How tall is Danny DeVito, what happened to the Dumbo star at the NTAs 2019 and what are Frank's best It's Always Sunny moments?

DANNY DeVito is one of the most recognisable faces in Hollywood thanks to his long career as an actor.

Let's take a look at his life and career – plus find out what his best moments are in It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and the release date of Dumbo, which DeVito stars in.

How tall is Danny DeVito? What is his background?

Danny stands at 4ft 8" tall – his short stature is the result of multiple epiphyseal dysplasia (Fairbank's disease), a rare genetic disorder that affects bone growth.

The actor, 74, was born November 17, 1944.

He shot to fame at the end of the 70s when he played taxi dispatcher Louie De Palma in TV show Taxi from 1978–1983.

The role won him a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy Award.

After that, Danny then made a name for himself in the movies, before heading back to TV to play Frank Reynolds in It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

He is set to make a return to the big screen in 2019 live action Disney movie Dumbo.

What are Danny's biggest films?

Danny has starred in numerous hit movies, these include (in order of popularity):

Matilda (1996) Story of a wonderful little girl, who happens to be a genius, and her wonderful teacher vs. the worst parents ever and the worst school principal imaginable.

Twins (1988) A physically perfect but innocent man goes in search of his long-lost twin brother, who is short, a womanizer, and small-time crook.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) A criminal pleads insanity after getting into trouble again and once in the mental institution rebels against the oppressive nurse and rallies up the scared patients.

Hercules (1997) Having endured his legendary twelve labors, Hercules, the Greek demigod, has his life as a sword-for-hire tested when the King of Thrace and his daughter seek his aid in defeating a tyrannical warlord.

Batman Returns (1992) When a corrupt businessman and the grotesque Penguin plot to take control of Gotham City, only Batman can stop them, while the Catwoman has her own agenda.

What are Frank Reynolds' best It's Always Sunny moments?

Danny DeVito joined the cast of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia in 2006 playing Sweet Dee and Dennis' father.

During his time on the show his character has turned into a complete degenerate who enjoys going through trash and sleeping in a bed with Charlie Kelly (Charlie Day).

Here are some of Frank's best (and worst) moments:

  • Frank gets high and stuck in a bin at a football game.
  • Frank steals a tour boat full of tourists on his way to watch Thunder Gun Express.
  • The gang gives Frank an Intervention after he goes completely off the rails and crashes a funeral drinking wine out of can.
  • Frank jumps out of sofa at an office Christmas party completely naked.
  • Frank falls out of a window and thinks he is back in 2006.
  • Frank poops the bed that him and Charlie sleep in together but won't admit it was him.

What happened with Danny at the NTAs 2019?

On January 22, 2019, Danny was booed when he introduced the Best Drama Performance award at the 2019 National Television Awards.

The Hollywood actor hit out at the "not nice" audience for booing him when he began to talk about football while on stage.

Before making the award, he told the audience: "This is a big week for me this week. It's really nice for me to be here.

"I've got tryouts. I'm going to get Petr Cech's job. Go Arsenal."

He added to the audience "you're not nice" as they booed his seeming support for Arsenal.

When is Dumbo released in the UK?

Danny DeVito is starring in the new Dumbo film, which will soar into cinemas on March 29, 2019.

It will be the first in a slew of Disney live-action releases after the successes of The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast.

The movie is directed by celebrated Alice in Wonderland director Tim Burton.

The original Dumbo was released back in 1941 and was awarded the Oscar for best scoring of a musical picture.

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Here’s How You Can Get Tickets To Jennifer Lopez’s New Tour Happening This Summer

Jennifer Lopez is a performer of all trades. Whether singing & dancing through her Las Vegas residency, starring in big screen rom-coms, or casually getting engaged to A-Rod, vacation is not in J.Lo’s vocabulary. Next up for the multi-hyphenate star is her upcoming North American tour, It’s My Party, which begins in June. Yes, J.Lo announced her tour and here’s how to get tickets so that you can get loud. Tickets for the general public will go on sale on Live Nation at 10 a.m. local time on Friday, March 29. American Express Card Members can purchase beforehand beginning Tuesday, March 26 at 10 a.m. through Thursday, March 28 at 10 p.m. So, there’s still some time for your plans to get right (ok, we’ll stop).

