Mum mocks lingerie model’s sexy window pose and gives her neighbours an eyeful in the process

ONE mum has the internet in stitches yet again with another post copying a model’s steamy black-and-white lingerie shoot.

Laura, who posts under Knee Deep in Life, has amassed more than 70,000 followers on Instagram, where she shared yet another hilarious photo.

She copied a photoshoot of a model wearing black lingerie while posing in a window.

Standing in her living room – with the curtains open – Laura posed in her bra, some granny pants and a pair of socks.

The mum captioned her hilarious post: “When it's less about looking to the light and finding the right angle, and more pray to f*** someone doesn't choose to walk their dog as your colon is smeared across the glass.

“Thank f*** our road hasn't entered into neighbourhood watch.

“I've been told matching underwear is the key to a mans heart, I've also been told so are b*** jobs, but that's not happening either.”

Fans have praised her for her hilarious portrayal of yet another photoshoot, commenting: “You are my hero.”

Another joked: “Your poor neighbours.”

Wile a third said: “This is awesome. You're the greatest.”

Others also commented on her outfit, with someone saying: “Lol it socks make it look more funny hilarious.”

And the pants are a big hit, especially with this person: “Big pants, comfort & safety.”

Agreeing, this person said: “I have these knickers .. so comfortable… and white matches with everything.”

Here’s Laura doing what she does best – as she recreates another sexy pose, this time in a car.

And if you want more, here's Laura copying a very high-cut bikini pose.

Plus here’s what happened when she tried to squeeze in to a pair of spanx.

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Single mum Natalee Carucci insists she’s ‘not a benefits sponge’

‘I’m no benefits sponger’: Unemployed mother with six children by three different fathers hits back at critics after receiving backlash from her stint on a reality show

  • Natalee Carucci, 35, from Liverpool appeared on Channel 5 reality show
  • But the single mother-of-six says she has been criticised by strangers 
  • Natalee has hit back with an impassioned Facebook message for her critics 
  • In it, the mother-of-six insists she is ‘not a benefits sponge’ and not a ‘sl**’ 

An unemployed mother-of-six who starred in a reality show about the realities of life as a single mum has hit back at critics who called her a ‘benefits sponge’.

Natalee Carucci, 35, from Liverpool appeared on Channel 5’s Who Needs A Man If You’ve Got A Spray Tan, which promised to ‘explore what life is like for a modern single mum’.

But in a defiant Facebook video, Natalee, whose six children are by three different fathers, revealed she had been subjected to fierce criticism over her lifestyle choice and wanted to ‘set the facts straight’.

In the clip, which has since been deleted, Natalee told her critics to ‘eat their words’ and explained that she ‘physically can’t work’ because two of her children have special needs, according to the Sun.

Scroll down for video 

L-R Natalee with baby McKenzie, Riley, Maddie, Paddy, Elisia, Gianna in a supermarket in Liverpool, as seen on Channel 5’s now-cancelled Who Needs A Man If You’ve Got A Spray Tan

Natalee, whose six children are by three different fathers, has revealed she had been subjected to fierce criticism over her lifestyle choice and wanted to ‘set the facts straight’

She explained that she was married for more than ten years, followed by two more long-term relationships that ‘didn’t work out’ – forcing her to ‘move on with her life’.

Natalee noted that she ‘never asked to be a single parent’ and that life can be ‘hard’, adding: ‘I am not a benefit sponge, I have always worked my whole life. I am not a s*** because I have three different kid’s dads.

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‘Yes I do claim benefits, I have worked all my life, I have worked heavily pregnant, through my pregnancies, I don’t work now because I have two children with special needs.’

Natalee also spoke about the challenges faced by one of her daughters, who has lifelong brain damage caused by bacterial meningitis, and her son, with has bowel problems which means he needs help going to the toilet.

