Woman who accused R. Kelly of abuse says she has a shirt with his DNA

‘I wiped it off with my t-shirt’: Woman who accused R. Kelly of abuse says she has a shirt with the singer’s DNA on it after he allegedly spat on her when she was just 16

  • Jerhonda Pace claims that she still has a shirt that has R Kelly’s spit and semen on it
  • Pace shared that she got the DNA ‘after he had spit on me, I wiped it off…. I wiped it off with my t-shirt’ 
  • R Kelly and Sony are parting ways it was reported on Friday, ending the singer’s 29-year relationship with the company  
  • Tracy Sampson, 36, gave her first TV interview since settling a sexual abuse lawsuit against R Kelly for $250,000 in 2002 
  • Kelly’s lawyer has accused Sampson and every other woman accusing his client of abuse and/or assault of lying 

One of the women who appeared in the documentary series ‘Surviving R Kelly’ claims that she has a piece of evidence that proves that she had a sexual relationship with the singer when she was 16. 

Jerhonda Pace, one of the women who appeared in the Lifetime docuseries, sat with Dateline NBC to share that she still possessed a shirt that had the 52-year-old artist’s DNA on it.

Pace shared that she got the DNA ‘after he had spit on me, I wiped it off…. I wiped it off with my t-shirt.’ 

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Jerhonda Pace claims that she still has a shirt that has R Kelly’s spit and semen on it

She added that her shirt also contained semen that belonged to Kelly. 

Olympia Field Police confirmed that they had gathered items from Pace and took a report from her. 

Kelly’s lawyer claims that the singer doesn’t know anything about the shirt. 

Pace says she met R Kelly during his 2008 child pornography trial and was seen in pictures at the courthouse during the trial. 

R Kelly and Sony have agreed to part ways reports Billboard, ending their three-decade relationship.

Pace shared that she got the DNA ‘after he had spit on me, I wiped it off…. I wiped it off with my t-shirt’

Pace says she met R Kelly during his 2008 child pornography trial and was seen in pictures at the courthouse during the trial. Pace, one of the women who appeared in the Lifetime docuseries seen above

Kelly signed with Jive back in 1991, and would later record albums under Sony subsidiaries including Epic and RCA. 

He has now been removed from both the RCA and Sony websites. 

This all comes hours after one of the first young women to ever file a lawsuit against R Kelly for sexual abuse broke her silence for the first time in a preview for Dateline.

Tracy Sampson filed her complaint against Kelly in 2002, alleging that when she was a 16-year-old intern at Epic the singer forced her into a sexual relationship that lasted for two years.    

Dump n’ grind: R Kelly and Sony are parting ways it was reported on Friday, ending the singer’s 29-year relationship with the company 

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‘I was in love with him. I just didn’t know what to do, like I didn’t know if this was normal,’ says Sampson in a preview for the episode. 

Tears then begin to roll down her face as she continues: ‘I didn’t know if this how adults acted, like I just didn’t know. I didn’t know.’

This all happened while she was an intern at Epic Records, a position she had taken over her summer vacation.

Kelly’s lawyer has accused Sampson and every other woman accusing his client of abuse and/or assault of lying, while Epic Records did not respond to a request for comment. 

Sampson also reveals for the first time that she received a $250,000 settlement after filing her complaint back in 2001 against Kelly.

Brave young woman: Tracy Sampson (above)  is giving her first interview since settling a sexual abuse lawsuit against R Kelly for $250,000 in 2002

Allegation: Sampson claims that Kelly, 52, forced himself on her when she was 16 and working as an intern at Epic Records during her summer vacation (Sampson above at 16)

Her lawsuit was filed just before it was reported that Kelly had allegedly made a sex tape with an underage girl.

Sampson described on Dateline how her first encounter with Kelly happened, claiming that it was completely against her will.  

He asked, “Can I kiss you?” and I was like, “No.”‘

‘Well, give me a hug,’ said Kelly according to Sampson. 

‘And then, like, when I gave him a hug he just started kissing me.’

Sampson filed her lawsuit at 18 and it was settled less than a year later, thus avoiding any court appearances.  

