Man Utd legend Giggs reveals anger at Fergie over '99 final midfield snub and claims he could have done a better job than Beckham

RYAN GIGGS has finally revealed his hurt at Alex Ferguson preferring David Beckham as midfield playmaker in Manchester United's famous 1999 Champions League comeback win over Bayern Munich.

But Old Trafford record-appearance maker Giggs also admitted he was "sh*t" as United clinched the Treble through a stoppage-time double from subs Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Giggs, though, has always believed he would have made a bigger difference in the centre than fellow Class of 92 legend Becks.

The Wales boss, 45, told the Mail: "There is a bit of me — and I don’t think I have said this before — that felt I should have been playing centre mid.

"It was between me and Becks and I felt I could have affected it more. I was a little bit, 'I am in the wrong position here'.

"But that’s no excuse. We knew we could make history or fail and with 10 minutes to go I just thought it was gone. Nightmare."

United's late urgency overturned Mario Basler's early opener for a slicker Bayern side to nick a 2-1 triumph.

And Fergie has insisted Giggs played an important tactical role in the fightback by repeatedly running at Bayern left back Michael Tarnat.

Giggs said: "I did as he asked. I kept going at Tarnat but kept losing the ball. To be honest, I was s*** that night.

"I always used to say that we would get one chance but in that one we were that bad there was just nothing.

"I was definitely drifting off a little bit in my mind. I knew I would have to face my mates and I wondered if I would ever be there again."

Giggs also claims United's formidable team spirit gave current interim boss Solskjaer a secret side belying his nice man image.

He revealed how Solskjaer taunted new boy Rio Ferdinand with "Is this all you get for £30million these days?" after the England defender miscontrolled a pass deliberately over hit by Roy Keane during training in 1996.

Giggs said: "Ole was the nicest guy in the world until we got hold of him. When you got in that environment with us it was a tough school and you changed. You had to."

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Woman, 26, reveals why she will NEVER marry or have children

The millennials who REFUSE to ever get married: Woman, 26, insists she’ll never wed her partner in protest at ‘sexist tradition’ – and brands having children ‘most selfish thing you can do’

  • Mila Brazzi, 26, from Brighton has decided not to have children or get married
  • She and her partner of 1.5 years Louis Day, 28, made the collective decision 
  • The couple believe marriage is an expensive and stressful process 
  • Mila believes having children is the most selfish thing a person can do   
  • According to Match, a third of single Brits have no desire to make formal vows 
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A woman has revealed why she and her long-term partner have made the collective decision not to have children or get married. 

Mila Brazzi, 26, from Brighton, who has been dating Louis Day, 28, for almost two years, came to a decision not to exchange vows or have children after discussing plans for their future. 

The senior account manager admitted they have both received pressure and judgement from their family to conform to traditional ideas surrounding relationships, but have yet to tell them the outcome of their decision.

Mila and Louis’ decision follows research from online dating service that revealed a third of single Brits don’t want to tie the knot, and no longer believe ‘I do’ is the ultimate symbol of commitment that it once was.

Mila, who met charity engagement worker Louis at work eight years ago, revealed there were a number of contributing reasons that led to their decision, and explained that she believes marriage doesn’t place men and women ‘on an equal level’.

She also became aware that there were more ‘unhappily married couples than happy ones’, and believes that the environmental impact of overpopulation makes having children the ‘most selfish thing you can do’. 

Louis Day, 28, and Mila Brazzi, 26, from Brighton (pictured) explained why they’ve made the collective decision not to get married or have children, branding it ‘selfish’

Explaining why she is against marriage, she said: ‘I have many issues with the overall tradition of marriage as it doesn’t place men and women on an equal level and as such I have no interested in supporting or being a part of it.

‘It’s seen as tradition for many for of the man to ask permission from the woman’s father or male head of the household before asking the woman herself if she wants to marry him. Although this is more symbolic now, the father of the bride ‘giving his daughter away’ is still very common. 

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‘Also at the end of the ceremony, the phrase ‘I now pronounce you man and wife’ encapsulates the inequality faced by women. 

‘Why doesn’t it say husband and wife or man and woman? As a female in a patriarchal society that believes in genuine equality, that’s a very uncomfortable phrase to hear.’

Mila who works as a senior account manager met charity engagement worker Louis while working together eight years ago. The pair, pictured on the beach in Britain, have received pressure to conform to traditional relationship values from their family 

 Explaining why she decided against having children, she explained: ‘The turning point for me was when I listened to a podcast about the ethics of having children which encouraged me to think about the impact of procreation in a new and deeper way.

‘Although, even before this I was already of the opinion that there are too many people versus resources in the world and having a child would just add to the huge existing pressure on the planet’s resources. 

‘My decision to not bring new life into the world is for the benefit of the unborn human as much as it is for those already living. 

‘Ultimately, I believe that having kids is the most selfish thing a person can do when there isn’t enough resources for the people already living to have a good life.’ 

Reflecting on how her views on settling down have changed, she continued: ‘I just realised as I grew out of my late teens that marriage was in reality different to the romanticised and idealised notion I grew up with. 

‘Being unhappily trapped in a marriage seems, to me, such a tragic situation to be in and certainly not something I want for me and Louis. 

