Luton Town football club turns down £1million of sponsorship

Luton Town football club chief turns down an estimated £1million of sponsorship from betting firms because he doesn’t want to send pro-gambling messages to young fans

  • Gary Sweet said the club’s decision was swayed by a board member
  • He felt strongly that branding was ‘tightly associated’ with the team’s success 
  •  Children aged 11 to 16 are the most likely to buy replica shirts, Mr Sweet said

A football executive has taken a stand by turning down an estimated £1million of sponsorship from gambling companies.

Luton Town’s Gary Sweet, who has three children, said it makes him ‘uncomfortable’ if young fans see pro-gambling messages.

And he added that the club’s decision was swayed by a board member whose friend killed himself after becoming addicted to gambling.

Gary Sweet (pictured above) said it makes him feel ‘uncomfortable’ if young fans see pro gambling messages

Children aged 11 to 16 are the most likely to buy replica shirts, he said, adding he felt strongly that the kit’s branding was ‘tightly associated’ with a team’s success.

Nine out of 20 teams in the Premier League and 17 of 24 in the Championship division have gambling firms advertising on their club shirts this season. Sky Bet sponsors all three of the EFL’s divisions, including League One in which Luton Town play, and clubs are required to carry its branding on the sleeves of their shirts.

Mr Sweet, whose children are aged six, 13 and 16, said: ‘That’s the most impressionable age when you remember the sponsor. When I was growing up at that age, I remember the dates when the sponsorships changed – that’s our major concern.

According to Gary Sweet children aged 11 to 16 are the most likely to buy replica shirts

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‘With gambling, when we were looking for sponsorship, we were courted by online gambling firms. We had that decision at board level that we were uncomfortable. We knew back then there were problems with youths and children getting involved with gambling and it was a habit that could form into a lifelong problem.’

Luton Town makes £500,000 a year in sponsorship as part of its total £8million turnover and Mr Sweet estimates that sponsorship from gambling firms would bring in up to £100,000 extra a year.

This means the club could have brought in an extra £1million from gambling sponsorship during his ten years in charge.

Luton Town makes £500,000 a year in sponsorship as part of its total £8million turnover. Pictured above, Elliot Lee of Luton Town Rochdale v Luton Town, EFL Sky Bet League One, Football, Spotland Stadium, Rochdale

Mr Sweet added: ‘One of our board members has personal experience and he believes one of his friends lost his life due to gambling addiction.’ He declined to name the firms he had turned down, saying: ‘We send a one-word answer politely declining their offer.’

Lord Chadlington (pictured above) said it was a positive move in light of the exposure of gambling adverts 

This season, Luton Town has different sponsors for its three kits – property lettings firm Indigo Residential, commercial energy broker Northern Gas and Power, and industrial hire company Star Platforms.

Lord Chadlington, ex-chairman of charity Action on Addiction, said: ‘This is a positive step in light of the current exposure of gambling adverts, in particular to children and those at risk of gambling-related harm. We may well look back on this period when we allowed this sort of gambling marketing with the same bewilderment that we now look back at the time when tobacco was advertised on TV.’

Britain’s top betting firms have now agreed to a ‘whistle-to-whistle’ ban on advertising during live TV coverage of football matches and other sports. The move is expected to be signed off at a meeting of five major gambling industry associations next week.


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Hilary Duff Teases the Possibility of Lizzie McGuire Revival: 'There's Been Some Conversations'

With several beloved TV shows being rebooted, could there be a revival of Lizzie McGuire? Hilary Duff says maybe!

The Younger star teased of a continuation of the Disney Channel series, which aired from January 2001 – February 2004, but Duff did lead with caution.

“There’s been some conversations,” the actress, 31, told Entertainment Tonight. “It’s definitely not a go. I don’t want to get everyone wild talking about it.”

Nonetheless, she still has much love for the character and the animated alter ego. “I think she was so important to girls at an important time in their life. If she could be important to them again at this age, I think that would be amazing,” said Duff, who welcomed daughter Banks Violet with boyfriend Matthew Koma on Oct. 25.