At the same time she stepped forward to share her story, Kelly’s lawyer is pushing back harder than ever before.

‘The record companies are abandoning him. Other artists are all of a sudden acting like they’re shocked by these rumors that – that are floating around. He’s having a very difficult time,’ said Steven Greenberg of the singer. 

‘But he is strong, he’s tough. He wants to put out his music and continue performing for people. And I expect that’s what he’ll be able to do.’

Andrea Canning then asked him if he truly believed that all these women were lying, to which he instantly replied:  ‘Every one of them, yes.’ 

The claims made by Sampson are similar to the ones made by a number of other women. 

Court documents obtained by DailyMail.com show that Lydia Agu, the lawyer for Faith Rodgers, filed a request for a preliminary conference last week and Judge Arlene P Bluth has been assigned to preside over the case.

Rodgers held a press conference on Friday in New York City where she repeated many of the allegations made in her lawsuit, including that Kelly knowingly infected her with Herpes, raped her and physically abused her over the course of their year-long relationship.

She was just 19 at the time of these alleged offenses. 

Agu tells DailyMail.com that she is waiting to hear back from the court on a date for the preliminary conference. 

Fighting back: Faith Rodgers (above on Friday) has requested a preliminary conference after filing a lawsuit against R Kelly back in May claiming the singer raped her and gave her herpes

Filimng: Her lawyer, Lydia Agu, told DailyMail.com that Judge Arlene P Bluth has been assigned to preside over the case

Rodgers said in her complaint, filed in May of last year, that she met Kelly backstage at a show in 2017, and a few months later his assistant flew her to New York for a concert.

‘Following his performance, Defendant, R. Kelly, bombarded Plaintiff’s hotel room and initiated unwanted sexual contact with Plaintiff,’ states the complaint. 

‘Defendant disregarded specific statements made by Plaintiff that she was “not ready to have sex” with Defendant and initiated non-consensual oral and vaginal intercourse. ‘

Rodgers said that ‘after initiating non-permissive, painful and abusive sex,’ Kelly ‘immediately insulted and criticized plaintiff concerning her “lack of participation” and physical inadequacies.’

That encounter also left Rodgers with an STD she claims, stating in the suit that she had been tested prior to the encounter and was found to be negative. 

‘Prior to initiating sexual contact, Defendant, R. Kelly, failed to advise Plaintiff that he had Herpes an incurable sexually transmitted disease,’ reads the filing.

Rodgers stayed with Kelly for almost a year after that first encounter according to the complaint, and was allegedly forced to endure more abuse.

‘During the course of their, approximately one-year relationship, Defendant, R. Kelly, routinely engaged in intimidation, mental, verbal and sexual abuse, during and after sexual contact,’ claims the complaint. 

Kelly has denied all allegations tough his lawyer

‘Defendant’s conduct was designed to humiliate, embarrass, intimidate and shame Plaintiff.’

It goes on to say: ‘Defendant, R. Kelly, routinely recorded Plaintiff without her consent submitting to deviant and compromising sexual contact.  Defendant, R. Kelly’s, sexual contact was, at times, forceful and initiated without consent and despite noted objections by Plaintiff.’

Rodgers an her lawyer have filed nine causes of action in the suit: gender-based violence, sexual battery, civil battery, gross negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, fraud, false imprisonment and nuisance. 

They are asking for damages to be determined at trial.

In her press conference on Friday, Rodgers alleged that Kelly wrote a letter threatening to reveal intimate details of her sexual history if she didn’t drop the lawsuit.

She claims the letter said Kelly would demand medical documentation of her claim that he gave her herpes, force her to turn over texts and social media posts, and have ’10 personal male witnesses testifying under oath about her sex life’.

The letter, which was not filed in court, stated: ‘If Ms Rodgers really cares about her own reputation she should cease her participation and association with the organizers of this negative campaign.’

Kelly’s lawyer responded by stating: ‘Mr. Kelly has done nothing. That’s why no one has called the police. That’s why there’s no evidence of him doing anything wrong.’ 