The couple’s decision not to conform comes in the wake of findings from that revealed a third of single Brits are now against marriage. The couple are seen together on a night out

‘My parents were never married, but many other close family members are. I would say that I’m more aware of the unhappily married couples around me than the happy ones. 

‘Once we knew we both wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, the conversation naturally lead onto marriage and children. 

‘It was important for us to establish that we both had similar dreams for the future to ensure we’d be happy together in the long term. 

‘I think there are so many ways to show a person your love and commitment that are far more meaningful and exciting than marriage – and less expensive and stressful too. The most valuable thing Louis and I have is our time. 

‘Planning long, amazing adventures together is a great way of expressing our love for each other – it shows that we want to experience new things and really live in that moment with each other. 

‘I can certainly see more people around me beginning to think the same way.’ 

Mila (pictured with Louis) revealed her parents were never married and the majority of people who she knows that have made legal vows are unhappy 

The 26-year-old says marriage goes against her personal beliefs as it doesn’t place men and women on an equal level in addition to being stressful and expensive, seen together

Mila, who believes discussing views on marriage and children with Louis often is important for addressing if anything has changed, explained that discussing the subjects has strengthened their relationship. 

She continued: ‘We discuss these things fairly often, checking in to see if anything has changed. We’re very open and honest with each other and I think talking about these big subjects has helped us become even closer while also strengthening our relationship. 

‘We haven’t mentioned our decision not to get married or have children to our families, mainly to save ourselves having to have a potentially awkward and fraught discussion. 

Mila revealed many of she and Louis’s friends aren’t surprised by their decision not to have children as they are also unsure if they want them. Seen at a party together

‘As you would expect, friends with kids disagree with our point of view and say that being a parent is the best thing that could happen to anyone. 

‘Largely friends that don’t have kids don’t seem surprised in our decision as many are unsure themselves if they want or will ever have kids.’

She added: ‘Louis wanted kids when he was in his early twenties. I just liked the idea of having a real life doll to dress up, which is definitely not a good enough reason to have a child.’

The senior account manager says no one can predict the future, therefore it’s impossible to promise to love someone forever. The couple are seen at the pub together

Speaking a bout marriage, she added: ‘The biggest factor for me not wanting to get married is I don’t believe in it. I don’t believe you can promise to love someone forever even if you feel 100 per cent sure you really love them. 

‘Nobody can predict the future which is why no one can know for certain that they will want to be with their partner forever.’

The recent findings also reveal that half of people believe having a joint bank account is just as much of a commitment as exchanging vows, while 29 per cent say owning a pet together is a marker or a truly committed relationship. 

Meanwhile over a quarter of singletons claim they can’t afford to have children and 30 per cent of millennials would prefer to spend their cash on a lavish lifestyle than on raising a family.

Match’s dating expert Hayley Quinn said: ‘These findings reflect a shift in how we are viewing relationships – we’re entering an era which champions an individualistic approach to dating. 

Mila, seen with Louis, believes having children is the most selfish decision anyone can make as there is already so much pressure on the world’s resources 

‘We are redesigning how we exist in our relationships – whether we date one person, or many, whether we marry, or remain unattached by choice and what our life priorities are. 

‘This is a positive step as for many it means freedom to pursue happiness on their own terms.’  

Mila who has not considered preventive surgery to avoid pregnancy added: ‘My advice to anyone would be to do some research first and to think carefully about why they want to have kids or get married before they actually do it. 

‘And then ask themselves if they think that their reasons are good enough to go through with it. 

‘There are some valid arguments to have a couple of children, but having any more than two is to be beyond selfish in my opinion. 

‘I’d say we’re in the minority but I definitely feel the tides are beginning to shift as more and more people take finical and wider ethical concerns into account when thinking about their life decision.’ 

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Jenny McCarthy Reveals Horror Stories From ‘The View’: 6 Bombshells

Speaking her truth — and spilling the tea! Jenny McCarthy spoke candidly about her time on The View and made shocking claims about her former cohosts Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg. 

The Jenny McCarthy Show host reflected on working for the ABC show in Vulture’s sneak peek Opens a New Window. of the upcoming book Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of ‘The View.’

“Every day I went home and I was miserable,” the former Playboy model admitted. “It really was the most miserable I’ve been on a job in my 25 years of show business.”

McCarthy didn’t hold back as she detailed allegedly horrifying stories about working with Walters and Goldberg, both of whom constantly picked fights with her and with each other.

The Two and a Half Men alum felt that Walters especially never accepted her addition to the talk show: “Imagine a woman like Barbara Walters. It’s her last year and she doesn’t want to leave. Think about that. And I’m the new bitch here.”

McCarthy appeared on season 17 of The View from 2013 to 2014 and she was brought on to replace Elisabeth Hasselbeck. “They did try to change me. They wanted Elisabth back and I wasn’t Elisabeth,” she recalled. “I would literally have meetings before the show of them trying to input opinions in me to go against Whoopi. I was going to work crying. I couldn’t be myself. My fans were telling me, ‘Where’s Jenny? They aren’t letting you be you.’”

The Scream actress knew that her supporters were right when she shared a similar sentiment with Howard Stern in July 2014 after exiting the show. “Halfway into it, it was probably around February, I went, ‘God, I’m not allowed to be the best of me here.’ I feel like, to have a voice, to be able to speak without having to interrupt people … it’s very difficult and I don’t like doing it,” she explained at the time. “It’s very uncomfortable so I felt like, ‘You know what? Maybe this is just a stepping stone for me to go somewhere where I can actually be my full self.’”

