Kehlani Gave Her Baby Girl A Name With The Most Beautiful Meaning

There’s happy news for "Gangsta" singer Kehlani, who welcomed her daughter into the world over the weekend. On Monday, March 25, the 23-year-old shared the news that her baby with partner Javie Young-White had arrived via a sweet Instagram post. The new mom hasn’t shared a photo of her special arrival just yet, but Kehlani did reveal her daughter’s name, and it’s one that has a beautiful meaning.

According to her post, Kehlani and Young-White named their little girl Adeya Nomi. It’s unclear if the moniker is a family name, or one they chose simply because it fit their bundle of joy so well. Per, Adeya means "a gift from God has come." Meanwhile, Nomi is of Hebrew and Japanese origin, and means "beautiful, pleasant, delightful," per When you put them together, Adeya Nomi could mean a beautiful gift from God — and that’s a wonderfully sweet sentiment to pack into such a gorgeous name.

In her post, Kehlani also shared details about her unmedicated homebirth experience. She captioned a photo of what appears to be a baby blanket,

Adeya’s father, guitarist Young-White, also shared a post commending his partner and welcoming their daughter to the world. "Adeya is here. Kehlani birthed her, standing up, right into my arms. In that moment, all the indisputable pulls of intuition, random bellows of clarity, & ear-splitting life lessons I’ve received in recent years made more sense than i’ve ever needed," he wrote.

His post continued,

It sounds like their little family is settling in and bonding now that they’ve added a new member. Since Kehlani and Young-White both mentioned taking time to relax and adjust to life as parents, it could be a while before Adeya makes her world debut. However, with talented parents like hers, this little one will probably conquer the world before her first birthday.

One thing is certain, Kehlani has been waiting to be a mother for a long time, and she seems poised to cherish every moment of her new role. Per E! News, in her October pregnancy announcement, she wrote, "Dearest little girl, I am so proud to be your mommy. I am so proud to have received you. I cannot wait to meet you, I know you will be 50,000 times more special than I can even imagine at this moment."

Now that the moment is here, it seems that being a mom is everything Kehlani hoped it would be and more. And now she, Young-White, and Adeya are ready to start a brand new adventure together.

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Indian girl, 12, ‘raped and killed’ by brothers, uncle

Two brothers are arrested in India for ‘gang-raping their sister, 12, before beheading her with a sickle’ in case that has caused such outrage lawyers refuse to represent them

  • Headless body of girl, 12, was found in central state of Madhya Pradesh last week
  • Three brothers and her uncle are accused of gang-raping then beheading her
  • Case has sparked fury and lawyers are refusing to represent suspects, police say
  • e-mail



Two brothers have been arrested in India for allegedly raping their 12-year-old sister who was later beheaded with a sickle, police say.

The girl’s uncle, 40, has also been arrested while police are now searching for the eldest brother after the body was found in the central state of Madhya Pradesh last week.

Shocked police say the case has caused such outrage that lawyers are refusing to represent the accused in the case – the latest to rock India.

The country has a grim record of sexual assaults on minors with more than 36,000 cases reported in 2016, according to latest available government data. A UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in 2014 said one in three rape victims in India was a minor. Almost half the abusers are known to the victims. 

The high rates of assault continue in India despite an overhaul of laws in the wake of a high-profile fatal gang rape of a Delhi student in 2012

The accused had initially tried to put the blame on a rival family before police in Sagar district found discrepancies in their statement and realised the eldest brother had been missing.  

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‘That was a big clue,’ district police superintendent Amit Sanghi told AFP by phone.

‘All the men (three brothers and the uncle) were involved in raping the girl and when she threatened to tell the police, they strangled her to death and chopped off her head and dumped the body.’

Sanghi said the autopsy had confirmed the victim was gang-raped and subjected to ‘unnatural sex’.

‘I have not seen such a crime in my life. Even lawyers have said they don’t want to represent the accused in this case.’

The high rates of assault continue despite an overhaul of laws in the wake of a high-profile fatal gang rape of a Delhi student in 2012 that sparked mass protests and a tightening of the law.

That crime shone a spotlight on the rising levels of violence against women in India, and saw the introduction of tough penalties for offenders and accelerated trials through court.

