Argos and Philips want to use 'more realistic' images of hair removal

Removing hair is never a glamorous process.

It’s often messy, or involves trying to stretch into awkward positions to get those hard-to-reach places.

And when it comes to the pictures used to advertise the products we use for hair removal, they don’t often match up to that reality.

Argos and Philips have decided to show more true-to-life depictions of people using the Lumea device, which uses intense pulsed light to reduce hair more permanently across the body.

The device has become much more popular in recent months with a 20% increase in sales as customers turn to home hair removal as they were unable to go to salon during the coronavirus lockdown.

And now, the new pictures on the brands’ websites show people bending into different positions to get every last spot and feature more relatable body types.

There’s also images of women removing hair from toes and bikini lines to highlight that everyone has hair there too, and some people choose to remove it.

Of course, some people like to let their body hair grow and it’s all down to personal choice but both Argos and Philips wanted to open up a conversation around body hair.

According to a survey by the brands, 43% of women feel embarrassed or uncomfortable talking about hair removal.

Unfortunately, though, these images don’t go as far as some other brands – last year Billie razors released an ad where you could visibly see the pubic hairs.

On the Argos and Philips pictures all you can see is a little bit of stubble in some areas.

Jess Pasco, Senior Buyer (Personal Care) at Argos, said: ‘We all have different needs when it comes to hair removal, but by posting images of real hair removal on our website, we’re opening up the conversation and encouraging our customers to be honest about body hair.

‘We want our customers to see themselves reflected in these images and feeling reassured that we understand that the reality of hair removal isn’t as glamorous as it is often seen online.’

Jess Gregory, Philips Lumea Marketing Manager, said: ‘Hair removal doesn’t need to be a chore or something we’re embarrassed about – it’s a part of our everyday routines.

‘We want women who use Lumea to feel empowered by their hair removal and what works best for them, through a personalised programme to suit their needs and choices.’

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