Natalee with (L-R) Gianna, Paddy, Riley, Natalee, Elisia and Maddie tucking in to a Sunday roast at home, as seen on the Channel 5 show which has since been scheduled to a later date

Natalee, pictured in the Channel 5 show, has been forced to explain that she was married for more than ten years, followed by two more long-term relationships that ‘didn’t work out’

‘We have a machine that we used to help him empty his bowel,’ Natalee said. ‘He has had several operations in the past couple of years with weeks of recovery after some of them.

‘It’s hard being a single parent, it is extremely hard being a single parent to a child with special needs.’

‘I adore my kids, my kids are my whole world,’ Natalee added. ‘Everything I do is because of my kids, my whole life basically revolves around them.

‘They come before me every single time, I walk round in old clothes, if my kids need something, they are going to get it.’

Natalee (pictured with daughter Maddie, picking out a dress for the teen’s birthday party) has said in a furious Facebook post: ‘It’s hard being a single parent, it is extremely hard being a single parent to a child with special needs’

Much of the backlash came from Natalee’s decision to spend money on her appearance.

But the defiant mother-of-six hit back: ‘Yeah, I do get my hair done, obviously. The last time I got my lips done was about four years ago, I don’t get it on the regular, just with all the comments that are being said, I haven’t had it done since.’

She added: ‘The negative comments, some of them are so cruel, and so mean and I just think to myself, to those negative people who clearly have nothing better to do then to just spread hate, go ahead.’

A spokesperson for Channel 5 said: ‘Who Needs a Man… is a programme which celebrates the single mums of Knowsley, Liverpool. 

‘The series follows a group of strong women as they juggle everything which life can throw at them, from working multiple jobs, to raising a family. It’s a positive insight into the real day-to-day lives of single parent families.’

MailOnline has contacted Natalee for more information. 

Who Needs A Man When You’ve Got A Spray Tan is available on My5 now

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Mum, 36, who 'killed daughter, 3, in bath spent WEEKS Googling “how to kill by drowning” before tragedy’

Claire Colebourn, 36, allegedly held little Bethan under the water before putting her on a bed where she was discovered with soaking wet hair the next day by her grandmother.

She watched an American YouTube video called "someone dies in the tub everyday" as she scoured the web for information on drowning and suicide, it was said.

Jurors at Winchester Crown Court heard how Colebourn mistakenly believed her husband Michael, 38, was cheating on her with a fellow executive at his marine firm.

She allegedly spent weeks researching 'how to kill by drowning' and if drowning was 'relatively painless' after her husband left her on September 7, 2017.

Prosecutor Kerry Maylin said: "We can also see entries for dating sites. There's a search for country-wide dating and a site called Muddy Matches.

"There is also searches for how to find a farmer to date, single farmers New Forest and 'why is husband so adamant to leave'."


Jurors were told Colebourn would often get into blazing rows with her husband and shouted and swore at him at their home in Fordingbridge, Hants.

Neighbour Richard Smee said the couple had rowed a few weeks before Bethan's death in October 2017 with Mr Colebourn changing and becoming the "dominant one".

The court was earlier told about Colebourn’s chilling description to police of the night she allegedly drowned and killed her daughter.

The prosecutor said: "She said she used her hand to hold her under the water ‘because I don’t want her to go anywhere near her father’, and confirmed that when she took her out of the bath she was already dead.

“‘She kept putting her hands on her face and said ‘I don’t want a bath mummy. I don’t want a bath.’ I drowned my own daughter. I drowned my own daughter’."


The jury heard that Colebourn had said: "Before I pushed her, I told her I loved her. It’s going to haunt me for the rest of my life – her body jumped. I just wanted it to be over as soon as possible.

"She wasn’t really fighting against it. She didn’t fight. Her hands and arms were tucked under and I think she had complete trust in me. I took her out and I knew she was dead".

Yesterday, Mr Colebourn broke down in court as he told jurors about his final moments with his daughter.

Mr Colebourn and his wife had separated the month before and he arranged to see Bethan twice a week until formal arrangements were made.


He said: "It was the first time I was to have Bethan on my own [after splitting up].

