Law & Order: SVU Sneak Peek: Can Stone Solve Olivia's Noah Problem?

 Law & Order: SVU‘s Olivia Benson is one of the best cops around, but there’s a case even she can’t crack: how to deal with Noah’s terrible attitude.

In this exclusive sneak peek from Thursday’s episode (NBC, 10/9c), Benson and Peter Stone spend some of their nearly non-existent free time hanging out at a playground with Olivia’s son. As they play baseball, Noah is an absolute joy to be around. He smiles! He laughs! He doesn’t sass Olivia! But that’s not always the case, his mom notes ruefully.

“You should see him at dinner time, or bedtime, or homework time,” she says. After you watch the clip, see if you agree with us: Doesn’t it seem like Liv is angling, ever so subtly, for Stone to have a more active role in her kiddo’s life?

On the courts-and-cops side of this week’s episode, titled “Dear Ben,” Stone takes on an unsolved rape case from the 1990s that stymied his father for the remainder of his career. Might he have better luck than his dearly departed dad?

Press PLAY on the video above, then hit the comments: Would you be interested in seeing Stone play a bigger role in Noah’s (and, by proxy, Olivia’s) life?

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Myanmar army accused of gang-raping Rohingya women

The Myanmar government has banned the UN’s top human rights investigator from entering Rakhine State to document crimes and seeking justice through the international system may be impossible.

    Myanmar military has been accused of using gang rape as part of an ethnic cleansing campaign against the Rohingya.

    Rights groups say the attacks occurred during a recent crackdown in Rakhine State in which 7,000 people are thought to have been killed.

    Al Jazeera’s Charles Stratford reports from Kutupalong Refugee Camp in Bangladesh.

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    Sailboat stranded in Cadboro Bay by B.C. windstorm a danger and eyesore, residents say

    A very large reminder of December’s windstorm is becoming an eyesore and a danger for some Vancouver Island residents.

    A ferrocement-hulled sailboat washed up on shore in the community of Cadboro Bay on the morning of December 21, and so far it has been impervious to all efforts to move it.

    “It was determined they couldn’t lift it off the beach with a crane,” Eric Dahli with the Cadboro Bay Residents Association said.

    Two boats have also tried to pull it off the beach, but were only able to turn it around so it wouldn’t incur any more damage. Since washing up on shore, the boat has been vandalized and looted.

    “If I was the owner, I would be incredibly upset,” Dahli said.

    The owner has come forward and is working to have the boat removed. The current plan — patch the damage in the hull and have a tugboat tow it off the beach.

    Saanich Coun. Judy Brownoff said the concern now is when that will happen.

    “There’s no timeframe, so I don’t know exactly what that means,” she said. “How long can some of these things stay on the beach. How long do we wait?”

    According to the Canadian Coast Guard, the boat is one of 75 vessels and structures reported as drifting, sunk, or beached following the storm.

    “Vessels continue to be reported and the Coast Guard is working with owners and partners to secure vessels and structures that pose a threat to the environment, such as leaking hydrocarbons. This work is being carried out on a priority basis,” the Coast Guard said.

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    ‘SMILF’ creator Frankie Shaw opens up on misconduct allegations

    Actress Frankie Shaw arrives for the 2018 DGA Awards at the Beverly Hilton, on Feb. 3, 2018 in Beverly Hills, Calif.

    “SMILF” creator and star Frankie Shaw came forward on Wednesday to address allegations of misconduct made against her.

    In December 2018, The Hollywood Reporter shared her co-star Samara Weaving complained to both Disney and SAG-AFTRA after Shaw allegedly instructed video monitors to be turned on outside the set, even though it was supposed to be a closed shoot, with only limited crew present and no monitors.

    “This is my first time doing this job and we moved fast, and I was learning on the go and I’m just really grateful that I can take these lessons of being a more aware and in-tune showrunner moving forward,” Shaw, 32, told Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager on NBC’s “Today.”

    “And I will say I am really proud of a lot of the work we did, you know?” continued Shaw. “We had approximately 50 percent female crew in Boston. We had almost all women directors… [including] Kerry Washington.”