Scroll down to find out what allegedly went down among McCarthy, Walters and Goldberg!

It’s Personal

McCarthy first appeared on The View in 2007 while promoting her book Louder Than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism in which she argues that her autistic son Evan’s health improved through a gluten-free diet and with behavioral therapy. The author was excited to share her story, but Walters grilled her before the episode started filming.


“I walked into her dressing room and she blew up at me. She was screaming, ‘How dare you say this? That autism can be cured?’ My knees were shaking,” McCarthy recalled. “I remember my whole body was shaking. … This lasted for about seven minutes. Finally, someone pulled me out of the room. I went back to my dressing room, not knowing what the f–k to do. One of my heroes just chewed me a new a–hole and I’m going on live TV. I’m freaking the f–k out.”

Credit: Getty Images (2)

Loudest Voice

Although McCarthy had a seat at the table, Goldberg hardly gave her the opportunity to speak up. “People don’t understand. Whoopi can knock over anyone in a debate. Her voice is strong not only in meaning but also in sound,” the Mother Warriors author claimed. “I was able to get a point out in three words, like, ‘I don’t agree’ — and that’s all I would be able to say. I would be stepped on or interrupted.”


She added: “I wasn’t going to play a kiss-ass. To me, Whoopi had an addiction to controlling people’s thoughts, their words, the room, the table, your feeling, your mood. She had an addiction to controlling all of it and everybody.”

Credit: Getty Images (2)

Wardrobe Woes

Walters allegedly had the final say about what McCarthy wore on air. “We would all show up in the makeup room. Barbara would check out what I was wearing. If she didn’t agree with it, or it didn’t complement her outfit, I had to change. Mind you, she doesn’t look at anyone’s clothes but mine,” McCarthy claimed, noting that Walters’ actions may have been a form of flattery. “She wanted to start dressing like me. There were times when she’d say ‘change’ and she’d make people run out and get that dress in her size. I was a human Barbie doll.”


Credit: Getty Images (2)

Cleanup Committee

McCarthy also revealed a disturbing interaction that she had with Walters regarding a problem in the bathroom. The former Today host told the actress to “do something” about “a tampon floating in the toilet,” even though it didn’t belong to either of them.


“I don’t know what to do. She’s standing in the hallway where the guests are, yelling at me about a tampon. I don’t know,” McCarthy said. “Maybe in her brain, she went, ‘I’m the youngest, newest person here, because obviously she has her period and left a tampon floating.’ This is Barbara Walters. I’m not going to yell at her. So finally, I said, ‘I’ll take care of it. I’ll take one for the team and I’ll flush it.’”

Credit: Getty Images (2)

Friends to Foes

McCarthy also witnessed Walters and Goldberg fueding at the table. “There was a war between Barbara and Whoopi about Barbara wanting to moderate. This is one of the reasons I decided not to ally with Whoopi. It broke my heart when Barbara would shuffle to Whoopi and say, ‘Can I moderate, please?’ And Whoopi would say no,” she called. “How can you do this to a woman who paved the way for so many female journalists?”


Credit: Getty Images (2)

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David Henrie Reveals Inspiration Behind Baby Pia’s Name

David Henrie and wife Maria just welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Pia, this week.

In a new Instagram, the 29-year-old actor and director shared her first pic with his fans, as well as the inspiration behind her name and the trials he and Maria went through to welcome Pia to the world.

“Today is a particularly special day for Maria and I… and it’s special because in order to get to where we are today, with the joy of our newborn in our arms, my wife and I went through trials,” David writes. “I felt compelled to share this because I had no clue just how difficult trying to start a family could be.”

He continues, “See, Pia Philomena Francesca Henrie has brothers and sisters… Maria and I suffered three miscarriages before finally being able to carry Pia to full term. While it was insanely difficult recovering from miscarriage after miscarriage, we knew if we were ever going to be able to hold a baby of our own in our arms that we must not let the tragedy affect our marriage, but rather grow closer together!”

“We stayed faithful to that conviction and had a little help from @franciscus. The reason Pia’s middle name is Francesca is because I personally asked pope Francis to pray for Maria and I to have a baby. He took our hands, held them together, said a special blessing, then looked up and told me not to worry that a baby would be coming – that was pretty much exactly nine months ago.”

“For all those who are struggling #pray #hope and #dontworry !! Always,” David added.

See baby Pia‘s first pic below!

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Today is a particularly special day for Maria and I… and it’s special because in order to get to where we are today, with the joy of our newborn in our arms, my wife and I went through trials. I felt compelled to share this because I had no clue just how difficult trying to start a family could be. See, Pia Philomena Francesca Henrie has brothers and sisters… Maria and I suffered three miscarriages before finally being able to carry Pia to full term. While it was insanely difficult recovering from miscarriage after miscarriage, we knew if we were ever going to be able to hold a baby of our own in our arms that we must not let the tragedy affect our marriage, but rather grow closer together! We stayed faithful to that conviction and had a little help from @franciscus. The reason Pia’s middle name is Francesca is because I personally asked pope Francis to pray for Maria and I to have a baby. He took our hands, held them together, said a special blessing, then looked up and told me not to worry that a baby would be coming – that was pretty much exactly nine months ago. For all those who are struggling #pray #hope and #dontworry !! Always.

