Who Killed Nolan? ‘PLL: The Perfectionists’ Boss Answers Burning Questions

The secrets return! Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, the spinoff of Pretty Little Liars, brought back the beloved Alison (Sasha Pieterse Opens a New Window. ) and wonky Mona (Janel Parrish Opens a New Window. ) and introduced a whole new group of “Perfs” as well as a major mystery element on the Wednesday, March 20, premiere.

The series kicked off with Ali moving to Beacon Heights after landing a T.A. job. She was shocked when she arrived and was greeted by Mona, who left France after the reasons she was there “escaped” her – a little nod to the PLL dollhouse. Now, Mona works at the college in admissions. So, why was Alison brought there?

She quickly realizes not only is she qualified but she was brought in to help protect the students and help them deal with the pressures they’re facing at BHU. Claire Hotchkiss (Kelly Rutherford Opens a New Window. ) runs the school and her daughter, Taylor, died months before. In fact, Ali could be Taylor’s twin – something she immediately found as much more than a coincidence. According to Claire, Ali was there to try and help the student mourn, including Claire’s son, Nolan (Chris Mason), and his friends Caitlin (Sydney Park), Ava (Sofia Carson) and Dylan (Eli Brown).

Alison has learned a lot since her days in Rosewood and immediately begins to see the cracks in this seemingly perfect group. Just from the outside, she realized Nolan and Caitlin are faking a relationship when he’s really into Ava and somehow, Dylan has been brought into it and has been doing both Ava and Nolan’s school work for them. However, Ali doesn’t yet know why. She gets even more confused when she can’t find any info on Taylor’s death, since the security system blocks any searching of her. (You’d think she’d go to a coffee shop off campus or google on her phone off the wi-fi.) It doesn’t help that she is also living in Taylor’s old house and finds that underneath the wallpaper, someone has written, “They’re watching.”

Luckily, the viewers know a little more about what Nolan has on everyone. He secretly hooked up with Dylan and is now using that as blackmail in order not to ruin Dylan’s current relationship. Nolan is dating Ava but because of her messy family life, he knows his mother would not approve so instead, he has a fake relationship with Caitlin, whose two mothers are very involved in politics. Caitlin, who is in a real relationship of her own, goes along with this because Dylan has photos of her mother with a man and threatened to release them and ruin her campaign.

Nolan is also keeping another secret: His sister is actually alive and monitoring the school’s insane security system, which Claire seemingly is controlling, watching everyone’s every move. He actually cheats on Ava just to end their relationship, in order to protect her. (He tells her he was just using her for sex, when he clearly cares about her – very Sebastian and Annette-esque.)

The episode ends with a shocking death; Nolan stands on the school’s rooftop when someone in a dark jacket arrives. He thanks them for coming, apologizes for how he’s been acting and tells them Taylor is alive. Then that person pushes him off the roof and his body is impaled. The entire town sees it and Mona freaks out, asking in a mirror later that night, “Was this our fault?” It turns out she’s speaking to the security system – and she’s definitely involved in something messy as the last shot is a room monitoring the entire town on thousands of screens. Mona’s then told, “Go to your safe place.”

Creator I. Marlene King breaks down the pilot and previews what’s next.

Us Weekly: We have to start with that ending, that creepy room and how Mona is involved. What can you say?
I. Marlene King: Well I can’t say much but over the first 10 episodes, we will found out just how much she knows about that room. Mona’s backstory was that she went into game design. And that’s where Claire Hotchkiss found her, and realized she had such a great algorithm that she was using in her game design, that could help find the best and the brightest recruits to bring to Beacon Heights.

Us: Are you worried about Emison fans reacting to Alison leaving behind her family?
MK: We’re going to see Alison’s character evolves over the first 10 episodes and deal with the fact that she’s all the way across the country and Emily and her toodles are still back in Rosewood and I think we’ve been very true to that couple. Obviously they’re not physically together on the show. Sasha and I talked about how important it was to stay true to where we left them and where they’re going to go. Some fans won’t be happy with us but I think most will be.