The tour will hit 25 cities this summer from Los Angeles on June 7 to Miami on July 25, the day after Lopez’s 50th birthday. What better way to ring in her big day than by sharing some of her most iconic music with fans? The Live Nation-produced tour/all-summer-long celebration is destined to give fans a little bit of everything. "Fans can anticipate a signature Jennifer Lopez show each night – the It’s My Party Tour will feature a nonstop party mix of Jennifer’s new and classic anthems, showstopping choreography and dancers, dazzling wardrobe, jawdropping technology and set design, and all of the glamour and wow-factor fans have come to expect of Jenny from the Block," per a press release. Is this tour a birthday present for Lopez or her fans?!

Lopez is clearly excited to announce her upcoming dates, taking to her Instagram Friday to share the news herself. She posted a video of her humorously spacing out during a tour meeting with her team, before clips of her performing, and the proclamation that, "This is gonna be the tour of the summer." After Lopez’s career of thrilling dance numbers, costume changes, and catchy songs: we’re inclined to believe her.

Lopez captioned the post, "It’s my party!!!! Let’s sing and dance the night away!! I can’t wait to celebrate my birthday with all of you on tour this summer info in bio. #JLOItsMyParty 🎈#summertour#birthdaytour#itsjustapartybaby."

It turns out that Lopez has a lot to celebrate these days. In addition to her newly announced tour, she will also be starring in the upcoming movie, Hustlers, sharing the screen with stars including Cardi B and Riverdale‘s Lili Reinhart. Plus, just weeks ago, Lopez acquired a spectacular ring and fiancé in that of former baseball player Alex Rodriguez. It seems Lopez is doing a victory lap this summer before she begins wedding planning.

Considering that Lopez has sold over 75 million records worldwide since her debut album in 1999, the set list will be full of hits. Speculation is sure to abound about which era Lopez will sing most from whether it’s Jenny on the Block or her more modern music. But her mix of genres in addition to this being her first ever US headlining tour is raising the stakes for these shows.

With Lopez’s upcoming tour looming, you should definitely act fast to snatch up your own tickets soon.

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How Will 'What We Do In The Shadows' Series Be Different From The Movie?

Cult film What We Do In the Shadows is back but on the smaller screen in an FX series, premiering March 27. Fans can expect the same cheeky humor and hilarious, dark characters, but with a new spin.

Creators Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi discussed how the FX series will differ but will still have the same vampire-blood flavor. The comedians met with The New York Times to discuss the launch of their series and looked back at their groundbreaking film that created a serious cult following.

So what elements can fans depend on seeing in the new series? But what will change? Clement and Waititi dish about what fans can expect.

This was how the series was hatched

Clement and Waititi didn’t look into their rearview after the film came out in 2014. However, their creative fangs were awakened thanks to producer Scott Rudin. ” Scott Rudin saw the film and then started harassing us until we did it,” Clement told The New York Times. “Taika. We’ve got to do this show. When is this show happening? We’ve got to get it rolling. I know it can go.”

Rudin also enthusiastically reached out to Waititi too. “I was in Hawaii, about to have my second kid,” he said. “It’d be like three or four in the morning, the phone would ring, and it would be him.”

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Rise and shine. Find out What We Do In The Shadows this March on FX. #ShadowsFX

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Shooting a television series was entirely different than the movie

When Clement and Waititi shot the film, they were the ones in charge. However, when it came time to shoot the series, things changed quite a bit. “The thing is, in the movie, we were the bosses and we never had to take notes. Now we have to take notes from the network,” Clement said. “And a lot of the notes are like, ‘In the movie … ” Oh, man. We know. We did the movie.’”

