bit more because it isn’t just among the key demo but also in viewers, with 6.63 million sets of eyeballs watching.

To make a comparison with Roseanne, which had some ratings issues itself after a stellar debut, last night’s Conners was down a hard 50% from the eighth episode of the mothershow that aired on May 15.

The rest of ABC’s Tuesday saw The Kids Are Alright (0.8/3), Black-ish (0.8/3), Splitting Up Together (0.6/3) and the Nathan Fillion-starrer The Rookie (0.7/3) all down a tenth from their November 27 shows.

Over on NBC, The Voice was also down a tenth to match a season low, while the A Saturday Night Live Christmas (1.0/5) rang those holiday bells two-tenth less than last year.

Overall, the Comcast-owned net won the night in the demo with a 1.1/5, while close second-place CBS (1.0/5) was first in viewers with 9.91 million watching.

The latter network saw NCIS (1.2/5), FBI (1.0/5) and NCIS: New Orleans (0.8/3) all back exactly the same as their last originals of two weeks ago. On Fox, The Gifted (0.7/3) and Lethal Weapon (0.7/3) were unmoved from their final results of last week.

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Jessica Simpson Calls Out Natalie Portman for Comments on Simpson's Virgin Bikini Pic

Jessica Simpson is firing back at Natalie Portman for saying she got mixed messages from one of Jessica’s famous magazine covers way back in the day. 

Jessica called out Natalie Wednesday, saying she’s “disappointed” Natalie is slut shaming her for posing in a bikini, while also boasting about being a virgin. 

In a recent interview, Natalie told USA Today, “I remember being a teenager, and there was Jessica Simpson on the cover of a magazine saying ‘I’m a virgin’ while wearing a bikini, and I was confused. Like, I don’t know what this is trying to tell me as a woman, as a girl.”

Natalie, who plays a pop star in her new movie, “Vox Lux,” was talking about real-life pop stars and the virgin/vixen paradigms pushed by the music industry in the late 1990s.  

Jessica thinks Natalie should know better … telling her, “As public figures, we both know our image is not totally in our control at all times, and that the industry we work in often tries to define us and box us in.”

Jessica further scolds Natalie by writing, “being sexy in a bikini and being proud of my body are not synonymous with having sex.”

The pop star’s social media rant included some shade for Natalie — “I have made it my practice to not shame other women for their choices. I encourage you to do the same.”

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Hugh Jackman Wants to Make More People Cry

Of the few people in the world who can say they’ve led both box-office-toppling action films and award-winning works of musical theatre, Hugh Jackman is probably one of the most nonchalant about his accomplishments. The actor, who turned 50 this year, just announced a global arena tour off of the success of his latest film, The Greatest Showman, but admits he is still “a little nervous” about such a big live production — which will be all but a one-man world show.

Ahead of the tour — which begins next summer and has tickets going on sale this Friday — Jackman sat down with Rolling Stone to chat about what audiences can expect to see on stage, as well as his inspiration for the show, his favorite modern performers (Eminem and Janelle Monáe among them) and his still-lingering surprise about how a musical about a circus impresario became one of the most successful projects of his career.

Tell us about the genesis of this solo arena tour. Where did the idea come from?
In 2003, I was going on Broadway and the producer said, ‘You’re crazy not to have an album.’ So I found myself in a recording studio with some amazing people, but I was in the studio because someone said I should do an album, not because I had anything to say — so it was terrible. I hated it. I begged them and said, “Sorry guys, I’m just going to stop. I’m going to put together a show and I’m going to perform it, and on the back of that I’ll see if I want to do an album.” That’s when I had the first idea of putting it together. It was 2011 when I first did [a solo show] on Broadway, and this show is an evolution of that. The material keeps on changing and it keeps evolving. I’ve turned 50; there’s more stories to pull from. But it’s a work in progress.

The spotlight will be entirely on you. How are you preparing?
I’ve got to tell you, I’m never happier than when I’m rehearsing or workshopping or when I’m doing the show. So basically between now and the show, this is all I’m doing. I push myself — I try to do things I don’t think I can do. And I sing and dance every day, and that allows me to sort of relax when I’m up there.

Is there one thing you’re particularly excited about for the show?
I’m really excited about songs from The Greatest Showman, because I know a lot of people connected to that film. When we were getting the film up, we did workshops with 60 or 70 people in the room, so I know these songs work theatrically. But it’s not ‘The Greatest Showman Live.’ We’re going to sing probably four or five songs from that, and it’s the same with Les Mis. Also, I just feel I have in the last few years developed a slightly different perspective on life, and I’m really excited to share that.