Fans of the TV series last saw Lizzie graduating from the eighth grade and in the 2003 film, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Lizzie went on a trip of a lifetime in Rome, Italy, after her graduation.

When asked where her character would be in the present day, Duff said, “There’s been lots of conversations about that, adding, “I’m racking my brain. I don’t think she’s a mom yet, but she might be getting there soon.”

Nothing has been officially announced in regards to a revival but Duff is “excited” about the interest.

“It’s fun. I feel excited,” she said. “It could be a possibility or it could be nothing, so we’ll see.”

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‘Teen Mom OG’s Maci Bookout Struggles To Tell Daughter, 3, That She’ll Be Having Major Surgery

Maci Bookout has to tell her toddler Jayde that she’s going under the knife for a procedure, but her little one takes the news like a champ, despite the ‘Teen Mom’ star’s concerns.

Maci Bookout’s daughter Jayde had surgery in October and on the Dec. 10 episode of Teen Mom OG, fans will get to see what happened in the run-up to the procedure. In a clip of the hit show, Maci, 27, tries to keep calm as she tells the 3-year-old that she’s going under the knife. The mom-of-three brings up the subject, while the family – including her husband, Taylor McKinney, their son Maverick, 2, and her son Bentley, 10 – have dinner.

“Jayde you’re going to the doctor tomorrow,” Maci tells the toddler, who calmly responds in the clip below, “Why?” Maci tries to make the information age appropriate, saying, “Because they’re gonna give you some grape juice.” As her daughter says, “yeah” and “uh-huh” in between, the mom adds, “And then you get to take a nap, and then you’re gonna wake up, and then they’re gonna give you a popsicle, and then you get to come home.” Unfazed, Jayde replies, “Oh. That’s it?”

Without saying in the clip what the procedure is, Maci tries to reassure her daughter by adding, “Benny had to go to the doctor for this same thing when he was little.” Bentley blurts out, “I took giggle juice,” before his mommy tells him not to say that. Poor Jayde protests by saying, “I don’t drink giggle juice.”

Although no one says in the clip why Jayde is having surgery, Taylor does promise their little girl that she’ll “sleep better.” Over on Maci’s Instagram page, however, there is a clue why Jayde was hospitalized. In a November 2015 post she shared a photo of Bentley, in a hospital bed before having a tonsillectomy – an operation to remove his tonsils. Maci captioned the photo, “Early morning at the hospital with this tough fella’ time for a tonsillectomy! #byebyestrep #gigglejuice.”

early morning at the hospital with this tough fella' time for a tonsillectomy! #byebyestrep #gigglejuice 👊

A post shared by Maci Bookout McKinney (@macideshanebookout) on

Fans will find out what happens after the procedure in the Dec. 10 episode of the show when it airs on MTV at 9pm, but in the clip, Jayde reassures her daddy that she’ll be just fine. When he asks her, “Are you gonna be brave?” she responds with, “Yeah.” We believe her!

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James Comey Says Republicans In Closed-Door Session Asked Mostly About Hillary’s Emails

James Comey, former Director of the FBI has revealed that two House committees were largely focused on one thing during his closed-door meetings with them: Hillary Clinton’s emails, according to Talking Points Memo.

“I’m not sure we needed to do this at all,” he said to reporters when he was interviewed after the meetings on Friday afternoon, a comment that seems to indicate that he was questioning the usefulness of the questions Congressmen asked.

In a clip posted on CNN, Comey says that the committees’ questions consisted of a “whole lot about Hillary Clinton’s emails, which will bore you.”

According to CNN, Republican congressmen also asked Comey to discuss the FBI’s surveillance operation on one of Donald Trump’s former foreign policy advisers, Carter Page.

In July, the FBI released previously classified documents, which disclosed that the Bureau had made applications to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) so that they could find out if Page had been colluding with the Kremlin to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. As Business Insider notes, Donald Trump alleged that the FBI’s surveillance operation on Page was illegal.