"Claire was not very keen to give Bethan to me and started again to ask why I was doing this and trying to prevent me from taking Bethan, which also upset Bethan.

"I dropped Bethan home about 5pm. Bethan kissed and hugged me, then went into the house. She was happy, she was pleased to see the dog. She was fine."

The 38-year-old said he had returned to the home days later to pick Bethan up and knocked on the door – not realising his daughter lay dead inside, it was claimed.

Jurors were told his type-one diabetic wife had attempted to take her life.

Mr Colebourn assumed he had got his dates with Bethan mixed up and went to the office, the court was told.

He was later woken up by police, who broke the devastating news his daughter was dead.


Colebourn believed her husband was spying on her through the 'Wi-Fi and computer' at the home they had shared, told family he was a "controlling bully" and filed divorce papers claiming he did not want Bethan in his life, it was said.

The mum's obsession had allegedly seen her spend days scouring the internet for details on her husband's former girlfriend, as well as researching suicide and if drowning was painless.


After her little girl's death, the court was told Colebourn posted two chilling letters, the first to a police station in Bournemouth, Dorset, detailing what had happened to her relationship with her husband and the second to her mum, telling her she loved her.

Prosecutor Kerry Maylin said: "When she was cautioned by police, Claire said 'we had a bath, we had a bath and I can't remember anything else'.

"On the journey to the police station, she said 'I did not kill her'. But at the police station in Southampton, officers reported she was in a jovial mood, almost laughing and joking."

They said in an intercepted letter, Colebourn described her husband as "controlling" and a "bully".

She added: "She said she didn't save her daughter from the bath, adding 'I did not want her to suffer' and 'in my eyes, I saved her'.

"In the final police interview, Claire said, 'I am responsible. Bethan drowned because I was there, I held her under the water'."

Former science teacher Claire Colebourn denies one count of murder.

The trial continues.

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Mum found 13-month-old baby girl drowned after 'leaving twins in bath while she made phone calls and had a smoke'

Sarah Morris ran into the street screaming after discovering 13-month-old Rosie in the bath with her twin brother, jurors were told.

The 35-year-old allegedly left the tots  for "prolonged periods when she was chatting away" to her partner Sarah Swindells.

Morris denies manslaughter through gross negligence after Rosie died on July 29, 2015, at her home in Greenfield near Holywell, Flintshire.

Jurors were told Morris had been bathing Rosie and her twin in a bath which had been filled around 1ft deep with water.


Prosecutor Oliver Saxby QC, told the court: “The water came up roughly to their middles as they sat in the bath.

“Neither baby had any sort of child support in the bath to help prop them up.”

The jury were told the call between Morris and her girlfriend had last for 47 minutes and the mum had checked on her babies on occasion.

But he added: “For periods of this 47 minutes she wasn’t supervising them at all. At one stage the defendant went in her bedroom while on her phone and had a cigarette out of the window.”


After Morris discovered Rosie in the bath, she allegedly phoned her friend for nine minutes before running into the street with the stricken tot turned upside down screaming for help.

A neighbour called 999 and Rosie was rushed to Glan Clwyd Hospital but was declared dead.

Just two weeks before, she had been given assistance from Flintshire council and had received a leaflet detailing the dangers of leaving children unattended in the bath, it was said.

Mr Saxby said Morris had given “conflicting accounts” about what happened and claimed she had pulled out the plug and left Rosie “for a second” as she fetched a towel.

He added: "As a result of her failure to supervise the twins as they sat unsupported, one of them drowned."

The trial continues.

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Mum of schoolboy, 14, who killed himself 'after being thrown out of lessons for wearing a hoodie' storms out of inquest in tears

Katrina Wray rushed from the inquest into her teenage son's death after the coroner ruled it was suicide.

The MailOnline reports she became upset when the verdict was not given as manslaughter, after Derek Brundrett was found hanged in 2013.

Derek was described in the inquest as a "risk taker" who loved free running.

