‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Teddy Suffers From A Pregnancy Complication

Owen and Teddy were brought closer together during the March 21 episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, when she suffered from a painful pregnancy complication.

Could Owen and Teddy be getting back together? We’re not sure yet, but the March 21 episode of Grey’s Anatomy certainly tested the waters of a rekindled romance, when Teddy suffered from a pregnancy complication and nearly ended up in the arms of her best friend and baby daddy. During “Add It Up”, Teddy was determined to get her boyfriend, Koracick, and baby daddy, Owen, to get along with each other before a birthing class, but once she started feeling pains in her stomach, those plans were nixed. Teddy, who was feeling distress in one of Maggie’s mood rooms, started panicking and became worried that she’d delivery the baby early, so she told intern Parker to run off and find Owen as she continued screaming in pain.

Owen was already at the birthing class with Koracick, when he got a page saying that Teddy was in distress, but instead of telling Koracick about it, he acted as though he had gotten a work-related page and left the class abruptly. Meanwhile, Koracick stayed behind in the class waiting for Teddy.

As for Teddy, Carina assured her that she wasn’t in labor, but her sporadic and painful contractions were due to a condition called “cervical insufficiency.” Upon hearing that in the exam room, Teddy started panicking because she feared she’d have to give birth to her daughter sooner rather than later. But Teddy eventually calmed down when Owen arrived and started talking to her stomach. Well, that is, until Owen tried using a cute voice and Teddy became uncomfortable. But it also served as an adorable bonding moment for the expecting parents.

Later, Owen laid down in the hospital bed next to Teddy and assured her that they’d be there for each other when the baby arrives. But the sweet moment was interrupted, when Koracick walked in. And Koracick was upset when he realized that he didn’t get updated with the news about Teddy, so he took Owen aside to confront him about leaving him out. He then told Owen that he better not even think about getting back together with Teddy, who he’s hurt multiple times over the past several years. Koracick said he will not stand by and watch Teddy get hurt again, and if Owen even tried to win Teddy back, he’ll fight for her.

In other Grey’s Anatomy news, Alex and DeLuca butted heads when DeLuca took out the frustrations he was having about his dad on their 11-year-old patient. And after getting some advice from Alex about not biting back at people who try to help him (ie. Meredith), DeLuca planned a special dinner for her at his apartment. Also, Amelia and Link engaged in another passionate hookup after trying their hardest to keep their previous romp to a one-time thing.

Want more? New episodes of Grey’s Anatomy air Thursdays at 8pm on ABC!

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Grey’s Anatomy’s Giacomo Gianniotti: DeLuca & Meredith Are ‘Falling For Each Other’

Giacomo Gianniotti spoke with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about where DeLuca and Meredith’s relationship is headed now that their relationship is out in the open. Plus, he revealed Link is moving in a ‘different direction.’

MerLuca is in full swing, and HollywoodLife got EXCLUSIVE scoop from Giacomo Gianniotti about what’s coming up for Meredith and DeLuca’s relationship on Grey’s Anatomy.”I think at the beginning of the season we were playing and having fun with a love triangle between Link and DeLuca and Meredith. I think DeLuca definitely took that lead and they’re now out about being a couple, and there are all sorts of exciting things coming up for Link as well,” Giacomo teased to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY while promoting his new campaign, #JourneySafe, with Super 8 by Wyndham. “I think now that they’re not hiding it anymore, they’re excited about it. They’re falling for each other and I think it’s an exciting, fresh relationship for Meredith. I think there are some new responsibilities that are going to come from being with her. She’s got children. That’s a serious thing for someone who is dating someone else who has kids. If you’re taking them on, you’re also taking on their family. I think DeLuca’s definitely going to have some growing up to do. I feel like he’s already done a lot of growing up since he started the show.”

So, is the love triangle between DeLuca, Meredith, and Link over? “I believe Link is moving in a different direction and I’m excited to see that,” Giacomo revealed. Link is seen getting cozy with Amelia in a preview for the March 14 episode. Grey’s Anatomy season 15, which just became the longest running medical drama of all-time, airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Giacomo also talked about his #JourneySafe campaign, which aims to raise awareness around the prevalent yet highly underreported issue of drowsy driving. “Super 8 came to me and told me that they were starting this campaign about drowsy driving,” Giacomo said. “They wanted to not just bring awareness to drowsy driving but also inform people that they want to let them be their roadside companion and that safe haven they can pull over to and get the rest that they need to make sure that they reach their destination safely.” The campaign kicked off during National Sleep Awareness Month and just ahead of Daylight Saving Time, which was March 10.

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Amelia & Owen Fight & Are Surprised By Unexpected News

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is making history once again. After the Feb. 28 episode, the show is now the longest-running medical drama of all-time. The episode was full of steamy moments and a few that might break your heart.

