Camille Kostek, Rob Gronkowski’s Girlfriend, Trades Her Normal Racy Attire For Winter Gear At AFC Championship

Camille Kostek is used to sharing some racy and skin-baring pictures on Instagram, but the girlfriend of Patriots star Rob Gronkowski had to don some very different attire at the AFC Championship game on Sunday.

Kostek shared a photo on Instagram of herself in the crowd at frigid Arrowhead Stadium, where the temperature for Sunday’s game dipped into the teens. The Sports Illustrated model was very ready for the weather, wearing a heavy winter jacket and ski goggles while surrounded by fans of the opposing team.

The good luck charm seemed to work, as the Patriots won a thrilling game in overtime and Gronkowski shook off the playoff struggles to make one of the biggest catches of the game. Gronkowski ended up catching six passes for 79 yards, including a 25-yard grab on third down in overtime to put the Patriots on the 4-yard line. The Patriots would score two plays later and head back to the Super Bowl for the third consecutive time.

The win sends the Patriots back to the big game for a rematch of Super Bowl XXXVI, where Tom Brady got his first win in an upset over the heavily favored St. Louis Rams. Though the Rams have since moved back west to Los Angeles, the game is seen as Act II of what many considered the greatest Super Bowl of all time.

Camille Kostek could soon have a lot more time to spend with her man. According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, there is a strong possibility that the injury-plagued Gronkowski could retire from the NFL following this season and instead pursue a career in acting. Rapoport shot down reports that Gronkowski was considering a turn in the WWE.

Fans who are longing to check out Camille Kostek in her racier attire can check out her Instagram page to see plenty of bikini-clad shots in much, much warmer weather.

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Israel says its jets struck Iranian military sites in Syria

Interested in Syria?

The Israeli military said its jets struck a series of Iranian military targets in Syria early Monday, an announcement that was a rare departure from Israel’s years-long policy of ambiguity regarding activities in neighboring war-torn Syria.

The military said the targets included munition storage facilities, an intelligence site and a military training camp.

The strikes were in response to a surface-to-surface rocket that Iranian forces fired toward Israel on Sunday that was intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system over a ski resort in the Golan Heights. That followed a rare Israeli daylight air raid near the Damascus International Airport.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Monday’s pre-dawn strikes lasted for nearly an hour and were the most intense Israeli attacks since May. It said 11 were killed in the strikes. The Russian military said four Syrian troops were among those killed in airstrikes that targeted three different locations and damaged unspecified infrastructure at Damascus airport. There were no further details on the casualties or their nationalities.

Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, an Israeli military spokesman, said the Iranian missile attack that prompted the strong Israeli response was “premeditated.” Iranian forces in Syria fired the mid-range surface-to-surface missile toward Israel from the Damascus area — a missile he said had been smuggled into Syria specifically for that purpose. Conricus declined to further identify the type of missile but said it hadn’t been used in any of the internal fighting of the civil war and had “no business” being in Syria.

In Iran, the chief of Iran’s air force, Gen. Aziz Nassirzadeh, said his forces are “impatient and ready for a fight against the Zionist regime to wipe it off the Earth,” according to a news website affiliated with Iran’s state television,

Iranian officials have repeatedly threatened to annihilate Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel “pounded” the Iranian sites in response to the missile attack and would not hesitate to respond again.

“We don’t allow such acts of aggression to go unanswered as Iran attempts to establish itself militarily in Syria and in the face of Iran’s explicit statements that it intends to destroy Israel,” he said at a ceremony dedicating a new airport in southern Israel.

“Whoever tries to harm us, we will harm them. Whoever threatens to destroy us will bear the full responsibility,” Netanyahu added.

Israel has only recently acknowledged carrying out hundreds of strikes against Iranian and Hezbollah targets in Syria in recent years. It previously typically offered only general warnings against allowing Iran to establish a military foothold in Syria and refrained from commenting directly for fear of triggering a reaction and being drawn into the deadly fighting.