“Take notes on something you created and you know everything about,” Waititi joked. Plus, Waititi said having to listen to his voice directing and acting can got a little annoying too. “It’s hard enough listening to your own voice while you’re editing. And then also listening to your own voice while you’re directing. And acting. Doing a stupid accent and then stopping and giving a note. You’re just talking all day long.”

New characters but same idea

Thankfully the same humor and concept will remain intact. However, this new group of vampires are going to be trying to deal with life on Staten Island, according to The New York Times.

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Vacuums. An unholy scourge upon the earth. What We Do In The Shadows premieres March 27 on @FXNetworks. #ShadowsFX

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The new cast stars Matt Berry as Lazio, known for his charisma, according to FX. Also, Kayvan Novak as Nandor, known as “Nandor the Relentless.” Plus, Natasia Demetriou as Nadja, a female vampire who is considered to be the matron of the house.

Keeping the vampires fit and fabulous are Harvey Guillén as Guillermo and Mark Proksch who plays Colin Robinson. Colin is known as an “energy vampire” who can walk in the day and still eats humans but not their blood.

Do fans get to see Viago and Vladislav? “They encouraged us to do it,” Waititi told The New York Times. “‘It’d be really cool if you guys were in the show, at least one of you.’ Well, I’m not going to do it if he’s not going to do it. Neither of us really wanted to do it.”

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How Broadway’s ‘The Prom’ Is Representing Queer Women In A Way So Rarely Seen In Pop Culture

Broadway has a reputation for being an inclusive, queer-friendly space, and yet a new musical, The Prom, is still something of a first in its representation of a romance between two teenage girls — especially because it’s happy, hopeful, and without tragedy. "A lot of times we’re seeing young gay boy stories [on Broadway]," says The Prom star Isabelle McCalla, speaking over the phone, "which is wonderful." Yet there’s a major lack of shows starring young women, especially those who identify as queer.

"I think that’s what we’re getting so much from teenagers who come see it — girls are like, ‘we are seeing ourselves represented for the first time,’" continues McCalla. "And the fact that our show ends on a hopeful note for them, that means that they may also be able to have these relationships that succeed and not marred by tragedy all the time."

The Prom, which opened last fall, centers on a group of liberal, recently unemployed New York Theatre professionals who fly to a small Indiana town because a high school prom has been canceled by the PTA due to a girl named Emma (Caitlin Kinnunen) wanting to take her girlfriend, Alyssa (McCalla), as her date. The fact that Alyssa is the daughter of the PTA’s leader has already made things complicated — and things only get wilder once Broadway comes to town.

In the song "You Happened," the first act number whose music video you can watch exclusively above, the prom is — at least for the moment — back on. Amidst creative promposals from other students, Emma and Alyssa "steal a secret moment behind the bleachers to talk about how excited they are for the prom," explains McCalla, "and how Alyssa’s going to come out and they’re going to be together in public for the first time."

It’s a super sweet moment between the show’s romantic leads. "You get to see them enjoy each other and have fun with each other," says Kinnunen, also speaking via phone. The scene lets the audience see why Emma and Alyssa truly want to be together, despite the backlash they unfortunately experience. Its message is beautifully simple: what’s easier to understand than wanting to go to a dance with your high school sweetheart?

"In focusing on a small thing," says Kinnunen, "[the show] is actually dealing with issues that are much bigger. Prom is kind of a guise to open up the conversation to things that matter more than that." It’s clearly effective; some young audience members, Kinnunen and McCalla explain, even come up to them after the show in shock that LGBTQ+ discrimination is still so prevalent.

"It’s been a constant reminder to listen and to really communicate with people and be honest and open to different world views," says McCalla. "It’s been a refreshing look on the world outside of New York. This does happen in America. It still happen every day […] Proms do get canceled. Kids get expelled, kids get suspended all because they wanted to take a same sex date to their school dance."

