6 Egirl Halloween Costumes That’ll Rack Up All The TikTok Views

As I have the front strands of my hair dyed a different color than the rest, fresh blush on my nose, and spend too much time on TikTok, I consider myself well-prepared to guide you through this article. With Halloween getting closer every day, it’s time for some costume inspiration. What’s a more topical, easy-to-do look than an egirl Halloween costume? The internet subculture gets more and more popular every day, and honestly, once you put on this costume, you might decide to never take it off.

First, let’s explore exactly what egirl is. It’s a subset of people, generally Gen Zers, who are most recognizable by their unique look, which is aesthetically a mix of ’90s rave, anime, scene (not in a bad way), skater, and goth. Put bluntly, there’s a lot going on. But, that doesn’t mean it’s a hard look to pull off by any means. After all, if those addicted to TikTok can do it, why can’t you?

Even if you don’t consider yourself stylistically aligned with any of the below aesthetics, you can definitely pull off an egirl look with items from your own closet. At most, you may have to buy some chains, makeup, and possibly a wig to get the full effect. But, if you’re ready to begin your vibe-y makeover, below are six egirl costumes perfect for Halloween — and getting TikTok famous.

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Egirl Halloween Costume: Doja Cat

Doja Cat is probably the most famous egirl out there, and you can follow her beauty routine above for a step-by-step guide to recreate her exact look. Even if you choose not to go for a total Doja Cat costume, she has a lot of general advice on how to do egirl makeup.

Egirl Halloween Costume: Eve

Eve Frsr takes you through her hair and makeup routine, which is so quintessentially egirl, in the above video. Her long-sleeve shirt under a short-sleeve shirt, eyeliner heart, and clips are all paramount to rocking a chill egirl look.

Egirl Halloween Costume: Peach

Peach is a notably chaotic (in the best way) TikToker that I simply cannot get enough of. She favors the softer egirl style and wears a lot of slip dresses and chains.

Egirl Halloween Costume: Draco Girl

If you’ve been on DracoTok, you may want to celebrate everyone’s favorite blonde bad boy by dressing up like one of the DracoTok egirls. A Hogwarts robe, tie of your House, and a printed out photo of Draco can complete this look for you.

Egirl Halloween Costume: Wig Party

For a group costume with all of your peeps, you can do the TikTok wig party trend. Just get a few of your friends in the car and head to the nearest costume shop to all get different colored wigs.

Egirl Halloween Costume: Alt EGirl

Strawberryelf is the be-all and end-all of alt egirl aesthetics. Her two-toned dyed hair, penchant for plaid skirts, and collection of garter belts give her an almost goth look, but her makeup is firmly egirl. For this look, you can go with an oversized shirt, lacy camisole, or any other top you like.

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