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15-pound newborn baby girl a 'double miracle'

There’s so much about Harper Buckley to love.

The 15-pound baby born on March 12 at Arnot Ogden Medical Center in Elmira, New York, is a “double miracle,” her mom told “Good Morning America.”

Joy and Norman Buckley struggled to conceive.

“I was only ever given a 15 percent chance of getting pregnant naturally without the help of IVF,” Joy Buckley said. “So when my husband and I found out in May of 2016 that we were expecting our first little miracle, we were overjoyed.”

The couple are also parents to Heaven, 7 and Chase, 2.

“Then when we found out we were pregnant with Harper it became the second miracle because the likelihood of it happening twice was even less than the first time.” Joy Buckley told “GMA.”

The other miracle: On a family vacation, the family was hit by a tractor trailer. “That included baby Harper who at the time we didn’t know we were expecting,” she said.

As for Harper’s adorable chubbiness, it wasn’t expected.

“The last ultrasound showed 12 pounds, and 11 ounces. But she was much bigger than anticipated.” said Buckley, whose pregnancy was monitored very closely because she is a type 2 diabetic.

Harper is currently in the NICU, her dad, Norman Buckley, told “GMA.” She may be home at the end of the week.

“She is improving daily,” her mom said. “We are just waiting on the oxygen levels to improve and her to be able to bottle feed. I will be so happy when we can go home as a family. I miss my other two children and cannot wait to be home together.”

Her dad said, “She’s a blessing to our whole family.”

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Girl, 4, dies after falling ill in east Yorkshire doctor's surgery

A GIRL, four, died after she fell ill in her local doctor's surgery.

She was rushed to hospital in an air ambulance but later died.

The little girl was at The Ridings Medical Group in East Riding, east Yorkshire, when paramedics and police were called to the scene.

An air ambulance landed in a field across the road from the surgery.

She was rushed to Hull Royal Infirmary but police have confirmed the girl later died in hospital on Wednesday.

A Humberside Police spokesperson said police were called after "concerns were raised for the safety of the patient" at the doctor's office.

The child's death is not being treated as suspicious.

Her family are currently being supported by specialist police officers.

The spokesperson said: "Yesterday we were called to a medical practice on Ferry Road in South Cave to the concern for safety of a patient at the centre.

"The patient, a four year old girl, was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary. Sadly the girl died in hospital a short time later. Her family are being supported and have asked to be allowed to grieve their loss in private.

"Her death is not being treated as suspicious and a file has been prepared for HM Coroner."

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Girl, 8, who had life saving open-heart surgery aged 2, overc

Girl, 8, who used to try to ‘peel off’ the scar she was left with after open-heart surgery overcomes her insecurity to model at London and New York Fashion Weeks

  • Freya Ingham was born with a hole in her heart and needed life-saving surgery
  • The eight-year-old from Manchester had open heart surgery aged just two
  • Surgery left her with a six-inch scar down her chest which she tried to ‘peel off’
  • She was scouted on Instagram and modelled in London and NY fashion weeks

A girl who was given life-saving open heart surgery at the age of just two has taken the fashion world by storm after she walked at New York and London Fashion week. 

Freya Ingham, eight, from Manchester, overcame the insecurities she had about a six-inch (15cm) scar on her chest following surgery in 2013 to fix a hole in her heart – and now asks photographers not to airbrush it out of images.      

Her mother, Claire Ingham, kick-started her career when she spotted a page on Instagram looking for child models last year.

Freya Ingham, eight, from Manchester pictured on the catwalk at London Fashion Week has a six inch (15cm) scar on her chest as a result of the surgery, which she use to ‘pick at’ but has learned to accept

Freya (pictured in London Fashion Week) has now modelled for small designer brands called House of Ikons, Me Clothing, Eye Candy. She wasn’t paid for any of her shows but got to keep the clothes

The scar the youngster used to try and ‘peel off’ is now something she’s proud of, says mum Claire, and the family ask photographers not to airbrush it from modelling photos

The opportunity led to Freya appearing in her first ever modelling show at London Fashion Week in September. Soon after, she was asked to walk in New York Fashion Week too. 

Claire, who is a primary school teacher, said: ‘Freya is wise beyond her years, she tells people she got her scars for being a brave girl when they ask how she got it.

