Plane passenger tries to check in rocket-propelled GRENADE LAUNCHER on US flight

The man from Florida had been attempting to stow away his military grade rocket-propelled weapon on his flight home.

But security screeners at a Pennsylvania airport spotted the weapon in his checked bag.

The parts of the launcher, which was not assembled, and a replica grenade were detected by security equipment at Lehigh Valley International Airport in Allentown on Monday.

With alarms sounding security staff then opened the bag and found the metre long weapon which is usually seen in warzones.

The man, from St Augustine, was detained. by police and told officials he thought he could bring the non-functioning launcher on board in a checked bag.

A Transportation Security Administration statement read: “The traveller told officials that he believed the item could be brought on the flight in a checked bag.

“Contrary the passenger’s belief, however, no realistic or replica weapons are permitted to be brought onto airplanes."

The items were confiscated and despite everything he was able to catch his flight to Orlando Sanford International Airport.

Under US law — perhaps not surprisingly — realistic or replica weapons of a military nature are allowed on to planes.


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London woman Alice Welch tries out Sugar Free February

Could YOU survive going sugar free? From headaches to chronic cravings, woman shares her VERY honest diary charting what happened when she cut out the sweet stuff for 28 days

  • EXCLUSIVE: Femail challenged Alice Welch to cut out sugar from her diet 
  • The sales and marketing executive, 30, struggled with cravings and headaches
  • By week three, the cravings subsided and she discovered sugar-free swaps
  • Benefits included less bloating, weight loss and clearer skin after 28 days 

First came Dry January, then Stoptober – and the latest health craze to sweep the nation is Sugar Free February.

The brainchild of Cancer Research UK, the month-long challenge is designed to make Brits rethink their sugar intake and promises a range of health benefits, from weight loss to clearer skin.

But could you really give up the sweet stuff for 28 days? Femail challenged sales and marketing executive Alice Welch, from London, to cut out sugar from her diet completely over the course of a month. 

Alice, 30, admits that while she’s no ‘sugar monster’ she relies on it in hot drinks and after savoury meals – and can’t resist a sugar-laden dessert. 

Here, Alice charts her sugar-free journey in a candid week-by-week diary.

Femail challenged sales and marketing executive Alice Welch, pictured, to cut out sugar from her diet completely and she shares her week by week diary with MailOnline

January diet 


Porridge with fruit/honey

Tea with one sugar


White bread ham and cheese sandwich

Prawn Cocktail crisps

Afternoon snack

x1 bag mini cookies


Spaghetti Bolognese with white pasta and cheese on top!

After: Dairy Milk

February diet 


Two slices brown toast, butter and marmite

Tea with Stevia sweetener


Chicken salad sandwich with brown bread

Afternoon snack

Boka sugar-free marshmallows mini pack 


Jacket potato with tuna and salad

After: Total greek yoghurt 

Week 1

‘I found the first day fine, it was the second, third and fourth day which were more challenging. I wasn’t aware I was addicted to sugar as such but I had a headache for the first few days which I can only put down to drastically reducing my sugar intake. 

‘I found drinking tea hard without sugar and after lunch I really craved something sweet. I bought some Peppersmith Sugar Free Mints to help when I was struggling and tempted to buy a chocolate cake and consume the whole thing.

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‘I also looked into an alternative natural sweetener (aware of the bad ingredients in some sweeteners) and decided to try Truvia, which was actually a good substitute taste wise.’

Week 2

‘I had really intense sweet cravings on week two, but the headaches had eased off. Now I was more into the swing of things I began looking for sweet alternatives for after meals which is when I really wanted to gobble a chocolate bar. 

Alice Welch, pictured, discovered sugar free drinks and snacks which were ‘great on the go for a quick sweet hit without the sugar come down’, she told Femail

‘When browsing the supermarket aisles, I found with a lot of products quite hard to tell at first glance their actual sugar content and had to really search to see on the back of packaging a lot of amber/red labels signalling high medium/high sugar levels. 

‘I discovered even lots of savoury items had quite high sugar contents, particularly pasta sauces, pre-prepared meals, and snacks items. 

‘Desperate to find something that would get me through the sugar cravings in between meal times, I looked online for sugar free snacks and came across Boka who have sugar free marshmallows (24 mini packs, £10) so I decided to buy some for after meals. 

‘These were great on the go for a quick sweet hit without the sugar come down and I noticed they are actually stocked in hospitals and schools so actually stack up.’

Alice Welch, pictured with her partner, says she initially struggled with cravings after quitting sugar but these became ‘a bit more bearable’ by week three and her skin looked healthier

Week 3

‘The cravings were a bit more bearable and I noticed my skin looked healthier, I have never suffered with ‘bad skin’ as such but it was less dry and dewier (which I put down to drinking less alcohol due to the high sugar content). 