But his family had feared he was a suicide risk and sought help from their doctor, social services and a mental health team.

Arsenal fan Derek was in foster care in December 2013 when he was asked to leave the lesson for wearing non-uniform clothing.

The inquest heard he had been told to leave a science class after refusing to remove a hoodie, which was not part of his uniform.

He walked around the school for around an hour, before going outside to the wooded area, and was found dead by staff and pupils at around 1.30pm.

Today his mum said: "If they had listened it may have resulted in a different outcome than my son’s death.

“I sincerely hope that lessons will be learned so that other children will not be failed in the same way. I look forward to receiving an apology.”


Paul Bennett, Assistant Coroner for Pembrokeshire, said: “Derek is seen on school CCTV walking towards a wooded area known as the Circle.

“He was subsequently found by a friend hanging from a branch of a tree.

“I find that Derek had set about a deliberate act of self harm.”

The inquest heard Derek was worried he was might be moved out of mainstream education and away from his friends because of his behaviour.

He had previously climbed onto the school roof but the coroner ruled it was to impress friends rather than a serious suicide attempt.

Mr Bennett ruled out systemic failings by Pembrokeshire County Council Social services and the Specialist Child and Adult Mental Health Service.

In a narrative verdict the coroner said: “Derek took his own life in circumstances where despite efforts to refer him for psychiatric support there was a failure to do so.

“There was a failure to refer by a social worker, there was a failure by a GP to provide additional information when the referrals of 2012 and 2013 were declined.”

A Pembrokeshire Council spokesman said after the case: “We would like to repeat our sincere condolences to them at this time."

If you are affected by any of the issues raised in this article, please call the Samaritans on (free) 116123

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Mum and daughter, 7, rescued from horror car crash when boy tracked them down on Snapchat

Gemma Fairweather, 38, was driving home with her seven-year-old daughter Martha when she veered off a country road and ended up in a ditch.

She panicked and phoned her boyfriend Graham Potts to alert the emergency services after he car ended down an embankment near the village of Blundeston, Suffolk.

Graham's 15-year-old son Sam the used his knowledge of messaging app Snapchat to rescue Gemma and her daughter Martha after a terrifying 20-minute ordeal in the dark.

Sam used the apps geo-location tool, Snap Map, to trace Gemma's car and tell the 999 crews searching for her on Sunday night.


Gemma said she was terrified to climb out of the car and go for help because Martha was trapped in the wreckage.

She feared any sudden movement would send the vehicle toppling over, crushing her daughter.

Gemma said: "They couldn't find us, it was my boyfriend's son who found us on Snapchat.


"We were down in the ditch out of sight and everybody kept driving past us because it was so dark.

"It was scary but if we had moved, it could have been a lot worse."

She and Martha had been driving from Lowestoft, where Graham lives, to their home in Wymondham.

But the car swerved off a country lane and down the embankment just before 10pm.

Gemma added: "I know it sounds strange, but I like taking the back road home so I can drive slowly to save on petrol.

"A car was coming towards us so I dipped my headlights, and on that bend there is no sign to say there is a corner.

"There's also no safety barrier and over we went – it was quite a slippery night.

"My daughter was in the car, the window was smashed and her door was jammed – so we just didn't move."

After 20 minutes the first ambulances arrived to help the pair, who both luckily escaped with shock, cuts and bruises.

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Mum guilty of MURDER after four-month-old son ‘died of untreated NAPPY RASH causing baby's diaper to become riddled with maggots’

Iowa woman Cheyanne Harris, 21, had pleaded not guilty after the lifeless body of her four-month-old infant was found "rotting" in a baby swing.

But, the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier reports it took the jury about four hours on Wednesday to find her guilty of first-degree murder and child endangerment causing death.

The charges stem from the death of Sterling Koehn, whose body was found August 30, 2017, in a maggot-infested diaper at an apartment in Alta Vista.

First responders discovered his body in a mechanical baby swing, inside a sweltering bedroom.

The Associated Press said the infant was "rotting", and that a medical examiner found maggots in his clothing and skin.