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‘When she was younger she’d try to peel it off, when we went on holiday we would put plasters to cover it when she was in her swimsuit so people wouldn’t ask questions.

‘When people saw the scar, they’d go up to her and ask to touch it, it really bothered her.

Freya, pictured as a newborn, was in her first ever modelling show at London Fashion Week in September, after needing life-saving open-heart surgery as an infant

Freya Ingham, eight, from Manchester, was born with a hole in her heart and needed life-saving surgery aged just two.  Last month, aged eight, she modelled in New York Fashion Week (pictured)

‘Her insecurity got worse when she realised other kids didn’t have scars on their chests when she was changing for PE in school.

‘During both shows in London and New York in February, it was just amazing to see her on the runway, she was so proud of herself.

‘I’m so proud of her too, it makes me happy to see how much her confidence has boosted, she wants people to know that she got her scar for being a brave girl, she’s an inspiration.

Freya’s mother Claire Ingham kick-started her modelling career when she spotted a page on Instagram looking for child models last year, it took her to London Fashion Week (pictured in September getting her make-up done) and New York last month

Keen to make the most of her journey, Freya saw the sights in New York  when she went there to model last month (pictured in front of the Statue of Liberty)

‘I always tell the photographers not to airbrush her scars if they ask, she’s very proud of it.’

Freya has now modelled for small designer brands called House of Ikons, Me Clothing, Eye Candy.

She was not paid for appearing on the catwalk but was able to keep the clothes by the British and American designers.

Freya, pictured at London Fashion Week, now tells people who ask she got her scar from ‘being a brave girl’

Freya, pictured in New York’s Central Park, was excited about her trip and practised perfecting her walk and poses in front of the mirror in the living room at home

In the lead up to the event, she practised perfecting her walk and poses for the runway in her living room at home.

Her dad, Phil Ingham, 42, her twin brother Alex, who was not born with the same condition and older brother Dylan, 13, did not attend her shows because of the costs but they supported her from home.

Phil said: ‘Freya wants to share the message that you can still be beautiful with a scar or even if you’re slightly different.

‘Freya (pictured on the catwalk) wants to share the message that you can still be beautiful with a scar or even if you’re slightly different’ he proud dad Phil Ingham said

‘I’m so proud of her for having such an amazing attitude at such a young age.

‘She was excited to be in New York and London living her best life, the whole opportunity was just out of this world she even met people from Real Housewives of New Jersey.’

The family now collects money for Alder Hey’s Ronald Macdonald House where Freya was treated.

Freya, pictured in New York, left her twin brother Alex, who was not born with the same condition and older brother Dylan, 13, and Dad Phil at home and travelled with her mother 

Freya, pictured with an NYPD officer, and her family now collect money for Alder Hey’s Ronald Macdonald House and have raised more than £3,500

They have raised more than £3,500 for the hospital throughout the years.

She has also helped to organise events such as cake sales and raffles in aid of the cause.

Claire added: ‘We’ll continue to raise money when we can for the charity because they’ve helped us a lot.’

Freya, pictured with her mother Claire and grandmother Chris Chamberlain in New York

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5-year-old girl dies after doctors dismiss appendicitis symptoms

A 5-year-old girl whose appendicitis was dismissed by doctors as a tummy bug said “Daddy, I love you” moments before her tragic death.

An inquest heard Elspeth Moore told medics her stomach “felt on fire” but her parents were told she simply had a viral infection.

They took her home – without being given advice on how to monitor her symptoms – and she tragically died in her bed several days later as her worried father lay next to her.

Despite being diagnosed with viral gastroenteritis, Elspeth was actually suffering from appendicitis which developed into peritonitis and sepsis.

The inquest heard Elspeth had been sent home from school on July 2 last year following a bout of diarrhoea.

Her “freaked out” parents rushed her to Southampton Children’s Hospital after her GP said she was dehydrated and should be put on an IV drip.

Instead they took her observations, finding she had a fever of 38.3C and an increased heart-rate.

They set up a ‘fluid challenge’ whereby her parents gave her 5ml of water every five minutes for two hours to see if she could ‘keep it down’.