“I think I used to be more obsessed with perfection — and a little constrained by the idea of making everything perfect. I’ve kind of let go of that”

How do you mean?
I think I used to be more obsessed with perfection — and a little constrained by the idea of making everything perfect. I’ve kind of let go of that and I’m having a lot more fun, I think. On stage, you have to connect to every single person there; I just want people to feel like they saw something on that night that could only happen in there, and that it’s not a cookie-cutter performance, and that there’s something fresh. I can break off, start talking, ad-lib, tell different stories. I might talk about my day, I might sing a song I’ve never sung before.

What are you most apprehensive about?
If I hadn’t done arenas before, I wouldn’t believe you could feel intimacy and create a show that is theatrical in arenas; my show’s very eclectic and I do some Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, some more upscale numbers. But a little part of me still can’t believe I’m announcing an arena show. So until tickets are sold, I’ll probably be a little nervous.

What do you expect the audience to be like?
I think it’s going to be a real mixed bag.

You’ll have your Greatest Showman family enthusiasts, and then your Wolverine-obsessed teen boys.
Well I don’t know how many Wolverine fans will turn up, but I hope they do! And I do tell a few stories about Wolverine; I’m going to share some things people don’t know about it. But I am sharing every part of my life. There’s no Wolverine kick line, let’s be clear. I’m amazed at how eclectic the following I have is. The Greatest Showman has surprised me, because I get a lot of young kids now. I look forward to creating a show that somehow connects with everybody.

Did you expect The Greatest Showman to —
No, nobody expected it! There was one person to believe that [it’d get so big], and that was the director Michael Gracey. Seven or eight years ago he said, ‘I’m telling you, we’re going to make a movie where people are going to see you in a way they’ve never seen before, it’ll be the top movie replayed every Christmas.’ I wanted to believe him, but I had doubts.

When the movie opened, I think it was at the time the second-worst wide release of all time. I remember the New York Times did a story later saying, ‘Clearly you all disagree with our review. Tell us why.’ They said they’d never had so many people write in. The people who loved it, loved it. I’ve never been stopped on the street so much in my life.

What do people say when they stop you?
‘I’ve seen it 12 times.’ A lot of people cry. Someone who really touched me was Pink. When I saw her backstage, she grabbed me by the shoulders and said ‘This movie meant so much.’ The movie is about accepting yourself, dreaming big and going through life with a sense of wonder and magic and gratitude. I think that’s something that hit the zeitgeist. It hit a certain vein. Now people are going to sing-alongs and the movie has never even gone off cinemas, I think still playing on 66 screens last week. The story itself is about a man who believed in something no one else believed in, so it’s kind of incredible how art has imitated life.

Do you have a good track record of predicting how big a film is going to be?
No. No one, including me, expected the first X-Men to do what it did.

The Greatest Showman is a little similar to The Prestige, in that it simmered into a cult phenomenon.
Yeah, The Prestige — at the time, I was like, wow, I’m so proud to be a part of this film and Nolan has done an amazing job and there’s Bowie and and Michael Caine — but a movie called The Illusionist had come out a few months before, so… But now that’s another one. I get stopped for that movie a lot. People say ‘I loved you in that movie, I’ve watched it five times.’ They go back to it again and again because there are so many Easter eggs. So, we don’t know.

Performers always say that you can get off stage and go, ‘That was terrible,’ and the director will come up to you and tell you that was your best one. And you go, ‘What!’ That’s the confounding thing about this job. There are some times you think that felt great, you leave auditions feeling like you got that one, and they’re like, ‘No thanks.’ But I suppose that’s what keeps us coming back for more.

Let’s talk about the music itself, for your show. Now that it’s been a year since the film came out, you’ve had time to sit with the music. Will you be changing any of the songs? Updating them?
That’s a really good question. We’re just working on that right now. For some of the duets, we’re thinking of bigger dance numbers, or doing something different with the orchestrations. Because now, we are singing a bunch of songs from The Greatest Showman because that’s a part of my life, but it’s not ‘The Greatest Showman Live,’ I’m not coming out in a red coat and a hat and all of that. But I understand people want to hear those songs and I can’t wait to give it to them. Keala [Settle] is going to come out and sing a bunch of the shows with me, but she can’t do all of them because she’s in such high demand, which I’m thrilled about. But she’ll do some, and I’ll let people know closer to the time.

What about songs from Les Mis? Will they have a twist? What are you envisioning?
We’ll certainly be doing some kind of medley for Les Mis. I also want to get some guests in. I haven’t even asked them yet, but I’d love to get someone like Phillip Quast to come and do something. I think there’s ways to do some of those songs in a way — I don’t know if I want to re-orchestrate because the orchestrations are so beautiful, but maybe give them to people in a way they haven’t heard before.

And you’ll have a full orchestra behind you on stage.
It’s a full orchestra. Right now we’re discussing whether it’s 26 or 34 people. That’s going to come down to probably someone saying, ‘Dude, you can’t afford that!’ But I love being with live musicians and I love being with full orchestra.