Israeli political and military leaders have been far more verbose of late, and Monday’s announcement went a step further, reporting the strikes in real time and detailing the targets.

Conricus would not confirm whether the measures marked an official abandonment of the policy of ambiguity, merely saying that it was a “retaliatory strike against active aggression by Iran.”

He said Israel had sent warnings to Syria ahead of the attack to refrain from attacking Israeli warplanes, but that Syria ignored those warnings and fired anti-aircraft missiles. He said Israel responded by destroying Syrian anti-aircraft batteries. The Russian military said that the Syrian air defenses shot down over 30 Israeli cruise missiles, a claim that was doubted in Israel.

The military said the Mount Hermon ski site has been closed.

Israel holds Syria responsible for allowing the Iranian forces to use Syrian territory as a base of operations against Israel. “Syria yesterday paid the price for allowing Iran to conduct attacks and to plan attacks from its soil,” he said.

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said the Iranian rocket attack provided “live testimony” to Iran’s entrenchment in Syria that could plunge the entire Mideast into war.

Speculation has abounded in Israel on what is driving the newfound overtness of its actions, with many suggesting domestic politics could be a factor ahead of Apr. 9 elections.

Former Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said the military had no choice but to comment after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took credit publicly for the strikes. Yaalon said he supported the strikes but not the “chatter” around them and he accused Netanyahu of playing politics with the country’s security.

“Unfortunately … everything is connected to his political survival,” Yaalon told Israel’s Army Radio. “What does the publication give us? Can someone tell me what the benefit is, besides politics?”

However, Yaakov Amidror, a former Israel national security adviser, said that rather than pre-election rhetoric, the remarks meant to escalate words before escalating actions — and clarify that Israel was willing to take chances to stop Iran from building a war machine in Syria.

“If you want to … make clear to the other side that you are determined to prevent something, either you escalate the operation … or you say in public ‘I am doing it,’ meaning ‘I am ready to take the risk,'” he said. “When the Iranians didn’t understand it and fired a rocket into Israel, the reaction was immediate.”

Amidror said the ball was now in Iran’s court to see how far the latest conflagration would escalate.


Associated Press writers Bassem Mroue in Beirut, Nataliya Vasilyeva in Moscow and Nasser Karimi in Tehran, Iran, contributed to this report.

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Super blood wolf moon an omen of 'human suffering' and sign all Jews should return to Israel, rabbi claims

Rabbi Yekutiel Fish also reckons that current and former US presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama are Messiahs.

On Sunday night, the moon, Earth and sun lined up to create the dramatic eclipse, turning the Moon dark orange, which was visible throughout North and South America, where skies were clear.

The passing of the super blood moon over Washington D.C. coincided with the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Tu B’Shevat – also known as the New Year of the tree.

Plus, it also marked the halfway point of Trump’s presidency.

Rabbi Fish told Breaking Israel News that the super blood moon is described by the Prophet Joel as preceding the final days of judgement, when “portents” would be set in the sky and on earth, bringing “blood and fire and pillars of smoke.

“The sun shall turn into darkness and the moon into blood.”

There will be great tragedies that will bring down governments and (create) great human suffering.

He said: “When nature does something unusual, like an eclipse, we should certainly pay heed.

“The lunar eclipse over North America bears a message for the US and the Jews. It clearly is telling the Jews that they need to come to Israel.”

The rabbi said that Western nations were about to experience a very challenging era, where there will be “great tragedies that will bring down governments and (create) great human suffering”.

Aiming his advice at Jews who are “still in exile”, he warned that the “only way they can avoid tragedy is by coming to Israel”.

However, “anyone who is not Jewish can do God’s will wherever his is.”

Rabbi Fish is the author of the Hebrew Torah blog “Sod Ha’Chasmal”.

The blog shows him suggesting that Trump is the Messiah for the nation of Edom (Christians), while former president Obama was a Messiah to the nation of Ishmael (Muslims), says The Jerusalem Post.