He weighed less than seven pounds, reports the Des Moines Register.

A forensic entomologist who examined insects on the infant's body concluded he had been left in the swing for nine to 14 days in the same diaper.

An autopsy showed he died of malnutrition, dehydration and an E. coli infection caused by being left in a maggot-infested nappy for up to two weeks.

First-degree murder carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole, reports the New York Post.


The baby’s father, Zachary Koehn, has already been sentenced to life in prison in the case.

When Harris appeared in Plymouth County Courthouse in Le Mars late last month, she left the courtroom sobbing during the first day of her trial after prosecutors showed photos of her lifeless son in his swing set, bleeding from the mouth.

A public defender said that while the baby's death was a tragedy, it wasn't a planned murder, as Harris suffered from postpartum depression, but didn't intend harming her boy.

Nichole Watt said: "The monster, in this case, is mental health."

During last year's trial of Zachary Paul Koehn, prosecutors told a court in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, that the infant perished after his skin became infected with bacteria after spending up to a fortnight in the same nappy.

The monster, in this case, is mental health.

Assistant Attorney General Coleman McAllister said that the baby's heavily soiled nappy had attracted bugs that had laid eggs, which hatched into maggots.

The resulting nappy rash led to ruptured skin, and e.Coli bacteria set in.

"He died of diaper rash. That's right, diaper rash," McAllister said.

Koehn's lawyers had argued that the baby's death was a tragedy, but not a crime.

But the prosecution rubbished the defence’s claims, saying Koehn was an experienced parent noting that the accused’s two-year-old daughter was also in the apartment and was healthy.

They also argued that Koehn had money to buy food and baby supplies adding that he was a drug user.

Nurse and county rescue squad emergency medical technician Toni Friedrich testified that she was the first to arrive at the apartment after Koehn called 911 to report the baby had died.

Friedrich said Koehn showed no emotion when he led her to the dark, hot bedroom where the baby's body was.

The baby's "eyes were open, and it was a blank stare," she said.

Friedrich said when she touched the baby's chest, his clothing was crusty. When she moved his blanket, gnats flew up, she said.

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Mum, 24, who lost four kids aged 3, 4, 6 and 8 in Stafford 'gas' blaze 'only ever wanted children' says heartbroken pals

Natalie Unitt, 24, escaped by jumping out of a first floor bedroom window with her partner Chris Moulton, 28 who was clutching their 2-year-old son Jack, as the inferno ripped through their Stafford home.

But her other kids Riley, eight, Keegan, six, Tilly Rose, four, and three-year-old Olly all died in the fire that brought down the roof of their three-bed terrace home.

Eldest child Riley is from Natalie's earlier relationship with his dad Matt Holt.

Natalie, who describes herself as a "proud mummy" on social media is being treated for smoke inhalation while partner Chris, 28, is recovering with minor burns.

Toddler Jack was unhurt but being monitored.

Neighbour and ex fellow pupil Sophie Flood said: “Natalie was bullied at school all the time. People were so horrible to her. All she ever wanted in life was to be a mum and she lived for those kids.

"They were her whole world and now she’s lost four of her babies she’ll be totally devastated. I don’t know how she’ll cope without them.”

Devastated relatives have been laying flowers today in memory of the four tragic youngsters.

One touching tribute reads: “RIP babies, life is so cruel. All our thoughts are with the family at this very sad time.”

Another said: "To my lovely grandkids I will always miss you. Love you always xxx".

The cause of the fire is currently being investigated but witnesses believe it may have been caused by a gas leak.


Horrified neighbours have described how they heard the children screaming as the flames spread through the two-storey home.

Wendy Pickering said: "I went into the bathroom and I heard children screaming and I said to [my husband] to phone 999.

"They got here ever so quick. We could see the flames from the kitchen window and there lapping at the roof

"There were no windows in the parents bedroom – the glass had gone as well as the guttering.

"It was really high, it was so intense – there was so much smoke.