‘Normally when I’d go out I would usually opt for a sugary glass of prosecco so instead I went for soda/fresh lime and vodka (I allowed myself the natural sugars from the lime) which actually gave me a much less of a hangover. Bonus! 

‘At home I also opted for sugar-free soda and vodka from M&S. I find my energy levels were better this week and I wasn’t having that dreaded sugar crash about 4pm after my usual sugary afternoon treats.’ 

Alice Welch says she has seen a big difference to her skin which she is keen to maintain. She also feels more toned around her midrift, which she is keen to keep up ahead of summer

Alice Welch, pictured, says that while she is naturally slim and the sugar challenge was not ‘weight motivated’ she did notice that bloating had gone down and she had shed a few pounds

Week 4

‘I have always been fairly slim so this challenge wasn’t really weight motivated, although I did notice my tummy was less bloated and I had a lost a bit of weight round my middle (which if I do put on weight is where it tends to go.) 

‘This in turn made me feel more confident and as a result my relationship benefited.’

The verdict 

‘Going sugar-free is a little extreme for me, but I will definitely reduce my sugar intake moving forwards. Now I am much more conscious to look at the traffic light label system on front of packs to see the sugar content and have noticed a lot of snack items I was consuming were actually very high in sugar even if they were low cal/fat.  

‘I have also seen a big difference to my skin which I am keen to keep and feel more toned around my midrift, which I’d also like to stay with summer around the corner.’ 

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Elephant filmed as he tries to push his brother into a swimming pool

Don’t do that, Dumbo! Baby elephant filmed as he tries to push his older brother into a swimming pool

  • Baby elephant was filmed enjoying a joke with his big brother by the side of pool 
  • The baby can be seen trying to push and cajole his older brother but to no avail  
  • Adorable footage was filmed inside a film in Germany, where the pair are kept 

A baby elephant was filmed enjoying a joke with his big brother as he tries to push him into a water pool.

The small elephant calf was seen trying desperately to knock his big brother into the water as they play-fight.

The smaller elephant is seen trying to push his older brother into the swimming pool in their enclosure at the zoo in Germany

The larger, older brother did not appear too concerned by his younger siblings efforts, brushing him aside with ease.

That did not stop the youngster, who even took a run-up to try and knock his brother into the water.

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At one point, the younger sibling looks to have won the battle as two of the older elephant’s feet comes off the side, but he manages to steady himself.  

The cute footage was filmed at a zoo in Germany. 

‘This one is trying it’s best to push the bigger one into the water. He keep running into him and pushes again and again,’ the filmer said. 

The little elephant comes agonisingly close to pushing his big brother into the water, but to no avail 

The older elephant eventually squares up to his little brother as their pushing war continues

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Mum tries to make candles for her family for Christmas – but they end up looking like 'veiny willies'

They're personal, meaningful and show you've made an effort – but as one poor woman learned, they can also go horribly wrong.

The woman revealed her crafting mishap on Mumsnet yesterday, explaining that she'd planned to make her family a hamper of truffles, soaps, bath bombs and scented candles.

But unfortunately, the candles didn't turn out quite as she'd hoped.

She wrote: "We all love Game of Thrones, so I thought it would be cool to make white candles with a blood red centre, and then carve it to look like one of the weirwood trees.

"I made a lot of red, cinnamon scented wax and poured it into moulds made out of bog roll tubes."

It all seemed to be going okay – until she began to decorate them.

She continued: "The results were a bit lumpen, but not awful, but then I started coating the red wax with the white and now they look like a load of big pink veiny willies.

"Do you think I can salvage them? Or should I just give as is and pretend they're meant to be erotic candles? They smell really nice but look horrible."

The poster shared a snap of her handiwork, which caused quite a stir among other Mumsnet users.

Some seemed to think they were a lost cause, with one commenting: "The only salvaging involves melting and remoulding properly. You cannot give someone a wonky veiny c*** candle."

Others joked: "They look like something off an eating trial on I'm A Celeb," and: "They look like big fat spring rolls."

However, there were a few people who reckoned the woman could still use the candles in her hamper.

One reassured her: "They do look a bit strange but I'm sure [your mother-in-law] would appreciate the trouble you've gone to!"

Another message read: "Could you melt them into nice Kilner jars and tie a festive ribbon around the top?"

It's the thought that counts, right?

In more weird news, Moncler is selling puffer jacket DRESSES for £2,120 – that make you look like the Michelin Man.

A menswear brand has released a pair of penis pocket trousers… but we can't see them catching on.

And guests were left giggling after 'horse ovaries' appeared on a wedding menu – thanks to an awkward spelling mistake.

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