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Three British men accused of rape in Benidorm are acquitted

Three British men who were accused of attacking woman in Benidorm are acquitted of rape in Spanish court after ‘alleged victim does not show up to hearing’

  • Alleged victim previously told police she had sex with one of the men in 2011
  • But claims she then fell asleep and two others held her down and raped her 
  • A hearing at Provincial Court of Alicante was set to hear the case on December 5 
  • But the alleged victim did not show up to the hearing, according to local media 

Three British men have been acquitted of rape in a Spanish court after they were accused of attacking a woman in a group apartment in Benidorm.

A hearing at the Provincial Court of Alicante was set to hear the case on December 5, but the alleged victim did not show up, according to local media.

The alleged victim had previously told police she had sex with one of the men on October 30, 2011, after going back to his apartment.

The incident is said to have taken place in 2011 when the defendants met the woman in a bar in the resort, on eastern Spain’s Costa Blanca, and later went back to a flat

However, she said she fell asleep and when two others returned they held her down by the arms and raped her.

The men denied the attack and said the woman was enraged because they told her to leave so they could go to bed, and threw her shoes out of the room.

Prosecutors wanted each of her three alleged attackers to be jailed for 30 years – including 14 years for sexual assault and eight for injuries.

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One of the alleged attackers admitted in court that he had consensual ‘sexual activity’ with the woman, but claimed there was no penetration.

While the other two men claimed they did not touch the woman but asked their roommate to wake her up as they had nowhere to sleep.

They also added that the woman had become angry when they threw her shoes on the balcony – and then threatened to report them to the police and file a false report of rape.  

The alleged victims absence meant the court could not clarify contradictions in the statements she had reportedly given police officers.  

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Russian media watchdog says BBC spreads ‘terrorist ideologies’

Russia’s media watchdog accuses BBC of spreading ‘terrorist ideologies’ in latest in a tit-for-tat row over impartiality

  • Roskomnadzor, the state media watchdog, said it would investigate the BBC 
  • Last month Britain’s monitor Ofcom said RT could face sanctions for impartiality
  • It led to a tit-for-tat exchange in which the names of BBC journalists were leaked

Russia’s media watchdog accused the BBC Thursday of spreading the ideologies of ‘terrorist groups’ via online publications of its Russian service, the latest in a tit-for-tat row over media impartiality.

Roskomnadzor, the state communications and media watchdog, said it would investigate whether the BBC was breaking the law.

This was the latest volley in a wave of rhetoric against the BBC, after Britain’s broadcasting regulator Ofcom last year said the Moscow-funded RT channel had broken broadcasting standards.

The names of 44 BBC journalists working in Russia were leaked on a Russian social media site this week

‘Currently we have discovered materials which transmit the ideologies of international terrorist groups (quotes of terrorist al-Baghdadi)’ on the BBC’s Russian language website, Roskomnadzor said in a statement.

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is the leader of the Islamic state jihadist group, also known as ISIS.

Russian law does not forbid quoting individuals considered ‘terrorists’, however any mention of such outlawed groups has to come with the disclaimer that the group is banned in Russia.

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The watchdog said it would probe whether material broadcast by the BBC ‘corresponds with Russian anti-extremism legislation’.

The BBC said in a statement sent to AFP that it ‘fully complies with the legislation and regulations of every country’ in which it operates.

The Russian statement did not cite any specific articles or dates.

Roskomnadzor also said it had requested documents from the BBC’s Russian services to investigate whether it was breaking a new law limiting foreign ownership of Russian media.

It comes a month after UK broadcasting watchdog Ofcom announced Russia’s state-run network RT could face sanctions over its reporting of the Salisbury spy attack

BBC’s Russian service is limited to the internet, but it has expanded in recent years and has many top reporters on the team dealing with often sensitive political subjects.

Britain’s Ofcom said in December it had found violations of impartiality rules in seven of RT’s shows broadcast after the Salisbury nerve agent attack on former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

The ruling led Russia to announce it would launch an investigation into the BBC for breaching fairness standards under Russian media law for its reporting of the same incident. 

