Carol’s Daughter Celebrates The Mother-Daughter Bond Through New Hair Campaign

On May 8th, Carol’s Daughter launched its “True To
Your Roots” campaign, dedicated to the bond between mothers and daughters, and
the power of family tradition.

No matter how simple, complicated, or otherwise, the
relationship between a black woman and her hair is a very personal one. We typically
get our habits and learn our grooming skills from our moms, who typically learn
from their moms.

“When I think
of the phrase ‘True To Your Roots’ – I think of things you learn from your
mother, that she learned from her mother – and the things they teach you about
being true to who you are,” said Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price, in a statement.
“My mother taught me to fall in love with my hair and the person I see in the
mirror, flaws and all. If I can pass that message about beauty on to my
daughter as our family’s tradition, I will have done my job.”

The last time I let my mother get her hands on my hair I was probably about 8-years-old. My mother had an odd fondness for putting an afro puff in the center of your head, then surrounding it with cornrows, and adorning the look with lots of barrettes before finishing it off with enough hair spray to kill a calf. She quite possibly put that hole in the ozone layer in the ‘80s. So I began what I thought was a solo hair journey, earlier than most girls. When I went off to college, I decided to loc my hair, just like my mother had, and I kept it that way for 12 years. Coincidentally, my mother and I did a big chop of our locs around the same time. She now sports a buzz cut (which I line up for her from time to time), and I switch my hair up as frequently as my spirit moves me to. Through the years our connection with our hair was as strong as our connection with each other, and the way we saw each other’s beauty.

If our moms don’t love their kinks, curls, and coils, we’re not likely to embrace our own. When the bond with our hair is built on a strong foundation, it sets a tone for unshakeable confidence that will carry us through the world. The “True To Your Roots” campaign embodies the spirit of passing on that healthy hair relationship down the family lineage. It kicked off with a commercial featuring a real mother and daughter duo—both with covetable crowns—for its new Coco Crème Collection. It will also include the Black Vanilla Collection, and the Hair Milk Collection, as it evolves to encompass the power of multi-generational families as well.  

Products are available at several stores nationwide, as well as and

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