He also claims both Christian and Muslim nations "have a Messiah", with Trump and Obama causing "massive shocks which will prepare the stage for the coming of the Messiah to the people of Israel, who will redeem the whole world."

Three years ago, Israel's Interior Minister, Arye Deri, said that Trump's election could herald the coming of the Messiah.

Rabbi Fish noted that the blood moon would not be visible in Israel.

The best viewing of the one-hour total eclipse was from North and South America, with as many as 2.8 billion people able to see it from the Western Hemisphere, Europe, West Africa and northernmost Russia.

It was also the year's first supermoon, when a full moon appears a little bigger and brighter thanks to its slightly closer position.

The reddish colour is due to rays of sunlight passing through Earth's dusty, polluted atmosphere as the moon falls into our planet's shadow.

It’s dubbed "wolf moon" because it appears in January, when wolves would howl in hunger outside villages early in US history, according to The Farmer's Almanac.

There won't be another until the year 2021.

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Whisper: People reveal what they wish they knew before getting married

‘He’s actually gay’: People reveal the things they wish they’d known about their partner BEFORE marriage – from infidelity to not wanting children

  • Whisper users confessed things they wished they knew before getting married
  • Many shared the surprise of discovering their spouse had been unfaithful
  • One woman claimed her husband hid his sexuality until after their wedding
  • Another shared the regret of marrying a man who doesn’t want children  

For many people marriage is the ultimate commitment, however as these confessions prove, sometimes couples enter into the union with deep-rooted secrets.

Writing on secret-sharing app Whisper, men and women from around the world have shared the shocking realities of marriage that they wish they knew before walking up the aisle. 

Many of the contributors claimed their spouse had lied about episodes of infidelity until after they had tied the knot.

In one instance, a woman said she wished she had known her husband would change his mind about starting a family before she married him.

Another individual shared the difficulty of processing that his wife had been raped as a child but kept it from him until years later.

People from around the world have spoken candidly about the things they wish they had known about their spouse before getting married on Whisper – including starting a family

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A newlywed who discovered her husband had been hiding a number of lies since they first met, shared beginning divorce proceedings just days after their honeymoon

One woman revealed despite her husband struggling with his sexuality since age 11, she only found out that he was gay after they were married in this anonymous confession on Whisper

Another shared the moment she discovered her ex-husband had got another girl pregnant just months before they were married in a confession on secret-sharing app Whisper

A husband who claims his wife completely changed after having children, told of having to lose everything in order to find happiness in this anonymous confession

One woman revealed her husband hid being asexual until after they were married and now she’s torn over what to do in this anonymous confession on secret-sharing app Whisper

Another says she was unaware of her husband’s lack of romance until after they were married, however it likely wouldn’t have changed her decision in this anonymous confession

A man who has been married to his wife for fifteen years shared the heartache of discovering she had cheated on him multiple times before they tied the knot on Whisper

One woman confessed that she wished she had known her husband’s habits including how much he farts in this anonymous confession on secret-sharing app Whisper

Another told of feeling like a single mum due to her husband’s video games addiction which is having a toll on their marriage and family in this anonymous confession on Whisper

A husband whose wife was raped as a child, confessed he wished he had known about the incident earlier in their relationship in this anonymous confession on Whisper

One woman shared wishing she had known how her husband copes with stress before they got married as resolving issues can be challenging in this anonymous confession

Another shared her disgust for the mess her husband makes when brushing his teeth in this anonymous confession on secret-sharing app Whisper

A woman who was aware of her husband’s infidelity shared the moment he finally admitted to his history of cheating in this anonymous confession on secret-sharing app Whisper

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Baby toddling around a mall unattended tumbles down an escalator

Baby tumbles down an escalator after being left to toddle around a shopping mall in a walker unattended

  • Nine-month-old baby fell from the top of an upward escalator at a mall in China
  • The child had been left on its own in a walker at the lobby of a nearby restaurant
  • It slowly toddled towards the moving stairs before rolling down uncontrollably 
  • A passing soldier saved the baby before it fell down the staircase even further 

A baby toddling around a mall in a walker unattended has been saved by a passerby after plummeting down an escalator in China.