Us: I loved how independent Mona was in PLL but now she’s a bit older. Will she have a love interest?
MK: We’re going to explore a really fun relationship with Mona. When we first meet her, she seems to be quite content, but once Alison finds out what she’s up to, that’s going to launch her quest for romance.

Us: Nolan is dead – we saw his body. How much more will Chris Mason be in the series? He literally has chemistry with everyone!
MK: Oh yeah, he’s dead! There’s no coming back from that. Chris won’t participate in every episode but I think he was in, like, seven out of ten. It’s not the last you’ve seen of Nolan even though he’s no longer currently living on this Earth.

Us: Was the person who killed Nolan the person he thought he was meeting?
MK: I can’t say but that question will be answered!

Us: At one point, Alison says she used to be like Nolan. Can you talk a bit about that and how Ali has changed?
MK: There’s a line in these first couple episodes, where she says to Mona, ‘Why do you think I faked my own death?’ And Mona says, ‘Because everyone in Beaton Heights wanted to kill you.’ She made a lot of enemies just like Nolan did, but yet she was also quite charming when she needed to be. Nolan’s very similar in that respect. Ali definitely wants to shed that “mean girl” person; she’s here to help the kids. But she gets some advice from Claire early on that helps her stay true to … I don’t want to say her inner mean girl, but her inner voice of being resilient.

Us: When it comes to Ava’s secrets, we didn’t get too much of her backstory yet, just sprinkles of her broken home life.
MK: Ava has really developed this hard shell around her, because she has been abandoned by her family, and now she’s got to deal with Nolan’s cheating on her, then the loss of Nolan which is all very complicated. She brings a lot of depth to this world. Her character really is like an onion that we’re going to peel back the layers from, little, by little, by little until we really get to know her more. The same goes for. They’re all going to try to come to terms with why they were with Nolan, in spite of the fact that they knew he had this inner bad boy quality.

Us: And then there’s Claire Hotchkiss. I don’t think anyone could play that part like Kelly Rutherford does. Can you talk a bit about her pull on everyone and everything?
MK: She definitely likes to be in control, and we’ll find out why. It’s not just necessarily from sort of this villainous place. There is a true motivation to why she wants to control people in the way that she does, and it’s not necessarily negative. Also, Kelly is such a joy to have onset. When she showed up for the pilot, we were all fangirling. She really is just this very funny, lovely, kind human being. She brings so much to this show, because she really classes up the place.

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists airs on Freeform Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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Who is in the Shetland cast? Douglas Henshall, Mark Bonnar, Neve McIntosh, Stephen Walters, Julie Graham and Erin Armstrong star

SCOTTISH crime drama Shetland has become a big hit for the BBC following its debut in 2013.

With its fifth series kicking off, here's the lowdown on the cast which has helped make the show such a success.

Who's in the Shetland cast?

Douglas Henshall

Douglas, 53, has played Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez since the show began.

The Scotsman is best known for playing Professor Nick Cutter in sci-fi series Primeval and has also appeared in Collision and Outlander.

He married his wife Tena in Las Vegas in 2010 and the couple has a daughter who was born in 2016.

Mark Bonnar

Mark Bonnar will be a familiar face to TV addicts thanks to his recent roles in Casualty, Line of Duty and last year's Apple Tree Yard.

As well as his dramatic roles he has turned his hand to comedy in hit Channel 4 comedy Catastrophe.

He won a British BAFTA Scotland award last year for his role in Unforgotten.

Mark – who plays Duncan Hunter in Shetland – tied the knot with wife Lucy Gaskell in 2007 and the couple has two children together, a daughter Martha and son Samuel.

Stephen Walters

Stephen is a 43-year-old actor who plays Thomas Malone in the show.