Jackson decides to throw a party celebrating Catherine’s surgery, but the night doesn’t end how everyone’s expecting it to. The episode opens with the Grey’s gang all standing outside Jackson’s penthouse as firefighters work on the building. So, what happened?! The episode flashes back to five hours earlier when mostly everyone is still at the hospital.

Meredith tells Alex that she’s dating DeLuca. Alex, being the chief and Meredith’s friend, is kind of torn about the situation. Meredith brings up that Alex married a resident. Alex notes that Meredith was mean to Jo for a long time. Alex plants his foot right in the middle, saying that she needs to report the relationship to HR and hopes DeLuca makes her happy.

Betty’s parents arrive to come take her and baby Leo home. Amelia holds her emotions together, but you can tell she’s devastated. She gives Betty a good pep talk before sending her on her way. Amelia goes to the party with Owen, and they run right in to Teddy and Tom, who can’t keep their hands off each other. Owen is noticeably annoyed with Teddy and Tom, so this only pushes Amelia farther away. She keeps to herself. He confronts her and wonders why she won’t talk to him. Amelia says it’s hard to talk when he’s staring at Teddy the whole time. Ouch.

Meredith and DeLuca arrive to the party as well and share a sweet kiss before walking in. They end up making out in a guest room, but Richard walks in on them. It’s so awkward. Later, Meredith and Amelia cross paths. Amelia admits that she doesn’t think Owen is over Teddy. Meredith notes that Teddy is always going to be in Owen’s life, so she needs to make peace with it.

Bailey and Catherine take a limo to the hospital, and Catherine’s not exactly thrilled about the party. She doesn’t feel like celebrating because she’ll never be out of the woods with cancer. She dreads the wait between scans. Bailey stresses to Catherine that she’s alive and that is cause to enough to celebrate.

Alex’s mom, Helen, shows up at the hospital unexpectedly. Jo runs into her, so she takes Helen to the party to meet Alex. Alex, understandably, is worried about his mother. He’s not sure what state she’s in. Alex and his mother have a complicated history. She’s schizophrenic and his dad was a drug addict so Alex’s childhood wasn’t easy. Helen seems to have a good time at the party and mingles well. She drops her knitting yarn on a candle, but doesn’t notice it. Later, she can’t seem to get a burning smell out of her head. She thinks there’s a fire, but Alex doesn’t believe her.

Owen can’t shake his hate for Tom, and it doesn’t help that Jackson and Richard don’t like him either. When he tries to talk to Amelia about it, she says, “If you’re not interested in Teddy, what does it matter?” Owen thinks Amelia is being insecure about all of this, and she claps back that it’s only been 7 months since Owen left to profess his love to Teddy. It’s not a surprise that Amelia thinks those lingering feelings are there. She’s also petrified that when Owen sees his daughter, those feelings about Teddy will come flooding back. “I need to step out of the circle,” she says. “I’m saying I’m not in it anymore.”

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Grey's Anatomy's Elevator Shenanigans Made Us Scream


Grey’s Anatomy, still an evil genius after all these years. 

Tonight’s midseason premiere found multiple characters all trapped in elevators in various levels of distress, all because of an insane windstorm, and we were in varying levels of distress as we watched their stories play out. 

First, in the least stressed and most sexy of the elevators, Meredith and DeLuca tip-toed around their potential romance in the sexiest of ways, nearly kissing multiple times and speaking Italian to each other. They shared stories of their past and DeLuca opened up about his family, and finally, after some extremely sexy Italian whispering, they were just about to kiss when the elevator doors finally opened, and they ran off to help with the wind crisis. 

They connected again later as DeLuca found Meredith to ask if she was OK and to officially ask her out after work, only to be interrupted by Link, come to ask if he and Meredith were still on for an after-work date. Mer just smiled, said she was off to see her kids after a long day, and said she’d see “you” later, pointing at both of the hot men vying for her love. 

It was delightful but maddening! 


Elsewhere, in another elevator, Amelia discovered the secret Teddy had been keeping, and things got real, real awkward. Obviously Owen wants to be in the baby’s life, but he wants to be with Amelia, but who knows, this is all very complicated. Their elevator doors opened during an argument between Teddy and Amelia, which was quickly stopped as soon as they were free. 

Owen told Amelia nothing had changed for them, but she pointed out that Teddy was still Teddy, and now she was a very viable option, so she was going to give him some time to consider all his options, leaving him alone with baby Leo. 

And in a third elevator, Bailey and the intern Taryn were stuck with a dying Cece, and both in the middle of massive panic attacks. Jackson and Maggie got help from a hospital maintenance guy to get the door open, which they eventually did, and then Taryn reminded everyone of a terrifying possibility. If she were climbing out of the elevator and the elevator started to move again, she’d get cut in half. 

Everyone assured her she’d be fine, and she was, but of course it was the maintenance worker whose legs got stuck when the elevator started running again. This happened a matter of seconds after we’d been screaming over Mer and DeLuca’s almost-kiss, so suddenly we were screaming for a different reason. 