Already, The Prom has broken major ground, when McCalla and Kinnunen shared the first same sex kiss to ever be featured during the 2018 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. After the event, the actors recall, letters started pouring in from people across the country who were inspired by that moment to come out to their families. "The fact that our show is […] the catalyst for the discussion between families," says McCalla, "is like the best thing,"

Watching the women sing and dance in The Prom, it’s impossible not to fall in love with them. The fact that the show is reaching so many people in powerful, essential ways is just the icing on the cake.

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How breast implants have destroyed women’s health: ‘It felt like I was poisoned’

Some deflating news: Breast implants are being tied to a rise in autoimmune disorders and other illnesses, prompting a conference next week by the Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA approved the return of silicone implants in 2006, after yanking many from the market after studies linked them to diseases in the connective tissue. Today, 400,000 women in the US opt for implants each year, mostly for cosmetic reasons but also for reconstruction following mastectomies.

But on Friday, the FDA detailed the side effects from some implants, including a rare cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma and such immune-system disorders as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Next week’s conference will feature patient-advocacy groups and women like Maria Gmitro, a mother of two who says her health took a turn for the worse after she received implants to correct asymmetrical breasts in June 2014.

Her doctors had reassured her the silicone implants were “completely safe.” But within six months, the otherwise healthy 40-year-old teacher struggled with fatigue, insomnia, intestinal issues, bladder inflammation, migraines, joint pain and rashes across her body.

At the time, Gmitro didn’t know the source of the problem, and she saw countless specialists and fixated on eating organic, unprocessed food. “I did everything I could do to be the healthiest person I could be,” she tells The Post. But she was eventually forced to quit her job amid her health struggles. It was only after stumbling upon a Facebook advocacy group for women with health complications from implants that she finally realized the link between her surgery and her sickness.

“All the symptoms and the stories were the same,” Gmitro says. “I could have written those stories.”

She says her doctors pooh-poohed the theory, as did the surgeon who performed the procedure. “He said, ‘The FDA said there’s no connection,’ like we were accusing him of something,” she says. “He made me feel very stupid.”

Newly aware that her health could be restored after the implants were removed, she had the procedure reversed in September 2017.

“I had some immediate relief” from the pain in her joints and other ills, says the Charleston, SC, resident, who spent $7,000 out of pocket for the procedure that her insurance failed to cover.

“I felt like I had a hangover every day before — it felt like I was poisoned,” she says. Now, some 18 months after her implants were removed, she feels 75 percent better. “But on my worst days, I still look better than my best days of being sick . . . If I knew I could get breast-implant illness or a possibility of cancer, I never would have had the implants.”

Crystal Hefner, Hugh Hefner’s 32-year-old widow, has been outspoken about removing her implants. She made the move nearly three years ago, after suffering from autoimmune illnesses she believes were caused by the “ticking time bombs” that she added to her chest at age 22.

“I can’t believe women are still getting them,” she tells The Post. “The FDA re-evaluating implants is a great first step because it equals more awareness . . . and change. More and more women are making the connection to all the undiagnosed problems they’ve been having that their doctors can’t figure out.”

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Here’s How Emily Will Factor Into The New ‘PLL’ Spinoff

It feels simultaneously like only yesterday and centuries ago that Pretty Little Liars wrapped things up with a really weird reveal that Alex, Spencer’s long-lost twin sister, was Uber A and had been torturing the Liars for years. Many fans (including this one) still aren’t over it. Thankfully, PLL: The Perfectionists is here to fill the Freeform-shaped hole that Pretty Little Liars left in our hearts, and it’s full of new mysteries and even hotter characters, which is impressive. Two Liars, Janel Parrish and Sasha Pieterse are on the series, and given that Alison and Emily are supposed to be together, fans might be wondering if Shay Mitchell is on The Perfectionists?

