Amazon Shoppers Named This the "Best Handheld Dryer Ever"

The days of grumbling as you drag a brush through tangled, knotted hair are over. There will always be a place in beauty routines for a basic hairbrush, but what about when you want sleek, salon-quality hair? Enter the electric hair brush. 

Shoppers have fallen in love with countless electric hair brushes in the past (particularly over on Amazon), but customers have named one "the best handheld dryer ever." As this fan of Conair's The Knot Doctor explained, the brush has led to hair that's "manageable, voluminous and tangled less."

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Before diving further into the praise for this brush, let's take a look at what sets it apart. Touted as an all-in-one smoothing tool, the hot pink product contains a paddle-shaped brush that detangles and dries hair. All you have to do is section out your hair and then run the brush through.

Formatted with multiple hair types in mind, the Knot Doctor comes with a low heat setting for fine hair and a higher temperature for thick hair. On days you don't need the sleek, smooth shine of a brush, you can remove the paddle attachment and simply use the tool as a hairdryer. 

The Conair styler even earned the approval of a hairstylist, who wrote in their Amazon review, "This dryer has the best drying power I have gotten from any paddle brush dryers… This is my go-to dryer for tangled hair. I can get [hair] detailed and dry at the same time, without having to comb the hair out before."

Long hair is no match for this brush either, as another reviewer shared. "I'm in love. I have hair past my waist, and I am not good at doing anything with my hair. I rarely even blow dry it," they wrote. "I needed a change and bought this on a whim. I love it. I can actually dry my hair now. It's so smooth and nice after."

Even this shopper with thick hair recommends the tool for those looking for sleek results, especially when combing out hair for braids. "I normally air dry when wearing my hair curly because diffusers always give me frizz. However, with the small nozzle this dryer has, I'm able to direct the flow exactly where I need it and dry my curls without the frizz," they wrote. "When I use the brush attachment, my hair dries quickly and is smooth and tangle-free."

It's time to upgrade your brushing experience and fall in love with a styling tool that brings you "quick and efficient" results. Head over to Amazon and get the Knot Doctor for yourself.

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