Melissa McCarthy celebrates second Oscar nomination for Lee Israel bioipc

On Feb. 24, winners will be crowned at the 91st Academy Awards. But before the red carpet is rolled out and envelopes are opened, Entertainment Weekly has inside intel on the 2019 nominees. Keep checking back at this week for spotlights on contenders in all the major categories.

Melissa McCarthy
Starring in: Can You Ever Forgive Me?
Age: 48
Oscar past: 1 nomination, 0 wins
Role call: Burn-out writer Lee Israel stumbles into a new stream of income: forgery

“I love someone who’s unapologetic about who they are and how they behave. Even if it’s prickly, even if it’s uncomfortable,” Melissa McCarthy says of Lee Israel, the clever, curmudgeonly author-turned-forger, whom the comedy staple plays with curious empathy in Marielle Heller’s biographical dramedy Can You Ever Forgive Me?.

As against type as McCarthy went for the film, she loved exploring the complex soul under the grime — one who earned a living selling documents she wrote in the voices of Dorothy Parker and Noël Coward.

“There’s something about a prickly, grumbly person who has a soft, chewy center that fascinates me, and I want to pick away at it…. even if the bear bites back,” McCarthy explains. “[Lee] loved the work. Even after she got caught by the FBI, she still considered it some of her best work. I hope at the end, [audiences] really like her.”

In McCarthy’s hands, nothing has ever been easier.

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Can You Ever Forgive Me?

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Bizarre Kickstarter invention turns your phone into a fork or spoon

No need to put down that screen! Bizarre Kickstarter invention turns your phone into a fork or spoon

  • The new invention allows its users to keep hold of their phone as they eat
  • The device called the ‘Sphoon_phork’ is created by company Kickstarter
  • A advert for the device shows users attaching the plastic cutlery to their smartphones 

This is the bizarre moment a mobile phone is transformed into both a spoon and a fork.

The new invention, created by company Kickstarter, allows its users to keep hold of their phone while tucking into their favourite dish. 

A clip advertising the ‘Sphoon_phork’ shows users attaching the plastic cutlery to their smartphones before eating their food with it.

The new invention called the ‘Sphoon_phork’ was created by creative company Kickstarter

The device allows its users to keep hold of their phone while tucking into their favourite dish

The plastic cutlery is attached to the end of the smartphones and allows users to keep an eye on their screen

The makers of the innovative product claim that using the Sphoon_phork allows users to keep an eye on their screens while they eat.

According to the company, the product also stops customers from using disposable cutlery and therefore helps protect the environment. 

  • Elaborate ATO scam fools Australians into handing over…

    Mobile phones are seven times dirtier than TOILET SEATS,…

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Customers can keep the cutlery on the back of the phone case and carry the handy gadgets with them on their daily travels.

Kickstarted also confirmed that there were more models to come.  

According to the company, the product will stop customers from using disposable cutlery and therefore helps protect the environment

The phone is currently compatible with the iPhone 7, 8, X and XS but Kickstarter confirmed that there were more models to come

A message on the company website reads: ‘For over 12,000 years, humankind has strived to create the perfect civilization. We invented agriculture. 

‘We invented the wheel. We created a system of laws. We sent people to space. Now, a new chapter in our history has begun.’ 

The phone is currently compatible with the iPhone 7, 8, X and XS. 


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Rami Malek, other stars react to Oscar nominations: ‘It’s an emotional moment’

Oscar nominations were announced this morning, and many stars are responding after being recognized by the Academy.

Rami Malek scored a nod for best actor in a leading role for “Bohemian Rhapsody” with his portrayal of Freddie Mercury.

Malek told “Good Morning America” he was in Paris when he heard the news.

“I guess there are words you just don’t expect hearing in your life and one is that you’ve been nominated for an Oscar,” Malek said over the phone. “It’s an emotional moment.”

Malek said he’s “proud and happy” not only for himself, but for the other nominations the film received including sound mixing, sound editing, film editing and best picture.

“It’s just a beautiful day,” he added.

Malek said the first person he’s going to call is Queen’s lead guitarist Brian May to celebrate the honors.