    Actors Rosie O’Donnell and Frankie Shaw of "SMILF" speak onstage at the Showtime portion of the 2017 Summer Television Critics Association Press Tour on August 7, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

    “It’s a beautiful set, I have to say,” added Rosie O’Donnell, who also stars in “SMILF.” “There is a family feel on the set and the great thing about Frankie is she addressed the stuff and the network did, and everyone is OK and here we go.”

    Shaw previously told Fox News she was concerned about reports that Weaving, 26, would be leaving the Showtime series due to two alleged mishandled sex scenes that breached her contract.

    “I’ve dedicated my career to creating platforms for underrepresented voices — both in front of and behind the lens,” Shaw told Fox News in a written statement. “That’s why I felt so strongly that at least half of my crew on ‘SMILF’ needed to be female, that we should create an intersectional workplace in which more than a third of writers were women of color, and that it was important I have female shadow directors on set.

    “I am proud of the accomplishments and that all but one of ‘SMILF’s’ 18 episodes over the first two seasons were directed by women because these are my values and priorities and I am grateful for the support and contributions of the ‘SMILF’ team in helping me to realize them.”


    Frankie Shaw stars as single mother, Bridgette in "SMILF." The creator and actress originally offered the role of her mother to Roseanne Barr.

    “I work daily to create an environment in which everyone should feel safe, and in which I can continue to grow as a leader and manager. I am now and always have been open to hearing and addressing all concerns and issues that fall within my control. It pains me to learn that anyone felt uncomfortable on my set. I sincerely hope we can work together to resolve any and all issues, as I am committed to creating a workplace in which all people feel safe and heard.”

    At the time, neither reps for Showtime nor Weaving responded to Fox News’ request for comment.

    “SMILF,” which explores how a single mom struggles to find “a happy work-life balance,” is produced by Disney’s ABC Signature Studios.

    The show premiered in 2017 to positive reviews. It was inspired by a namesake short film that earned Shaw a jury prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

    Frankie Shaw (left) and Samara Weaving in 2017.

    A first scandal involving Weaving reportedly occurred in Season 1, when she was allegedly told with 40 minutes' notice to perform a nude love scene despite a no-nudity clause in her contract. One insider alleged a waiver was prepared but not signed.

    A source claimed that when Weaving, who is Australian, spoke out, Shaw allegedly pulled her into a trailer, “yanked off her own top” and demanded to know why Weaving was worried about going nude when Shaw herself had no concerns of her own about it.

    Shaw’s attorney told Fox News that any claims of Shaw allegedly exposing her breast to coerce any actor into appearing in any nude scene is “100 percent false” and “it never happened.” The attorney explained she did lift her shirt while wearing a bra to “pinch her belly” in an effort to point out her own imperfections while encouraging others to feel comfortable in their own skin. The attorney added there were several people present and that “it wasn’t done in a vulgar or sexually suggestive manner.”

    (L-R) Actors Samara Weaving, Frankie Shaw and Miguel Gomez attend SAG-AFTRA Foundation Conversations screening of "SMILF" at SAG-AFTRA Foundation Screening Room on November 28, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

    “Ms. Shaw made it clear to her actors that she would never pressure them to do anything on film that they were not comfortable doing,” added Shaw’s attorney.

    The Hollywood Reporter also shared that in Season 2, Weaving was set to do another love scene with Gomez, 33, where he would reportedly be nude while she was just wearing a T-shirt and underwear. Sources claimed the pair were asked to meet with director Cate Shortland without Shaw present to express the importance of having their privacy respected after the Season 1 conflict.

    On the morning of the shoot in question, the set was closed and monitors outside were turned off. And while Shaw was not present the day the intimate scene was shot, she allegedly texted a staffer to find out how filming was progressing. When Shaw was told the monitors were off, she allegedly instructed to have them turned on.

    Sources alleged Weaving learned what had happened from the writers and believed she reported the incident to SAG-AFTRA and Showtime.

    SAG-AFTRA did not immediately respond to Fox News for comment.

    Actress Samara Weaving arrives to the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Jan. 7, 2018.

    Shaw’s attorney said that the alleged issue with unauthorized personnel viewing the monitor needs to be addressed by others as Shaw was not on set and cannot speak on that alleged incident.

