How Aimee Spencer plunged to her death at party of drug dealer

How Aimee Spencer plunged to her death at party of drug dealer

Revealed: How Geordie Shore star plunged to her death at party of drug dealer whose lavish lifestyle was funded by former Labour minister grandfather Lord Gus Macdonald

  • Porn star Aimee Spencer fell to her death from Daniel Lewis’s home in Brighton
  • He avoided jail for drugs charges last year but was then imprisoned last month 
  • No charges were brought against him supplying her with the drugs in her body
  • New ITV documentary this week looks at police probe into death in July 2016

Aimee Spencer, a 27-year-old glamour model, had previously appeared on Geordie Shore

The lavish lifestyle of a drug dealer jailed after the death of Geordie Shore star Aimee Spencer was paid for by a trust fund set up by his grandfather Labour peer Lord Gus Macdonald, it can be revealed.

The 27-year-old reality star and porn actor, who had taken cocaine and ketamine, fell two storeys to her death at Daniel Lewis’s drug-strewn flat in Brighton in July 2016. 

She died in hospital a week later after her distraught parents made the harrowing decision to allow her life-support machine to be switched off.

Lewis, 30, was arrested but never charged in connection with her death.

He received a suspended sentence in November 2018 after he admitted drug offences, including possessing LSD and cocaine with intent to supply. But on January 16, three senior judges in London ruled his punishment ‘unduly lenient’ – and jailed him for three years.

Daniel Lewis (left, pictured outside Brighton Magistrates’ Court last year) is the grandson of former STV managing director Lord Gus Macdonald (right)

The former bodybuilder is the son of Jean Macdonald, the daughter of Lord Macdonald of Tradeston, 78, who was the former managing director of Scottish Television (STV), a Labour peer and a transport minister under Tony Blair from 1999 to 2001.

It has now emerged that Lewis’s lifestyle was supported by a trust fund from his grandfather, who retired from the House of Lords in April 2017.

  • Drug dealer who avoided jail after supplying ‘Class A…

    Labour MP, whose son remains on her staff despite conviction…

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It is not known exactly how much Lewis was given, however he enjoyed a party lifestyle – and was hosting an event at his flat on the night Miss Spencer died.

She was there with him and his girlfriend Helen Dawson at the event, which featured ‘party platters’ of class A drugs. Police eventually recovered £15,000 worth of drugs.

A new ITV documentary on the case airing this week features footage of Lewis being arrested

Lewis, whose rehabilitation treatment following Miss Spencer’s death was supported by the trust fund, was also known to be selling mail order drugs to high-end clients. 

Lord Macdonald was brought up in Scotland and worked in the Glasgow shipyards alongside Billy Connolly and Alex Ferguson while leading apprentices’ strikes. 

He then worked in the media before he was made a life peer by Labour in 1998 and held a series of positions, including transport minister and Cabinet Office minister.

Miss Spencer’s mother, Jean, had previously claimed the soft sentence Lewis initially received last November was due to his wealthy family helping him in rehabilitation.

Lewis is also featured in the documentary during a police station interview after the incident

Mrs Spencer has searched for answers about how her daughter came to fall, naked, from the window ledge of the building three years ago. 

Now, a new documentary about the police investigation into Miss Spencer’s mysterious death will be presented by Katie Piper on ITV this Thursday.

The programme will feature interviews with detectives, bodycam footage from officers at the scene and footage of key developments during the probe.

It reveals Lewis had sent Miss Spencer a message saying: ‘Get in, get your kit off, get Helen making balloons while I’ll make a line under your nose as long as a yeti’s leg.’

Bags of prescription drugs were found at the scene, in another image from the documentary

It also shows the moment police arrived at Lewis’s flat and found him dressed in just boxer shorts. He said: ‘I’ve used some drugs, I’ve used some cocaine and Diazepam.’ 

Miss Spencer fell from the kitchen window having consumed cocaine and ketamine. 

Lewis was charged with eight counts of drug possession with intent to supply – but no charges were brought against supplying Miss Spencer with the drugs in her body.

An inquest in May 2017 found Miss Spencer’s death was caused by injuries in the fall – but the exact circumstances surrounding what happened remained unclear. 

The view from kitchen window of the flat from which Miss Spencer fell to her death in 2016

Miss Spencer, who was living in Basildon, Essex, had appeared on Babestation TV, worked at lap dancing club Spearmint Rhino and starred in several adult films.

Her father Richard, 69, told the Sun her death is still shrouded in mystery, saying: ‘There are more questions than answers. We will never know what happened.’

Mrs Spencer added: ‘She told me, ‘I like sex so what’s the difference? If I get money for it, fine’. She saw it as easy money. Aimee never hid anything she did. 

‘It wasn’t necessarily something we condoned but we couldn’t stop her. Aimee was a free spirit.’ Mr Spencer added: ‘People will judge her but we were proud of her.’

Former Geordie Shore star Miss Spencer (pictured) fell to her death at Lewis’s flat in July 2016

Speaking last month after Lewis was jailed, Miss Spencer said: ‘He was actually there, he turned up. We were all looking at each other going ‘Bloody hell, we’ve done it’. He was told he had to present himself at 4pm to go to jail.

‘I got a text message from the police to say he had handed himself in at 4.10pm at the police station at Brighton and they took him into custody.

‘I suppose, it was never going to be about Aimee and we understood that, but he’s never shown any remorse or apologised. At least this goes some way to showing he hasn’t got off scot free. There was hugging and tears.’

Miss Spencer was found naked lying on a patio below the first-floor window with serious head injuries and taken to Royal Sussex County Hospital but died on July 18.

Miss Spencer (left) appeared in Geordie Shore and shared a bed with Vicky Pattison (right)

The inquest heard that witnesses told police they heard a man scream but there were no signs of an argument or ‘significant disturbance’ at the party.

A toxicologist said the cocktail of drugs could have put her in a dream-like state, which might explain why she was in such dangerous position on a window ledge.

The court heard a statement from a neighbour who said he heard a single, male scream then saw a body falling from the open window.

Miss Spencer, was was known on screen as ‘Carla Mai’ starred in adult sex films and briefly appeared on the MTV reality show Geordie Shore with Vicky Pattison.

Miss Spencer fell from the kitchen of the flat on Chichester Terrace in Brighton three years ago

She also featured in BBC Three’s 2014 documentary The Truth About Webcam Girls, which followed three women who performed online for paying customers.

A self-confessed fitness fanatic, she had a black belt in martial arts, but was also planning to release a cookbook with health conscious recipes.

Her food blog Gym Kitchen was described as a resource for tasty and healthy recipes to help her Instagram followers achieve fitness and body-building goals.

Her career in the adult entertainment industry started as a dancer at the Spearmint Rhino Club in London before she appeared on a string of adult websites.

Katie Piper will present the documentary, The Death Of Aimee Spencer, on ITV this Thursday

Miss Spencer’s Geordie Shore appearance came when she was invited to a party at a villa occupied by the TV show’s cast in Magaluf.

She joined Miss Pattison in bed before passing out while her friend slept in a bed with fellow reality star Jay Gardner. 

Attempts have been made by MailOnline to contact Lord Macdonald for comment. 

The Death Of Aimee Spencer will be shown on ITV this Thursday at 9pm

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