Link was ready to cut the guy’s legs fully off, but Jackson made him save them, so maintenance guy still has his legs, but we’ll never forget the imagery (that we saw in our minds, because we had our eyes closed real fast) of him getting smushed by the elevator. 

Cece, on the other hand, didn’t survive, but she apparently left a lasting impression on Meredith and Maggie, who were rethinking their love lives by the end of the episode. 

And finally, Karev, who had just been put in his place by Bailey, won some kudos when he chastised Nico and Levi for hooking up in the ambulance, instead of in the on call room or a closet with a lock on the door, like everybody else has since the dawn of Grey’s. Come on guys, haven’t you seen this show before? 

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

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Kevin McKidd Recounts 'Tearful' Post-Golden Globes Reunion With Former Grey's Anatomy Co-Star Sandra Oh: 'We Hugged for a Long, Long Time'

In the immediate aftermath of Sandra Oh’s Golden Globe co-hosting stint/Lead Actress victory last week, Grey’s Anatomy star Kevin McKidd didn’t just shower his former leading lady with congratulations on social media. He brought the message to the Killing Eve star in person.

“I hung out with her that night after she won,” McKidd tells TVLine. “She invited me to her after-party. It was pretty amazing to see her get such props and be honored in that way. I was a bit tearful. She saw me across the room and she ran over and we hugged for a long, long time.”

McKidd, meanwhile, says Oh aced her job as Globes’ co-emcee. “She was terrified about the hosting thing,” he notes. “It’s not what we [as actors] are trained to do. But she nailed it. I was really proud of her.”

McKidd has maintained a tight relationship with Oh since the actress departed Grey’s four years ago. What’s the secret behind their enduring bond? “We really trust each other and know each other,” he says. “During all of those hours working together [on Grey’s] we watched each others’ lives unfold… When she was going through a hard time, or I was, [we] leaned on each other.

“Some co-stars hate each other,” McKidd adds with a chuckle. “But I feel very fortunate in these last years of my career to have been blessed with Sandra Oh and now [current Grey’s squeeze] Caterina Scorsone.”

Grey’s Anatomy kicks off the second half of Season 15 this Thursday (8/7c, ABC).

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Jennifer Grey Joining Cast In Mysterious New Role

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers reveal that actress Jennifer Grey has been cast on the ABC medical drama in a mysterious new role.

According to a Thursday, Dec. 13 report by the Daily Mail, Jennifer Grey will join the Grey’s Anatomy cast in the second half of the season. The actress, who is best known for her role in the iconic ’80s cult classic film Dirty Dancing, where she co-starred with Patrick Swayze, is currently staying mum on the role.

Although it is being reported that Grey will have a role on the series, the details are being kept under wraps. Some rumors suggest that the actress may be playing Jo’s estranged mother, as actress Camilla Luddington did confirm that fans would meet her parents at some point this season.

The actress last appeared on an ABC show when she competed on the network’s 11th season of Dancing With the Stars eight years ago. Grey partnered with professional dancer Derek Hough, and ended up winning the entire season, taking home the coveted mirror ball trophy with her partner.

Grey’s Anatomy is currently in its 15th season, but opened to its lowest number of viewers ever for a season premiere back in September following a less-than-dramatic season finale, where fan favorite characters April and Arizona both left Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jennifer Grey may not be the only surprise casting news for Grey’s Anatomy. Actress Katherine Heigl, who previously played the role of Izzie Stevens, reportedly wants to return to the ABC medical drama.

“[Katherine] has always wanted to return to the show, but it really comes down to whether or not Shonda is on board. Bringing back one of Grey’s most beloved characters would give the show a real shot in the arm,” a source told Life & Style Magazine.

As many fans will remember, Izzie had some huge storylines during her time on the series. She had an array of love interests such as beloved heart transplant patient Denny, her best friend George O’Malley, and of course her husband, Alex Karev.

Izzie also suffered from cancer during her time on the show, and nearly lost her life. The life and death experience caused the doctor to have a serious look at her life, and she decided to leave Seattle, and Alex, behind for good. She has not returned since, although she has been mentioned a few times.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday nights on ABC.

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15 Grey's Anatomy Patients Who Checked In and Stole Our Hearts

15 Grey’s Anatomy Patients Who Checked In and Stole Our Hearts

We all know and love the amazing doctors at Grey Sloan on Grey’s Anatomy, from brave Meredith Grey to tough-as-nails Miranda Bailey. There’s no doubt that the doctors drive the drama on the show. Still, you have to admit that the guest actors who star as patients can get you all caught up in your feelings as well, especially when they cut deep into the complicated emotional lives of the beloved surgeons. Who could forget Scott Speedman’s portrayal of dreamy Dr. Marsh or Mandy Moore’s grounded performance as sweet Mary Portman? Read on to see our favorite Grey Sloan patients who’ve checked in and made us fall head over heels in love, sob profusely into our pillows, and everything in between!

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