    Script supervisor Kristin Calabrese told The Hollywood Reporter that the mishandling of monitors “was completely unprofessional.”

    “They should have made it known immediately to our actors and our director,” she explained. “I know there were past incidents that had led up to this being such a sensitive situation, but on any show, if an actor is feeling unsafe or uncomfortable with something, it’s our responsibility to make them feel safe.”

    The Hollywood Reporter shared that, at Shaw’s request, Gomez sent an email expressing the set “feels like a family” and while nude scenes are “always weird… Frankie always checks in with me about it beforehand and makes sure I’m feeling comfortable and OK with it. When I told her I didn’t want to show my butt this year for a sex scene, she told me right away no problem at all and only do what I feel comfortable with.”

    Gomez admitted that “things could have been handled better” during Season 1 and that there have been discussions about the importance of a closed set before shooting the intimate scene for Season 2.

    However, Gomez wrote, “From what I’m being told, the monitor was only for the writer and director.”

    A rep for Gomez did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

    Producer Michael London also wrote an email to The Hollywood Reporter claiming that Shaw was unaware the set was supposed to have “an additional level of privacy” and that monitors were left on inadvertently as shooting continued.

    Fox News reached out to ABC Signature Studios for comment on the story and we got the following statement: "We included a statement in the original story. We have no further comment."

    August 6, 2015. Actress Rosie O’Donnell arrives for the opening night of the play "Hamilton" on Broadway in New York.

    In its previous statement to The Hollywood Reporter, the company said it is “committed to a safe work environment, and when we are made aware of issues we address them appropriately. Complaints were brought to our attention after season two production wrapped, and we are investigating. We will take appropriate steps going forward if season three is ordered.”

    Sources claimed that toward the end of production of Season 2, O’Donnell, 56, contacted Showtime executive Amy Israel as well as executive producer Scott King to express concern about “a chaotic and troubled set.” Insiders alleged that while O’Donnell did not personally clash with Shaw, she was concerned about a number of issues, particularly Shaw’s treatment of Weaving.

    In a written statement sent to Fox News about the initial report, O'Donnell wrote, "I love working with Frankie shaw on 'SMILF' and am very proud of the extraordinary representation and quality of women actors, directors, writers and crew involved with all aspects of the show. The past two years have been very meaningful and rewarding. This report contains some allegations that I was unaware of, and which are not consistent with my personal experience on the show.”

    Despite the allegations, reported a source “with knowledge of the project” claimed ABC Studios cleared Shaw following an investigation into the accusation of misconduct.

    The source added Weaving was reportedly released from her contract at her request and will not return to “SMILF” for Season 3, should it get picked up again. Season 2 premieres this Sunday.

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    Third arrest in Brandon forcible confinement, shooting case

    A third man has been arrested in a case that saw Brandon police rescue a woman tied up in a basement.

    Brandon police said they were called at about 5:30 a.m. on Oct. 8, 2018, by a man who told officers he had escaped from a house on Princess Avenue and his girlfriend was still inside.

    The man told police both he and his girlfriend had been tied up, then he had been shot in the stomach with a blank .22 calibre round and hit with a mallet.

    The girlfriend was shot with a pellet gun several times, he said.

    Police arrested a 25-year-old man who was leaving the house with a pellet gun tucked in his pants. When they got inside, they found the girlfriend in the basement, still tied up.

    The victims said they were forced into the basement of the house because the people inside believed they had stolen from them.

    Both victims had minor injuries.

    At the time, a man, 24, and a woman, 32, were arrested and charged with forcible confinement, aggravated assault, uttering threats and several firearms offences.

    A third man, 27, who was already in jail on unrelated charges, was arrested Tuesday.

    The incident is still under investigation, Brandon Police said.

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    Qatari royal: Gulf crisis to seize Qatar's wealth

    Al Jazeera obtains tape in which Sheikh Abdullah accuses Saudi and UAE of plotting to take Qatar’s wealth by force.

      A member of the Qatari royal family, who was allegedly held against his will in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has accused Saudi Arabia and the UAE of orchestrating a months-long Gulf crisis in order to seize Qatar’s wealth, and threatened to commit suicide. 

      Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali Al Thani was previously portrayed by Saudi Arabia and the UAE as an alternative to the Qatari leadership amid the major diplomatic dispute.

      In an audio recording from January 15 obtained by Al Jazeera, Sheikh Abdullah said the rift was triggered by the Saudi and Emirati crown princes, whom he accused of plotting to take Qatar’s wealth by force.   

      “The Gulf crisis is based on interests and the desire of both Mohammed bin Zayed and Mohammed bin Salman to usurp the wealth and riches of Qatar,” the sheikh said, referring to the Abu Dhabi and Saudi crown princes respectively.

      “I urge my fellow Qataris to defend your position,” he added, warning his countrymen that the two crown princes “may blind you with money to destroy your own country”.

      He went on to blame Mohammed bin Zayed “for the pressures on me, my confinement, and inability to return home (Qatar) or join my family, namely my two daughters”, and added: “I have decided to end my life with the aim of preventing any harm to others.”

      Majed al-Ansari, a professor at Qatar University, told Al Jazeera that the recording came as “no surprise”.

      “We know that [Sheikh Abdullah] has been pressured in the past couple of months,” he said. “He hasn’t been as visible as he was in the beginning of the crisis, which tells us basically that he wasn’t cooperating with his captors.”

      “There’s nobody better situated than Sheikh Abdullah to talk about what Mohammed bin Zayed and Mohammed bin Salman really want as he was their partner during this crisis,” added Ansari. 

      “He was in on everything; he was part of attempts against Qatar through this design to be the replacement of the Emir [Sheikh Tamim]. But it was clear that there was only so much that he could do when it comes to bad things he could say about Qatar.”

      ‘Prisoner’ in the UAE

      On January 14, Sheikh Abdullah had released a video statement, saying he was a “prisoner” in the UAE, and that if anything happened to him, “Sheikh Mohammed” is responsible.

      While he did not specify, Sheikh Abdullah appeared to be referring to Abu Dhabi’s crown prince.

      Abu Dhabi denied detaining Sheikh Abdullah.

      On Wednesday, he flew to Kuwait where he was transferred to a hospital shortly after his arrival in a wheelchair.

      A day earlier, Abdullah’s brother, Sheikh Khalid, told Al Jazeera that his sibling’s health had deteriorated due to exhaustion and pressure he was exposed to under Emirati authorities.

      Sheikh Khalid had added that his brother was in stable condition and should be leaving the hospital soon.

      After Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt imposed a land, sea and air blockade on Qatar in June, Sheikh Abdullah appeared frequently on Saudi and UAE television programmes expressing his views in support of the measures against Doha.

      Sheikh Abdullah was residing in Saudi Arabia since the blockade began. 

      The Saudi-led group of countries accuse Qatar of supporting “terrorism”, an allegation Doha strongly denies.

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      Germany stops arms exports to Yemen combatants

      Germany will halt all arms exports to countries involved in the ongoing war in Yemen as coalition talks continue.

        Germany will stop all arms exports to countries involved in the ongoing war in Yemen, a government spokesperson has announced.

        The decision, announced on Friday by a spokesperson for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, comes as political parties including Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) continue to hold talks about forming a coalition government following the German federal election last September.

        Germany “isn’t taking any arms exports decisions right now that aren’t in line with the results of the preliminary talks”, Steffan Seibert, a spokesperson for Merkel, said in a post on Twitter.

        The move is expected to affect Germany’s weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, which totalled almost 450 million euro ($550m) in the third fiscal quarter of 2017, according to German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

        Saudi Arabia has been at war in Yemen since March 2015, when a coalition led by the oil-rich kingdom launched a campaign of aerial bombardment aimed at countering Houthi rebels, who are widely believed to be backed by Iran, and reinstating the government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

        Amnesty Gulf, a branch of the Amnesty International rights group, praised Germany’s decision and called on other countries to do the same.

        “Good news! Germany halts arms exports to parties to the conflict in #Yemen. [The] US, UK, France and all other states selling arms to the #Saudi-led coalition must halt arms sales now!,” the organisation said Friday in a post on Twitter.