Who are the musicians and performers today who inspire you the most? Who’s the most interesting artist to you?
Enimem and Jay-Z are amazing. Both have very different energy. Beyoncé. Timberlake is one of the great live performers. I saw Michael Jackson. Colin Hay, who used to be the lead singer of Men at Work — if you ever want a masterclass about how to keep an audience in the palm of your hand, he’s incredible. Sometimes he’ll stop halfway through a song and break into a story. I think Janelle Monáe is astonishing. I just saw her recently perform. Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga. I get inspiration from so many performances.

Is there other music for you on the horizon, in this show or otherwise?
I really want to do some original music for this show. I’m hoping to have written something that I can perform. I really want to write with Justin [Paul] and Benj [Pasek], who did The Greatest Showman and Dear Evan Hanson, the musical — I love Dear Evan Hanson and I would love to do a song from that as well — and I’m literally doing all those workshops now, deciding what all the material is going to be.

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The Best Cast Films of 2018, According to Casting Directors

Casting directors have a strange distinction in the awards world: It’s a guild with an Academy branch, but without its own Oscar category. Imagine for a moment that there was one. What are the best-cast films of 2018? IndieWire reached out to a number of the film industry’s top casting directors to ask them to nominate one outstanding work this year.

What follows is another lens through which to see our favorite movies of the year. Many of us are quick to highlight beautiful cinematography, expressive production design, visceral editing, a narrative-driving score, or an individual standout performance. However, casting directors play a vital role in interpreting the visions of today’s best directors.

Many casting directors noted that there were still many films this year they hadn’t yet seen. One other restriction, which was imposed as responses came in: IndieWire capped the number of entries at two for “Black Panther,” “Eighth Grade,” and “Roma,” which were the most popular picks amongst the group of casting directors polled for this article.

The nominations appear in alphabetical order by film title.

“Black Panther” Casting By Sarah Finn

"Black Panther"

“Black Panther”


Cindy Tolan (“If Beale Street Could Talk,” “Straight Outta Compton”): To tell a story that is at the same time historic and futuristic, both classic and otherworldly, is one of the most challenging tasks a casting director can have. Add to that, that the film will be part of the Marvel [Cinematic Universe] and you’ve got a highly demanding albeit exciting task ahead of you.

Casting director Sarah Finn and director Ryan Coogler had to assemble a cast that could capture both the familiar superhero genre and the completely new black superhero idiom. Each actor had to be larger than life, uniquely individual, and yet be part of a whole greater than themselves.

Finn accomplished this by creating a unique ensemble comprised of dynamic actors all from different worlds; she truly did create a new universe. From Sterling K. Brown and Danai Gurira, both professionally trained at NYU MFA acting program, to Bambadjan Bamba, an undocumented immigrant actor from the Ivory Coast, to Letitia Wright, a Guyanese-born British actress, to Isaach De Bankole, a veteran of Jim Jarmusch films, and to Academy Award nominee, Angela Bassett, Finn built a single cohesive whole without losing each actor’s own individual voice. Not easy. Well done, Sarah Finn and Ryan Coogler.

Jennifer Euston (“Can You Ever Forgive Me?,” “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”): Despite the very realistic projects I cast, I am and always have been a nerdy fangirl. Fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and superhero films and television are what I’ve thrived on since childhood. I’ve always thought these genres, most especially superhero films, never received enough credit for their casting—even before the Marvel Universe exploded on the scene over the last 10 years. In 1978, legendary casting director, Lynn Stalmaster cast “Superman” with Juilliard grad Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, and even Marlon Brando! No one’s been able to replicate that hero’s story ensemble although they try and try (sorry, DC Universe –but I love “Wonder Woman” and “The Dark Knight,” of course).

Similarly, no one will ever be able to recreate “Black Panther” with a better, more groundbreaking cast of actors from the smallest of roles to Chadwick Boseman, T’Challa himself. With the keys to Wakanda, Ryan Coogler was able to create a comic-book world that was still grounded and told a personal, family story with history and rivalry, love and hate. Sarah Finn was able to help him accomplish this by casting great black and African-American actors, established and up-and-coming, as well as character actors of all ages and types. From Sterling K. Brown’s emotional opening of the film (that would have not made such an impact with a lesser actor) to Forest Whitaker, Michael B. Jordan, Daniel Kaluuya, Winston Duke, Angela Bassett, and other strong female lead characters portrayed by Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, and breakout Letitia Wright. Ms. Finn cast each and every role memorable and specific. It was so exciting to watch every fresh face working alongside familiar actors we’ve had in our lives for years.

