Celebrity Makeup Artist Reveals The Top Makeup Mistake People Make That Takes 30 Seconds To Fix

Sir John is a household name since he works with Beyonce, Karlie Kloss, Ashley Graham and many more, and now, he’s spilling his top makeup tips with YOU!

Sir John is one of the biggest makeup artists in the world and now, in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.com, he’s helping you have perfect makeup throughout 2019 and beyond! He told us about common beauty mistakes people make and how to fix them. “The biggest makeup do is blending. Blend, blend, blend. Foundation, eyeliners, eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers. And the biggest makeup don’t would be wearing the wrong color, i.e., foundation that is too dark or too light, concealer that is too ashy or fair, so, the wrong tones.”

Did you know that you can return opened foundation and other makeup at drugstores like CVS? And of course, going to Sephora or Nordstrom is a great way to “try before you buy,” especially if you’re looking to splurge with a foundation or concealer. Keep in mind your skin tone may change throughout the year (darker in summer, paler in winter) and that you can also blend two to three shades to create your perfect match.

Sir John works with just about everyone, but tells us, “Erykah Badu is the funniest.  And what I loved about her is that she taught me — don’t apologize. No, accept the compliment. When someone gives you a compliment say, you know what, that’s what I like about myself! And it sounds off putting at first, it’s very hard to accept a compliment and not shy away from one, or you know, push back and say no, no and be self-deprecating. But to own the compliment is very freeing inside.”

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Sir John is currently a mentor on season 2 of American Beauty Star, which just premiered on Wednesday, January 2 at 10pm ET on Lifetime. Ashley Graham is the host!

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