        The UK has licensed more than 4.6 billion pounds ($6.3bn) worth of arms to Saudi Arabia since the war in Yemen began, according to the UK-based Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT).

        A recent UN report on human rights abuses related to foreign intervention in Yemen documented a number of civilian casualties inflicted by Saudi-led coalition bombing.

        The panel examined 10 air attacks in 2017 that killed 157 people and found that the targets included a migrant boat, a motel and five residential buildings, according to a copy of the report seen by Al Jazeera.

        According to the Geneva-based SAM Organisation for Rights and Liberties, some 450 civilians were killed in Yemen during December 2017.

        The killings were part of 1,937 violations committed throughout the country during December, including physical assaults, violation to press freedom, torture and arbitrary detention, a January 17 report by the organisation said.

        The violations were perpetrated by “Houthis militia, Arab Coalition air force, military formations and groups loyal to the legitimate government”, the report said.

        The group condemned “all crimes included in this report which are considered as gross violations of the international humanitarian law and human rights law”.

        To date, more than 10,000 people have died during the war in Yemen and more than two million people have been displaced since fighting broke out, according to the UN.

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        Christina Ricci, Hollywood Contrarian, Doesn’t Care What You Think Of Her

        Christina Ricci knows people judge her. She grew up in the public eye as the Goth girl, the alternative chick, the youthful indie darling. For her, those tacit critiques just provide the excuse to execute another hard turn.

        “I’m a natural contrarian. So anytime someone tries to tell me what I am, I immediately change and I’m something else,” she said. “I can’t help it; I’m a total asshole in that respect. I never give people that. Sometimes it’s terrible and I should really just allow people to view me the way they want to, but I have a real desire and drive to define myself and to not be defined by others.”

        As a child star, she was best known for her role as the malevolent Wednesday Addams in “The Addams Family.” In her teen years, she demonstrated a fondness for outrageous comments about subjects like death or incest; in her private life, she faced an eating disorder and other self-destructive behaviors.

        “I had a very hard time with fame as a child, being interviewed and being asked about my life,” she said. “I think that the way that I answered questions and the things I said earlier on were just, it was like somebody twisting in the wind. I was very reactive and aggressive and I acted out. No child should be held up for adults to criticize, question, interview, weigh in on. It’s the reason we don’t have pictures of our children up online. It’s the same thing.”

        Christina Ricci and Winona Ryder, "Mermaids"

        Christina Ricci and Winona Ryder, “Mermaids”


        Ricci attributes some of those difficulties to tumbling head-first into Hollywood. After being discovered in a school play, a few commercials followed, and then she landed her first major gig as Cher’s daughter and Winona Ryder’s sister in “Mermaids.” From there, it was years before she slowed down or even thought about the path that was chosen for her.

        “I just auditioned and took things. For a very long time, because this wasn’t a career that I pursued, I didn’t have any personal passion, I didn’t really have a lot of understanding,” she said. “It took a very long time for me to have enough real meaning in my life to apply any meaning to the work I did.”

        Nevertheless, she found inspiration and an anchor in movies as a fan. “I loved ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ and I just loved [Glenn Close’s] performance. It’s so beautiful at the very end to see all the pain,” she said. “I also looked up to a lot of men when I was younger. John Malkovich [in ‘Dangerous Liaisons’] meant so much to me, and this idea that maybe I could be something like that one day was really important. I was actually also really obsessed with Richard Pryor. There was something about Richard Pryor that made me hopeful about my own success, which is strange because I couldn’t be further from Richard Pryor.”

        During that difficult time through her 20s, Ricci still delivered acclaimed performances in films like “The Ice Storm,” “Buffalo ’66,” “The Opposite of Sex,” “Prozac Nation,” “Black Snake Moan,” and “Monster” opposite Charlize Theron. She also dabbled in television, making occasional guest appearances on shows like “Ally McBeal” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” the latter which earned her an Emmy nomination. She made a more deliberate shift to TV in 2011 with the short-lived ABC series “Pan Am.”

