Here's Why I'll Always Prefer a Classic Tube of Mascara Over Lash Extensions

I will never deny the draw of eyelash extensions. Having had them for a significant period of time, I can vouch for their comfort and time-saving nature. They help you look and feel put-together — with thick, voluminous, fluttery lashes to boot — without even touching your makeup bag. When I had them, my alarm clock was set later (I could roll out of bed and look wide awake) and smears and smudges never existed.

Yet, at the end of the day, I will still always choose a tube of mascara. Yes, I will admit that I’ve never met a tube of mascara that can produce the same impressive effects as eyelash extensions, but mascara is still my preferred tool for defining and lengthening my lashes.

As someone who’s been writing about beauty for a decade, I genuinely enjoy trying out new products. When I had eyelash extensions, I had to forgo personally testing the new mascara I saw advertised everywhere or trying the formula my best friend couldn’t stop raving about. Eyelash extensions may have saved me the annoyance of having to remove a product that just didn’t live up to its hype, but I missed exploring eye makeup.

It was technically fine to wear eyeshadow and eyeliner with my extensions, but I found myself staying away from those product categories, too; I was so afraid I’d accidentally pull out one of my faux lashes while removing my eye makeup at the end of the day.

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