“It’s going to be a really, really special day and one that I have no doubt I will never forget the rest of my life, so, yeah, I will call Queen, the band, immediately,” he said.

Willem Dafoe also spoke to ABC News about his nomination for “At Eternity’s Gate,” saying he feels “great” about the honor.

“I was hoping I’d get nominated. It happened. It’s a film that I really am proud of and really enjoyed making and I think people really respond to,” he said, adding that his first nomination in the lead actor category is a special one. “It’s not lost on me that the best actor category is different than the supporting actor category. I think people’s perception of what kind of performances belong in those categories and so forth.”

“A Star Is Born” had a big morning with multiple honors in several categories including Bradley Cooper’s nomination for best actor, Lady Gaga’s nod for best actress and best original song for “Shallow.”

“Shallow” co-writer Mark Ronson told “GMA” that he was in an airport when he learned he was nominated for best original song.

“I was really excited and wanted to hug someone, but have to wait until I get home,” Ronson said, adding that he and the cast knew the song was special.

This is Ronson’s first Oscar nomination.

Richard E. Grant told “GMA” he was at a restaurant in Notting Hill in London when he heard of his first-ever nod for his role as a supporting actor in “Can You Ever Forgive Me?”

“I think people thought that some major thing had happened at my table because they saw a 61 and three-quarter-year-old man burst into tears,” Grant said over the phone. “I don’t think [that’s] what you usually see in the middle of a restaurant in the middle of the day.”

He went on, “I’m absolutely levitating and I cannot believe the generosity of the American Academy giving me this incredible honor nomination.”

Grant also opened up about his co-star Melissa McCarthy’s nomination for best actress in a leading role.

“I count myself the luckiest man to have worked with her because it was instant love,” Grant said. “I’m so thrilled that she got nominated.”

Yalitza Aparicio, who was nominated for Best Actress for “Roma,” said via a statement, “From the very first casting call to this morning, my ROMA journey has been extraordinary. As a daughter of a domestic worker and an indigenous woman myself, I am proud this movie will help those of us who feel invisible be seen. I am eternally grateful to the Academy for recognizing ROMA and am honored to be part of Alfonso’s vision. Congratulations to Alfonso, the entire cast and crew, and my dear friend Marina De Tavira. I am so humbled and honored. Thank You.”

Her director Alfonso Cuaron also sent a statement, which read, “Thank you to the Academy for recognizing ROMA across these categories. Human experience is one in the same, and it’s so gratifying that a black and white film about life in Mexico is being celebrated around the world. We are living a great moment in cinema where diversity is embraced by audiences. This kind of visibility pushes our industry forward and creates more opportunity for new voices and perspectives to emerge. It is a testament of how late we’re arriving to this moment, in which stories of the invisible among us — the domestic workers and indigenous women — are put at the center of our narratives. I share this with my cast, crew, producers, and most importantly, with my family and Mexico.”

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige was beyond overjoyed that “Black Panther” was nominated seven times, including for best picture.

“This extraordinary recognition is an endorsement of what ‘Black Panther’ represents for inclusion and for telling different kinds of stories. It has been humbling and gratifying to see the cultural impact this film has had, and it’s something we’re all very proud to have been a part of. This could not have happened without our amazing cast and crew and our brilliant director, Ryan Coogler, who brought his unique talent, experience, and deeply personal vision to this story. And of course, I have to thank Stan Lee and Jack Kirby for bringing this character into the world to begin with,” he said.

Here is what other stars were posting and how they were celebrating the nominations!

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Is Theresa May a Remainer and what are the Prime Minister's views on Brexit?

But does the PM actually want to leave the EU, and did she campaign to stay or go? Here's what we know.

Is Theresa May a Remainer?

In the months before the 2016 Referendum, Theresa May was in the remain camp but was noticeably quiet in her campaigning.

As Home Secretary she toed the party line that then PM David Cameron had set out.

But the MP for Maidenhead did have moments where she strongly discouraged Brexit, warning voters that a Leave result could have seriously damaging ramifications for the economy and security of the UK.

Mrs May also said that leaving the EU would be “fatal for the Union with Scotland”, as the Scottish National Party (SNP) would most likely try again for independence if Scotland voted to remain while the UK as a whole voted to leave.

