Chloe Bailey’s Defined Abs Are Front And Center In Her Latest Instagram Selfie

  • Chloe Bailey flaunts her killer abs in a brand new Instagram selfie.
  • The singer rocks a blue two-piece outfit with white ruffles as she casually poses for a mirror pic.
  • Chloe says runs with her sister and a healthy vegan diet help her stay in such great shape.

Whether she’s on stage or on set, Chloe Bailey always understands the assignment. The 23-year-old Chloe x Halle singer is constantly updating her Instagram with pics that prove she never misses. From stunning Ivy Park snaps to casual photoshoots in her backyard, she’s conquered it all (with some incredibly cute clothes, to match!).

Now, in a brand new photo, Chloe’s taking mirror selfies to the next level. In the post, she looks super fit while wearing a blue matching set, complete with plenty of white ruffles. It’s hard not to notice her killer abs—fans definitely did.

“GIRLFRIEND 😩💕💕💕,” one user commented. “🔥🔥🔥,” another wrote, and a third fan added “whew!” “Don’t dim your light babygirl 💕,” Chloe captioned the pic.

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If you’re wondering how many crunches Chloe does for those abs, you might be surprised. The grown-ish actress actually prefers cardio. She and sister Halle love to start their morning by walking their little brother to school, they told Teen Vogue. “That helps us start our day off nice and refreshed. And we love to go running, around three times a week,” they said.

Every runner needs a playlist, and Chloe and Halle are no exception: “My sister and I like the rhythm to match the pace of our run, so we choose anything with high energy and fast tempo! Our workout playlist consists of Beyonce, The Weeknd, Kanye, TwentyOne Pilots, Bruno Mars, etc. We like to have fun!”

On the road, the pair tries to stay as active as possible by exploring the cities they visit on foot. “Just walking around to each destination instead of getting a car, is an easy, fun, and healthy way to stay fit,” they said. Oh, and of course “performing every night is also a fantastic workout.”

Diet-wise, these vegan sisters pack their plates full of veggies. “For breakfast, we’ll make ourselves maple, brown sugar oatmeal with a side of fruit,” Chloe said. “Sometimes for lunch, I will grill veggie hot dogs while Halle makes delicious kale chips. And to end the day off for dinner, we’ll make spinach and brown rice with a side of veggie balls.”

And takeout is always an option. In a Q&A video, Chloe mentioned that food is her “kryptonite. It is the best blessing for me and the biggest curse because if I don’t work out consistently, I will gain weight like this.” When she does splurge on fast food, it’s usually a big order from Veggie Grill. Brb, on my way there now.

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