Alert: I Just Tested Machine Gun Kelly’s New Nail Polish Brand

Um, this is not a drill: Machine Gun Kelly just launched a nail polish line called Un/dn Laqr, and I am unwell. Most of the time, celebrity beauty brands just don’t do it for me. As a beauty editor, I test and review a ton of products, so it takes more than some fancy packaging, a massive IG following, and a ~*cool*~ launch party to get me excited about a new beauty line. Sorry to all the celebs of the world, but as a rule, I’d rather support a small indie company or spend my money on clinically tested products backed by derms and actual experts.

That said, there’s *occasionally* an exception to my no-celeb beauty rule. It happened in 2020 with Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty (I was instantly obsessed with the liquid blush), and now it’s happening again—this time with Un/dn Laqr (pronounced “undone lacquer”), a new nail polish line from Machine Gun Kelly. Yep, MGK now makes nail polish—and it’s launching today on

As soon as I saw the news about Un/dn Laqr in my inbox, I was, um, intrigued, to say the least. One, I love nail polish, and two, I’m a major Machine Gun Kelly fangirl. NGL, I spent all summer stalking him, Megan Fox, and Kravis on IG while simultaneously head-banging to “Title Track” in my car, pretending I was a freshman in high school again (IYKYK). Love him or hate him (how dare you), you can’t deny that MGK has the ability to resurrect the angsty persona deep inside anyone who grew up in the suburbs in the early 2000s.

So because I love nostalgia and am also obsessed with MGK, I obviously had to give his nail polish collection a try with the hope that it would bring that same edgy/emo vibe to my mani game. Ahead, my honest review of the Un/dn Laqr—plus everything you need to know about the brand.

First, a little bit about Un/dn Laqr

Un/dn Laqr was specifically designed for anyone, any age, and any gender identity who likes nail polish and wants to show off their ~creative~ side with an expressive mani. And because Machine Gun Kelly isn’t exactly a rule follower, he curated the collection of shades based not on seasonal trends or nail trends but instead on core colors that can be mixed and matched to create statement looks and graphic nail art for anytime, anywhere.

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Also cool: Everything in the line is vegan, cruelty-free, and 9-free (so made without potentially sketch ingredients, like formaldehyde and phthalates, commonly used in traditional nail polishes). Here’s a quick breakdown of the products Un/dn Laqr is launching with first:

Un/dn Laqr nail polish singles

Un/dn Laqr nail polish sets

Un/dn Laqr nail polish kits

My honest Un/dn Laqr review

I personally tested the Therapy Sessions kit, which comes with pale-pink, pale-blue, light-tan, light-purple, orangey-red, and deep-green nail polishes plus two nail art brushes in a cool printed box. All the colors are really nice, but my faves are the light purple and the orangey-red. The light purple has a hint of gray in it so it’s not too cutesy, and the orange-y red is bright but still wearable.

The polish itself is super opaque—you need only two thin coats for full coverage color—and it isn’t at all clumpy or bubbly like other thicker nail polish formulas tend to be. As for how long it lasts, I got four solid days out of my manicure before it started to chip at the tips and cuticles, which is pretty standard for regular polish.

I loved how easy these polishes are to use too. The brush is short and fat, so you can cover your entire nail in a few quick strokes with a ton of control. I suck at nail art, so I didn’t attempt to use the nail art brushes, but I imagine they’d be clutch for creating a DIY French mani or a cool dotted effect.

The final verdict

Overall, these polishes are really nice and easy to use—and yes, they did give me nostalgic emo vibes. The colors are cool and unexpected, and the packaging reminds me of tattoos and the weird doodles I used to draw on my notebook in high school. At $18 per polish, they’re definitely not cheap, but if you’re into your nails and/or a fan of Machine Gun Kelly, I say go for it. Well done, MGK. 👏👏👏

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