A post shared by David Henrie (@davidhenrie) on

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A post shared by David Henrie (@davidhenrie) on

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Documentary reveals all formula milk is ‘nutritionally equivalent’

‘Save yourself a few quid!’ Documentary reveals that ALL formula milk is ‘nutritionally equivalent’ despite the price range – and claims companies even advertise FALSE health benefits

  • Kate Quilton, 35, from East London, investigates the formula milk industry 
  • All milk formulas have essential components which are set by official guidelines 
  • Despite what the labels say, many come with unsubstantiated health claims 
  • The Great Formula Milk Scandal: Channel 4 Dispatches airs tonight at 9pm

Kate Quilton has revealed that parents are paying a needless premium for some formula milk brands that offer the same benefits as cheaper alternatives.  

In new documentary, ‘The Great Formula Milk Scandal: Channel 4 Dispatches,’ which airs tonight, the mother-of-one, 35, from East London, is shocked after meeting an infant-feeding specialist who claims expensive brands are nutritionally equivalent to cheaper rivals.

‘One of the biggest messages we try and communicate is if you look at first formula milks on the shelf, they are all nutritionally equivalent,’ Kate exclusively told Femail. 

‘All of these milks that say they help with bed time or will make your baby sleep for longer – there’s no science to back it up. Don’t be duped or lured into the trap that these are going to help you or your baby sleep for longer.’   

In tonight’s episode of ‘The Great Formula Milk Scandal: Channel 4 Dispatches,’ Kate Quilton, 35, investigates concerns behind the £40 billion formula milk industry

She continued: ‘If you’re thinking, “I’m going to spend more because I want the best for my baby and it says all this stuff on the box,” be aware that those claims are unsubstantiated. Buy the cheapest – save yourself a few quid.’

Explaining her reasons behind the investigation into the £40 billion industry industry, Kate explained: ‘We made a dispatches about breastfeeding in the Summer and when we were making that it was pretty clear from health care professionals there were a few things going on that really needed investigating.’

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    From ‘elf-shaped’ pointed ears to TENTACLES under the…

    The Instant Edit’s guide to last minute Mother’s Day gifts…

    ‘I wanted a wedding not a funeral’: Bride who was diagnosed…

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‘Primarily the main issue of follow-on milks is how they were essentially created to get around advertising laws. You’ll find they are advertised everywhere but actually, follow-on milk isn’t even necessary. You don’t need it for your baby.’ 

Few people are aware that minimum requirements for the essential components in formula are set by official guidelines, so all formula milks have the same elements to begin with.

The mother-of-one is shocked after meeting an infant-feeding specialist who says expensive brands are nutritionally equivalent to cheaper rivals

And Kate is just one of the many woman who has fallen into the trap of buying the most expensive formula on the shelf.

Kate is advocating for clearer guidelines and more transparency on milk formula products

‘I breastfed my baby so he hasn’t had any formula but in any good antenatal class, they’ll say, “make sure you have a box of emergency formula in the cupboard as you never know,” she explained. 

‘So I bought myself a box of emergency formula and of course I went for the most expensive one as it claimed to have all of the health benefits on the label.’   

She added: ‘You’re presented with all this marketing and science and think it must be right because it says it on the box. But it’s not – you have to ask yourself questions.’

Some of the revelations in tonight’s investigation include that Sainsbury’s Little Ones formula costs £175.99 for six months of formula, while only three and a half months of SMA Pro First Formula can be bought for the equivalent cost.

But two-and-a -half months of Aptamil Profutura Stage 1 can be bought, while pre-mixed bottles of Aptamil Profutura cost £789.31 for six months.  

Shel Banks, an Infant Feeding specialist who advises the NHS on some of their guidelines has some advice for parents, said: ‘All we actually need in the first 12 months of life, according to our NHS, according to the World Health Organisation, is just these first stage infant milks. So these first infant milks – these are all nutritionally equivalent.

Shel Banks, an Infant Feeding specialist who advises the NHS on some of their guidelines has some advice for parents, said:  ‘If there was a benefit that was actually proven by independent researchers to actually be beneficial for babies then they would all have to add it by law’

‘There are very clear European Food Standards Agency guidelines on the maximum and the minimum levels of everything: the proteins, the fats, the carbohydrates. There’s nothing to choose between them, to pick one over another in terms of nutrition at all.

‘These different ingredients that the different companies add in – they’re trying to get us to buy them. They’re trying to get us to pick theirs’ over somebody else’s. 

‘But the long and the short of it is: if there was a benefit that was actually proven by independent researchers to actually be beneficial for babies then they would all have to add it by law.’ 

In addition to making claims for marketing purposes, Kate was horrified to discover that companies are often publishing false information when it comes to health benefits, too. 

‘I spoke to Dr Robert Boyle, who was commissioned by a formula company to look at milk they were marketing which claimed to prevent eczema,’ said Kate. ‘His results found that this special formula milk didn’t make any difference to eczema at all.’

