Footage shows the moment a lion charges through a village in India

Footage shows the moment a lion charges through a village in India

Terrified villagers jump out of the way as a LION charges towards them in India

  • The lion charges through the village in the Porbander district, western India
  • Shocked villagers can be seen scattering and keeping distance from the big cat
  • The carnivore slows down and begins to start exploring the small village 

This terrifying footage shows the moment a lion charges through a village in India.

The lion can’t immediately be seen in the clip as villagers in the Porbander district, in western India, group together.

Then quick as a flash the people scatter as the big cat races towards them and runs around the village as people film on their phones.

The lion at full pelt springing through the area in rural western India as the villagers scatter

The villagers look on as the lion continues to run into the village and then abruptly stops

The lion then begins exploring the area at a much slower pace. It is not clear how long it stays in the village

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The lion temporarily stops its charge to look back at the bewildered villagers.

But then sets off again at a slower pace and starts to explore its unfamiliar surroundings.

It not clear how long the lion stays in the small village.

The lions in India are all Asiatic, with nearly all of them living in the Gir Forest.

Only a tiny fraction are still surviving in the wild, and are heavily protected by authorities. 

They are the only population of forest-dwelling lions remaining in the world.

The lions face a number of threats such a being poisoned for attacking livestock, floods and poaching.

The endangered species typically lives between 16 and 18 years in the wild.

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