As it was past Elspeth’s bedtime, her parents asked to leave the hospital and continue the fluid challenge at home, meaning a second set of observations were not carried out.

The inquest heard they were allowed to leave without a discharge letter, and were only given verbal advice by the doctor.

Speaking at Winchester Coroner’s Court, Elspeth’s father Steven Moore said staff told them they were “happy” for her to be discharged.

At home the next day Elspeth seemed a little better, he said, eating more food than she had done previously.

But by July 5 her condition had deteriorated and her high fever and diarrhoea had given way to vomiting.

Devastated dad Mr Moore told how he stayed up, going into Elspeth’s room every half hour to check on her before finally going in at 11pm to see if she was awake.

“I said ‘I’m going to stay in here with you’, and lay down on the floor next to her. I said ‘love you’ and she said ‘love you daddy’.”

Several minutes later he said he heard a “weird noise, like something was catching in her throat”.

When he asked if she was okay and asked her to sit up, Elspeth didn’t respond and he discovered she was unconscious.

He and his wife called an ambulance but Elspeth was pronounced dead an hour later at A&E in Southampton General Hospital.

Recording a death by natural causes, Central Hampshire coroner Grahame Short said that gastro enteritis was not an “unreasonable diagnosis” as Elspeth had an unusually positioned appendix.

However, he said doctors could have advised the parents better.

“I find however there was insufficient advice given on how to look after Elspeth at home and most importantly what to look out for,” he said.

“Although Dr Hawkins gave general advice it was not clear to them.”

Dr Peter Wilson, clinical director for women and children’s services at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, said:  “Elspeth’s death was a tragic event and no words can express the profound regret we feel in such circumstances.

“Diagnosing appendicitis early can be difficult due to overlapping or missing symptoms and this was acknowledged by the coroner, however, an extensive investigation highlighted a number of areas in need of improvement.

“These included making changes to the management of patients in the emergency department and paediatric assessment unit and we are developing a new patient safety checklist.

“We have also made improvements to the way safety netting advice is given to parents upon discharge from hospital as a result, ensuring that patients are either given written advice or sent advice electronically using the comprehensive Healthier Together website.

“We appreciate greatly the time Mr and Mrs Moore have given to us at such a difficult time to understand the findings of our investigation and support us in making changes to improve practice.”

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Girl fighting brain tumor receives 50,000 from ‘dogs’ across the globe

Wisconsin girl, 7, fighting inoperable brain tumor asks DOGS to send her letters – and she’s received over 50,000 from around the world so far

  • Seven-year-old Emma Mertens was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, a rare brain tumor near the brain stem, on January 23 
  • Doctors say the tumor is inoperable and Emma is having radiation treatment
  • Fewer than 10 percent of children survive for two years following the diagnosis 
  • She asked friends to send her letters from their dogs during her treatment
  • Soon hundreds of messages flooded in on Facebook from around the world 
  • Her family set up a special email to accept more messages and letters continue to flood in on a GoFundMe page for her medical expenses
  • The GoFundMe page has raised $98,670 of the $100,000 goal so far 

A Wisconsin girl fighting an inoperable tumor loves dogs so much, she asked for dogs across the globe to write her letters to comfort her as she undergoes treatment. 

But seven-year-old Emma Mertens never expected to be inundated with over 50,000 letters from canines hailing from as far away as Scotland and Venezuela – and the notes just keep on coming. 

Emma was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma or DIPA on January 23. 

DIPA is a highly aggressive brain tumor near the brainstem that primarily affects children. Most diagnoses occur between the age of five and seven. 

According to DIPG Resource Network, fewer than 10 percent of children survive for two years following the heartbreaking diagnosis.  

Seven-year-old Emma Mertens was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, a rare brain tumor near the brain stem, on January 23. Emma pictured above holding a friend’s dog

Following her diagnosis she asked for pet owners to send her letters from their dogs. To her surprise she’s received over 50,000 letters from dogs across the globe. Pictured above being visited by a dog in her hospital 

Emma’s family has shared these pictures, showing the massive amount of letters she’s received from kind pet owners across the globe 

At first Emma experienced headaches and flu-like systems. 

‘By Wednesday, she was rushed into surgery to reduce swelling on the brain. She has had a second surgery now and is preparing for 6 weeks of daily radiation therapy,’ a GoFundMe page raising money for the young girl’s medical expenses says. 