But she did say that whatever the outcome Britain should leave the European Court of Human Rights.

She highlighted the problems that the ECHR had made for her as Home Secretary, including delaying the extradition of Abu Hamza, nearly stopping the deportation of Abu Qatada, and when the ECHR “tried to tell Parliament that – however we voted – we could not deprive prisoners of the vote”.

May did not touch on immigration at all during the campaign – a noticeable omission given her Cabinet role.

As Home Secretary, she brought in controversial measures to reduce migration into the UK, including a minimum income requirement.

And her "Go Home" adverts attracted widespread condemnation after critics accused her of spearheading a message of hate around Britain.

What are the Prime Minister's views on Brexit?

"Brexit means Brexit" May is fond of saying, but what does she really think of it?

After the shock referendum result in June 2016 Theresa May performed a quick turnaround, apparently parking her remain leanings to one side.

Within a week of Cameron's resignation she had put herself forward for the Tory leadership and was voted in unopposed.

As a Remainer, she tried to appeal to both camps, promising "the best possible deal was we leave the EU" and to "make Britain work for everyone".

In an apparent bid to keep Brexiteers happy, she appointed some of the most prominent Leave campaigners to key Cabinet roles, including Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary, David Davis as Brexit Secretary and Liam Fox as International Trade Secretary.

But a tough few years have ensued, and May's first deal agreed by the EU has been slammed by MPs on all sides.

Published in November 2018, it contained some key points that have irked critics.

After surviving a vote of no confidence in her leadership from her own party in December, she spoke of a "renewed mission – delivering the Brexit people voted for, bringing the country back together and building a country that really works for everyone".

MPs voted down her Brexit deal 432 to 202 votes on January 15. She then survived a second vote of no confidence in her government by 19 votes.

Mrs May was hellbent on protecting her deal – but it's unclear that MPs or EU leaders will budge.

These are words she has used time and time again – it remains to be seen whether she can make her "vision" a reality.

On January 21 she presented "plan B" of her Brexit deal in House of Commons.

She reaffirmed her view that Britain was going to leave the EU and she opposed a second referendum.

She told MPs: "Our duty is to implement the decision of the first one.

"I fear a second referendum would set a difficult precedent that could have significant implications for how we handle referendums in this country.

"Not least, strengthening the hand of those campaigning to break up our United Kingdom.

"It would require an extension of Article 50. We would very likely have to return a new set of MEPs to the European Parliament in May.

"And I also believe that there has not yet been enough recognition of the way that a second referendum could damage social cohesion by undermining faith in our democracy."

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Mikko Koskinen starts for Edmonton Oilers against Wings after signing new deal

With his contract extension in hand, Mikko Koskinen will start in goal Tuesday night for the Edmonton Oilers against the Detroit Red Wings.

On Monday, the Oilers announced a three-year, $13.5-million deal for Koskinen. It’ll kick in this summer.


Edmonton Oilers fall to Flames 5-2

Edmonton Oilers fail to weather storm against Hurricanes

“It’s not going to change anything. The only thing I can take care of is myself, my every day work,” said Koskinen, who is 14-10-1 with a .911 save percentage and 2.78 goals against average this season. “You have to prepare yourself for every night, be ready to play. There are no easy games in this league.”

Koskinen, 30, had a rough pre-season with the Oilers, then posted a .929 save percentage in his first 14 regular season appearances.

In his 13 games since then, his save percentage is just .890. Despite that, head coach Ken Hitchcock praised the new contract.

“I love it,” said Hitchcock. “When you see a guy that competes like that and never quits on anything and puts himself in awkward positions because he’s trying to stop every puck, you know the top end is significant.”

Koskinen’s new deal means Cam Talbot’s days with the Oilers are likely numbered. He’s a prime candidate to be dealt prior to the Feb. 25 trade deadline. Talbot didn’t speak to the media Tuesday, but Koskinen said Talbot congratulated him.

“It’s been an excellent relationship. He’s been one of the best teammates I’ve ever had,” said Koskinen. “I don’t think it’s to going to change anything. We both have the same goal, that the Edmonton Oilers need to win.”