He has starred in a number of TV shows during his career including last year's Little Boy Blue and Outlander.

Stephen has also appeared on the big screen in movies including Layer Cake, Mean Machine and Hannibal Rising.

Steven Robertson

Having grown up in the Shetland Islands, Steven will no doubt relish the fact he gets to film the series there in his role as PC Sandy Wilson.

The 42-year-old is best known for his role in Inside I'm Dancing as well as BBC Three's comedy-drama Being Human.

He's also appeared in Vera, Doctor Who, Utopia, Luther and Ashes to Ashes.

Erin Armstrong

Erin has played Cassie Perez since the series began but previously told The Sun how she had worked three other jobs around filming; as a waitress, Topshop sales adviser and gym instructor.

Before Shetland, the 22-year-old starred in CBBC TV series World's End.

Julie Graham

Scottish actress Julie has had a long TV career, with highlights including At Home with the Braithwaites, William and Mary and Survivors.

She has appeared in Shetland as Rhona Kelly since series two.

In 2016, she also started playing Sheron Dawson in ITV comedy, Benidorm.

Julie was married to actor Joseph A. Bennett from 2002 until his death in 2015. The couple had two children together, daughters Edie May and Cyd Betty.

Alison O'Donnell

Alison is also an original cast member, having played Detective Constable/Detective Sergeant Alison 'Tosh' MacIntosh since series one.

Before that, she appeared in Holby City and Feel The Force.

When does Shetland start on BBC One?

Shetland will return to BBC One for series five on TONIGHT (February 12, 2019) at 9pm on BBC One.

Like previous series, it will be comprised of six hour-long episodes.

The drama is set in the Shetland Islands, north of Scotland but most of the filming actually takes place in mainland locations such as Renfrewshire, Ayr, Barrhead and Irvine.


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Who is Gareth Bale's fiancée Emma Rhys-Jones, when is their wedding and how many children do the couple have?

EMMA Rhys-Jones is the fiancée of Welsh football ace Gareth Bale.

Here's everything you need to know about her and when the couple are set to tie the knot…

Who is Emma Rhys-Jones?

Emma Rhys-Jones, 29, has been with Gareth Bale, 29, for over a decade.

She grew up in Llanishen, a district in north Cardiff a couple of miles from Bale's family home.

The couple began dating in the early 2000s while attending Whitchurch High School.

They got engaged in July 2016 and Gareth announced the news on social media posting: "She said yes!! This is a birthday weekend I won't forget for a long time…"

Who is Emma's fiance Gareth Bale?

Gareth is a professional footballer who plays for Real Madrid and Wales.

He was born on July 16, 1989, in Cardiff.

He started his football career at Southampton before moving to Tottenham.

He signed a six year deal with Spanish club Real Madrid in 2013.

He's won the Champions League with the club four times.

When is Emma Rhys-Jones' and Gareth Bale's wedding?

Emma and Gareth were set to get married in summer 2018 but the wedding has been postponed until 2019. 

They decided to put their plans on hold due to an ongoing feud with Emma's family.

Her father Martin, 54, was released from prison in June after being imprisoned for fraud for six months in the US.

But she banned him from the wedding after he moved in with a florist half his age, Alina Baranova. 

Other members of her family including her aunt Jane Burns, 55, have been embroiled in a violent drugs feud.

The couple were set to tie the knot at the  historic Vincigliata castle in Tuscany, where Theo Walcott – Gareth's former Southampton team-mate – wed in 2014.

But they are now reportedly getting married on private island Tagomago, near Ibiza, as exclusively revealed by The Sun.

Bale will also splash out on ex-SAS soldiers to ensure his party are kept safe with any uninvited guests having no chance of getting ashore.

How many children do Emma Rhys-Jones and Gareth Bale have?

Gareth and Emma have three children – two daughters and a son.

Their first child Alba Violet was born at the University Hospital of Wales on October 21, 2012.

Their second daughter, Nava Valentina arrived on March 22, 2016.