She continued: ‘He discovered a few months later that rather than no longer selling the milk, the company stated the direct opposite on their website. They said his work concluded that it did help prevent eczema. ‘

Kate was horrified to discover that companies are often publishing false information when it comes to health claims. She met with Dr Robert Boyle, who was commissioned by a formula company to look at milk they were marketing which claimed to prevent eczema, and found that such claims couldn’t be proved

‘For Robert, he felt terribly responsible. His name was attributed to this false health claim and it took him many years to fight them and get out of the public domain. His story isn’t an anomaly.’ 

As a result of Kate’s investigation, the British Medical Journal has revealed they will no longer accept formula milk adverts – something which the new mum has described as ‘fantastic.’ 

‘There still needs to be more regulations and transparency in the formula industry,’ explained Kate. ‘A change is needed and a change is coming.’

So what advice would Kate offer to parents who remain confused over the contradictory information they are being given when it comes to formula milk? 

‘In leaked documents which we unveil tonight, we found that for every £1 companies spend on marketing, they get £4 back,’ she said.  

‘It’s a £40 billion global industry and these companies are competing against something that is essentially free – breast milk.’

‘There’s no one spending billions of pounds marketing breast milk. It’s really important as a parent to see beyond those marketing claims and to question what is on the box.’ 

The Great Formula Milk Scandal: Channel 4 Dispatches, airs Monday, March 18, on Channel 4 at 8pm 

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F1 star Ricciardo reveals he quit Red Bull for Renault because he felt unloved

The Aussie will make his debut for his new F1 team this weekend in his home race after turning down the offer to stay with the Milton Keynes team.

Ricciardo, 29, says the turning point came after he and former team-mate Max Verstappen clashed as the Azerbaijan GP in Baku last season.

Ricciardo labelled the incident a "s***show" and says the Dutchman was to blame adding that the team's failure to punish him convinced him he needed to leave.

He said: "I struggled to let that go, the whole race and the aftermath. That played a part in my decision. I never really felt the same after that.

"As soon as I crashed into him, part of me felt, 'you guys deserved this, that was a s***show'.

"If the roles were reversed, if I'd been in front and moved twice in the braking area and he'd run up the back of me, would things have been handled the same way?

"It was a question I kept coming back to.

"The team treated us as both equally at fault in that situation, where I think deep down they knew that it was their mistake and Max's mistake. A lot of things didn't sit well."

Ricciardo also claims that he no longer felt loved by Red Bull after they had signed up Verstappen to a long-term deal worth around £16million a year.

He added: "There was nothing physical — it's not like Max had, say, a better or newer front wing than me.

"But he committed to the team for so long so early and signed such a big deal, and there was a feeling for me that the team was thinking, 'he's put more faith in us than you have, and you're taking so long to negotiate'.

"Perhaps Red Bull thought 'you're not going to go anywhere else', but I think that's the wrong mentality.

"I felt like I had to work too hard to justify what I wanted, and what the performances I've had say I should be worth. Perhaps the love just wasn't there."

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Jenna Coleman reveals she WILL be replaced in Victoria

The 32-year-old actress revealed an older star will eventually step in when the ITV drama focuses on the later years of Queen Victoria's life.

Admitting she's dreading the day she'll have to step down from the role, she said: "There's going to come a point where I have to [to be recast].

"The idea I'll be playing Victoria meeting Abdul is not really possible.

"But it's going to be a hard thing to give over, especially as she gets older. She's becoming much more like everything that she's kind of known for – her impatience and straightness and inability to hide how she feels.

"[Recasting] brings a lot of challenges and it's hard as an actor – when you've taken it so far it's hard to give it up."

But while the actress doesn't want to say goodbye to the role, she already has some ideas in mind for her replacement.

She said: "There's lots of people. Emily Watson would be amazing, so would Imelda Staunton. Helena Bonham Carter would be good, but she's busy right now.

"Olivia Colman was so good in The Favourite but she's busy too."

The regal drama chronicles the life of Queen Victoria – who died at the age of 81.

Jenna's co-star, Tom Hughes, 32, is hopeful he can stay with the show until his character, the Queen's husband Prince Albert, dies at the age of 42.

He said: "I hope I am able to finish the story because I am close to finishing.

"I'm trying to map [Albert's life] out correctly and be as fair as I can. I've put on a bit of weight for this series, I'm holding him differently so Albert feels older.

"I'm trying to age him in the right way, doing as much as I can without cheating him. Those things are important."

The show's lead writer Daisy Goodwin has confirmed a recast is likely – but will not be in the near future.

She said: "I know where the series is going, it's all there. I think series four is going to be amazing. At some point we will have to recast, but hopefully not yet."

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Good Morning Britain reveals Prince Charles 'moved on swiftly' after Danny Dyer tried to tell them they are related

Kate overheard the EastEnders star's hilarious attempt to impress the future King as she stood beside him on the red carpet at the National Prince's Trust at the London Palladium last night.

Danny is in fact 167th in line to the throne, and found out last year on Who Do You Think You Are?

Kate told viewers on GMB today: "The Prince was absolutely charming. Although somewhat surprised to find out that he is related to Danny Dyer. Which we all know because he's talked about it on this show."

Then, as footage flashed up of the Prince greeting stars on the red carpet, the host added: "Danny Dyer tries to tell him there that he's related. He sort of moved on swiftly. Uhm yes, he couldn't quite take it in."

The soap star supported GMB's mentoring award at the annual ceremony, after being mentored by legendary thespian Harold Pinter.