CNN reported that Republicans also asked Comey about the ongoing Mueller investigation into the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia. But an attorney from the Justice Department asserted that the former FBI director would not comment on it.

Comey reiterated that he would not be answering questions about the Russia investigation when reporters asked him about his closed-door meetings with the House Committees.

“The FBI, for understandable reasons, doesn’t want me talking about the details of the investigation that is still ongoing. It began when I was FBI Director, so it makes sense that they don’t want me going into those details,” he said.

“But that’s a very teeny part of what we talked about today.”

James Comey is expected to return for more House Committee meeting later in December, Fox News reported. According to Fox, Comey told reporters that he’d prefer if the sessions were made public but that he’s agreed to continuing with the private questioning. Even though he questioned the necessity of these meetings, he said that he was complying because of a veneration of the political institution. Fox added that a transcript from the sessions could be released on Saturday. This will reveal just how much the questions focused on Hillary Clinton’s emails.

President Donald Trump fired James Comey in May 2017, a move that precipitated the appointment of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

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'Crazy Rich Asians' Sequels to Shoot Back-to-Back

Fans of the cultural phenomenon Crazy Rich Asians will soon be flush with sequels. We already knew that a Crazy Rich Asians sequel, based on author Kevin Kwan‘s follow-up novel China Rich Girlfriend, was in the works, but producers Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson have revealed that two Crazy Rich Asians sequels will be filmed back-to-back, likely in 2020.

Crazy Rich Asians was a watershed moment for Asian-American representation in Hollywood, sparking a wave of Asian representation at the movies and in TV, and scoring the Jon M. Chu comedy two Golden Globe nominations. So it’s no surprise that the all-star cast — including Golden Globe-nominated actress Constance Wu, as well as Henry GoldingGemma ChanSonoya MizunoAwkwafina, and Michelle Yeoh — are in high demand.

To combat their cast’s increasingly packed schedules, producers Jacobson and Simpson told Deadline that they currently plan for the Crazy Rich Asians sequels to shoot back-to-back. The sequels will adapt Kwan’s next two novels in his Crazy Rich Asians trilogy, China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems. Deadline writes:

The script is currently being worked on by Adele Lim and Peter Chiarelli. By having fans wait a while upfront, “we’ll make it up to them on the back end,” says Jacobson, “by shooting two films together.”

But the cast members aren’t the only ones whose profiles have skyrocketed. Chu is just as in-demand as his stars, currently working on a feature adaptation of the Tony Award-winning musical In the Heights. But as soon as that film goes into post, he will likely prep the next two Crazy Rich Asians sequels for a 2020 shoot, Deadline writes. The next film will take us to mainland China, following protagonist Rachel Chu (Wu) in her search for her father.

Though fans have to wait a little longer for the next Crazy Rich Asians movie, they’ll soon be surrounded by a wealth of cultural representation and rom-com fun.

“There’s a great appetite both commercially and critically to see these types of stories, ones which used to be overlooked by an industry that tended to favor stories by people who look like corporate board rooms instead of audiences,” Jacobson said. “Audiences have been ready for a while, it’s corporate and the studios who are just waking up and this year has proved it,” Simpson added.

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Pearl Harbor survivors gather in Hawaii to commemorate lives lost

Twenty Pearl Harbor survivors gather in Hawaii to commemorate the 2,403 lives lost in Japanese attack 77 years ago

  • The youngest of the survivors were in their mid-90s as they gathered on Friday at the Naval base in Hawaii
  • Held moment of silence in tribute to the thousands of lives lost in attack on December 7, 1941
  • Hawaii Air National Guard F-22 jets flew overhead in ‘missing man formation’ to break the silence 
  • Pearl Harbor attack killed nearly 2,400 U.S. servicemen including 1,177 sailors lost on the USS Arizona
  • Only five survivors remain living from the Arizona, and none were able to attend this year’s ceremony 

About 20 survivors have gathered at Pearl Harbor to pay tribute to the thousands of men lost in the Japanese attack 77 years ago.

