Can we talk about Meghan Markle’s highlighter? We asked an expert how to recreate it

A pregnancy glow is one thing, but the Duchess of Sussex's highlighter when she attended a recent gala performance is something else. When Meghan was photographed heading into the Natural History Museum on Tuesday 12 February, the flashbulbs went off like crazy and showed off the amazing highlighter on her cheekbones. We called on makeup artist supremo Lisa Potter-Dixon and demanded to know how we can recreate Meghan's glow at home. If anyone can tell us, it's Lisa! The Head Makeup Artist for Benefit, who also co-hosts the Life & Lipstick podcast with Princess Eugenie's makeup artist Hannah Martin, is busy preparing for London Fashion Week but we caught up with the beauty maven to tell us absolutely everything.

"It's unusual for us to see the royals with such a glow as they tend to opt for matte skin, so Meghan's fresh, highlighted skin is refreshing! Paired with a soft, smoky eye and a nude lip, this look really compliments her white outfit," Lisa said.

From the photographs, Lisa thinks Meghan has opted for a liquid highlighter for getting the glow this time. "If you use a liquid highlighter like Meghan, apply this with your fingers," Lisa advised. We love Benefit's High Beam, £22, the bareMinerals Bare Pro Highlighter Drops, £23, and the Iconic London Illuminator, £30. 

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If liquid isn't your thing, Lisa recommends you use a powder highlighter, and the best brush to use – according to Lisa – is a fantail brush. "Start at the apples of the cheeks and sweep the highlighter up to the temples, along the cheekbones."

Makeup fantail brush, £10, Zoeva

For evening events, we often see Meghan rock a glam makeup look. Daniel Martin – the mua who perfected her iconic royal wedding look – recently raved about a £9 beauty cream. Speaking to E!, he said: "A lot of my highlighting is done with skin-care." On capturing the fresh face glow that Meghan has that we are all lusting after – he explained that he often uses multi-purpose balm Eucerin's Aquaphor.

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WATCH Lisa recreate Meghan's royal wedding look

Ah, and talking about skincare. We all know that getting the ultimate glow has a lot to do with looking after your skin. Sarah Chapman, the woman who Meghan calls on for glowing skin, shared the simple regime that she follows when treating her client's skin. Talking to HELLO!, she said: "First wash your hands. Then begin by using a facial steamer to open the pores and prepare the skin – or have a bath or shower. Apply a balm cleanser like my Ultimate Cleanse to the whole face, using massage techniques to work it deeper into the skin, and then circle the blemish with the pads of your fingers to soften the blockage further.

"Apply a warm flannel to the affected area and start to apply gentle pressure with a wiggle to either side of the blemish, stopping immediately if you see any blood. It is important to always use your fingers and to avoid using your nails, as this can cause trauma to the skin."

If that's the secret to getting skin like Meghan, we're all in!

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