The couple's son Axel was born on May 8, 2018.

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Who is Jack Fowler? Celebs Go Dating and Love Island star who's also a semi-pro footballer

JACK Fowler is the picture-perfect hunk who wears his heart on his sleeve.

After failing to find love in the Love Island Villa, the heartthrob is putting his faith in the Celebs Go Dating 2019 agents. Here's everything you need to know about him…

Who is Jack Fowler?

Jack is a 23-year-old semi-professional footballer from London.

He plays for Harlow Town and said when his ex dumped him a year ago he was "devastated" and went to Ireland to recover.

Before his stint on Love Island he described his honesty as the least likeable thing about himself but added: "When I’m in a room, people know I’m there. I’ve got a good vibe about me."

His other claim to pre-Love Island fame is that he was in a Tom Zanetti music video.

When was Jack Fowler on Love Island?

Jack Fowler starred in the 2018 series of ITV2's hit show Love Island.

The footballer coupled up with fellow contestant and surfer Laura Crane.

But less than two months after the couple left the villa, the pair split citing demanding schedules as the reason behind their relationship failing.

Speaking to Metro.co.uk, Laura blamed "busy schedules" for the end of the romance.

She said: "Sadly Jack and I have both decided to go our separate ways due to such busy schedules right now and not having the time to spend together.

"Feel truly blessed to have got to share my Love Island experience with him and to have made a friend for life. We will carry on supporting each other on this journey and I can’t wait to see where it takes us."

Has Jack Fowler found love on Celebs Go Dating?

Jack has been enjoying dates on Celebs Go Dating but it doesn't not appear like the star has found love just yet.

He may be single but certainly not short of female attention – Jack recently posted an X-rated selfie that sent his fans wild.

And Jack has previously admitted that while he said that he doesn't have a type but wouldn't mind a curvy brunette with a nice bum and nice smile.

Celebs Go Dating returned to our screens for series six on Sunday February 24th.

You catch it on E4 at 9pm, with the final airing THIS THURSDAY.

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Who is Katarina Johnson-Thompson? The British heptathlete is set to appear on Celebrity Bake Off

KATARINA JOHNSON-THOMPSON has had a superb 2018 so far winning the World Indoor pentathlon gold in Birmingham and the heptathlon gold medal at the Commonwealth Games.

But she will now be swapping stadiums for a kitchen as she takes part in the Celebrity Bake Off.

What is Katarina Johnson-Thompson's background?

Her parents are called Tracey and Ricardo, with her dad coming from the Bahamas.

She grew up in Liverpool and attended Catholic High School.

Some of her early funding came from the Wells Athletic Foundation.

KJT represents Liverpool Harriers.

Tell me about Kat's career in a nutshell

Ever since Kat became European Under-23 heptathlon champion five years ago the Liverpudlian was expected to inherit the multi-eventing throne of Jessica Ennis-Hill.

But she has often been eclipsed by Olympic and world champion Nafi Thiam.

In Beijing in 2008, and then London and Rio poor Kat suffered Olympic heartache that less robust characters would not have recovered.

She again suffered heartbreak in Beijing after posting three fouls in the long jump and finishing back in 28th.

And she failed to medal at the World Athletics Champs in London in 2017.

But she has finally come up with a complete performance, having relocated to France to change her coaching set-up in 2017.

Has Kat won any gold medals?

Katarina Johnson-Thompson finally tasted glory on the global stage with victory in the pentathlon at the 2018 World Indoor Championships in Birmingham.

The horrors of recent global campaigns were forgotten as she came out on top over five disciplines.

Admittedly she was up against a moderate field but 25-year-old Kat still lapped up an immense victory.

She had previously won gold at the European Indoor Championships in 2015 in the pentathlon with a British record of 5000 points.

KJT then added to her gold haul with a win in the heptathlon at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018 in Australia.

