Aldi has a new range of beauty dupes that could save you £125 compared to brands

Aldi’s beauty range is probably the worst-kept secret across lovers of brands like Smashbox and Urban Decay.

The supermarket’s products – which they claim to be ‘inspired by’ larger brands – are pretty much like-for-like dupes, with way smaller price tags.

This range is now back, with some added newbies to boot, potentially saving you £125 on the big brand products if you switched.

With prices starting from £2.49, you can get your hands on facial oils, primers, eyeshadow palettes, and more at a bargain price.

Lacura Snapshot Ready Primer, £5.99

If you were to swap from the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer that looks remarkably like the Lacura version, you’d save £22.

Lacura Radiant Concealer, £3.99

This one is comparable to Nars’ Radiant Creamy Concealer so you can swap and save over £20.

Lacura Naturals Eyeshadow Palettes, £5.99

Anyone getting vibes of the Urban Decay Naked palettes here? If you normally for these £40+ options, switching can save you a huge £37.

Lacura Too Legit Waterproof Mascara, £5.99

Similar to Benefit’s They’re Real, Too Legit has great reviews. Not to mention, it’s £16 cheaper than the Benefit version.

Lacura Setting Spray, £3.99

It might not exactly be warm enough to warrant a heavy duty setting spray right now (especially given we aren’t going outside), but if you made the switch from Urban Decay’s Setting Spray, you’d save over £21.

Lacura Detangling Hair Brush, £2.49

The Tangle Teezer is the OG hairbrush for long or curly hair. If you’re the ype who normally loses their brush (or gets it stuck in your mane) switch to these Lacura ones and save £9.51.

There are also Pixi-like tonic waters, highlighting sticks, and the Liz Earle style cleaners and oils that have been a hit from the supermarket.

Grab the range in-store from 18 June or online at from 14  June.

What do you think of the Lacura dupes?

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