In an intensification of the feud, the Sunday Times published a list of names and photographs of eight reporters working for the Moscow-backed Sputnik’s UK bureau in Edinburgh. 

After the Sunday Times leak last month, a list of 44 BBC reporters working in Russia was then published online anyonymously. 

Moscow said at the time that any proceedings against the BBC were a ‘mirror measure’ for Britain’s ‘constant propaganda against RT’, a state-owned channel.

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Peter Alexander accused of charging ‘plus-size tax’ on pyjamas

Screen shots show plus-size items at Peter Alexander cost an extra $10 compared to identical items in regular sizes. Credit:peteralexander.com.au

Pyjama brand Peter Alexander has defended charging higher prices for plus-sized garments, citing "different patterns" in the manufacturing process for larger sizes.

The brand came under fire on social media on Thursday after customers on its website spotted many plus-sized styles were $10 dearer than their size 8-14 equivalents.

"I am one of the plus-sized customers and agree that it seems unfair to have been charged $10 more for the navy pj's," Margaret Ingham posted on the brand's Facebook page, which featured many similar comments.

"You can’t use the argument because you 'use less fabric' [for smaller styles] because if that’s the case for your smaller sizes you would be charging less per size! Absolute garbage!" wrote Tash Britt.

Some customers queried why the men's range, which is available in seven sizes, had flat pricing, while the women's range was split into "regular" and "plus-sized" styles, leading some customers to accuse the brand of charging a "pink" or "fat" tax.

As of Friday, the website was still showing a price difference between the "PA Plus" range and regular sizes.

In a statement, Peter Alexander said the plus-sized range used different patterns and the brand produced smaller runs of each style, which meant prices had to be slightly higher than the regular range.

"To ensure comfort and that the fit is right, we utilise a different pattern to our regular collection while still maintaining a beautiful garment," the statement said. "It is these different patterns, along with the size of the production run and to a lesser extent fabric consumption that impacts the price of the styles. We try and limit this as much as possible, and as the category and production grows, we hope to achieve parity across our collections."

Peter Alexander is not the first brand to face a consumer backlash for seemingly charging larger people more to wear its clothes.

Last year, singer Christina Aguilera was slammed for charging $US5 ($7) more for larger sizes in her tour merchandise, before the prices were adjusted.

International brands Old Navy and New Look have also been the subject of similar controversies.

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Missing mom moved to Colorado for love of man now accused of her murder, cousin says

Kelsey Berreth, along with her brother, Clint Berreth, her mother, Cheryl Berreth, and her cousin, JoDee Garretson. (Courtesy JoDee Garretson)

New details are emerging in the case of a missing Colorado mom who police suspect was killed by her fiance around Thanksgiving.

Indeed, a cousin of 29-year old Kelsey Berreth tells Fox News that Berreth, a flight instructor, moved from Washington to Colorado for love of the man now accused of her murder.

The cousin, JoDee Garretson, says Berreth met 31-year-old cattle rancher Patrick Frazee online in early 2016, and moved from Warden, Washington, a few months later to be closer to him. They were ultimately engaged and while they lived in separate homes about 15 miles apart, they shared custody of a 1-year-old daughter, Kaylee.

Berreth was last seen alive on Thanksgiving. Surveillance video at a Safeway near her home shows Berreth shopping with her daughter.

Frazee says that later that day, they met to exchange custody, and the child was in his care until his arrest on Dec. 21. He now faces charges of first-degree murder and solicitation to commit murder.

Law enforcement officials say they believe Frazee killed Berreth at her home.

Authorities have served multiple search warrants, processed numerous items, and conducted dozens of interviews. The evidence includes cellphone data, which indicate Berreth's phone was used near Gooding, Idaho, some 800 miles from her home.

According to police, Berreth’s employer got a text from her phone on Nov. 25, saying she wouldn’t be at work that week. Frazee also said she texted him that day, but the contents of that text have not been released.

Now, with Berreth presumed dead and Frazee behind bars, their daughter is the focus of a custody battle. A judge ruled this week that the child will remain with Berreth's family, but Frazee's mother has filed a motion to intervene, and the temporary custody order will be revisited at a hearing set for Thursday.