        Christina Ricci, "Black Snake Moan"

        Christina Ricci, “Black Snake Moan”

        Paramount Classics/New Deal Prods/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock

        Lately, Ricci taken on a string of notorious figures from history. In 2014, she portrayed the titular Victorian-era murder suspect in Lifetime’s TV movie “Lizzie Borden Took an Ax,” and reprised the role for the network’s miniseries “The Lizzie Borden Chronicles” a year later. In 2017, she produced Amazon’s Zelda Fitzgerald bio drama “Z: The Beginning of Everything,” which also allowed her to portray the Jazz Age muse.

        Now, Ricci stars in another Lifetime TV movie set in the Victorian era. In “Escaping the Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story,” she plays the pioneering investigative journalist who famously faked insanity to discover the deplorable conditions in a women’s asylum and then published a harrowing account of her experience.

        “There’s nothing low stakes about a Lifetime movie,” she said. “It’s all just the most intense, dramatic thing that’s happened in anyone’s life. They’re usually exciting.”

        Brave, smart, and a progressive thinker, Bly was also a woman of privilege who had no idea of what she was getting herself into. “She’s somebody who is clearly sheltered. She wouldn’t have gotten into the situation she got into if she had been aware of the danger, of the extent to which she would be trapped,” said Ricci. “To be somebody who’s morally outraged in a place where moral outrage just has no place, in an insane asylum where people are being tortured.”

        Christina Ricci, "Escaping the Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story"

        Christina Ricci, “Escaping the Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story”

        Michelle Faye Fraser/Lifetime

        Emmy and Tony winner Judith Light plays Bly’s chief torturer, head nurse Matron Grady who has been warped by an abusive childhood. “It’s important for people to understand that abused people abuse others,” said Ricci. “If we want to have this world where everything’s just, then we need to protect our kids. That should be what our focus is on these days — the welfare of our children.”

        Protecting and empowering children is a recurring theme for Ricci, stemming back to when she was a teenager. Now, she’s a mother to her four-year-old son Freddie. “Just recently have I actually started thinking, ‘What do I really want to contribute? Who am I? What means something to me?’” she said. “I deserve to do work that I feel good about. I want to contribute to the world, I don’t want to just take from it. I want to do things that I’m proud of instead of being exploited, as I feel I was when I was a child. I am now more in charge of myself and doing things because I understand more fully what life is supposed to be about.”

        Producing her own projects is a start, but she’s also open to directing. “There are filmmakers that I absolutely love. My favorite filmmaker who’s not alive anymore is Bob Fosse,” she said. “The way he took well-known constructs and disassembled them throughout his films, it is very similar to the kind of thing that I would like to do.”

        True to her contrarian form, she’s drawn to the unusual and unexpected. “My favorite movie recently is ‘The Favourite.’ Olivia Colman’s performance in that, the character [Queen Anne] couldn’t be a better example of what I’m talking about. Somebody who is on the surface so laughable or dismissible, but really so complex and tortured and interesting and powerful in their own way. I don’t like stereotypes, I like individuals.”

        ”Escaping the Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story” premieres on Saturday, Jan. 19 at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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        Four-year-old’s Peppa Pig scooter ‘banned from bus for being classed as weapon’

        A mum has claimed that her young daughter was banned from boarding a bus after the driver called her plastic Peppa Pig scooter a "weapon".

        Holly Chapman said she and four-year-old Amber were not allowed to travel with the scooter when it stopped in Thetford, Norfolk.

        The 28-year-old mum said: "He took the first person on and she had a trolley.

        "Autumn then got on and he looked at me and said, ‘We have got a problem’.

        "I said, ‘Oh, what’s wrong?’, and he said he couldn’t let us on because she has a scooter and it is classed as a weapon.

        "I said, ‘Are you joking?’ and he said ‘No, I’m serious’."

        Holly from Brandon, Suffolk, claims that she was then told the scooter could cause a hazard to other people on the Coach Services bus.

        She added that she and Amber had been on one of the company’s other buses with the scooter earlier in the day.

        Holly said the driver eventually relented and allowed them on board to get back to the Thetford bus station where she complained.

        She added: "One employee said I should review my parenting and I should leave the scooter on the playground, not on the bus, and I said she was still living in the 1930s.

        "A four-year-old has been branded as holding a weapon.

