Who is Joanna Newsom? Andy Samberg's wife and do they have any children together?

Who is Joanna Newsom? Andy Samberg's wife and do they have any children together?

The musical genius is famous in her own right and, long before tying the knot with the comedy actor, had soared to success. Here's the lowdown.

Who is Joanna Newsom?

Joanna Caroline Newsom is an American musician and soprano singer who was born and raised in northern California.

Her birthday is January 18, 1982 – making her 36.

She is the second child of doctors Christine (née Mueller) and William Newsom.

Joanna lived in Nevada City with older brother, Peter, and younger sister, Emily, and as children they were not allowed to watch television or listen to the radio.

The musician previously described her parents as "kind of idealists when it came to hoping they could protect us from bad influences".

The 36-year-old is also the second cousin of Gavin Newsom, Governor Elect of California.

Newsom attended a Waldorf school where she studied theatre.

She is a talented multi-instrumentalist and was classically trained on the harp after asking her parents at the tender age of five if she could learn.

However, the local harp instructor was reluctunt to take on such a young student and suggested that Newsom learned the piano first.

Joanna took heed of this advice and later moved on to the harp which she "loved from the first lesson onward".

After secondary school  she studied composition and creative writing at Mills College but eventually dropped out to focus on her music.

Newsom also comes from a musical backround – her father played the guitar and her mother was a classically trained pianist.

What is Joanna famous for?

Joanna kick-started her music career as a keyboardist in the San-Francisco-based indie band The Pleased.

In 2004 she released her critically-acclaimed debut album The Milk-Eyed Mender after being signed to the independent label Drag City.

Newsom went on to receive wider exposure with the release of Ys in 2006, which reached No134 on the Billboard 200 and was nominated for a Shortlist Music Prize the following year.

Her other albums include Have One on Me (2010) and Divers (2015) which outsold all of her previous releases.

Newsom is a soprano singer and has expressed her disappointment at comments that her singing is "child-like".

The singer-songwriter developed vocal cord nodules and could not speak or sing for two months in 2009.

The artist's recovery and further "vocal modifications" has since changed her voice.

Joanna has also tried her hand at acting and has had roles in the television series Portlandia and Inherent Vice (2014).

Who is her husband and do they have any children together?

Joanna is married to American actor Andy Samberg, 40. 

He too is a musician as well as a comedian, writer and producer.

The couple tied the knot on September 21, 2013, in Big Sur, California, after being introduced to each other through Andy's Saturday Night Live co-star Fred Armisen in 2008.

According to reports, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor was already a huge fan of Joanna's music before meeting her.

He allegedly held a torch for her and would even go to her shows.

And just like two peas in a pod, Joanna was also a fan of the star's comedy before being introduced to him.

In August 2017, Andy and Joanna became parents for the first time to a baby girl.

The low-profile couple are yet to disclose their daughter's name or any other details about her.

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