She has already kicked off 2019 with gold after defending her European Indoor Championships title in the pentathlon in Glasgow, Scotland.

What about her other results?

Kat was 15th at London 2012 and then fifth at the 2013 World Championships.

In the long jump she was the 2012 World Junior champion and the 2014 World Indoor silver medallist.

She also holds both British high jump records, outdoor with a height of 1.98m at the 2016 Olympic Games, indoor with a height of 1.97m at the 2015 British Indoor Athletics Championships.

Kat is also the British indoor long jump record holder with a distance of 6.93m, finishing sixth in the 2016 Olympic Games and fifth in the 2017 World Championships.

In winning her recent world indoor title Kat recorded a season's best of 4,750 points.

KJT also picked up silver in the European Championships in Berlin last year – and will be among the favourites to claim gold in the World Championships in September and Olympics in Tokyo next summer.

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YouTuber Emma Monden, Who Was Rejected From USC, Reacts To Olivia Jade’s College Cheating Scandal

All of us pretty much know what’s going on with the Olivia Jade and her mom Lori Laughlin‘s college cheating scandal.

If you don’t, here’s a brief explainer: Lori was one of the dozens charged in the college admissions scam, which involved them paying elite colleges and universities including Yale, Georgetown, the University of Southern California and Stanford to guarantee admissions for their children.

Now, Emma Monden is giving fans a unique perspective on it, as she was rejected from the same college Olivia got into with the help of her mom’s “donations”.

Emma explains that the biggest part she has a hard time with is that “being someone who applied to USC last year and it was literally all I wanted in the world…it was something that inspired me and it was the reason I worked so hard in high school because I had that end goal in mind.”

She continues, “Seeing someone get handed that admission that didn’t work for it, it’s just hard to be completely honest…”

“I had stacked up on AP and honors classes, I got an SAT tutor, so I knew the best strategies for taking that test and I paid for it with my own money…I tried to do everything in my power to give me the best shot of getting into that school.”

Ultimately, USC did reject Emma‘s application and she ended up going to school as UC Irvine.

You can check out Emma‘s full video below about the scandal:

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Woman calls out creep who tried to chat her up on LinkedIn… and she's not the only one

LINKEDIN is the last place most would think of as the perfect platform to search for a date – but for one creepy chap apparently disagrees.

A US woman called Hannah Ray, 27, called out the unnamed man after he slid in to her private messages on the professional networking site to chat her up.

Hannah revealed the message thread on Twitter with the caption: "No DM is sacred not even LinkedIn".

The unsolicited message from the man, whose identity Hannah had protected, read: "Would you be willing to relocate if the right opportunity came along?"

Hannah's response was: "I'm not actively seeking out a new position at the moment.

"However, generally speaking, if the right job at the right time became available I would be open to relocation."

"What about the right man? ;)" he replied.

The tweet amassed thousands of shares and likes, with many other women reassuring Hannah that she was not alone in the creepy encounter.

One woman called Melissa shared her own encounter from a different man who asked her to go for coffee, she said of the interaction: "The best part was that one of the suggested responses was simply 'Lol'"

"UGGGH YES. I used to have my email address on my LinkedIn profile until I got this email. Gross," a woman named Laura explained posting a screengrab of an email she had received from a man who told her she was 'gorgeous' and that he wanted to date her.

Many people responding to Hannah's thread urged men not to use the networking platform as a dating site.

"Why does this happen SO MUCH on LinkedIn," said SheRatesDogs – an account that shames texts from exes.

A man oblivious to what women experience on social media added: "I (as a man that doesn’t encounter these things regularly) honestly had no idea that it was a normal thing… Really cringey though."

Another person called Merlin agreed: "This is madness. LinkedIn is one place that people should not mention dating at all."

The LinkedIn help account noticed Hannah's viral tweet and replied: "Hi Hannah, thank you for speaking on this.

"It’s absolutely not acceptable to send inappropriate messages on LinkedIn.