Frazee is due to make his next court appearance on Monday and could enter a plea at that time.

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Syrian father accused of Lockerbie ‘bomber’ discovered in Washington

Lockerbie ‘bomber’ is FOUND living in AMERICA: Syrian-born father accused of planting device on Pan Am plane 30 years ago is discovered in a Washington DC suburb – but he says claims ‘are all lies’

  • Man allegedly identified as Abu Elias found living as US citizen in Washington DC
  • He claimed it was ‘f***ing lies’ that he was involved in the terror attack in 1988
  • This comes after daughter of former terrorist claims Ahmed Jibril led the plot
  • Elias dismissed claims made by author Douglas Boyd that he was Jibril’s nephew 

The Syrian-born Lockerbie ‘bomber’ accused of planting an explosive on a Pan Am plane has been discovered living as a US-citizen in a suburban town in Washington  DC under a different name.  

Allegedly identified as Abu Elias, the father claims it was ‘complete lies’ that he was involved in the terror attack that killed 270 people 30 years ago, the Daily Mirror revealed. 

Elias hit out at former Cold War spy and author Douglas Boyd who claimed Libyan Abdelbaset al-Megrah – the man convicted of the attack- was falsely imprisoned. 

And the suspect, who lives 20 miles from the ­Lockerbie Cairn Memorial at Washington, told the Daily Mirror he was innocent. 

Pictured is the part of the wreckage from Pan Am Flight 103. The Syrian-born Lockerbie ‘bomber’ has been discovered living as a US-citizen in a suburban town in Washington under a different name

Author Boyd claims Abui Elia was was Ahmed Jibril’s (pictured) nephew – who was accused of leading the 1988 plot to down Pam Am 103

Author Boyd claimed the man is now working at a school in the US capital under the name Basel Bushnaq. 

Mr Boyd told the Mail on Sunday that shortly after the disaster, the Palestine Liberation Organisation, keen to boost its credentials as a political rather than terrorist organisation, published an 80-page report claiming the PFLP-GC had been paid to blow up the plane – by Iran.

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It also named Elias as a prime suspect for breaking into the Pan Am baggage store in Heathrow and planting the bomb. The baggage handling area had been broken into with bolt croppers shortly before Flight 103 took off.

Campaigners have long claimed it was Elias who planted the brown Samsonite suitcase on the Pan Am 103 flight before it took off for New York.

People gather for the service and wreath-laying at the Memorial Garden in Dryfesdale Cemetery, on the morning of the 30th anniversary of the bombing of Pan Am flight

Locals search through the rubble after debris from the plane came crashing down on the Scottish town

This comes after the daughter of a former terrorist said her father admitted to relatives that his cell leader, Ahmed Jibril, led the 1988 plot to down Pam Am 103, which was blown up by an explosive stored in a suitcase in the hold. 

Author Boyd, in his recent book Lockerbie: The Truth, claims it was Jibril’s nephew Elias that broke into the baggage storage at Heathrow to plant the device

Jordanian Saha Kheersat, 43, claimed her father Marwan Khreesat left his wife a dossier of evidence showing that Jibril – Marwan’s boss in a Palestinian terror group – was paid millions of pounds by Tehran to mastermind the attack. 

Author Boyd, in his recent book Lockerbie: The Truth, claims it was Jibril’s nephew Elias that broke into the baggage storage at Heathrow to plant the device.

The Palestine Liberation Organisation and the CIA have also previously named Elias as the suspect of the bombing. 

Asked by the Daily Mirror if he was ever known under the name of Abus Elias, he said: ‘No. I have been subject to more than 90 hours of investigation from Scotland Yard and the FBI, and they are through with me.’

He added: ‘I’m not the nephew to no one. The bit you are talking about is full of f***ing lies. It’s a bloody lie.’

When asked by The Daily Mirror where he was on December 21, 1988, he said: ‘I was in the United States. The FBI saw my journal they know I was in South West Washington DC handling my job.’

He later admitted that the identity he is currently living under is not his birth name.

And the suspect branded Mr Boyd a ‘son of a b***h’, the Daily Mirror revealed. 