The youngest of the veterans to gather for the ceremony on Friday in Hawaii are in their mid-90s. The Navy and National Park Service jointly hosted the remembrance ceremony at a grassy site overlooking the water and the USS Arizona Memorial.

Attendees observed a moment of silence at 7.55am, the time the attack began on December 7, 1941. 

Hawaii Air National Guard F-22 jets flew overhead in ‘missing man formation’ to break the silence.

The site of the sinking of the USS Arizona is seen left on December 7, 1941, and right on Friday as the USS Michael Murphy passes by the memorial during a ceremony to honor the thousands of lives lost at Pearl Harbor

Everett Hyland, seated, who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor as a crew member of the USS Pennsylvania, salutes along with his granddaughter, Navy Cmdr. Anna-Marie Fine on Friday as the USS Michael Murphy passes in Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor survivors salute during the National Anthem at a ceremony in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on Friday

Tom Berg, left, of Port Townsend, Wash., Robert Fernandez, center, of Stockton, Calif., and George Keene of Newhall, Calif., all survivors of the 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, take part in the 77th anniversary ceremony on Friday

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    U.S. Indo-Pacific Command Commander Adm. Phil Davidson told those gathered the nation can never forget the heavy price paid with 21 vessels damaged or sunk, 170 planes destroyed and more than 2,400 killed including servicemen and civilians. 

    He says these losses did not break the American spirit but charged it. 

    For the first time, no survivor from the USS Arizona attended the ceremony as none of the five surviving men were able to make the trip to Hawaii. 

    The Arizona sank after two bombs hit the ship, triggering tremendous explosions. 

    The Arizona lost 1,177 sailors and Marines, the greatest number of casualties from any ship. Most remain entombed in the sunken hull of the battleship at the bottom of the harbor.

    Smoke rises from the battleship USS Arizona as it sinks during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, on December 7, 1941

    The destroyer USS Shaw explodes after being hit by bombs during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941

    Altogether, the Pearl Harbor attack killed nearly 2,400 U.S. servicemen.

    Survivor John Mathrursse attended the ceremony on Friday from Mountain View, California. He was an 18-year-old seaman second class walking out of the chow hall on Ford Island to see a friend on the USS West Virginia when the bombing began.

    He says bombs and shells were going off in the water and men were getting hurt. He says he helped the ones who were too injured to swim. He carried them to the mess hall and set them on mattresses that people grabbed from the barracks above.

    Also attending was Robert Fernandez, now 94-years old. He says he returns to Pearl Harbor for the anniversary because he’s now all alone after his wife died four years ago.

    Sailors stand among wrecked airplanes at Ford Island Naval Air Station as they watch the explosion of the USS Shaw

    A patrol bomber burns at a military installation on Oahu’s Kaneohe Bay during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii

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      • Watch video

        Former Presidents and guests mingle before George H.W. Bush funeral

      • Watch video

        Rex Tillerson says he would tell Trump what he can and can’t do

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        Chris Watts’ Tinder date says he liked to have rough sex

      • Watch video

        Florida mother coaches daughter and another girl to fight each other

      • Watch video

        How murderer Justin Barber’s crocodile tears gave away his guilt

      • Watch video

        Weather girl Yanet Garcia shows off her assets on Instagram

      • Watch video

        Moose rings the doorbell while visiting residents in Alaska

      • Watch video

        Polish woman accused of ‘blackfishing’ defiantly answers critics

      • Watch video

        Teacher arrested after she cuts off student’s hair while singing

      • Watch video

        Alaska reopens earthquake-damaged road in less than a week

      • Watch video

        Police bodycam footage shows Chris Watts getting strip searched

      • Watch video

        George H.W. Bush arrives at the presidential library for burial

      Thousands of miles away, in New York City, a memorial ceremony was also held aboard the decommissioned WWII aircraft carrier USS Intrepid, which is now a museum.