Sarah Finn has populated the MCU over the past 10 years with actors who have become iconic, household names. As a fellow casting director, I know this kind of casting is not easy. She needs to find women and men who can transform into literal heroes and villains who audiences believe in and care about so much they want to see more and more of them. No pressure! Sarah succeeded, and we all saw what happens when you cast the right actors in right the roles, rather than aiming for star power. “Black Panther” broke box-office records and made over a billion dollars. It is proof to closed-minded studios and producers that a black and African-American cast is as valuable as other superhero blockbusters — not only monetarily, but creatively as well.

“BlacKkKlansman,” Casting By Kim Coleman




Ellen Chenoweth (“The Ballad of Buster Scruggs,” “No Country for Old Men”): Kim Coleman assembled such a great cast on “BlacKkKlansman”. There seems to be an understanding between her and Spike Lee, which is so important in producing the best casts. When we’re fortunate enough to have these collaborations, we all do our best work. I love the way Kim spiced the cast up between relative newcomers like John David Washington and Laura Harrier (both so good) and veterans like Michael Buscemi, Adam Driver, Ryan Eggold, Isiah Whitlock Jr., and Topher Grace, perfectly embodying the banality of evil as KKK head David Duke. Add to this three of my favorite actors: Ashlie Atkinson, Paul Walter Hauser, and Corey Hawkins. What a wild story, brought alive and elevated to another level by Kim’s work.

“Can You Ever Forgive Me,” Casting By Jennifer Euston

Melissa McCarthy as "Lee Israel" and Richard E. Grant as "Jack Hock" in the film CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME? Photo by Mary Cybulski. © 2018 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation All Rights Reserved

“Can You Ever Forgive Me?”

Photo by Mary Cybulski

Allison Jones (“Eighth Grade,” “Lady Bird”): The shrewd casting for “Can You Ever Forgive Me“ was crucial to its impact on me. Melissa McCarthy made the character of Lee Israel fascinating – not necessarily likable, but riveting. Richard E. Grant, Dolly Wells, and Stephen Spinella all created the NY literary world so believably – from Dolly’s careful articulation and Richard’s bohemian, sad but daring character, to Spinella’s intelligent specificity as a rare book dealer. Every character made me feel like this world was as competitive, challenging, and inscrutable as Lee Israel must have been.

This would not have worked as well with any other actors, thanks to Jen Euston’s understanding of putting the qualities of the role first, and the chemistry between actor and writing. A perfect cast.

Kim Coleman (“BlacKkKlansman,” “Dear White People”): There are a lot of great movies out this year, but one that stood out to me from an acting/casting standpoint is “Can You Ever Forgive Me?,” directed by Marielle Heller with casting by Jennifer Euston.

In this movie, Melissa McCarthy tackled a more serious role than I’m used to seeing her play, portraying a real-life author desperate to remain relevant at any cost. I found her performance to be engaging, believable, and relatable as a damaged artist who just wanted the world to hear her voice. Although she was guilty of the crimes she committed, I found it easy to sympathize with her plight. Melissa dug deep to make us root for her character despite her untruthfulness. Her interpretation of Lee Israel provoked a sense of sadness and hope as she struggled to regain a life she once had.

Another stand out to me was Richard E. Grant. He took on the role of Jack Hock, a down-on-his-luck man who failed to live up to the expectations he set for himself despite his charm and appeal, and now must do whatever he needs to survive. Grant made compelling choices and provided the perfect balance with McCarthy. I was completely immersed in their world as they faced the consequences of the decisions they made along the way.

Kudos to Jennifer Euston, whom I adore and has an incredible eye for talent. She rounded out the cast with an outstanding supporting group including Jane Curtin, Dolly Wells, Anna Deavere Smith and Stephen Spinella — brilliant performers who enhanced the world of the story through their subtle yet impactful performances.

“Cold War,” Casting By Magdalena Szwarcbart

“Cold War”

Amazon Studios

Lucy Bevan (“Christopher Robin,” “Ready Player One”): From the opening scenes of “Cold War,” the audience is transported into a bleak time in history as if it were real time. The brilliant and detailed casting of all the people in the villages transports you further than any computer-generated imagery could. Joanna Kulig and Tomasz Kot give memorable and heartbreaking lead performances, supported by Agata Kulesza (great to see her again after her fine work in Pawlikowski’s “Ida”), Borys Szyc, Jeanne Balibar and lots of other fine Polish actors. From the bureaucrats in Poland to the party people in the smoky bars of Paris, each scene is filled with great actors all of whom feel completely authentic and of the time and place. Magdalena Szwarcbart, you did an amazing job!