Author Boyd wrote in his book: ‘Megrahi was convicted on a tissue of lies. Little of the evidence against him can be taken at face value.

Jordanian Saha Kheersat, 43, claimed her father Marwan Khreesat (pictured) left his wife a dossier of evidence showing that Jibril – Marwan’s boss in a Palestinian terror group – was paid millions of pounds by Tehran to mastermind the attack

‘It is a story of incompetence, vengeance, political expediency and then a cover-up orchestrated from the highest levels in London and in ­Washington – where the real bomber is said to live today, under cover of a witness protection scheme.’

The former Libyian security officer Megrahi was convicted in 2001, the only person found guilty of the bombing.

He was jailed for 27 years but died of prostate cancer at home in Tripoli aged 60 in 2012 after being released on compassionate grounds in 2009.

It is believed he planned to reveal Elias’ identity before he died in a bid to clear his own name.

But shortly after he was freed SNP politician Christine Grahame used Scottish Parliamentary privilege to identify the man she named as Elias. 

The Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC) announced earlier this year that a full review of the case is to be carried out to decide if a fresh appeal against Megrahi’s conviction can be made.

Policemen and firemen look at the scene of devastation in Lockerbie on December 22 – hours after the incident in 1988

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Michigan women accused of stealing at Target during ‘Shop with a Cop’ event

Michigan women accused of stealing at Target during ‘Shop with a Cop’ event

Two Michigan women were arrested for allegedly stealing almost $2,000 worth of electronics from a Target store during a charitable ‘Shop with a Cop’ event.

Criminal masterminds they are not.

Two Michigan women have been accused of stealing from a Target store that was filled with police at the time for a "Shop with a Cop" event.

Keiana Wilson, 40, of Burton, Mich. and Dana Johnson, 18, of Flint, Mich., were arrested on “felony retail fraud charges,” WXYZ reported.


On Wednesday, the Bloomfield Township Police Department along with Sylvan Lake, Keego Harbor and Orchard Lake police departments hosted a “Shop with a Cop” event at a Target in Bloomfield Township. Some 15 officers were at the store helping disadvantaged children choose a gift for their family members when the two women were seen by the store’s security officers loading a cart filled with $1,900 worth of electronics, the Detroit Free Press reported.

The women allegedly walked out of the store with the cart without paying but did not make it too far.

"The loss prevention (officers) actually apprehended them, then they asked for police assistance," Sylvan Lake Police Sgt. Michael Mondeau said. "The police officers were only about 20 feet away when they tried to walk out of the store."

Bloomfield Township Police Sgt. Dan Brown said the women were aware the officers were at the store at the time because Johnson complimented an officer on their generosity.


The Keego Harbor Police Department posted about the event on Facebook and mentioned the women accused of stealing in a tongue-in-cheek reference.

“On a side note, there must have been a special episode of ‘Dumb Criminal Minds’ being filmed live as a person tried to shoplift a bunch of electronics right in front of about 10 cops,” the Facebook post read. “They didn't get far. DON'T TAKE WHAT IS NOT YOURS, it's a simple rule that everyone should abide by and the world would be a better place.”

The two women were arraigned and bond was set at $250,000 for Johnson and $20,000 for Wilson.

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Boxer Amir Khan is accused of being ‘unIslamic’ over Christmas photo

Boxer Amir Khan is accused of being an ‘unIslamic disgrace’ online after posing in Santa hat and asking fans: ‘What you all wanting for Christmas?’

  • Boxer posted Christmas-theme photo of himself in a Santa hat on Instagram
  • He came under fire from some fans, who claimed he was ‘disobeying Allah’
  • Others rallied to his defence, insisting many Muslims ‘dabble in the festivity’

Amir Khan has been accused of ‘disobeying Allah’ after he posted a Christmas themed picture on his Instagram account.

The Bolton-born boxer, who is a devout Muslim, posted a picture of himself in a Santa hat, with the caption: ‘What you all wanting for Christmas?’

But while many fans joked about who they want to see him fight in the New Year, others took exception to the post.  