The nine-month-old baby, whose gender has not been revealed, fell from the top of the escalator which was going upwards after leaving a nearby store on its own.

A passing soldier caught the baby about half way of the escalator and prevented it from tumbling down further along the moving staircase.

The nine-month-old baby is left in the lobby of a restaurant unattended in Wuxi, China

The baby slowly toddles out of the store and towards the escalator with the help of a walker

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The accident took place at a shopping centre in Wuxi, eastern China, at around noon on Friday, according to Beijing Daily.

Footage circulating on Chinese social media platforms shows the baby being left by itself in a walker at a lobby of a restaurant. 

The baby slowly moved out of the shop and towards the escalator before rolling down the stairs uncontrollably. 

The baby gets dragged along by the moving staircase in its walker after falling forward

A passerby, 22-year-old Wang Hao who is a soldier, quickly rushes to rescue the baby 

It remains unclear where the baby’s parents or minders were at the time.  

The baby’s heroic saviour, named Wang Hao, is a soldier who was on holiday in his hometown Wuxi at the time. 

The 22-year-old man saw the baby falling while taking the downward escalator. He quickly jumped off the downward escalator and ran up the upward escalator to rescue the child.

Mr Wang gives the baby to a woman who is believed to be a minder after picking up the child

‘My first reaction was to save the baby,’ Mr Wang (pictured) told state media after the accident

The baby’s mother, Liu Xiaoyan (pictured), told reporters that she was grateful to Mr Wang

‘My first reaction was to save the baby, so I rushed up immediately and picked it up [from the escalator],’ Mr Wang told China Central Television Station. 

After saving the baby, Mr Wang handed the child to a woman who came out of the restaurant before leaving.

The baby’s mother, Liu Xiaoyan, told reporters that she was grateful to Mr Wang for what he had done.

She said: ‘He is such a good young man. I thank him from the bottom of my heart.’ 

It’s believed that the baby did not sustain serious injuries.  

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Brad Pitt refuses to quit New Orleans housing charity

Brad Pitt’s housing project in crisis: ‘Barely functioning’ charity faces lawsuits over crumbling homes and warnings of gas explosions as actor is accused of trying to ‘cut and run’

  • Brad Pitt’s foundation Make It Right is facing a lawsuit over deteriorating homes
  • Charity built more than 100 homes in New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina victims 
  • Residents have also been warned of possible gas leaks at the $150,000 homes
  • Pitt has denied blame and launched a bid to take himself out of the lawsuit  

Brad Pitt (pictured) has denied that he is to blame for the deterioration of the New Orleans homes his foundation, Make It Right, built for victims of Hurricane Katrina

Brad Pitt has been accused of trying to ‘cut and run’ from the mounting crisis at his housing charity for Hurricane Katrina victims. 

The Make It Right foundation is battling a lawsuit from residents of the New Orleans homes who have complained of mold, leaky roofs and a series of structural problems.    

Homeowners have also been warned of possible gas leaks and even explosions amid fears that meters were not properly installed.  

The charity, which has been described as ‘barely functioning’, has not updated its Twitter account since 2016 or the blog on its website since 2015.  

Pitt denied last year that he was to blame for the deteriorating homes and launched a bid to have the claims against him personally struck out.  

Ron Austin, an attorney for the residents, told Page Six the actor was trying to ‘cut and run’ by taking himself out of the lawsuit.  

He said: ‘If Mr. Pitt succeeds in getting himself removed from the lawsuit, these residents will be without any remedy.’   

Enlisting award-winning architects, Pitt founded the venture in 2007, two years after Katrina devastated the city. 

The foundation sought to build 150 homes in the Lower Ninth ward of New Orleans that were storm-safe, solar-powered, and ‘green’ for the price of $150,000.

The project started in 2007 and by 2016 had spent $26.9million building homes in one of the city’s most visible recovery efforts. 