“Crazy Rich Asians,” Casting By Terri Taylor

“Crazy Rich Asians”

Sarah Finn (“Black Panther,” “Avengers: Infinity War”): There are so many exciting options to choose from in celebrating the best cast film of the year, but the first one that comes to mind is Terri Taylor’s genius ensemble in “Crazy Rich Asians.” Although awards season tends to favor dramatic and serious works, when you’re looking at the craft of casting, the work is no less significant or valuable in a romantic comedy (or any other genre, for that matter.) The breadth and scope of this cast, including breakout new stars as well as veteran actors, is without a doubt part of the film’s magic and success. Indeed much of the enjoyment and discussion of the film revolves around the freshness and uniqueness of its all-Asian cast.

Terri Taylor brilliantly combined legendary heavyweights like Michelle Yeoh with newly discovered talent like romantic lead Henry Golding and breakout stars like Awkwafina. In Constance Wu’s casting, she chose an actress known already on television who burst onto the big screen with tremendous appeal, range and charisma. She searched literally around the globe, with the help of regional casting directors, to round out each role with a perfectly chosen actor bringing more spark and dimension to the film.  And she took chances mixing comedians with dramatic actors to stunning effect. In creating a balanced, witty, and immensely entertaining cast, she broke the mold yet again and surely contributed to the film’s enormous impact.

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How it All Fell Apart For Cardi B and Offset

Emma McIntyre/AMA2018/Getty Images For dcp

“I don’t date rappers.” 

That was Cardi B‘s succinct response when a pal informed her that Atlanta-based wordsmith Offset, one-third of trap music’s leading trio Migos, was interested. It was nothing personal, she would explain to the man himself, not a knock on the romantic history that led to him having three kids with three women, or his lengthy rap sheet that included an eight-month stint in jail. She’s just always maintained a no musicians policy, she explained to E! News. “Because I know that these rappers they like women, and I always felt like if, ‘Imagine I have sex with you and I fall in love with you and you not trying to take me serious.'”

Besides, she questioned, why was he after her in the first place? Thanks to her two successful mixtapes, the stripper turned breakout star of Love & Hip Hop: New York was definitely on the rise, but she was still months from releasing “Bodak Yellow,” the impossibly catchy summer hit that would complete her transformation into household name.  

“Any woman that you could have, why you gonna choose me?” she continued. “I always avoid dating artists. But he was co consistent. He put it down, he was just on some, ‘Look I’m not stopping until I get you,’ and it’s like, ‘Well, if you want me so bad come get me.'”   

That might still be solid advice today. Because while the pair will no doubt continue their separate reigns over the hip-hop world—in February Migos broke their own record for the most concurrently charting titles by a duo or group while Cardi surpassed Beyoncé as the first woman to have five simultaneous hits on the R&B/hip-hop chart—and remain connected as parents to 5-month-old daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus, their dramatic 22-month love story has taken another turn. 

“I’ve been trying to work things out with my baby father for a hot minute now and we’re really good friends and you know we’re really good business partners,” the musician (born Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar) announced in an Instagram video Tuesday evening. “He’s always somebody that I run to talk to and we got a lot of love for each other but things just haven’t been working out between us for a long time and it’s nobody’s fault.” 

The simple truth, she continued was, “I guess we grew out of love, but we’re not together anymore. I don’t know. It might take time to get a divorce and I’m gonna always have a lot of love from him because he is my daughter’s father.” 


Cardi B and Offset: Romance Rewind

The timing was surprising as just three days earlier, the couple had put on quite the show for fans gathered at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif. for 102.7 KIISFM’s Jingle Ball, Cardi ending her set by turning to the crowd and declaring, “He’s so fine. That’s my baby daddy, yo.” But another split in what the Bronx-bred double Grammy nominee has dubbed a history of “breaking up and making up,” could hardly be labeled as shocking. Nor is it so far-fetched to think this could just be another bump the Atlanta-based duo will have to overcome. 

As yet, neither side has offered up an explanation (though considering Cardi’s famed candor and Offset’s announcement he would be dropping a song today, it’s hard to imagine one isn’t coming), but Offset’s comment on Cardi’s post—”Y’all won”—would suggest the duo’s trust issues had gotten the best of them. 

Ever since a late 2017 iCloud hack seemed to catch Offset (born: Kiari Cephus) with another woman, Cardi noted in a W magazine profile, Internet trolls have seemed eager to stoke her fears of his continued infidelity.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

“Every single day there’s rumors about me and my dude. And it almost drives me crazy, because I start to believe them,” she admitted. “I don’t have no proof. I don’t have receipts. But I just got to know my man. We practically on the phone 24 hours a day. If I can’t find him, I’m going to find his friend. Somebody going to answer the phone. But I cannot be feeling insecure, to a point that I would drive my dude away, because these people want that to happen.”

And it’s already taken so much to get them to where they are today. 