        "It is society gone mad.

        "My little girl now thinks that we are not welcome on the bus."

        A spokesman for Coach Services denied Holly and Amber had been stopped from boarding.

        He also said it was highly unlikely a comment was made about her parenting by a company employee.

        The spokesman added: "The driver probably used the wrong terminology by calling it a weapon.

        "He asked her to keep the scooter in a seated area so it doesn’t become a hazard in an emergency situation as it could injure passengers.

        "We try as much as possible to accommodate all as safely as possible."

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        Would Captain Lee From 'Below Deck' Work With Rhylee Gerber Again?

        Captain Lee Rosbach Instagram

        Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck has been pretty clear about which crew members he’d work with again. He has a “short list” of crew members who comprise what he considers to be his dream team. Of course chief stew, Kate Chastain tops that list, but Jamie Jason (who is dating former bosun Chander Brooks) and even stewardess Kat Held made the cut.

        Rosbach also identified Chef Ben Robinson as being part of “Captain Lee’s Dream Team” plus he’d work with bosuns Kelley Johnson, Eddie Lucas, and Nico Scholly. But what about the current crew? Most likely he’d love to work with Chastain, second stew Josiah Carter, Chef Adrian Martin, deckhand Ashton Pienaar and bosun Ross Inia.

        But what about deckhand Rhylee Gerber? Rosbach has recognized her talent but often seems exasperated with her temper. He’s blogged about her defiance and even got into a Twitter spat with the fiery redhead. So would he work with Gerber again? He recently set the record straight with Gerber.

        This Twitter spat escalated quickly

        View this post on Instagram

        Capt Lee’s viewing party in full force and effect ⚓️ #belowdeck

        A post shared by Rhylee Gerber (@thelifeofrhylee) on

        Rosbach launched a tweet about the whole “check yourself” episode. “Sorey Laura, but her doing your job is not her job. Really, and @rhylee_gerber you stating that @Kate_Chastain is bitchy is like the pot calling the kettle black. Really?”

        Of course, Gerber was not going to let that go. “Oh, you’re saying she isn’t?!? Lord Capt…let’s be real!” Rosbach shot back, “@rhylee_gerber is this a conversation you really want to have. You have brought a knife to a gun fight. Sorry, oh, did I misspell that? Who have you not been bitchy with? Myself excluded.” Meanwhile, Chastain tries to defuse the situation with some comedy, “I’m certainly as bitchy as this tweet is.”

        And Rosbach has admonished Gerber for her temper

        Rosbach summed up his observations in his “Captain’s Log” blog. “Is there anyone that you are not going to be aggressive with on this boat? You weren’t unhappy to see Chandler go and you never had any problem with telling him off so I’m not sure why you told him you were sorry to see him leave.”

        He also couldn’t believe Gerber got into it with Martin in the van after a fun evening out. “Then before you even get out of the van, you get confrontational with Adrian, what was up with that? Then to top it off, you get into it with Ross, who has been nothing but sympathetic to your plight.  It’s a good thing I wasn’t around to hear that or you and I would have had a come to Jesus meeting.”

        Later in the season Rosbach even wrote, “This girl is going to be the death of me. What I am seeing as opposed to what I thought was happening could not be more different. What are you thinking when you talk to your boss and say STFU while I’m speaking? That is not acceptable in any situation. You were so far out of your lane it’s unbelievable.”

        So would Rosbach work with Gerber again?

        View this post on Instagram

        And I, you @captain_lee_rosbach ♥️ It was truly a pleasure being onboard @my_seanna with you this season. Thank you for having @josiahcarter_ and myself at your viewing party last night. The fans made it for an amazing night! #belowdeck #runningagainstthetide #jmlexus #viewingparty #booksigning #realitytv #thelifeofrhylee

        A post shared by Rhylee Gerber (@thelifeofrhylee) on

        She has it there in black and white: yes. Gerber and Carter recently joined Rosbach in South Florida for a book signing. And Rosbach wrote in Gerber’s book, “I would work with you again.”

        Gerber proudly flashed the image on social media (as proof). Showing that although they’ve had their differences, Rosbach would still count Gerber as part of his inner circle.

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