Sadly, Emily is gone for now, but true fans know "never say never" in this world. Pretty Little Liars ended, finally, on a happy note for Emison — that is, Alison and Emily. They were in love and together, and they had two adorable twin babies to take care of. But we all know that in Rosewood, you can’t count on a sure thing, because Alison is now in Beacon Heights, Oregon, and Emily is back in Rosewood with their children. That means that, as of the show’s premiere, Emily is not a cast member on The Perfectionists — for now and she may not be making any cameos.

Most of it seems to do with scheduling. Back when The Perfectionists was being sorted out, according to Entertainment Weekly, Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily, was attached to another Sara Shepard spinoff, The Heiresses and she also had a big part in everyone’s favorite new stalker drama You. That means no time to play Emily! But now spoiler alert, everyone is dead on You and The Heiresses never got an air date, so, uh, maybe It could happen now that her schedule is cleared up.

Pretty Little Liars and The Perfectionists showrunner I. Marlene King told Entertainment Tonight how hard it is to wrangle all of those actors in the first place. She said:

King went onto say that Emily and Alison’s babies are about three years old in The Perfectionists, and yes, we will see their perfect chubby faces. Hmm… how will the twins get to Beacon Heights without one of their mommies present? In an on-set interview with Sasha Pieterse, who plays Alison, Pieterse told Bustle, "I can’t tell you anything, I wish I could. I can say that [Emily] is very much present, she can’t take her mind off [her family]." It sure seems like Emily is always right around the corner.

And it’s a good thing, because Alison has once again bitten off more than she can chew in Beacon Heights. Another school, another murder, another group of bratty kids. At least now she’s older and wiser, and she definitely has Mona to help back her up if they act up.

Additional reporting by Karen Fratti.

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How PSG could line-up next season with Kroos, Kante and Griezmann in XI

PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN are lining-up an audacious £68million swoop for Real Madrid star Toni Kroos to replace Adrien Rabiot this summer.

The French midfielder, 23, is out of contract this summer after a season-long stand-off – with Barcelona leading the race for his signature on a free transfer.

As well as Kroos, PSG have been lining up a host of summer moves – and we take a look at how the Ligue 1 giants could line-up for the start of the 2019-20 season.


Alphonse Areola

AREOLA has been the No1 this season in Paris – and is expected to for the long haul.

The two-cap France star, 26, has kept Gianluigi Buffon out of the team for much of the season – and is likely to remain the main man between the sticks next year.


Thomas Meunier, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva, Juan Bernat

IT will likely be business as usual in the Parisien defence – with this talented back-four arguably one of the best in Europe.

With Presnel Kimpembe, Thilo Kehrer, Dani Alves and  Layvin Kurzawa also in the squad, there's absolutely no need for reinforcements this summer.


Toni Kroos, N'Golo Kante, Marco Verratti

IT'S the midfield where things get really interesting – with a move for German star Kroos just the start.

The Los Blancos star would slot in nicely driving forward with Verratti.

But PSG are also hoping to take advantage of Kante being played out of position at Chelsea – by offering him the chance to slot back into the central defensive midfield role at the club.


Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann, Neymar

PSG already have arguably the best attacking trio in the world with Mbappe, Neymar and Edinson Cavani on the books.

But the Uruguayan appears to be being left behind by his younger colleagues – with boss Thomas Tuchel eyeing up a move for Atletico Madrid icon Griezmann.

Despite Cavani's incredible talent, it's fair to say that would still be an upgrade to an already fearsome front-line.

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Euro 2020: How many teams will be playing in the tournament, and how many cities will host fixtures?

EURO 2020 will be a unique tournament that will not be hosted by a single nation or joint bid.

It will mark 60 years of the competition and also sees countries gain more opportunities to qualify.

Getty Images – Getty2

Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin has continued to organise the unique Euro 2020 tournament, after his disgraced predecessor Michel Platini laid the groundwork

How many teams will play at Euro 2020?