Boxer Amir Khan came under fire from some of his followers after posting this picture online

He jokingly asked follower what they wanted for Christmas in the post this afternoon

One of his followers, called Wasiafg90, wrote: ‘I think you don’t know nothing about Islam’

Another commented: ‘It’s very unfortunate to see that you are waiting for it. Don’t you know your are disobeying Allah SWT.’

Other followers told the boxer that Christmas is ‘haram’, a term meaning forbidden under Islamic law.

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But many fans weighed in to defend Khan.

An Instagram user called Sanjar Hussain wrote: ‘Guys he’s doing this because not all his fans are Muslim.’

Another wrote: ‘You don’t know Asians who live in Britain. Everyone to a point dabbles in the festivity of the nation they are born in.’ 

But a number of his followers responded by accusing him of being unIslamic

Last year, Khan received similar criticism for posting a photo of his daughter’s Christmas tree

Khan posted the picture despite having received death threats last year for treating his daughter to a Christmas tree.

He uploaded a video of decorations in his home in Bolton and told fans on Instagram: ‘While everyone’s asleep, daddy put the Christmas tree up. Lamaisah’s going to be happy #Christmas#MerryChristmas2017’ 

Many Muslims in the UK celebrate Christmas – as well as Islamic Eid. 

Last month, Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom also came under fire after she posted a photo of her and her husband at an awards event, days after she completed Umrah – the holy Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca.

On that occasion, a critic wrote: ‘One day in Allah’s house wearing nikab and the next with her legs out.’

Faryal hit back at the comments, slamming those who ‘judged’ her. 

Last month, Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdoom completed a pilgrimage to Mecca

Ms Makhdoom faced criticism online over this photo (left) of her and Khan at an awards night


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Burger bar accused of sexism over saucy Christmas poster – and owner hits back with his own jokey topless picture

The restaurant, called Dope Burger, wished its customers a "Merry Christmas" on Facebook by uploading a picture of a woman eating one of its unicorn bagels.

But punters said they will “boycott” the Hull-based takeaway after seeing the image of the woman wearing a Santa hat in just her underwear.

Claire Scott wrote: “Your advert is offensive and needs to be taken down. Whatever your motivation your advert is offensive and potentially dangerous … it’s not funny, it’s offensive.
“You’ll be boycotted … people care about their sisters, friends, girlfriends and daughters.”

Others asked if they had been “transported to the 1970s” while some suggested the takeaway had been “out of date” and “tasteless”.

However, others have jumped to the restaurant’s defence and owner Oliver Johnson even released his own topless picture after receiving criticism online.

He posited a topless picture of himself and said that he wanted to show people that “no matter your size, race or gender, we are all equal”.

Oliver told Hull Live: “It’s just a bit of Christmas fun. The world’s gone mad if we can’t have a bit of fun with it.

"Our first post yesterday was likely to cause unjustified feminist controversy, so that’s why we’ve posted another.

“The initial post was to get everyone’s attention, and the coming pictures will help people realise no matter your size, race or gender, we are all equal.”

Defending the eatery, Daniel Eastwood wrote: “People need to calm down, what exactly is offensive in this image? How is it degrading women?

"This woman is a model and if people are offended by the picture then that is unfortunate, but people are shaming a woman for the career she has chosen.

"Women do need to be treated equally, but that also means they should be allowed to follow whatever career they want without backlash. If this photo makes her feel empowered then that can only be a good thing."

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Theresa May accused of ‘concealing the facts’ over Brexit in PMQs

Theresa May accused of ‘concealing the facts’ and misleading MPs by refusing to publish the full Brexit legal advice until the Commons forced her to in fiery PMQs clash

  • Clash came after Theresa May suffered humiliating triple Commons defeat 
  • MPs voted to give the Commons power to instruct PM if her Brexit deal fails 
  • They also voted to hold Government in contempt for the first time in history 
  • e-mail



Theresa May was today accused of ‘concealing the facts’ by refusing to publish the full legal advice on her Brexit deal.

The Prime Minister finally caved to the demand and released the secret documents today after MPs voted to find the Government in contempt of Parliament last night.