Though Offset, 26, had guested on “Lick,” a track off the 26-year-old’s Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 2 release, the pair didn’t come face-to-face until what Cardi calls a chance meeting at a New York party in early 2017, right around the time Migos was notching their own hit with “Bad and Boujee”. 

Thaddaeus McAdams/Getty Images

Except it wasn’t so much by chance as it was Offset’s deliberate scheming. Sure, he’d heard her when she said she didn’t date rappers, but “I was like, ‘Damn, I am on her!'” he explained to Rolling Stone. “I am like, ‘Shit, I like Cardi B!'” He had his publicist arrange a dinner for a select group of women, and soon they were enjoying their first date at the 2017 Super Bowl in Houston. As he said, “That’s a power move!” 

It was certainly a statement-making one that forced the pair to immediately define a relationship they were still figuring out. While Cardi was quick to label the musician, who’s collaborated with everyone from 21 Savage to Macklemore, her “babe” in a Valentine’s Day Instagram, she stopped short of confirming their coupling, telling Fader that March, “I’m not saying I’m dating an Atlanta guy.”

Even after they made what can only be a declarative statement of coupledom, stepping out together at a Met Gala afterparty, the two-time Grammy nominee declined to make him her plus one at June’s BET Awards, a source telling HollywoodLife at the time, “She’s playing it cool with him right now. He didn’t ask her to go with him and she’s for sure not going to ask him. They’re still talking to each other, but it’s complicated.”

Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Complicated being an apt description for the entire first year or so of their romance. Just when it seemed they were making their union officially official, like the time Cardi hinted at engagement rumors ahead of her August MTV Video Music Awards performance, saying, “Every woman, I think, wants to get married and wants to have children. It’s never too early to get married now,” there would be an equally public sign that the relationship was in flux. 

Last October, while Offset’s likeness still decorated the tips of her elongated nails, she posted two separate photographs. With the first, she dubbed herself single. On the second, she proclaimed, “Peace nikka.” By the next day, though, she was tweeting it was all a misunderstanding over a stolen purple blanket. (Because, really, who hasn’t been there?) “But on a serious note,” she concluded, “I really loveeeee my man he was gifted to me from Jesus.


The Most Cardi B Things Cardi B Has Ever Said

At Power 99’s Powerhouse in Philadelphia days later, a sold-out crowd watched as he dropped to one knee, a sea of cell phone cameras capturing the moment and her enormous eight-carat teardrop-shaped diamond. “Jesus Christ I’m so emotional,” she wrote on Instagram. “@offsetyrn I loveee you so much. Thank you for seeing the potential in me since you met me. For giving me advice molding me and loving me…I can’t wait to spend FOREVAAAA with you. Lets make a lot shmoney and love together.”

Two months later she was once again questioning her decision. 

When the cheating scandal broke that December, she tweeted, then deleted, “I’m going to make a decision in my own times with my heart and mind. I don’t need to be rushed or be told what to do. It’s my life! I belong to me not to the world,” adding that while “it’s not right” to cheat, “What you want me to do? Go f–k me another n—a? start all over again and get cheated on again? This s–t happens to everyone.”


She later explained her situation to Cosmopolitan, saying, “It’s like everybody is coming down my neck like, ‘Why are you not leaving him? You have low self-esteem.’ I know I look good. I know I’m rich, I know I’m talented. I know I could get any man I want—any basketball player, football player. But, I want to work out my sh-t with my man, and I don’t got to explain why.” 

Though she had a pretty good reason. As Cardi would eventually reveal, they were already legally entwined, the decision to wed made mid-argument that September. They had discussed marriage, already, she noted to W, so it wasn’t out of the blue, but her suggestion still stunned her guy. “He’s like, ‘You’re playing around.’ And I said, ‘I’m for real.'” 

If the timing was unconventional, it fit with the whole theme of their romance. “When I got married with my dude, we still had a lot of doubts, because our relationship is not like everybody’s,” she shared. “He was always traveling, and I was always traveling. We’re artists. So I used to see him, like, twice a week, and, you know, he’s known for having different women, and I’m known for, like, not taking s–t from guys. But we really loved each other, and we was scared to lose each other.”


So they phoned up Atlanta-based minister Melinda Guess, choosing to focus on the enormity of what they were entering into rather than the traditional trappings of a wedding. Standing in front of their king size bed in sweats as her cousin looked on, the pair exchanged the standard vows provided by Guess. Without rings to share, they sealed the moment with a kiss and several hugs. “They were definitely excited and I could tell they were a little nervous too,” the officiant told E! News. “You can tell there is so much love between them.”

Still without any bling binding them, it didn’t quite feel real. It had been her dream, she explained to W, “for a guy to get on his knees and ask me to marry him. And he was just like, ‘I will never get on my knees. F–k outta here.'” 

Except, of course, for her he did, surprising her with his onstage proposal weeks later. 