‘She is a fighter and she and her family along with everyone on Team Emma are here to fight for her,’ the page adds. 

After going to the doctor and receiving the shock diagnosis, she’s now undergoing six months of radiation treatments at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. 

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Emma was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma or DIPA on January 23, a rare type of brain tumor near the brainstem and primarily affects children. Doctors say her brain tumor is inoperable 

‘We’re doing everything we can to beat this thing. We know that we have a very steep road ahead of us. We aren’t going to stop fighting until we can find a cure for this,’ Emma’s father Geoff Mertens said

She’s received heart-warming and encouraging messages from dogs and pet owners such as this one, sending her love and positive thoughts as she undergoes treatment 

‘We’re doing everything we can to beat this thing. We know that we have a very steep road ahead of us. We aren’t going to stop fighting until we can find a cure for this,’ Emma’s father Geoff Mertens said to Good Morning America.   

Emma loves dogs, even though she doesn’t have one, and often dogsits along with her parents for their neighbors. 

After she was diagnosed, her friends and family sent Emma letters addressed from their pups to make her smile.  

Petowners have shared these sweet notes from their dogs on Emma’s GoFundMe page 

At first the sweet notes came on Facebook Messenger, then she got a P.O. box and then created e-mail account to handle the influx of messages. 

People have sent notes and pictures of their smiling dogs from all corners of the globe such as a puppy named Sadie from South Africa and Charlie from Italy.

Some kind-hearted fans even post the sweet dog letters in a GoFundMe page raising money for her treatment. 

The page has already raised $98,670 of their $100,000 goal.  

Family first: Emma pictured above with her parents Geoff and Tammy Mertens

The seven-year-old pictured above beaming with her family wearing ‘Team Emma’ shirts

Animal lover: Emma’s mom Tammy says Emma’s email account is currently full with dog messages and she’s received over 50,000 letters so far

‘The thing that brings Emma joy is seeing dogs, interacting them, Kelly Zimmerman, the GoFundMe moderator and Emma’s neighbor said. ‘It’s a devastating diagnosis but seeing her smile in present day and seeing those moments has carried the hope for the family.’ 

Emma’s mom Tammy says Emma’s email account is currently full with dog messages and she’s received over 50,000 letters so far. 

‘Like Geoff [Mertens] said, Emma, the only thing she wants to do is make other people happy,’ Tammy Mertens said. ‘Having our community around her and supporting her is amazing.’ 

Any dogs that would like to write a letter to Emma can send them in via email at [email protected]  

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Girl, 11, 'raped by her gran's lover, 65,' played with dolls as she gave birth to 1.3lb baby boy a day after court approved an abortion

The girl gave birth to the baby boy at 23 weeks via a Caesarean section in the Eva Peron Hospital hospital in Tucuman province in the northwest of Argentina.

The new born child weighed only 1.3lb and was then then placed in an incubator though doctors feared he would survive, Pagina 12 reported.

“When we arrived at the operating room the girl asked to listen to Christian music while playing with dolls,” gynecologist Cecilia Ousset told local radio.

“I saw her and my legs were loose, it was like seeing my youngest daughter, the little girl did not understand everything that was going to happen.

“A baby of that age is in danger of death because she does not have the developed body to continue the pregnancy.”

Abortion is illegal in Argentina but can be carried out in exceptional circumstances.

According to local media reports, the Health Ministry granted permission for the girl to have an abortion but the local government sought to block it.

The girl then went into labour to the following  day despite her reported  wish to have an abortion.

The Noticias Argentinas news agency reported the girl told a psychologist that she wanted to have an abortion, saying: "I want them to take out what the old man put in me."

Her mother, Soledad Bazán, 36, told a court she wanted her daughter to be granted an abortion.

The girl was found to be pregnant when she went to the doctor on January 23 clinic complaining of stomach pains.

Local media reported mshe was sexually abused by 65-year-old grandfather Eliseo Víctor Amaya, who has since been arrested and in custody.

He allegedly threatened to kill the girl if she told anybody about the abuse.