He appeared on stage to deliver an award with Kate when Prince Charles sat nearby.

Kate couldn't resist drawing more attention to Danny's family connection and told Danny the event was like a "family reunion" for him.

Danny replied: "Well you know when your cousin Charlie makes the call you've got to help yuor family out, do yuo know what I mean? Straight up his nut."

Later, Prince Charles finally admitted it was "interesting" to discover he had a soap star in the family.

He said: "I've discovered a long lost relationship in Daniel Dyer, he told me he was descended from Edward the III which was interesting. So I must do some research when I leave here."

Earlier this year, 41-year-old Danny travelled to Sweden and France as part of his documentary Danny Dyer's Right Royal Family that explored the lives of his aristocratic ancestors.

But Danny's not alone in his claims, with other Who Do You Think You Are? participants including Alexander Armstrong, Boris Johnson and Matthew Pinsent all turning out to be of royal descent.

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Ballerina reveals her struggles with body dysmorphia

‘I was so TERRIFIED to see myself in a leotard’: Ballerina, 18, shares ongoing struggle with body dysmorphia, as she admits the accepted ‘norm’ in dance is to be ‘STICK-thin’

  • Luna Hoetzel, 18, is a ballet dancer and student living in Los Angeles, California 
  • The ballerina shared a video to her YouTube channel on Thursday, March 7
  • In the clip, Luna discussed her ongoing struggle with body dysmorphia, and the different ways she copes with the disorder
  • She revealed that she first started battling body dysmorphia in the eighth grade
  • Luna said around this time, she was ‘terrified’ to see herself in her ballet clothes 
  • In order to cope better with the disorder, Luna ‘unfollowed’ many Instagram accounts that made her feel insecure in herself
  • She also consciously avoids using social media in the morning, and instead chooses to write out daily affirmations to start her day off on a positive note 
  • Luna’s latest open-hearted chat comes three months after she shared a video entitled ‘I hate my body’, in which she broke down into tears 

A young ballet dancer has revealed the different ways she deals with body dysmorphia that resulted from the strict demands of the dance industry. 

18-year-old Luna Hoetzel’s latest video follows just three months after she shared a video entitled ‘I hate my body’, during which she opened up about her insecurities relating to her body image. 

In her most recent video, the Los Angeles, California-based dancer and student opened up to her viewers about the different ways she struggles and deals with body dysmorphia, which she says she developed when she was in the eighth grade.  

Opening up: 18-year-old ballerina Luna Hoetzel shared a video to YouTube in which she discussed her experience suffering with body dysmorphia 

Hearfelt: The California-based dancer, who has been dancing since the age of three, said she began suffering with body dysmorphia around the time she was in the eighth grade

Luna revealed at the beginning of her heartfelt video that she has been dancing since she was just three-years-old.  

‘Ballet is a very, very body-based art form,’ she explained. ‘As you know, the stereotypical ballerina has to be quite thin. I can say that its almost a fact that every single ballet dancer has some sort of body dysmorphia –  that’s just my experience, and my friends, and what I know about the ballet industry.’

Struggle: Body dysmorphia refers to a mental disorder in which you can’t stop thinking about one or more perceived defects or flaws in your appearance 

According to Mayo Clinic, body dysmorphia refers to a mental disorder in which you can’t stop thinking about one or more perceived defects or flaws in your appearance – a flaw that is either minor or not observable to other people. 

She said: ‘To be honest, I don’t have it as bad as many people do. I have never had an eating disorder, never struggled with anorexia, bulimia, any of that, which I am very, very thankful [for].

‘In this day and age it’s crazy the pressures we put on ourselves in what we should look like. Every day we’re scrolling through through Instagram. We wake up and start our day scrolling through Instagram and seeing all these face-tuned photo-shopped pictures that we think we’re supposed to look like,’ she said.

The 18-year-old said that we, as humans, put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be a ‘perfect person’.

She added: ‘But the truth is, we weren’t created to go and have to get spray tans or hair appointments or nails done or waxes. All those beauty standards were just placed on us over the years, and that’s not what we’re here to do.’

Luna said she first began struggling with body dysmorphia around the time she was in the eighth grade at school, during which time students are usually aged between 12 and 14-years-old. 

She said that during this time she began editing her photos using apps such as FaceTune – an app that allows users to edit, retouch and enhance photos.   

She said: ‘I started face-tuning my photos.

‘I started wearing skirts, pants and warm-ups to dance that I wouldn’t take off because I was so terrified to see myself in a leotard and tights. It was my worst fear.

‘Going to auditions not being allowed to wear a skirt, going to summer intensives and not being allowed to wear a skirt. Just living in constant fear over my body. 

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Lifestyle: Luna has been dancing since she was three-years-old, and says the stereotypical ballerina has to be ‘quite thin’ 

Dance: When she was in eighth grade, she said she began editing her photos, and wearing skirts and pants to ballet class because she was ‘terrified’ to see herself in tights and a leotard 

‘It wasn’t even dance it was normal life too, even though I was considered and am considered on a skinnier scale on the normal societal views,’ she said.

However, Luna explained that while she might appear on the ‘skinnier scale’ in every day life, standards within the dance industry can be different.   

She explained: ‘In dance, the norm is stick-thin, amazing feet, hyper-extended legs, no crazy waist, no big hips, [being] very narrow, skinny arms, long arms, long neck – there’s so many things to think about.