The previous European Championships saw a expanded tournament of 24 teams, with Euro 2020 continuing on from that.

Yet, countries have previously only reached the tournament through qualifying.

They now have another opportunity in the Uefa Nations League, with four places on offer.

With the inaugural competition split into four leagues, dependant on rank, a spot will be awarded to a nation ranked between 40th and 55th by the European football governing body.

Among those sides are San Marino and the newly formed Kosovo.

How many cities will host matches?

In previous European Championships, there has been a single bid by nations.

However, the 2020 version sees the tournament spread across 12 cities in different countries in Europe.

Among those are Wembley, which will host seven matches including both semi-finals and the final on July 12.

The full list of cities are:

  • Wembley – London, England
  • Allianz Arena – Munich, Germany
  • Stadio Olimpico – Rome, Italy
  • Olympic Stadium – Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Krestovsky Stadium – Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Johan Cruyff Arena – Amsterdam, Holland
  • San Mames – Bilbao, Spain
  • Ferenc Puskas Stadium – Budapest, Hungary
  • Hampden Park – Glasgow, Scotland
  • Parken Stadium – Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Aviva Stadium – Dublin, Republic of Ireland
  • Arena Nationala – Bucharest, Romania

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How Many Kids Do Victoria and David Beckham Have?

David and Victoria Beckham are one of those celebrity couples that have been with each other so long that you can’t help but say their names together.

In the ’90s and early 2000s, Posh and Becks became well-known on both sides of the pond. She was a member of one of the most famous girl groups of all time, the Spice Girls, and David became an international soccer star. Today, Victoria runs a successful fashion empire and David is the current president of the soccer team Inter Miami CF and co-owner of the Salford City football club.

Here’s more about the power couple including how long they’ve been married, how many children they have, and what their jaw-dropping net worth is.

How long they’ve been married

David has said that he knew Victoria was the one for him the very first time he saw her, and that was before he even met her.

While watching a Spice Girls video, the soccer stud reportedly pointed out Posh Spice and told his friend that he was going to marry her. After they did finally meet in 1997, she said that it really was “completely love at first sight.”

The two announced their engagement the following year and tied the knot on July 4, 1999.

How many children they have

The Beckhams have four children together.

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Happy New Year from us all ♥️ @victoriabeckham @brooklynbeckham @romeobeckham @cruzbeckham #harperseven ♥️

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Their oldest son, Brooklyn, was born on March 4, 1999. They welcomed their second son, Romeo, on Sept. 1, 2002, and another son, Cruz, three years later on Feb. 20, 2005. Even though their dad was a famous soccer player, the boys have decided not to follow in their father’s footsteps.

“All three boys used to have contracts with Arsenal,” Victoria told Grazia. “They were going to be footballers so they were signed at a very young age. And they were all really good. Brooklyn was the first to say that he didn’t want to play anymore. And then Romeo decided he didn’t want to do it either. I remember Romeo sitting in the bath getting really upset, saying ‘I don’t want to let daddy down’. So I told him daddy just wants you to be happy. And now he’s playing tennis. Every day.”

On July 10, 2011, Victoria gave birth to the couple’s first daughter, Harper.

The fashion mogul revealed that in her house it’s all about the “girl power.”

“I say to Harper all the time, it’s not about who is the prettiest girl in the class, it’s not about who is the smartest girl in the class, it’s about who is the kindest girl in the class,” Victoria said. “And it’s about feeling good about yourself, celebrating that and supporting other women. David and I have always communicated that message with the boys, too — that’s always been very important to us. It’s always been a very pro-female household, even when we were outnumbered.”

What is the couple’s net worth?

It’s no secret that the Beckhams live a pretty extravagant lifestyle these days as the couple has been known for buying large gifts with equally large price tags.