One of the Make It Right homes built by Brad Pitt’s foundation in New Orleans. A lawsuit was filed against the charity by two New Orleans Lower Ninth ward homeowners last September

Many of the houses, including the one pictured above, are falling apart, with roofs caving in, wood rotting and walls collapsing 

But construction halted at around 40 houses short of Pitt’s goal, and some of the homes are now said falling apart. 

Two residents filed a lawsuit in Orleans Parish Civil District Court in September accusing Make It Right of unfair trade practices, breach of contract and fraud. 

The lawsuit claimed that the plaintiffs’ homes were ‘deficiently constructed and built’ with ‘defective products’ that led to damage. 

Residents have reported sagging porches, mildewing wood and leaky roofs. 

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Homeowners had also reported the growth of mold and air quality problems due to improper ventilation. 

According to the suit, the homes also had structural problems, electrical problems and plumbing issues. 

At the time the residents’ attorney said homeowners were ‘grateful to Brad Pitt’ but accused the foundation of building ‘substandard homes’. 

Homeowners were ‘stuck’ with mortgages on homes which were diminishing in value, he said.  

Brad Pitt (pictured right working on the New Orleans project in August 2007) said last year that the claims made against him personally should be dismissed

Another devastated property built by the charity. Residents have complained of a series of structural problems at the homes 

According to a suit filed by the residents, the homes had structural problems, electrical problems and plumbing issues

The complaint said the homeowners noticed problems with the home as early as 2013 but they thought Make It Right would sort out the repairs. 

Pitt’s lawyers said he could not be ‘lumped together with other defendants’ and held liable for the condition of the homes.          

Make It Right last year pointed the finger at Williams Architects, which the charity says it gave $4million dollars to produce architectural drawings for the sustainable homes. 

The foundation launched its own lawsuit last September saying the architects could cost cost Pitt’s Make It Right more than $15 million. 

The lawsuit said Williams’ attempts at repairs were largely a failure and that they kept Make It Right management in the dark about the defects. 

Pitt’s foundation also promised to ‘continue to work proactively with homeowners in the Lower 9th Ward’.   

From 2007 to 2016 Make It Right spent $26.9million and built over 100 ‘green’ homes sold for $150,000

A finished Make It Right home pictured above in 2009. The houses were offered at an average of $150,000 

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Ocasio-Cortez plays ‘Deal or No Deal’ with Trump on ‘SNL’

Freshman New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made her “SNL” cold-open debut Saturday night — with cast member Melissa Villasenor jumping in to the role of the ultra-left wing media darling to confront Alec Baldwin’s President Trump in a government shutdown spoof of gameshow “Deal or no Deal.”

In the “Saturday Night Live” twist on the NBC game show, Trump is the contestant trying to win a deal with Democrats and end the government shutdown — which entered its 30th day on Sunday.

“I want $5 billion for my border wall, and in exchange, I’ll extend DACA, and I’ll release the kids from cages so they can be free-range kids,” says Baldwin’s Trump, after rejecting a briefcase containing Congress’ deal.

The show then turned to members of congress willing to offer deals — and Trump first picked a briefcase held by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, played by Kate McKinnon.

Her offer was: $1 billion, and “You say, ‘Nancy is my mommy.’”

Baldwin’s Trump then picked briefcases from actors playing Sen. Chuck Schumer (Alex Moffat) who Baldwin’s Trump described as “the older Jewish woman on Case 4,” as well as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Reps Maxine Waters (Leslie Jones) and Ocasio-Cortez.

“Trump and the GOP are terrified of me because I’m under 100 and I know how to use Instagram,” Villasenor’s Ocasio-Cortez says.

Finally, Trump takes the deal presented to him by a Clemson player (Pete Davidson) — who offered him a case of “hamberders” — in a nod to the fast-food feast the president treated the team to for their White House visit and his misspelled tweet announcing it.

Earlier in the day, the real-life Trump had offered protections for 1 million immigrants in exchange for a $5.7 billion border wall. The Democrats rejected his deal.