      At 11am, Pearl Harbor survivors participated in a wreath-laying ceremony on the deck of the Intrepid. 

      A bag piper played during the ceremony as a cold December wind blew off the Hudson river.

      Survivor Armando ‘Chick’ Galella, 97, then gave remarks to the crowd.

      ‘We had no weapons because they were locked up and my sergeant wouldn’t open up the supply room, because he didn’t get orders from his captain,’ said Galella, CBS New York reported. ‘I said, ‘Are you off your mind? Don’t you see what’s happening here?’

      ‘I wish people would understand that, I’m not a hero,’ he said. ‘I’m a survivor of the war, most veterans will tell you that. I’m a survivor, all your heroes have white crosses, they’re your real heroes. Not me.’

      Rev. James Blakely, another Pearl Harbor survivor who attended the ceremony on the Intrepid, said that younger generations must learn about and honor the sacrifices so many have made. “It was the saddest moment of my life,” he said of the attack in 1941.

      A bagpipe player plays at a wreath ceremony Friday on the USS Intrepid in New York to mark the the attack on Pearl Harbor

      Local Pearl Harbor survivors Armando ‘Chick’ Galella, 97, (left) and Reverend James Blakely, 99, throw a wreath off of the USS Intrepid at an event marking the 77th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor on Friday in New York City

      Galella speaks at an event on the USS Intrepid in New York to mark the 77th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor

      Dozens of those killed have been recently identified and reburied in cemeteries across the country after the military launched a new effort to analyze bones and DNA of hundreds long classified as ‘unknowns.’

      This led to the 2015 exhumation of 388 sets of remains from the USS Oklahoma buried in a national cemetery in Honolulu. The Oklahoma had the second highest number of dead after the Arizona at 429, though only 35 were identified in the immediate years after the attack.

      The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency has identified 168 sailors and Marines from the Oklahoma since the exhumations three years ago. It has said it expects to identify about 80 percent of the 388 by 2020.

      Several families were scheduled to rebury their newly identified loved ones on Friday, including Navy Seaman 1st Class William Bruesewitz of Appleton, Wisconsin.

      He’s expected to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery near Washington, D.C.

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Police union’s £1m ‘betrayal’ on memorial to fallen officers

Police Federation is accused of betraying the memory of murdered officers for refusing to fund a memorial for those killed in the line of duty

  • Police Federation pledged to give up to £1million to building a ‘police cenotaph’
  • The £4.5million memorial project is in honour 4,000 fallen police officers  
  • The Federation has allegedly gone back on its pledge to make a huge donation
  • Another £900,000 is needed for the memorial to be built and opened next year

Leaders of the cash-rich police union have been accused of betraying the memory of murdered officers by refusing to fund a memorial to those killed in the line of duty.

The Police Federation of England and Wales, which represents 120,000 rank-and-file officers, had pledged to give up to £1million towards the cost of building a new £4.5million ‘police cenotaph’ to remember 4,000 fallen officers.

Those to be honoured at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire included 1,400 police officers who gave their lives protecting the public, as well as those who died while at work. 

PC Fiona Bone (right), 32, and PC Nicola Hughes (left), 23, were murdered in a gun and grenade attack

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But the Federation, which has a £26million luxury HQ in Surrey and millions of pounds in assets and reserves, has allegedly gone back on its pledge to make a huge donation towards the memorial – plunging plans for the project into ‘serious’ doubt.  

So far, £3.6million has been raised from the Government, the private sector and the police, including about £250,000 from local branch boards of the Federation. But another £900,000 is still needed for the memorial to be built and opened late next year.

One-eyed drug dealer Dale Cregan murdered PC Bone and PC Hughes in Greater Manchester in 2012 

The funding gap had been expected to be filled by the national Police Federation, which has been dogged by controversy in recent years. Sources in the Federation said verbal reassurances had been given by two of its senior officials that up to £1million would be given towards the memorial project.

Sources added that its new chairman, John Apter, who has been supportive of the memorial project, has been outmanoeuvred by ‘old guard’ colleagues and that the snub has caused bitter divisions.