Tough: The ballerina said although she is considered on the ‘skinnier scale’ in normal society, the standards in the ballet industry are different 

‘It’s not even “fat” or “skinny”, it’s “are my legs shaped the right way?”

Luna said, in the world of ballet, you can end up doubting ‘every single thing’.  

She explained: ‘It could literally be your pinky finger that doesn’t work right, and you beat yourself up about it. 

‘It’s a crazy, crazy art form,’ she added. 

Luna said ballet teaches those who practice it to become ‘a perfectionist’, which she says can both be a good and a bad thing.

She explained that dancing has also given her many new friends.

She said: ‘Ballet has given me far more than my struggles with it. 

‘It has given me the most amazing people, friends, mentors. I’ve met my best friends in dance. Our connection is un-severed – it’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt,’ she added. 

She added that the dance form has taught her to be responsible and independent, through ensuring she always had the correct clothing and equipment with her at all times. 

However, the impact ballet has had on her mental health has been different.  

She said: ‘Ballet comes with a lot of mental health issues. Even if you’re not a ballet dancer you are probably watching this and you’re probably a teenager in today’s day and age who struggles. 

‘And it’s crazy what we think we need to look like,’ she continued.  

Standards: She said that the ‘norm’ in ballet is to be ‘stick thin’, and well as having ‘no crazy waist, no big hips, [being] very narrow, skinny arms’ 

Self-doubt: Luna said ballet has made her doubt various aspects of her body. She explained: ‘It could literally be your pinky finger that doesn’t work right, and you beat yourself up about it’

Sad: The ballerina’s latest video follows three months after her video entitled ‘I hate by body’ during which she broke down about the bad thoughts she had about herself after a rehearsal

And throughout her years struggling with body dysmorphia, Luna has adopted a few healthy habits that help her remain more positive in herself and in her body image.  

She said: ‘If you are struggling with body dysmorphia I am sure you follow a lot of girls on Instagram. I don’t want to name names, but models, Victoria’s Secret models, Insta-baddies, just to name a few. 

Help: In order to help her combat body dysmorphia, Luna ‘unfollowed’ a number of different people on Instagram who she said made her feel insecure in herself 

‘Listen to me right now. You’re going to go on and unfollow every single page that makes you feel bad about yourself. If you somehow don’t want to, then mute their posts, mute their stories.

‘I know it’s hard and I know you want to see it but at the end of the day if it’s making you feel bad about yourself it’s not worth it,’ she said. 

Luna explained that she has recently ‘unfollowed’ a lot of Instagram users that made her feel insecure in herself, because it’s ‘just not worth it’. She added that she now consciously avoids using social media in the morning time.    

She said: ‘The first thing I do when I wake up is scroll through Instagram and Snapchat and I feel like an insane person – literally like I’m on crack. I’m starting my morning with such anxiety and such stress and already feeling down on myself, that’s no way to start a morning.’ 

She explained that she has began avoiding social media early in the day by going straight to the bathroom and leaving her phone charging in her room. 

‘I put on daily affirmations on my laptop or I write them down and put them on my mirror,’ she said. 

‘Some sentence that you repeat ten times to make yourself empowered and give you hope for the day. Just get off your phone in the morning. 

‘You have to realize that this the only body you were given to live. Why would I starve it or be mean to it in any way? This is the only place that I was given to live. This is our one chance at life and I’m wasting so much energy feeling bad about the weight on our thighs. That’s crazy. 

‘There’s so much else that we have to do. We have no time at all to be wasting energy worrying about ourselves like that. That one really got to me and I think that’s why I’ve gotten better over the past couple of months as well. You have to realize your purpose on earth. 

‘Body means nothing. We’re all so beautifully different. There’s no one body that is the same. You are the only one that owns your body,’ she said.

Coping: Luna also tries to avoid using social media in the morning, and instead looks at daily ‘affirmations’ on her laptop or writes them down and sticks them to her bathroom mirror 

Positive: The dancer said: ‘body means nothing. We’re all so beautifully different. There’s no one body that is the same. You are the only one that owns your body’ 

Honesty: Speaking about pressure surrounding food and food choices, Luna said, that although it is important to eat healthily, ‘your body does not define you’ 

As she began discussing the way food can impact people physically and mentally, she said: ‘It’s a different story if you’re not treating your body right, if you’re eating a lot of processed foods, if you’re eating a lot of candy every day, obviously that’s not right. Your body will react, not even in weight, but in your soul. You’re not going to feel good.’

However, Luna said that the amount of pressure and worry surrounding food and food choices ‘doesn’t matter’.  

She explained: ‘We place so much worry on food, and obviously it’s very important, but why would I put so much energy into worrying [about] what my next meal is going to be, if it’s going to be healthy?

Idols: She referenced Michelle Obama, Gloria Steinem and Malala in her video, saying that when we think about those women, we don’t think about ‘how big their thighs are’ or ‘if they have stomach fat’

‘Imagine me sitting there at 90 years old and saying “thank God I didn’t eat half that cookie that day” – it doesn’t matter. Your body does not define you.’

The 18-year-old then compared various female icons, and stated that they are not known or respected solely because of their physical appearance, but because of what they have done ‘for this world’.  

