7 Blush Products That Will Make You Love Your Cheeks Again

It’s a mask-on kind of year—we get it. But those virtual meetings don’t seem to be ending anytime soon, and we’re constantly discovering new ways to get a beat face together in record time. That’s where the makeup that gets covered by your mask really gets to shine, including blush.

Like lipstick, blush can transform your face—a small pop of color goes a long way. And also, like lipstick, it has taken a bit of a backseat to eye mascara, false lashes, liner and eyeshadow these days. But it’s a nice treat when you want to feel like the pre-COVID version of yourself for a boost of confidence and some self-love.

So we’ve rounded up some blush products that are rich in color and look like a dream on melanin-rich skin tones. They’ll make you fall in love with your cheeks all over again.

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