Last night the widow of one of three unarmed police officers shot dead by a notorious career criminal said those behind the snub should be ‘ashamed of themselves’.

Gillian Wombwell, 72, whose husband David, 25, was killed by Harry Roberts in London in 1966, said: ‘The whole thing is totally unjust. The fact that the national Police Federation doesn’t support this memorial project is incredulous.

‘They ask the public to dig deep in their pockets to support it, but aren’t doing it themselves. They are betraying the memory of brave officers.’

The fathers of Fiona Bone, 32, and Nicola Hughes, 23, two police officers who were murdered in a gun and grenade attack by one-eyed drug dealer Dale Cregan in Greater Manchester in 2012, urged Federation leaders to change their minds.

Its reserves of cash run to millions 

With £16.5million in ‘central reserves’ and a £26million HQ in Leatherhead, Surrey, the Police Federation of England and Wales could hardly be described as impoverished.

On top of this astonishing wealth, there are 43 branch boards across individual police forces, which together have reserves and assets worth tens of millions of pounds more.

The exact amount held by the branches of the Federation was unclear last night. But sources admitted that the union remains cash rich.

The Federation, which represents 120,000 officers from the rank of chief inspector down, was mired in controversy about its finances following an independent review five years ago.

According to reports, it had reserve funds of £64.5million – about £35million held by local branch boards.

The fall in police numbers in recent years has led to a fall in revenue from subscriptions.

Paul Bone said the funding U-turn was ‘really disappointing’. Bryn Hughes said: ‘There needs to be a place where people can go and have time and space to reflect, and where they can pay their respects.’

Details of the dispute have been revealed in a letter to Home Secretary Sajid Javid from former chief constable Sir Hugh Orde, chairman of the trustees of The Police Arboretum Memorial Trust.

Sir Hugh said: ‘Whilst a number of local branch boards (of the Federation) have been extremely generous, it is disappointing that the national organisation that represents all 120,000 frontline police officers feels unable to make a donation.’

The Police Federation said: ‘We have not declined to make a donation – the Federation collectively has already given nearly £250,000 and have been looking at other ways in which we can support this project. The Federation has not gone back on anything.’

It said a request for an additional £760,000 was ‘considered too much by many, taking account of the fact that, as an organisation, we had already given almost £250,000’.

Donations can be made to the Memorial by visiting and clicking on the donate button. Alternatively you can make a £5 text donation by texting COURAGE to 70171.

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‘Why would they want to break up this family?’

‘Why would they want to break up this family?’: Father of fiancée ditched by Princess Beatrice’s new lover claims the royal may have been instrumental in their split

  • Edoardo Mozzi is said to have been seeing Beatrice since Eugenie’s wedding  
  • Mr Mozzi was previously living with Chinese-American Dara Huang
  • Miss Huang’s family questions why Beatrice became involved with Mr Mozzi

They are the happy pictures that could come from any family album – a young boy doted on by his overjoyed parents.

But this smiling trio is no more – and Princess Beatrice has found herself facing questions over whether she may have been instrumental in their split.

At a time when she should be enjoying the excitement of a new relationship with Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, Prince Andrew’s eldest daughter is the subject of claims that the property developer sacrificed his engagement to the woman in the picture to be with her.

Mr Mozzi, 35, is said to have been seeing Beatrice while still sharing his life and London home with Chinese-American Dara Huang and their two-year-old son, Christopher ‘Wolfie’ Woolf.

Day out: Dara Huang and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi with Wolfie

The princess and businessman are understood to have started the romance at the Windsor wedding of her sister Eugenie in October.

Now, Miss Huang’s family has questioned why the 30-year-old royal became involved with Mr Mozzi – known as Edo – given his family situation. Her father, Po-Tien, a retired scientist with US space agency NASA, said: ‘Why would they want to go and break this up? I can’t understand it. It’s not fair but the Royal Family are so powerful. What can I do? I can’t do anything.’