She said: ‘When you think about someone like Michelle Obama, Gloria Steinem or Malala, are you thinking about how big their thighs are, or if they have stomach fat?  

‘No! You think about the amazing things they’ve done for this world and all of those women have a purpose. It doesn’t even cross our minds. They know they only have this life to make a difference, and they did. 

‘It’s crazy how much importance we place on beauty standards when in reality all that matters is what we leave this earth with,’ she added. 

Luna returned to the topic of retouched photos, as she said: ‘You probably know first hand what it’s like to see a face-tuned photo and want to look like that. I’m sure every single one of you have dealt with that. 

‘You’ve looked at a photo of some model, some celebrity, and said to yourself “oh, I want to look like that, how do I look like that”. It makes you feel guilty, it makes you feel bad. 

‘Why would you contribute to that and pass that onto younger girls? What kind of message is that passing on to younger generations? Do you want to make them feel the same way you did? 

‘We need to stop it before it passes on to our kids. I hope that us, as a generation, can put an end to this because it’s unrealistic standards that, again, we were never, ever, ever meant to develop,’ she added.

Message: Luna said it’s vital for the young generations to put a stop to displaying ‘unrealistic standards’ to younger girls, saying: ‘Do you want to make them feel the same way you did?’

Hope: Concluding her heartfelt video, Luna said she hoped it helped people struggling with similar issues as her, as she said ‘I know how hard it is. I struggle with it every single day.’

Concluding her open-hearted chat, the ballerina highlighted the fact that diversity ‘makes us strong’, and that no two bodies are the same.

She said:  ‘The fact that I have a different body to every single one of you guys watching this right now is incredible. How amazing that we’re all beautifully different? Diversity is what makes us strong. 

‘I really hope this made sense and empowered you in some way to try and get out of your head. I know how hard it is. I struggle with it every single day. 

Kind: Luna said that she isn’t a therapist who can offer professional advice surrounding the issue of body dysmorphia, but that she can talk ‘girl to girl’ and ‘teen to teen’ 

‘I’m wearing pink tights and a leotard every day, and picking myself apart. 

At the end of the video, Luna added that although she isn’t a therapist who can offer professional advice, she said the aim of the video was to talk ‘girl to girl, teen to teen’. 

‘If it’s a serious, serious issue, and it’s life or death, you guys need to ask for help. 

‘It can ruin years of your life that you can’t even experience because you’re worried so much about your body,’ she said.   

Luna’s latest video comes just three months after she posted a video entitled ‘I hate my body’, in which she broke down about the negative thoughts and image she had about herself after a dress rehearsal for an upcoming show at the time, The Nutcracker.

Luna admitted this was a side of herself that she had never before shown online, but she wanted to open up about her feelings so her peers and followers would understand.

She said: ‘Ever since I posted that video I’ve been feeling a lot more confident, and I think that mainly has to do with you guys. 

‘The fact that I have a huge support group out there, and girls that I can talk to and who can relate to me. When you realize you’re not alone, things just go up from there. 

‘It has given me purpose and it has made me realize that my struggles don’t define me. What defines me is what I do in this world. 

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Snapchat yob, 17, reveals shame of posing for smirking pic next to disabled woman who had been attacked with flour and eggs

The 17-year-old, who can't be named for legal reasons, said he would be living with guilt over the sickening attack until “he goes into the ground in a box”.

He claimed in court he didn't throw anything over Janice Morris, 49, as she was sitting on a park bench but admitted laughing as he went over to investigate.

The teen also said he posed for vile pic beside three other thugs as the mentally ill victim cowered in front of them.

He was today given a three month reparation order requiring him to do 24 hours of unpaid work after being found guilty of a public order offence last month.

The photo horrified the nation after it was posted on social media following the attack in July last year in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.


After it spread online, the teen handed himself into police when his dad heard they were investigating the picture.

Chris Casey, defending, said today the yob he had been “immature” and that he now realised his actions had caused the victim to be “distressed and upset” – but didn't appreciate it at the time.

He added: “He was not part of the initial group, but his conduct was totally unacceptable.

“He says he would like to meet the lady to apologise to her face to face, and say to her that what he did was wrong.

“He accepts his presence there was encouraging people in their behaviour. He was to see her and say, ‘I am very sorry. I was wrong’.

“He has recognised the consequences of his behaviour. At the time he was aged 16. I have told him that until the day he goes into the ground in a box , this will live with him for the rest of his life.”


Since the attack, the teenager has started college and works 15 hours a week in a part time job.

He said: "My parents look at me a bit differently now and ask where I am going, and checking that I am not with the same people.”

Sentencing, presiding magistrate David Broughton ordered him to pay Miss Morris  £150 compensation and £620 costs with a £20 victim surcharge within 14 days.

Last November, four other youths admitted using threatening words or behaviour in connection with the attack.

They were each given 12 month referral orders and ordered to pay £100 compensation to their victim, as well as a £20 victim surcharge and £85 prosecution costs.

Cohan Semple, 18, was given a year long community order at another hearing in December.

Miss Morris, who is schizophrenic and alcohol dependent, said at his trial the attack had left her “a bit shell-shocked, a bit raw”.

She added: “I don't know what I did to antagonise them. I wasn't anticipating it to happen.

"They got quite aggressive quite quickly. I was more shocked and surprised, I don't know exactly what I'm supposed to say.”

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