"We take these reports very seriously and have tools in place to report and block."

See what happened when one brave model donned Khloe Kardashian's fishnet bodystocking on the streets of London.

How a woman so addicted to sunbeds and illegal tanning jabs is so dark she gets mistaken for a different race.

Plus an unlucky-in-love bloke has created a dating guide for men based on women's NAILS – so are you a "danger" or a heartbreaker?

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Who is Charles Leclerc's girlfriend Giada Gianni, when did the Ferrari F1 ace start dating her and is he related to Jules Bianchi?

CHARLES LECLERC will make the step up from Sauber to Ferrari after replacing Kimi Raikonen for the coming Formula 1 season.

The Monaco-born star is a former F2 and GP3 champion and now looks to battle for the title – all with his stunning girlfriend cheering him on for support.

Who is Giada Gianni?

The Italian beauty was born March 2, 1998 – making her 21 years old.

Very little is known about her, despite her regular activity on social media.

Gianni can be found on Instagram @giadag01 with over 21k followers, while has yet to post on Twitter.

When did Leclerc and Gianni start dating?

The couple, both 21, started dating in January 2015 – meaning the couple have been together for over four years.

They are rumoured to be engaged, but neither has confirmed the news.

Leclerc and Gianni often post of their holidays and jet-setting lifestyle via social media.

Is Leclerc related the late Jules Bianchi?

No – but the young Monaco driver is the godson of Jules Bianchi.

The former Marussia F1 ace died in July 2015 after failing to recover from injuries sustained during a crash at the Suzuka Grand Prix nine months prior.

He became the first driver to be killed from injuries sustained in a race since Ayrton Senna in 1994.

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Who is Meg Mac? Australian singer on tour NOW

MEG Mac has seen her star soar in recent years.

We take a look at her career so far of the singer.

Who is Meg Mac?

Megan McInerney, 28, was born July 6, 1990 in Sydney, Australia.

She is known by her stage name Meg Mac and is a singer-songwriter and musician.

Meg started writing songs as a teenager.

As a  young adult she began a degree in Digital Media but soon quit this after she moved to Perth to study music at the WA Academy of Performing Arts.

After completing her degree, she recorded Known Better and submitted it to radio station Triple J's Unearthed program.

At this point, she decided to move from Perth to Melbourne and left on a road trip with a car load of friends.

It was during this trip as they were approaching Melbourne that she discovered that Triple J were planning to play her song that evening and the rest is history.

What music has Meg Mac released?

Her self-titled EP, released in 2015 has since gone platinum, with the lead track, Roll Up Your Sleeves, used on US TV shows Girls, Grace and Frankie and Astronaut Wives Club.

Next came her first album Low Blows that debuted at number two on the Australian Album Charts.

Late in 2018, Meg unveiled the song and accompanying video for the powerful, Give Me My Name Back – her first release following Low Blows.

In 2019 Meg released Something Tells Me co-written by Sarah Aarons.

When is Meg going on tour?

You can catch her NOW on tour – here are the dates:

March 2019

  • 16 – Brussels, Belgium – @ Botanique Bar
  • 19 – London, UK – Sofar Sounds

April 2019

  • 06 – Newtown, Australia @ Emmore Theatre
  • 12 – Coffs Harbour, Australia @ Coffs Ex-Services Club
  • 13 – Fortitude Valley, Australia @ The Tivoli Brisbane
  • 14 – Miami, Australia @ Miami Marketta
  • 26 – Wellington, New Zealand @ Meow
  • 27 – Auckland, New Zealand @ The Tuning Fork

May 2019

  • 3 – Geelong, Australia @ The Wool Exchange Entertainment Complex
  • 4 – Melbourne, Australia @Forum Melbourne
  • 8 – Canberra, Australia @ Australian National University, Canberra
  • 9 – Gwynneville, Australia @WOW UniBar
  • 10 – Newcastle, Australia @The University of Newcastle
  • 16 – Cairns, Australia @Tanks Art Centre
  • 23 – Hobart, Australia @Hobart Uni Bar

June 2019

  • 13 – Adelaide, Australia @ HQ Complex
  • 14 – Mount Lawley, Australia @ Astor Theatre Perth

Follow Meg on Twitter @megmacmusic.