It was the first time in modern history MPs have passed such a vote and dealt the PM’s authority a humiliating blow. 

The advice, published today, revealed that Attorney General Geoffrey Cox warned Britain could be stuck in the Irish backstop forever if trade talks with the EU break down. 

The SNP’s Ian Blackford rounded on the PM in the Commons, furiously accusing her misleading MPs over her Brexit deal.

He lashed her Government – saying it is one that ‘has suffered three consecutive defeats in just two hours – the first Government to do so in 40 years, and now a Government found to be in contempt of Parliament.

‘Isn’t it time that the Prime Minister take responsibility for concealing the facts of her Brexit deal?’

The SNP’s Ian Blackford (pictured right in the Commons today) rounded on the PM (pictured left in the commons today) furiously accusing her misleading MPs over her Brexit deal

MPs packed into the the Chamber – but while Theresa May (pictured) suffered three humiliating Commons defeats on Brexit last night Jeremy Corbyn did not mention the UK’s looming departure – or the defeats – once in the showdown

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Mrs May hit back saying: ‘You are wrong – this government has not concealed the facts on the Brexit deal.’

But Mr Blackford hit back, saying: That is a disappointing response from the PM. The facts had to be dragged out of the Government by this Parliament.’

63 minutes of mayhem: how May was defeated three times in an hour

Theresa May suffered the worst day of any Prime Minister in 40 years in the Commons yesterday as MPs inflicted three defeats on her in barely more than an hour.

This is how it unfolded:  

4.41pm: The first vote is announced on the Government’s amendment to the contempt motion, attempting to kick it into the long grass. Government loses 311 to 307. 

4.58pm: The main Labour motion declaring the Government to be in contempt of Parliament is announced. Government loses 311 to 293. 

5.44pm: Dominic Grieve’s amendment on what happens after the deal is rejected is announced. Government loses 321 to 299. 

5.48pm: Theresa May stands up to make the case for her deal at the Despatch Box.

He added: ‘The Prime Mister has been misleading the House – inadvertently or otherwise.’

But his remarks sparked a furious ticking off by Commons Speaker John Bercow who said the SNP politician cannot accuse the PM of purposely lying to MPs.  

While the SNP leader swooped in on the Brexit disarray tearing her party and government apart, Jeremy Corbyn did not mention the UK’s looming departure or last night’s embarrassing Commons defeats once in his questions.

The parliamentary clash came after ministers bowed to pressure and published the full legal advice they were given by Mr Cox.

He warned that Britain could be stuck in the Irish backstop forever if trade talks with the EU break down.

The document, drawn up by Mr Cox for senior ministers, said the measure is ‘intended to subsist even when negotiations have broken down’.

He told the Cabinet that ‘despite statements in the Protocol it is not intended to be permanent and the clear intention of the parties that it should be replaced by alternative, permanent arrangements, in international law the protocol would endure indefinitely until a superseding agreement took its place.’   

Mr Cox said it was impossible for Britain to escape the backstop unilaterally and it was a political deal with Brussels was the only way out. 

Earlier, MPs were warned they would live to ‘regret’ forcing the Government to publish the document.  

Tory rebels joined forces with Labour to consign Mrs May to three humbling defeats in 63 minutes of chaos last night – the worst hour in Parliament for any Prime Minister in 40 years. 

Attorney General Geoffrey Cox (pictured in the Commons today) had faced the prospect of being suspended from parliament after he refused to publish the legal advice 

Andrea Leadsom (pictured in Westminster today) said ministers would follow the orders of Parliament in publishing the legal advice but said it undermined ‘decades if not centuries of convention’

Both Leave and Remain MPs wanted the advice amid suspicion Attorney General Geoffrey Cox gave a bleaker assessment of how the deal works privately to Cabinet than he revealed publicly on Monday.  

Mrs Leadsom said ministers would now follow the orders of Parliament but said it undermined ‘decades if not centuries of convention’ where ministers received advice from the law officers in secret. 

She said: ‘I think any parliamentarian who wants at some point in the future to be in Government is going to live to regret their vote last night.’


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