Po-Tien, 80, believes his Harvard-educated architect daughter, 37, only found out about Mr Mozzi’s relationship when it was reported in the Press. Speaking from the family home in Florida, he said: ‘Dara came back here from London for Thanksgiving with Wolfie.

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‘She didn’t know anything about it and the next day her friend emailed the newspaper report to her.

‘She showed me and her mom and then we knew what was going on. It’s a sad time and sad situation. We don’t know how Dara is going to take care of it. I’m upset but there’s nothing I can do about it.’

He added: ‘Being angry is no solution. These things happen in all the world – today it happened in my home.

Devastated: Po-Tien – with baby Wolfie – is upset at the new romance with Princess Beatrice

‘No matter what we say it doesn’t help, so let him go.’

His wife Lily, 69, last month told the Mail on Sunday of her shock at learning that the relationship had broken down, describing it as a ‘terrible situation’. The family revealed pictures of their daughter alongside Mr Mozzi and their new-born son, showing them smiling happily together.

The couple are understood to have become engaged around a year ago after meeting in 2015 but had no plans to marry in place.

In photographs from Christopher Woolf’s christening, the baby is seen wearing a white outfit with golden wings given to the couple by Beatrice’s mother, Sarah Ferguson. Beatrice’s family has been friends with Mr Mozzi’s for many years.

Po-Tien added: ‘Edo came for Christmas here last year and we have travelled to England to meet Edo’s family. I asked Edo and Dara when they were going to get married, I even emailed Edo about it, but they said they didn’t want to rush. Everything was pretty and so nice until this happened.’

A palace aide has previously said: ‘She [Beatrice] would never allow herself to break into another couple’s happiness, especially if there was a small child.’

Mr Mozzi was educated at the £12,775-per-term Radley College in Oxfordshire before going on to study politics at the University of Edinburgh.

He set up the property company Banda in 2004 at the age of 27, which specialises in high-end development projects.

Beatrice, 30, has been single since breaking up with her boyfriend of ten years, Dave Clark, in 2016.

Reports suggested the pair split after Beatrice gave him an ultimatum to marry her, though friends said they had been ‘drifting apart’ in the last months of the relationship. Mr Clark, a former executive at taxi firm Uber, married US businesswoman Lynn Anderson in July this year.

Asked about her parents’ remarks, Miss Huang declined to comment last night.

A friend of Mr Mozzi said: ‘As always in these cases there are two sides to the story.’

Buckingham Palace also said it would not be commenting on the claims.

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Is the New Netflix Movie 'Dumplin'' Based on a Book?

Paging all would-be pageant queens and Dolly Parton fans. Netflix’s newest movie, Dumplin’, a glitter-covered, heart-warming look at an outcast teenage girl who decides to compete for the crown in a Texas beauty pageant, features a performance from Jennifer Aniston as a former beauty queen and six new songs from country superstar Parton. (The singer already snagged a Golden Globe nomination for one of her songs from the movie.)

If you’ve streamed Dumplin’ and fell in love with Willowdean and her story, you’ll want to check out the book on which the movie is based.

Dumplin’ is based on a book by Julie Murphy

Screenwriter Kristin Hahn adapted the story from Texas-based YA author Julie Murphy’s book of the same name. The book came out in 2015 and was a New York Times bestseller.

Murphy’s book tells the story of Willowdean, a self-assured, overweight teen nicknamed Dumplin’ by her mom, a former beauty pageant queen. When Willowdean gets a job at a local fast-food restaurant and meets the handsome Bo, the two embark on a tentative relationship. But with her confidence suddenly wavering, Willowdean decides to enter the Miss Clover City pageant – which her mom runs — and show the world what she’s made of.

Reviewers praised Dumplin’ for its body-positive message and engaging story. While not based on a true story, Murphy has said that she drew on her own experiences growing up when writing Dumplin’ and that she hopes the book helps readers feel more comfortable with their bodies.

