Is Stuart Highway going to kill Rainie Cross in EastEnders and where is Dot Branning?

Is Stuart Highway going to kill Rainie Cross in EastEnders and where is Dot Branning?

EastEnders villain Stuart Highway appears to have another victim in his sights as he plays mind games with Rainie Cross.

Fans saw him try to convince Rainie that he’d killed Dot Branning, leaving Max Branning’s wife terrified.

But what we want to know is if Stuart is planning on killing Rainie? And where is Dot?

Here’s the lowdown…

Will Stuart Highway kill Rainie Cross in EastEnders?

Tina Carter warned Rainie to keep away from Stuart in EastEnders as he is a dangerous man.

She told Rainie that he plotted to take Mick down and suggested he’d murdered Dylan Box, leaving Rainie terrified.

Stuart then scared her even more by letting himself into her house. Twice. And he made her think he’d bumped off Dot Branning – telling Rainie she’d gone to a ‘better place’ and was ‘with family now.’

Fans think that Stuart could go as far as killing Rainie as she tries to expose him for the vile bully he is.

He’s got his feet nicely under the table at Dot’s house and wasn’t shy about celebrating the fact she’d been made a millionaire after Doctor Legg left her his estate. So he definitely won’t take kindly to anyone trying to pull the rug out from under him.

One viewer wrote: “Stuart is going to kill Rainie unless Max gets back and sorts it out.”

It’s not clear if Stuart will go as far as murdering Rainie yet, but we wouldn’t put anything past him.

Where is Dot Branning in EastEnders?

Rainie was horrified when she saw Stuart ‘disposing’ of Dot’s clothes. She got even more of a shock when he let her think he’d killed the pensioner.

But don’t worry, Dot isn’t dead, she’s over in Ireland visiting her grandson Charlie Cotton and his little boy, Matthew.

She announced she was heading off after finding out Dr. Legg had left her his entire estate in his will.
Poor Dot was so overwhelmed with the news that she decided to take some time out to come to terms with the life-changing news.

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