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Stubborn Brussels bosses 'set up Brexit to fail from the start' as Theresa May prepares to beg them to fix hated backstop

An EU insider and ex-Europe minister for Portugal said today that the talks were "badly designed from the start" because stubborn EU bosses "refused to discuss the future relationship" first.

Bruno Maçães said today that the way they forced Britain into the hated Northern Ireland backstop made sure that talks would never progress onto a trade deal.

He wrote in an article for Politico: "Given the state of the negotiations, however, this might be a decision the EU will come to regret."

But he also went on to slam Theresa May for "failing to push back hard enough, and early enough, on the Irish border question" – saying it was her "tragic mistake".

Meanwhile, back at home the PM is privately blaming Jeremy Corbyn for failing to work with her Brexit to get a deal done and is now set to abandon cross-party talks and focus on winning over her own Tories and the DUP instead.

It was warned last weekend that going for a customs union like Labour wants could totally split the Tories.

Last week Mrs May attempted to reach out to the Labour boss to talk about ways the two parties could work together, but he's sparked fury for refusing to get involved.

Today the Labour boss was ridiculed for insisting that No Deal threats are "empty and hugely expensive" and called on her to "reach out" to avoid a crisis – even though he's the one who won't speak to her.

Working together with parties like the Lib Dems or SNP wouldn't work because they are demanding a second referendum, ministers think.

Ahead of a Commons statement today on what she plans to do, the PM is instead preparing to launch "one more heave on the backstop", a cabinet minister said.

As she begins a frantic rush to come up with a plan to save her deal:

  • Brexiteers launched a fresh bid to calm fears about No Deal
  • Remainers are today coming forward with their plans to DELAY Brexit until the end of the year to give the PM more time  – and stop No Deal
  • Labour was warned the party could split if Jeremy Corbyn didn't block a second referendum

Why do MPs hate the Northern Ireland backstop and what can May do to win them over?

It will mean we're tied to the bloc in a customs union for years to come and have to follow their rules to make sure there's no hard border in Ireland.

The PM's insisted that there's no way we can ditch it totally because the EU just won't buy agree to it.

Here's what she could push for.


Last week an amendment was put down by an MP calling for a one year limit on the backstop, but it wasn't called to be voted on by the Speaker. The EU has said this can't be done, but after the PM's humiliation last week, could a small tweak like this save the deal?


The PM's said that a trade deal will have to be completed by June 2020 – but there's no guarantee of this. If the EU agreed to legally promise it in the Brexit agreement, MPs could get behind it.


The UK, Ireland and the EU could all legally promise they won't put up a hard border in Northern Ireland if we leave with No Deal with a fresh agreement.


One shocking plan could see the UK and Ireland agree a set of additional comments to the 1997 peace treaty, saying both sides would guarantee an open border.

But opening such a controversial and politically sensitive deal, which finally brought peace to Northern Ireland after the troubles, will be seen as reckless and furiously opposed by MPs, and so is incredibly unlikely.

Some ministers think the best way of pushing Brexit through is to make changes on the Northern Ireland backstop.

Yesterday key Brexiteer Jacob Rees Mogg suggested he'd rather back the deal than risk not leaving altogether.

He said this morning on LBC: "The backstop has most but not all of the problems… the ECJ, continuing oversight by that court, ability to set our own tariffs…

"If the backstop could be removed altogether, so could most of the problems be removed."

And Boris said on Friday the main obstacle to backing the deal was the hated Irish policy too.

Take out the Irish backstop and this is… better than staying in the EU

He said this morning in his column: "Take out the Irish backstop, and the deal, on balance, is better than staying in the EU, and it should be seized in the hope that we can make a better fist of the next phase of the negotiations.

"That is the way ahead, and I believe that if the Prime Minister goes back to Brussels with real take-it-or-leave-it determination she will not only get what the country needs, but she will also unite her party; and the national feeling of relief will be astounding."