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Bullied 16-year-old girl jumped to her death from Waterloo Bridge

Bullied 16-year-old girl jumped to her death from Waterloo Bridge eight months after a mental health service for young people closed her case, inquest hears

  • Rebekah Legg-Mead, 16, was bullied at school before her death in July 2016
  • The teenager left a note apologising to her family before jumping off a bridge
  • Her inquest heard after hitting the water, Ms Legg-Mead called for help 
  • A coroner returned a narrative verdict ruling out suicide due to the call for help 

A 16-year-old girl jumped off Waterloo Bridge eight months after a mental health service for young people closed her case, an inquest heard,

Rebekah Legg-Mead had suffered bullying and had to be home schooled when she tragically died.

Her inquest heard although she was referred to mental health services by her GP, she was never asked about whether she had suicidal thoughts and eight months before she died, her case was closed.

Rebekah Legg-Mead, 16, died after he jumped from Waterloo Bridge in London 

Her inquest heard Ms Legg-Mead called for help after hitting the water and a passer-by unsuccessfully tried to find her having jumped into the River Thames to save her

But a coroner could not rule the death a suicide because although she had left a note saying she ‘couldn’t take it anymore’ she screamed for help once she was in the water.

A man making his way home jumped into the Thames in a vain bid to save her in the early hours of July 10, 2016.

West London Coroner’s Court heard her GP had referred her a year before her death to the Tavistock and Portman Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) in north London.

Her family’s lawyer applied to have an Article 2 inquest – meaning social services and CAMHS could be investigated for wrong-doing at the hearing.

But Assistant Coroner Catherine Wood denied this request, saying: ‘Rebekah was undoubtedly vulnerable, but the risk to her life could not have been foreseen.’

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A statement was read from Rebekah’s mother that detailed her going down the wrong path after ‘constant bullying’.

Sarah Legg-Mead said her daughter had been a ‘caring and loving’ person had plenty of friends before going to Parliament Hill Secondary School in Highgate, north London.

Mrs Legg-Mead said: ‘This was not my first choice but a good friend of Rebekah’s was going there.

‘Unfortunately shortly after her friend left the school because her mother died. After that Rebekah was constantly complaining of bullying.

‘The school was not very helpful with my complaints. It got so bad that I eventually took her out of school and home schooled her.

‘Unfortunately the bullies followed her out of school.

‘She started hanging around with unsavoury characters, she said it was better to be friends with them than being their victim.’

The relationship between Rebekah and her mother then began to deteriorate and Mrs Legg-Mead said: ‘She started sneaking out and had mood swings.’

It was decided Rebekah would move to Brighton to live with her father and Mrs Legg-Mead said: ‘I just wanted to put distance between her and those people.

‘But she kept coming back to London to see them.’

Rebekah was referred to CAMS by her GP in July 2015 and was assessed in the meeting as ‘aggressive’ and had been both the victim and perpetrator of assaults against and by her peers.

It was revealed the therapist assigned to Rebekah was leaving the job soon and she was only seen by CAMHS once.

Dr Rob Senior, a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist and medical director of CAMHS, conducted an investigation following her death.

He said, although not placing any blame with CAMHS, that in future a therapist who was leaving his job soon would never again be allocated to someone as vulnerable as Rebekah.

Giving evidence at the inquest Dr Senior said : ‘I accept that she was someone with substantial vulnerabilities and perhaps should have been seen by someone else.

‘CAMHS services are stretched in resources and sometimes patients are handed over to other people.

‘For the record I don’t think that could be seen as contributory to her death but in terms of our practice, it was not ideal.’

But he added: ‘We had no reason to believe that at the time when we saw her she was an imminent and immediate danger to herself.

‘It was a good assessment but it was incomplete.

‘I would speculate that other things most certainly happened between when she was seen by us and when she died.’

He said following the investigation into Rebekah’s death, ‘more robust’ training for people in risk assessment had been put in place.

Dr Senior said: ‘There were questions that were not asked. An opportunity was missed, I regret that it happened like that.

‘Whether it would have made a difference to the outcome if she was asked about suicidality, it’s impossible to know.’

A post mortem report concluded, although it was impossible to rule out drowning, Rebekah died from ‘immersion and head injury’ she sustained after the fall.

The inquest heard that two men who were coming from a nightclub nearby heard Rebekah screaming for help at about 5am.