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Who Is Ashlee Simpson's Husband, Evan Ross?

Evan Ross has become a name many of us have most likely heard of a few times before.

With a very successful career in acting, Ross has become well-known in the film and television industries for his notable roles.

Along with being a well-known actor, Ross is also the husband to singer Ashlee Simpson and the son of music’s very own Diana Ross.

He is the son of a musical legend

Evan Ross was born Evan Olav Næss in 1988 to businessman Arne Næss Jr. and legendary songstress Diana Ross.

View this post on Instagram

♥️ #vanityfair ….family

A post shared by Evan Ross (@realevanross) on

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♥️ #vanityfair ….family

A post shared by Evan Ross (@realevanross) on

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♥️ #vanityfair ….family

A post shared by Evan Ross (@realevanross) on

Ross is the youngest of Diana Ross’ five children, and is the maternal half-brother of Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross.

Even though Ross’ legal last name is Næss, the actor decided to go by his mother’s last name in order to further his acting career.

Ross has been acting since his teens

Evan Ross began acting while he was attending Greenwich High School.

At the age of 18, Ross landed his first major role starring alongside rapper T.I. in the 2006 film A.T.L.

Since then, Evan Ross has acted in a variety of films over the years. Some of his most notable roles have been playing Julie in the 2009 romantic drama According to Greta, portraying Dallas Austin in the television biopic CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, Reggie in the 2007 film Pride and Messalla in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 and 2.

Not only has Ross acted in films, he has also joined the cast of a few television series.

In 2010, Evan Ross appeared in the third season of the CW’s hit series 90210. Ross played Charlie Selby, Liam Court’s half-brother and Annie’s love interest.

In July 2015, the actor was cast as the crime scene paparazzo Diver Hawkes in the ABC crime drama Wicked City.

Currently, Evan Ross holds the role of Angel Rivera on the hit FOX drama, Star.

He is very much devoted to his music career

Though Evan Ross has spent a majority of his career acting in films and television shows, he has always had a deep passion for music.

The actor is still working on his debut album but has released a few singles over the years.

Ross has also had opportunities to showcase his vocals on the FOX series Star, since his character is an up and coming musical artist.

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Sangel's got us in our feelings. #STAR is streaming via link in our bio — watch now!

A post shared by STAR (@staronfox) on

When he is not working on his own music, Ross is one half of the musical duo Ashlee + Evan, alongside his wife Ashlee Simpson.

He’s been married to Ashlee Simpson since 2014

Evan Ross began dating singer Ashlee Simpson in 2013, two years after she filed for divorce from Fall Out Boy‘s Pete Wentz.

It turns out, Ross and Simpson were friends for ten years before they started seeing each other as something more.

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Our show Ashlee+Evan premieres September 9th on E! worldwide along with a music surprise!! #AshleeAndEvan

A post shared by Evan Ross (@realevanross) on

After hanging out together with a few mutual friends, Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson started falling hard for each other and the actor couldn’t picture his life without her in it.

In January 2014, Ross and Simpson got engaged and tied the knot seven months later with Diana Ross officiating the ceremony.

One year later, Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson welcomed their daughter, Jagger Rose.

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LUCKY 🌴 ♥️

A post shared by Evan Ross (@realevanross) on

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LUCKY 🌴 ♥️

A post shared by Evan Ross (@realevanross) on

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A post shared by Evan Ross (@realevanross) on

The same month their daughter was born, both celebrities filed documents to legally change their surname to Ross-Næss in order to honor Diana Ross and Evan’s later father Arne Næss Jr.

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