How This Tea-Tree Toner Helped Me Get Rid of My Maskne

How This Tea-Tree Toner Helped Me Get Rid of My Maskne

I know I’m not the only one dealing with maskne at the moment, but that didn’t made the situation any less frustrating. Finding a toner to combat said maskne, on the other hand, did help ease the situation. Enter: Dr. Jart’s Teatreement Toner ($30).

I specifically started breaking out around my chin and mouth, which makes sense since that is part of the area that a facial mask covers. Obviously wearing one is a very important precaution when stepping outside at this time, so there’s no way I was going to let a few zits get in the way of me staying safe.

“There are three things that cause breakouts: excess skin, oil, and acne bacteria,” Claire O’Bryan, ANC-P of The Skin Clique previously told POPSUGAR. “All of these things are going to be thriving in that mask environment. The mask is blocking the pores, the heat and wet environment are where the bacteria will grow best, and constant irritation from the mask will cause more oil production.”

I used the brand’s toner religiously for a month and saw an instant difference within the first three days. The formula — which is packed with (if you couldn’t tell by its name) tea tree oil to target inflammation, plus green tea and aloe vera extracts to soothe — seemed to purify my skin, and on the cotton face pads I could see all of the excess dirt and oil coming off with each wipe. In a few short weeks, my zits shrunk in size and became less red a lot quicker than they did with other toners. The liquid also has a slight cooling effect, which helped ease any irritation.

While I am still getting a few zits now and then, using the Teatreement line helps get my skin back in check when it’s acting up. Keep reading to see the before and after pictures of my skin after using the product for a month, and then shop it if you’re feeling inspired.

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