"We heard two bangs but we don't know what might have caused it."

One told Sun Online the dad of the tragic youngsters heroically jumped from the top floor of the flaming house holding a baby along with the mum.

Brave firefighters then battled to reach those trapped inside but were beaten back by flames as the inferno took hold of the two storey home.

Witnesses also said a large blue and green flame could be seen through the roof of the property suggesting a gas fire.

Dramatic pictures show flames shooting from the second storey of the home leaving the roof gutted.


Jason Stones, 48, said the family "didn't stand a chance" as the fire took hold.

He added: "You could hear small pops and explosions coming from the house at about 2.30am.

"My dogs woke me up. I looked out the window and smoke was pouring from the back of the house down the road.

"My wife dialled 999 while I rushed outside and you could feel the heat coming up the road."

There were several small explosions, which sounded like fireworks going off

A neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, added: "I've heard the dad jumped from the top window holding his child.

"I guess you would do anything that you could, I can't imagine the heartbreak they must be feeling at not being able to save the others.

"There were several small explosions, which sounded like fireworks going off. The flames were pretty high at one point, they were coming out of the roof."

Another described how they saw a "sheet of fire" engulf the upstairs window as flames erupted.


The headteacher of Castlechurch Primary School, where three of the children attended, today paid an emotional tribute saying they were "absolutely devastated".

Nicola Glover said: "Riley was a very confident, excitable member of school who came everyday full of enthusiasm.

"He was a caring friend who hated to see anyone hurt or upset and would do his best to help or cheer them up.

"Riley had a great sense of humour and an infectious giggle. He was a very bright and articulate boy who showed interest in all areas and was always keen to ask lots of questions.

"Tilly was a happy little girl who loved coming to nursery. She was a friendly and caring child who loved to read stories, dress up and paint. Tilly was always proud of her achievements.

Keegan was lively, full of fun and mischief with a really endearing smile

"Olly was a happy, loving boy who loved cuddles. He was always happy to come to nursery and loved to be in the role play area with the dolls."

The head confirmed psychologists would be available to staff and pupils affected by the tragedy as she expressed sympathy for the family.

Headteacher Kim Ellis, from Marshlands Special School where Keegan was a pupil, said:"Keegan was lively, full of fun and mischief with a really endearing smile.

"He loved school and everyone who worked with him loved him. We were all proud of him and the progress that he had made. It is very hard to accept what has happened.

"Our school community are understandably devastated and our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

"We are also putting support in place to help our staff and fellow pupils at this difficult time."


Cops confirmed four children were tragically declared dead at the scene and two adults and another child were rushed to hospital with their injuries not believed to be life threatening.

Fire crews are now combing the scene for clues with a search being carried out at the home.

Staffordshire Police confirmed in a press conference this afternoon the four children were all aged between three and eight.

Tragically, four children from the property were confirmed dead on scene

"Our thoughts are with the family, who are being supported by specialist officers at this difficult time."

A Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesman confirmed they were carrying out a joint investigation with Staffordshire Police.

West Midlands Ambulance Service said they sent three ambulances, the Trust's Hazardous Area Response Team, the MERIT trauma team and a BASICS emergency doctor to the home.

They added: "Three occupants, two adults and a child, had managed to get out of the property.

"All three patients were assessed and treated on scene by ambulance staff for non-life-threatening injuries before being taken to hospital for further care.

"Tragically, four children from the property were confirmed dead on scene."

More to follow…

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Furious mum accuses school of putting kids’ security at risk by giving them hoodies with their full names on

But one parent is far from impressed and has taken to Mumsnet for advice about what she thinks is a "big safeguarding issue".

"Just found out the Y6 leavers hoodies (FFS since when was this a thing for Yr 6!) will have the full names on their hoodies in the year number with their own name above the number and the school emblem and name on the front," she wrote.

"Am I being unreasonable to think this is a big safeguarding issue and should not be permitted?

"Am I also being unreasonable to wait to take this up with the PTA who are organising this?