MPs do have other issues with deal – including paying a whopping £39billion to Brussels without the promise of a trade deal – but it's thought that many of them could fall in line rather than risk no Brexit at all.

The PM lost last week's vote by more than 200 votes, so she has to get a considerable amount of Tories and the DUP on side to push it through.

But as the clock ticks down towards Brexit day on March 29, time is running out to get something that Parliament will pass.

How will this all end? Brexit outcomes explained


A cross-party group of MPs are frantically pushing an alternative Soft Brexit plan which could replace Mrs May's deal.

It would be welcomed by big business – but Brexit voters would be unhappy because it would mean Britain accepting open borders, and following European rules without a say.



Most of the Tory Brexiteers who oppose the PM's deal want her to return to Brussels and strike a tougher line.

But Eurocrats currently insist it's impossible to re-open negotiations.



Dozens of MPs are hell-bent on forcing Mrs May to hold a second referendum so Britain can stay in the EU.

Yet without the support of the Government it's unlikely the second vote could become a reality.



If Mrs May cannot pass a deal, the legal default is that we will leave the EU without a deal on March 29.

Despite the legal position, the majority of MPs insist they will take any measure necessary to rule out No Deal.



Cabinet ministers remain adamant that a version of Theresa May's plan will eventually pass the Commons, even after losing last night.

They believe sceptical MPs will lose their nerve as Brexit Day approaches – terrified of either No Deal or a second referendum.


Today Remainers are launching a move to seize control of the Brexit process.

Amendments are being discussed today on what should happen next – one plan would be to give backbenchers control, and another would force article 50 to be extended.

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Tony Mendez, real-life hero from Ben Affleck’s ‘Argo,’ dies at 78

Tony Mendez, the real-life spy behind Ben Affleck’s Oscar-winning film “Argo,” has died at the age of 78.

Mendez died early Saturday morning, succumbing to a decade-long battle with Parkinson’s disease, the former CIA operative’s literary manager, Christy Fletcher, said in a statement.

“He was surrounded with love from his family and will be sorely missed,” Fletcher said. “The last thing he and his wife Jonna Mendez did was get their new book to the publisher and he died feeling he had completed writing the stories that he wanted told.”

He will be buried in his home state of Nevada.

Mendez served in multiple foreign posts throughout his 25-year career with the CIA, but he spent most of his time in Asia. He rose to icon status within the spy organization in the 1980s when he managed to smuggle six American diplomats out of Iran by posing as a film producer.

Mendez became well known outside of the spy agency after the mission and the covert operation went on to become the basis of “Argo,” a 2012 film starring and directed by Affleck.

Affleck honored Mendez as a “true American hero” in a Twitter post after his death.

“He was a man of extraordinary grace, decency, humility and kindness. He never sought the spotlight for his actions, he merely sought to serve his country,” Affleck said Saturday. “I’m so proud to have worked for him and to have told one of his stories.”

Mendez wrote three non-fiction memoirs after his retirement: “Master of Disguise,” “Spy Dust” and “Argo,” according to the International Spy Museum. His latest book, “The Moscow Rules,” a joint venture with his wife and fellow CIA alum, Jonna Mendez, is scheduled to be released later this year.

Tony Mendez and Jonna Mendez are both founding board members of the International Spy Museum, according to the museum’s website.

The International Spy Museum paid tribute to the late Mendez in a statement on Twitter Saturday.

“Today, we’ve lost a great American hero … an ally, founding member of @IntlSpyMuseum. Tony’s legacy of fearless ingenuity lives on throughout the Museum & in our collection,” the museum said. “He was an inspiration to us & we will miss him so dearly. Deepest condolences to Jonna & Mendez family.”

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'Think about it again,' German minister urges UK on Brexit

BERLIN (Reuters) – German Europe Minister Michael Roth on Monday urged Britain to think about reviewing its decision to leave the European Union.

“The door to the EU always remains open – perhaps think about it again,” Roth told German broadcaster ARD.

Asked if that meant holding a second referendum, he replied: “Exactly.”

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