Mum’s warning after girl, 5, has hair ripped out when her toddler cousin pours 58 ‘Bunchems’ sticky ball toys over her head

Scarlett Nikunen, five, endured three days of misery after the multicoloured Bunchems balls became tangled in her long locks.

According to her mother Jasmine, it took "six hands and over 12 hours" to remove the plastic toys with several coconut and vegetable oil rubs.

She has now shared a picture of Scarlett's disaster in a bid to warn other parents of the dangers posed by Bunchems.

Jasmine, of Little Rock in Arkansas, told THV11: "Collin, who is three, poured the whole bucket over her head and she tried to shake them out and they immediately started to matte up like dreadlocks.

"I thought we were never going to get them out. It took six hands, 12 and a half hours, to get them out.

"We had about 12 containers of coconut oil and vegetable oil and any hair oil you could think of and we drenched her in it."

Scarlett's blonde hair was finally untangled after Jasmine appealed for help on Facebook.

She said her daughter has been left with a "thinned" scalp but is relieved she didn't have to cut her hair.

Jasmine added: "Definitely watch your kids. If you do have them [Buchems], keep them away from the hair."

Bunchems are little plastic toys which kids can connect together to make different shapes.

The brand's packaging warns users to keep them away from hair.

The toy’s maker released a video explaining how to get them out of hair shortly after they were launched in 2013.


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