Baby toddling around a mall unattended tumbles down an escalator

Baby toddling around a mall unattended tumbles down an escalator

Baby tumbles down an escalator after being left to toddle around a shopping mall in a walker unattended

  • Nine-month-old baby fell from the top of an upward escalator at a mall in China
  • The child had been left on its own in a walker at the lobby of a nearby restaurant
  • It slowly toddled towards the moving stairs before rolling down uncontrollably 
  • A passing soldier saved the baby before it fell down the staircase even further 

A baby toddling around a mall in a walker unattended has been saved by a passerby after plummeting down an escalator in China.

The nine-month-old baby, whose gender has not been revealed, fell from the top of the escalator which was going upwards after leaving a nearby store on its own.

A passing soldier caught the baby about half way of the escalator and prevented it from tumbling down further along the moving staircase.

The nine-month-old baby is left in the lobby of a restaurant unattended in Wuxi, China

The baby slowly toddles out of the store and towards the escalator with the help of a walker

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The accident took place at a shopping centre in Wuxi, eastern China, at around noon on Friday, according to Beijing Daily.

Footage circulating on Chinese social media platforms shows the baby being left by itself in a walker at a lobby of a restaurant. 

The baby slowly moved out of the shop and towards the escalator before rolling down the stairs uncontrollably. 

The baby gets dragged along by the moving staircase in its walker after falling forward

A passerby, 22-year-old Wang Hao who is a soldier, quickly rushes to rescue the baby 

It remains unclear where the baby’s parents or minders were at the time.  

The baby’s heroic saviour, named Wang Hao, is a soldier who was on holiday in his hometown Wuxi at the time. 

The 22-year-old man saw the baby falling while taking the downward escalator. He quickly jumped off the downward escalator and ran up the upward escalator to rescue the child.

Mr Wang gives the baby to a woman who is believed to be a minder after picking up the child

‘My first reaction was to save the baby,’ Mr Wang (pictured) told state media after the accident

The baby’s mother, Liu Xiaoyan (pictured), told reporters that she was grateful to Mr Wang

‘My first reaction was to save the baby, so I rushed up immediately and picked it up [from the escalator],’ Mr Wang told China Central Television Station. 

After saving the baby, Mr Wang handed the child to a woman who came out of the restaurant before leaving.

The baby’s mother, Liu Xiaoyan, told reporters that she was grateful to Mr Wang for what he had done.

She said: ‘He is such a good young man. I thank him from the bottom of my heart.’ 

It’s believed that the baby did not sustain serious injuries.  

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