Cardi B’s Best Looks

Of course, the real shock came weeks later when the home pregnancy test came back positive. “I was f–king freaking out,” she admitted. “Everybody around me was like, ‘No, this never happened before. Every artist that had a baby, they already put in years in the game. This is your first year. You’re going to mess it up.'” 

But her man had a different take. “He kept saying, ‘I don’t know how you don’t see it, but you so hot right now, nothing could get in your way. You just have to work hard and put out a poppin’ album. I think you should keep the baby.'” 

Eventually Cardi agreed, explaining during an appearance on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, just days after she revealed her baby bump in spectacular fashion on Saturday Night Live, “I just didn’t want to deal with the whole abortion thing. I just didn’t want to.” Besides, she continued, “I’m a grown woman. I’m 25 years old. I’m a schmillionaire and I’m prepared for this.”


As much as any new parent could be, anyway.

Cardi copped to being surprised by the changes to her body (“She broke my vagina!” she explained in typical candid fashion on Jimmy Kimmel Live!) and the surge of emotions that led her to struggle with postpartum depression. “My doctor told me I could maybe get postpartum, but I thought no way my life is great now. I have money, I have a baby, everything is good in my marriage,” she told E! News. “Then out of nowhere, you just start feeling so vulnerable and sad and so overprotective and you just need a lot of love and hugs.”

Which Offset was all too happy to provide, along with parenting tips (a source told E! News the rapper “has been very helpful because he’s been through this before and knows the ropes,”) some Kulture-monogrammed jewelry and two brand new Lamborghinis, though the “regular, degular, shmegular girl from the Bronx” has never learned how to drive. 

View this post on Instagram

I miss you ❤️ @offsetyrn

A post shared by CARDIVENOM (@iamcardib) on

View this post on Instagram

I miss you ❤️ @offsetyrn

A post shared by CARDIVENOM (@iamcardib) on

And when the nine-time BET Hip Hop Award winner found herself bogged down with the grind of managing her still sizzling music career, a collaboration with Fashion Nova and parenting a newborn, it was Offset who knew how to swoop in and help. “It’s really hard for me to disconnect, but you know, my husband he was just like, ‘You know what? You need to go, you need a vacation’,” she shared with E! News at her November Fashion Nova x Cardi B launch party. “So he actually flew me out to the Dominican Republic and he took away my phone.”

As for the trust issues, she seemed to feel she’d gotten a handle on them. “I know my man,” she stressed to E! News. “And I know his moves. You know, ever since that cheating scandal happened in December, there has been so many rumors that he’s doing this, that he’s doing that and it’s like, you’ve just got to know your man, he’s got to know his woman and everything and it’s just like, it’s whatever because they’re going to always try it. Once you do a mess up, they’re going to want to try because it’s a hot topic, it’s a trending topic, so people are going to try it. And if you let that go to your head, then you let that go in your marriage and then that’s what messes up your marriage.”  


Cardi B’s Pregnancy Style

In an effort to keep her mind, worry-free, she said, they maintain complete transparency. “We are so open about everything,” she continued. “We have each other’s codes, we know everybody’s friends.” 

Besides she reasoned, why would he want to leave her? “Who you gonna go to? Who’s better than me?” she asked. “I got money, I got good p—y…you know what I’m saying? Like, where are you going?”

I guess this is the part where we all find out. 

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Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner Defend Priyanka Against Scam Artist Claim

Neil Rasmus/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

Family sticks together. 

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner did just that on Tuesday after New York Magazine‘s The Cut published an article called, “Is Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s Love for Real?”

In the critical, skeptical post, the author took aim at the newly married Bollywood star and Jonas’ new sister-in-law, calling her a “global scam artist.” 

“At times, marriage can be a beautifully wonderful union that warms even the coldest of hearts, but sadly, this union evokes no such feeling,” the post read, according to screenshots captured and published online. “All Nick wanted was a possible fling with Hollywood’s latest It Woman, but instead he wound up staring straight at a life sentence with a global scam artist.”


Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ Wedding Weekend

“Nick, if you’re reading this, find that horse and gallop away as fast you can!” the original article concluded, according to screenshots of the work. 

The groom’s older brother wasted no time condemning the piece. “This is disgusting. @TheCut should be ashamed to have someone write such evil words,” he tweeted. “What Nick & Pri have is Beautiful Love. Thank u, Next.”

Jonas’ fiancée and one of Chopra’s bridesmaids, Sophie Turner, also fired back at the work, tweeting, “This is wildly inappropriate and totally disgusting. Very disappointed that The Cut would give anyone a platform to spew such bulls–t.”

Prodip Guha/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

The post was later updated with the concluding sentences—including the “scam artist” claim—edited out.

Ultimately, however, the copy was removed from the website altogether. 

