Here's How You Properly Care For Your Diamond Engagement Ring

In obvious news: diamond rings are pretty valuable. Therefore, if you’ve got one, it’s in your best interest to keep it looking bright and shiny. You’d never neglect your other prized possessions, so those precious jewels are no exception! If you’re lost on where to start aftercare-wise, no worries, ’cause we’ve done ya a solid and recruited the experts.

Nicole Wegman is the founder of the NYC luxury diamond group Ring Concierge, and a known diamond pro. Ring aftercare is one of her fortes, so she’s ever so kindly provided a diamond cleaning tutorial for dummies. Honestly the weekly cleanings that she suggests will have your diamonds sparkling in a way you never thought they could. She’s also got super helpful tips here on how to ensure you don’t rough up your ring too much, and how to avoid a disastrous misplacement.

Watch the whole video for all the intel, and check out Nicole’s special edition of our Expensive Taste Test, where she provides an insider’s guide on how to spot a pricey ring. 👀

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