One year for Victoria’s birthday, her hubby bought her an entire vineyard in Napa Valley, California. The pair can certainly afford over-the-top purchases like that though given that they each have an estimated net worth of $450 million. Yes, you read that correctly, David and Victoria are worth around $450 million apiece.

Since hanging up his cleats in 2013, David had continued raking in plenty of cash through endorsement deals with several different companies. As for his wife, she’s had collaborations with the brands Reebok and the beauty house Estée Lauder to name a few and her Victoria Beckham fashion label is valued at more than $130 million.

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How Old Is Solange Knowles?

Anyone can easily tell you that Beyoncé is the most iconic female musician of our generation.

But how many of us knew her younger sister was taking over the music industry as well?

Solange Knowles is a singer, songwriter, record producer and actress whose mission in life is to empower black women through her music, just like her big sister.

Though Solange hasn’t gotten as much recognition as Beyoncé in the past, she has established a voice and delivered songs that make her one of the most authentic artists to date.

Solange is five years younger than Beyoncé

Solange Piaget Knowles was born on June 24, 1986 in Houston, Texas to Matthew and Tina Knowles.

The 32-year-old’s love for music began at the young age of five when she made her singing debut at an amusement park. She also grew up performing alongside her sister, Beyoncé, in their family’s home.

By the time she was nine, Solange found that songwriting was her true passion and wanted a chance to record her own songs.

Since Beyoncé was already in the music industry at this time, Knowles father advised her to put recording songs on hold just until she was a little older.

At the age of 15, Solange joined her sister’s group, Destiny’s Child on tour as one of their backup dancers.

A year later, Solange was singed to her father’s recording company, Music World Entertainment, which was the beginning of music career.

She co-writes and co-produces a majority of her music

Once she was signed to her father’s label, Solange was close to putting the finishing touches on her debut album, Solo Star, which included a few songs she co-wrote and co-produced.

Solange described the album as one with pop, rock, reggae and hip hop influences even though many believe it to be primarily uptempo R&B.

Solo Star claimed a spot on the Billboard 200 shortly after its release, which deemed Knowles a definite force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

After working on her debut album, Solange Knowles took some time away from music to act in films and television shows.

From 2004-2006 Solange starred in films such as Johnson Family Vacation and Bring It On: All or Nothing.

Her acting career was followed by a career break in order for her to raise her son Julez who she gave birth to in 2004.

In 2007, Solange returned to the studio, after divorcing her husband, to begin working on her second album.

With her second album, Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams, Solange wanted to showcase songs that were heavily influenced by the “Motown Sound.”

Solange’s goal with this album was to stand apart from popular music at the time and showcase soul-inspired beats in order to illustrate who she was as a person and musical artist.

In 2013, Solange launched her very own recording label, Saint Records, which she used to release her third studio album as well as future music projects.

Her music is very different from her sister’s

Even though the world considers Beyoncé to be one of the most compelling and showstopping musical artists of this generation, Solange can easily be looked at as someone completely different.

Solange is not at all concerned with selling out stadiums or wowing audiences with vocals.

Instead, she is more interested in creating music that reflects her own experiences as a young black woman living in today’s society.

Solange definitely showed that in her third studio album, A Seat at the Table.

The album gives fans an alternative R&B interpretation with warm vocals, soft musical instruments and messages of being the black feminist Solange has shown the world she completely embodies. 

Solange Knowles happens to be much more than Beyoncé younger sister when it comes to music and is continuing to receive critical acclaim for her work.

On March 1, 2018, Solange released her fourth studio album When I Get Home that, just like her previous album, is full of powerful messages that illuminate the black experience.

View this post on Instagram

“When I Get Home” the film coming out tonight at 4pm PT/7pm ET on @applemusic and i couldn’t be more proud ! Link in the bio y’all so damn much!

A post shared by @ saintrecords on

Since its release, When I Get Home, has already become many people’s favorite album of the year and considers it to definitely be the one to beat.

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