“Upon further editorial review, we found this story did not meet our standards,” an editor’s note on the article’s original page read.

“We’ve removed it and apologize.”

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Lisa Appleton could be jailed after posing topless on a Thai Beach

The former Big Brother star was photographed baring her breasts while juggling satsumas by the ocean earlier this week.

But while her provocative dress sense isn’t out of the ordinary for Lisa, 50, in the UK – it could land her in hot water in Thailand.

The law states that at worst, Lisa could spend some time behind bars for showing being nude in public.

Officials in the country take the offence so seriously that in 2014 the Governor of Phuket, Maitree Intrusos, issued a public warning to tourists about going topless in public.

They said: “It's actually against the law and police can arrest and fine transgressors. It's best to remember: ‘When in Rome, do what the Romans do.’”

If Lisa is reprimanded, at best she’ll get away with just paying a small fine.

Katie Price has previously come under scrutiny in Thailand for the same offence.

This error of judgement isn’t the only thing to have put a downer on Lisa’s holiday away.

Last week The Sun Online exclusively revealed how the mum-of-one was rushed to hospital after an abscess burst in her mouth.

A source explained: “Lisa was rushed to hospital during a day out at the beach in Thailand.

“She had a large abscess in her mouth which burst suddenly.

“Lisa collapsed and an ambulance was called. She was absolutely terrified.”

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Does Kate Chastain From 'Below Deck' Ever Like Her Third Stew? – The Cheat Sheet

Kate Chastain and Captain Lee | Kate Chastain

Is there a pattern with third stews on Below Deck? With each new season comes the hope that chief stew Kate Chastain will find harmony with her third. But after seeing her reaction to the newest crew member on her team, seems to prompt the question. Will Chastain ever like her third stew?

Chastain has held the chief stew role for five out of the six seasons of the show. And in every single season, she butts heads and seems to roll her eyes at her third stew. While stews in this position are often green, some are well trained and hard workers. With one in particular who did her job very well.

She’s had drama with every third stew

From her first season on the show, she’s been irritated or had drama with the third stew. When Chastain debuted on season two, she seemed annoyed and iced out third stew Amy Johnson. Johnson worked hard and likely was Chastain’s best third stew ever. But like in other seasons, Chastain and second stew Kat Held buddied up and Johnson was the odd woman out.

Other third stews included Raquel “Rocky” Dakota, Sierra Storm, and Jennifer Howell. Chastain even got into a Twitter war with Dakota. And she took shots at Howell’s job performance. She eventually apologized to Howell during the reunion show.

Is it a third stew thing?

Caroline Bedol

After former third stew Caroline Bedol left, viewers thought maybe Chastain would be welcoming to a new stew. Not so much.  When new third stew Laura Betancourt started examining the boat, Chastain and second stew Josiah Carter seemed super annoyed. They even threw some shade Betancourt’s way during the crew outing.

Andy Cohen asked Captain Lee Rosbach about what occurs between Chastain and her third stews on Watch What Happens Live. “Do you think there was something going on with Kate and Josiah kind of ganging up on the whoever the third person was there,” Cohen asks. Rosbach responds with, “No.”

And while chief stew Hannah Ferriera seems to have drama with her third stews on Below Deck Med, the pattern of icing that person out isn’t as clear. She seemed to form alliances with two other third stews like Kasey Cohen and Lauren Cohen when her second stews became frustrated with her.

Chastain actually became friends with some third stews

View this post on Instagram

Tune in tonight to watch the #BelowDeck reunion on #WWHL then listen to the season finale episode of #AfterDeck with my guest @captain_lee_rosbach @afterdeckinsta Hair color: by @dreamsincolor Hair styling and makeup by: @carolinemakeuptime Dress and earrings from: @genesisboutique321

A post shared by Kate Chastain (@kate_chastain) on

Both Johnson and Howell became friends with Chastain after the season. Johnson and Chastain appeared on WWHL in 2016 and seemed to be pals. Chastain even said this about not having Johnson on charter. “I’m really sad that Amy’s not here, but I also know that she has a really gorgeous, younger South African boyfriend, and they are working on a yacht together, so she has sailed off into the sunset and is very happy.”

Howell and Chastain are on good terms too. But Howell claims it was second stew Brianna Adekeye’s fault she had drama with Chastain. “So Bri started having her fun, and that’s when you can kind of see the tension mounting between Kate and I, When Kate and I were really just frustrated with one another and Bri is the ‘zen-like’ stew standing on the sidelines, when in reality she’s eating her popcorn watching what she’s put into play.”

Any chance for a friendship with Caroline Bedol? Chastain says if she hadn’t worked with Bedol, she seemed like someone she’d love to meet for coffee. “I wish the best for her,” Chastain says. “I like her.”

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