Christie Brinkley Reveals Her Food Diary & Go-To Workouts That Keep Her Looking Ageless At 64

How does Christie Brinkley look so amazing after more than 40 years as a model? She told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY what she does to look flawless.

Think of Christie Brinkley and the things that spring to mind are her healthy blonde mane, her bright smile and her glowing skin. The American Beauty Star judge – who turns 65 on Feb. 2 – somehow seems to look ageless after a decades-long modeling career and three children. So, what’s her secret? The “Uptown Girl” shares her tips with HollywoodLife in this EXCLUSIVE interview.

Christie – who has her own self-named skincare line – is a big believer that what you put into your body is important. “I’m a vegetarian,” she tells us when we ask what she eats on a daily basis. “I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 13-year-old.” Admitting that she’s “never had cravings” (lucky her!), she adds, “I have a rainbow diet. The mornings I’ll start my day off with an acai bowl with lots of berries – I change the fruits in the acai bowl all the time… mangos, bananas, raspberries, blueberries. I’ll sprinkle some nuts on it for protein. For lunch I’ll do a nice salad, and for dinner I’ll do lentils or quinoa and sautéed vegetables.”

Christie even has a healthy way of quenching her thirst. And, no, we’re not talking about water! “When I drink I top it off with my Prosecco,” she says, referring to her wine range, Bellissima. “It’s all organic, vegan and keto friendly.” Christie also notes, “We do it through a natural process of fermentation… all of the natural yeasts eat away the sugar leaving nothing behind [but] pure grapes.”

Obviously, Christie uses her own skincare line on her face, but what about her body? What does she do to stay in shape? “I have to say, and it’s not an ad, but I have a Total Gym at home,” says the model who has long been the face of the workout product. “It’s not my only form of working out, but it’s my most consistent form of working out and consistency is what matters – that you always do something. My Total Gym is sitting there in my home, and it can be snowing, raining, a heatwave…you can still do something. You might not be able to run on the beach, take a hike or a bike ride, but with that you can still get a total body workout.”

Christie also makes a very good case for exercising daily. She says, “It’s been proven that when you stretch and contract a muscle, that’s the healthiest thing that you can do for a muscle.” Hands up if you’re now motivated enough to work up a sweat on a daily basis? We definitely are!

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