The Oilers expected lineup against Detroit is:

Nugent-Hopkins – McDavid – Puljujarvi

Khaira – Draisaitl – Chiasson

Lucic – Brodziak – Kassian

Spooner – Cave – Yamamoto

Nurse – Larsson

Russell – Benning

Manning – Petrovic


Ryan Spooner and Ty Rattie both cleared waivers.

The puck drops at 7 p.m. on Tuesday night. All the action will be carried live on 630 CHED, starting with the Face-Off Show at 5:30 p.m.

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We Finally Know What Anna Wintour Thought of Meghan Markle's Wedding Dress

Meghan Markle has received Anna Wintour’s seal of approval!

In Vogue‘s new video, the famous editor-in-chief honestly answers questions from strangers – and one fan wanted to poke Wintour’s brain for her thoughts on the Duchess of Sussex.

“I think she’s amazing,” the magazine mogul responded, adding that the royal mom-to-be “looked fantastic” during her May wedding to Prince Harry.

“The royal wedding had the whole world watching,” she added. “I think that her choice was brilliant. It was sophisticated, it was chic, it was grown up. It was an English designer, albeit one that was working for a French house, which in a way was a message to world: ‘Yes, I’m from somewhere else, but I belong.’ “

Designed by Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy, the stunning silk gown featured an open bateau neckline and sculpted waist. The train flowed in soft round folds cushioned by an underskirt in triple silk organza.

The process was “very collaborative,” Waight Keller said in an interview the day after the wedding, adding that Meghan was familiar with her work.

Meghan topped off her look with a sparkling diamond and platinum bandeau tiara lent to Meghan by Harry’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth and a 16-foot-long silk tulle veil, embroidered with the flowers of 53 countries of the Commonwealth.

According to Caroline de Guitaut, exhibition curator at “A Royal Wedding: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex” display at Windsor Castle, the veil and dress took 50 people 3,900 hours to complete. She added that the workers had to wash their hands every 20 minutes to keep the delicate veil pristine.

Wintour also praised Meghan’s choice to walk down the aisle by herself. After the royal’s father, Thomas Markle, announced last-minute that he wasn’t coming due to health issues, Prince Charles stepped in to fill the role. However, he didn’t meet Meghan until she was already halfway down the aisle.

Wintour was amused by how Meghan’s way of life has stunned staff and members of the royal family.

“I read somewhere that there were members of the royal household who were confused and upset that she woke up so early, at 5 a.m. She’s a normal California girl who gets up early and does yoga and meditates,” Wintour said. “And also sent a lot of text messages. I mean, what did they expect – that she was going to send message via pigeon?”

RELATED VIDEO: Meghan Markle’s Wedding Dress Goes on Display — and There’s a Surprise Personal Twist!

Wintour is also a fan of Meghan’s royal sister-in-law, Kate Middleton.

“I think the two young duchesses that they have in Britain, the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex, are going to keep the royal family afloat, quite frankly,” she said.

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The 13 Shortest Marriages in Celebrity History

Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush — 5 Months

When it comes to weddings, you might be familiar with the phrase “till death do us part.” But not every couple is cut out to make it that far. In the celebrity world, we’ve gone over all kinds of marriages — celebrities who eloped, celebrities who married young, and even the celebrity marriages you totally forgot about. Now, it’s time to talk about the marriages that couldn’t make it to a year.

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Shrinkflation: for those struggling, it’s about more than just chocolate bars

If late capitalism can be boiled down to a social media-friendly phrase, look no further than “shrinkflation” – when goods are made smaller but still sold at exactly the same price. Figures from the Office for National Statistics reveal that as many as 206 products were made smaller between September 2015 and June 2017.

High-profile examples include Mars shrinking Maltesers, M&Ms and Minstrels by up to 15%, while Birds Eye cut the number of fish fingers in a packet from 12 to 10. The makers of Toblerone sent the internet into frenzy in 2016 after it widened the gap between the distinctive triangular chunks. Last year, after the backlash, it reverted the bar to its original shape – but bigger, and with a higher price.