“Growing up I was always the biggest person in the classroom,” she told Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls. “I was always very aware of space and how much space I took up. We’re all too ready to tell women in our society how much space they can take up and that men should take up more space. At the end of the day I just want women to be comfortable with their bodies and know that they’re not born and allotted a certain amount of square footage. Your body is your body and you’ve only got one of them.”

What other books has Julie Murphy written?



The one and only. The generosity and talent of this woman knows no bounds. Thank you for everything, Jen.

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Dumplin’ was Murphy’s second book. Her first, Side Effects May Vary, came out in 2014 and tells the story of a teen recently diagnosed with leukemia who “vows to spend her final months righting wrongs,” only to have her plan for revenge backfire when her cancer goes into remission.

Murphy also wrote Ramona Blue, about a teen girl whose family lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. Ramona is a lesbian, but her life is upended when she finds herself falling for her childhood friend Freddie.

Her most recent book is Puddin’, a follow-up to Dumplin’ that’s also set in Clover City, Texas. This book focuses on Millie Michalchuk, an overweight teen who dreams of being a newscaster, and her burgeoning friendship with Callie Reyes, the popular captain of the high school dance team.

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Kelsea Ballerini Shares Adorable Video Of Mom’s Reaction To Her Grammy Nomination

Social media is buzzing with news about the recent award nominations, especially today after the 2019 Grammy Award nominees were announced on the morning of December 7. One lucky recipient was country music star Kelsea Ballerini, who was nominated for Best Country Album for her second studio album, Unapologetically. After finding out herself, Kelsea called her mom to give her the exciting news, and shared the emotional moment and her mom’s adorable reaction with her combined 1.6 million followers on Instagram and Twitter.

Taking to her accounts on the popular social media platform, the country artist shared a screen recording of the Facetime call between Ballerini and her mother, Carla, who she sweetly labels “Mother Bear” in her phone. And despite not having sound, the emotion during the beautiful mother-daughter moment is quite evident.

In the video, Kelsea’s mother can be seen anxiously awaiting for her daughter to share the reasoning behind her call. The “Love Me Like You Mean It” singer then begins shedding tears of joy and jumping up and down as she tells her mother about her nomination, who smiles ear-to-ear as she claps and cheers in excitement.

“I’m going to cry,” she appears to tell Kelsea at the end of the video, though it seems like she has already shed a few tears of happiness.

“There’s no volume, but her face says everything about this journey and the weight this album has to the people that know me closest. Love you momma,” Kelsea wrote in the caption of the video’s post to Instagram, which has been viewed almost 300,000 times and earned over 81,000 likes.

Shortly before sharing the emotional moment with her mother to Instagram, Kelsea announced the big news to her fans in another post, where she wrote she was “in tears” over the nomination that she “never ever expected.”

The singer revealed that while her album has been out for over a year, it hadn’t received any nominations at all, but she still found pride in the bond it created between her and her fans.

“To me, that was the award and I had accepted that critically, it didn’t land like it did between us,” she explained. “But, the pinnacle of music lovers and listeners just nominated Unapologetically for a damn GRAMMY.”

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In tears over this. I put every bit of vulnerability, truth, strength, self discovery, and love I had into this record. I’ll never forget when it hit me to make it a chronological story of the journey I had been on the few years prior, and losing sleep over the details and nuances of how to make it flow and feel like I had felt while living out and writing it. It’s been out for over a year, and it’s never been nominated, but the bond it gave you and I was something I hadn’t felt before. To me, that was the award and I had accepted that critically, it didn’t land like it did between us. But, the pinnacle of music lovers and listeners just nominated Unapologetically for a damn GRAMMY. Beaming with gratitude and pride on this. Never ever expected this. I love y’all. What a year. Thank you. To y’all, to everyone who helped me make it, and to the @recordingacademy.

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Kelsea’s nomination today is the second of her career, as she was also nominated for the Grammy’s Best New Artist category in 2017.

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Winners of the 61st Annual Grammy Awards will be announced on Sunday, February 10, 2019, live on CBS at 8 p.m. ET.

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