"Hoodies are worn all week on Yr 6 school trip."

And it seems the post has divided other Mumsnet users, although the majority have taken the stance that the hoodies are not a safety concern as long as parents are able to opt in or out.

One wrote: "It would only be a safeguarding issue if they put the full name of a child on that the school knew was at risk and didn't have permission to use the name for.

"Even then in the grand scale of things only a minor one as the chances of someone not linked closely to a child getting close enough to read the names is probably pretty slim.

"That said if you are not happy ask for only the first name to be used for your child or first name and initial."

Other users became frustrated with the parent, with one telling the mum to "chill out" while another said: "Do people really have to suck the joy out of every little thing these days?

"You don’t want your kids to have one, fine, phone the school and ask your child’s name to be removed from the list of names and don’t buy one.

"But leave everyone else alone. My son and his friends loved their leavers hoodies and they largely just wore them to school where everyone knew who they were anyway.

"Do you not think with how risk averse schools are that they’ve thought of these things?"

Another added: "These hoodies are not compulsory are they I think you are being a bit OTT."

Others however, agreed with the parent, with one claiming it could be an issue for a child who has been adopted.

"Yes this is a safeguarding issue," they wrote.

"A child who has an abusive parent or has been adopted could be traced to a school by the jumper.

"I would ask whether the PTA are going to get consent to use the children’s names because they may not be aware of all safeguarding issues."

While another said: "Yes it’s a safeguarding issue, as it violates the privacy of the kids included and for some of them it could post a real risk to their safety.

"Even if none of the children that year have known safeguarding concerns there may be things going on the school are unaware of.

"It’s just a bad idea."

Another user suggested it could be an issue for year six children based on maturity levels.

"Of course it's a safeguarding issue, even if the child isn't at risk from abusive relatives or other people known to them," they wrote.

"Some children, if approached by a stranger who 'knows' their name, might assume the person knows their family and trust them/go with them.

"Year 6 is still quite young; maturity and street smarts vary hugely and that's not even considering SEN."

What do you think?

Earlier this week, we told you about the mum-to-be left ‘depressed’ after finding out she’s having a boy instead of a girl.

We also revealed Kimberley Walsh has been praised for sharing candid bikini snap of post baby-body as she hails new mums as ‘superheroes’

And we showed you one school’s VERY strict list of foods allowed in lunch boxes that bans flavoured yogurt and all biscuits leaves mum baffled over what to give ‘fussy’ son.

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Who is Bailey's mum in EastEnders and why did Mitch Baker lie about being her dad?

But why has he been trying to keep it on the DL? Let’s find out…

Who is Bailey’s mum in EastEnders?

We’re not sure at the moment but from the way Mitch has been trying to keep it hidden from his ex Karen Taylor, we’re betting it’s someone the launderette worker isn’t a huge fan of.

The only thing we really know about Bailey’s mum is that – for whatever reason – she’s unable to care for her daughter at the moment  and Bailey actually spends lots of time caring for her.

It was speculated that Bailey could actually be Karen and Mitch’s grand-daughter, with some fans thinking the little girl was the child of Chantelle Baker who will be arriving in Walford later this year.

But now Mitch has revealed he’s her dad and that she’s Keegan and Chantelle’s sister, that’s obviously not the case.

Why did Mitch Baker lie about being Bailey’s dad?

He hasn’t said his reasons for keeping Bailey’s identity secret but it seems to mostly be because he was worried about upsetting son Keegan Baker.

Mitch hasn’t been around for much of the troubled teen’s life and dropping a secret sister on him while he is still grieving for his murdered best mate Shakil Kazemi would’ve been a bit much.

Mitch also clearly has a strong bond with his daughter, something which he doesn’t share with his son.

It’s also possible that Mitch didn’t want Karen – who he’s hoping to get back with – knowing he’d gone on and had children with another woman.

Also, if Karen knew, it might’ve blown Mitch’s chances of finding a good babysitter for Bailey!


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