The reasons behind the trend are understandable; retailers blame rising costs and increasing competition on the high street, as well as the Brexit-linked fall in the pound. The problem is, it feels sneaky – corporations quietly giving their so-called valued customers less, while taking the same money, and hoping no one will notice. Or worse, knowing we will and betting we’ll buy it anyway.

Add it all up and shrinkage isn’t just an annoyance. For the millions of people struggling with food insecurity, it’s the difference between being able to afford the weekly shop or not. Chocolates make the headlines, but this trend largely affects everyday essentials. The ONS found most size changes occur with household items such as toilet rolls, nappies, and washing-up liquid, while foods with the highest numbers of product size changes included bread and meat.

No matter what businesses are up against, shrinkflation sums up multi-million-pound companies choosing to push the cost on to already squeezed families. That leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Frances Ryan is a Guardian columnist

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China massively slashes army numbers as it focuses on sea, air and cyber power

State sources reveal the country's top brass will instead plough the tens of billions saved into developing key naval, air, space and cyber forces.



President Xi Jinping made it clear it was his goal to make the country a combat rival to the United States when he announced massive military spending at the end of 2018.

Jinping said he wants to “make China great again” when he announced a military budget of £126bn for 2019, an eight per cent increase.

The news comes just days after a Chinese naval chief warned his country's military might need to SINK two US aircraft carriers to solve disputes over the South China Sea – risking 10,000 lives.

That threat came after experts warned a war between US and Chinese forces in the South China Sea could break out in 2019.

Concerns are mounting the two superpowers could become embroiled in a terrifying conflict in the directly contested region which could cost thousands of lives.

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Intimate Italian at Il Divo on the Upper East Side


Il Divo

The chef Massimo Sola has been involved in several New York kitchens, including Sola Pasta Bar in SoHo. The latest is in an intimate Italian restaurant owned by Antonio Sinesi and Claudio Della Monica. Mr. Sola and the chef Matteo Limoli are collaborating on the menu, which is more classic than creative. Among the offerings are eggplant parmigiana, fritto misto, linguine with cockles, fettuccine Bolognese, Milanese risotto with osso buco, chicken al mattone and a couple of pizzas, including one topped with black truffles. Il Divo refers to Rudolph Valentino, for whom Mr. Sinesi’s restaurant in Milan is named and who inspired the glamorous décor. (Opens Monday)

1347 Second Avenue (71st Street), 212-380-8164,


Mint Kitchen

A copper taboon oven for baking Middle Eastern pita and other specialties distinguishes this casual addition to the Union Square area. The chef and partner, Erez Komarovsky, is from Israel, and is known for his interpretations of Israeli cuisine. A warm roasted cauliflower salad, falafel-crusted salmon, herb and pine-nut matzo ball soup and goat-milk frozen yogurt are a few of the choices. (Thursday)

83 University Place (12th Street), 646-905-3720,


Among the many ramens at his tiny restaurant Nakamura, Shigetoshi Nakamura serves a traditional mazemen ramen, which is made without broth, and a cold version for summer. Now he has opened a spot next door, sharing the same address, where the mazemen style is done with inventive twists. The Russ & Roe, in homage to Russ & Daughters nearby, is made with smoked salmon and salmon roe. Another mazemen is topped with grilled rib-eye, and yet another includes dashi and clams.

172 Delancey Street (Clinton Street), 212-614-1810,

St Tropez SoHo

A SoHo branch of the West Village wine bar of the same name has similar farmhouse décor and a French bistro menu with a Provençal accent. (Saturday)

196 Spring Street (Sullivan Street), 917-261-4441,


What was the spacious, two-level Middle Eastern restaurant Al Bustan will now be this spacious, two-level Middle Eastern restaurant. Jacob Harb, a former executive of Porsche Cars North America, is paying homage to Lebanon, which he left as a child in 1984 during the civil war. The chef, Refeat Husseini, is putting together a classic menu: hummus, tabbouleh, shawarma, grilled kefta meatballs, grilled fish and spinach pies. He is also going to serve vegan versions of kibbe and falafel. There are several fireplaces in the space; the earth-toned décor is luxurious. (Thursday)

319 East 53rd Street, 646-476-7502,

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