She was in the water shouting ‘help me, help me, I can’t swim’.

Dawson Correia Lima said: ‘I heard a girl screaming loudly “someone help me”. I saw her and she was struggling to keep her head above water.

‘I jumped into the water and swam about 20 metres.’

But Mr Lima was unable to find her and pulled himself onto a boat.

He said: ‘I was so upset that I hadn’t been able to save her.’

Rebekah left a note on the Bridge addressed to her friend saying she ‘couldn’t take it any longer’.

She added: ‘I want you to tell my family how much I really love them – I didn’t do this to hurt them.’

Ruling out a conclusion of suicide, the coroner in a narrative conclusion said: ‘The note indicates intention but it is inconsistent with her behaviour in the water.

‘Therefore I cannot rule this a suicide.

‘She may have made an impulsive decision. Rebekah died as a consequence of her own actions, her intentions being unclear.’ 

  • For confidential support on suicide matters in the UK, call the Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90, visit a local Samaritans branch or click here.

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Birthday Girl Cindy Crawford Is the No-Makeup Selfie Queen

Happy Birthday, Cindy Crawford Opens a New Window. ! The OG supermodel turns 53 on Wednesday, February 20, and we’re celebrating by paying homage to her ageless beauty. As a founding member of the iconic ’90s modeling crew, the brunette beauty knows a thing or two about getting glam for the red carpet or runway. But, as it turns out, in her downtime, her model-off-duty style often includes not a stitch of makeup, and she’s known to document her stunning bare-face looks in selfies.

“No matter what I do, I’m not going to look 20 or 30. I just want to look great for 50. I exercise, eat healthy and take really good care of my skin,” the mom-of-two told New Beauty Opens a New Window. in 2016. “There’s pressure on women to do the undoable, which is not age. But it’s about looking great for however old you are, regardless of what that number is.”

And look great she does! As the creator of Meaningful Beauty Opens a New Window. (she developed the melon-based skincare line with her dermatologist Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh), we know that she takes her beauty routine seriously. Beyond her obviously good genes, Crawford has talked about regularly exfoliating (she told CR Fashion Book Opens a New Window. she uses the Meaningful Beauty Triple Exfoliating Treatment Opens a New Window. two to three times week) and applying a rejuvenating retinol cream nightly — in addition to wearing SPF 30 or higher every day and sleeping on silk pillow case to ward off wrinkles. Oh, and she’s a yoga devotee, too.

Whatever she’s doing, it’s clearly working for her because her complexion is always #flawless in the au naturel pics she regularly treats Us to on her Instagram feed Opens a New Window. . In honor of her 53rd birthday, we’re rounding up Crawford’s best no-makeup selfies. Keep scrolling to see her glowing pics!


Furry Friend

“Reunited and it feels so good ,” the supermodel captioned her makeup-free snap with her precious pup on December 13, 2018.

Credit: Courtesy of Cindy Crawford/Instagram

Well Lit

Proving that she always knows how to find the best light, the model took a sunny bare-face selfie on November 25, 2018 that she captioned “overexposed.”

Credit: Courtesy of Cindy Crawford/Instagram

The Cure

How does the OG supermodel recover from her hubby Rande Gerber’s epic Casamigos Halloween bash in Las Vegas where she went dressed up as a flight attendant? With a makeup-free selfie in bed, of course, as Crawford shared on her Instagram on October 29, 2018. “Recovery mode…” she captioned the glowing snap.

Credit: Courtesy of Cindy Crawford/Instagram

Werk It

The ageless beauty was all kinds of workout #goals with her bare-face exercise selfie on October 17, 2018. She captioned the glowing pic, “Early bird hits the gym.”

Credit: Cindy Crawford/Instagram


The OG supermodel is already the queen of the no makeup selfie, but she posted this early morning, bare-face pic in July 2018, in honor of a good cause: the #WokeUpThisWayChallenge. Supporting “the journey back to realness,” Cindy shared that there was “no filter, no makeup, no hair product (except what was left from yesterday’s shoot—ha!)” and proceeded to nominate fellow models Christy Turlington Burns, Helena Christensen and Gail Elliott to post their own snaps.

Credit: Cindy Crawford/Instagram

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