Jessie James Decker Gives Advice To Achieve Your Health Goals: ‘It’s Not Going To Happen Overnight’

Jessie James Decker has been incredibly candid about her health journey after giving birth to her third child. She spoke to HollywoodLife about how to stay positive and achieve your goals, like she did!

As Jessie James Decker prepared to open her first Kittenish brick-and-mortar store in Nashville, she was also juggling her three kids, her music, her upcoming cookbook, and her own needs — something every mother, working or not, can relate to! With over three million followers on Instagram, the “Flip My Hair” singer decided to get real with her fans and opened up about her weight loss journey after giving birth to her third child, Forrest, in April 2018. Speaking to HollywoodLife just days before her big Kittenish opening, Jessie revealed the advice she has for the several women and men she inspired with her candid post, which has garnered over hundreds of thousands of likes. “I’d say not be so hard on yourselves and to be patient, because it’s not going to happen over night, but you’ve got to be consistent. You can’t diet for two days and expect that everything is going to turn out the way that you want it to. I was consistent for months, and that’s the way that I saw changes,” Jessie explained in an exclusive interview with HL. “We all want that instant result right then and there, and it’s just not the way our bodies work, and it’s not good, its not healthy for you. So, my advice is to just stay consistent, make sure you get all the vitamins and good stuff that you need, so that you’re not hurting your body in the long run.”

Jessie posted her post-baby body journey on January 8, 2019, sharing a side by side of her body post-baby, almost 9 months ago, to her toned figure today. “I know you’ll see a lot of people in the public eye and they drop weight in what seems like five minutes after having a baby and I think we all feel like we should live up to those expectations,” Jessie wrote. “I’ve even been guilty of that myself and thinking I need to rush and lose weight two months after having a baby when I see all these skinny girls post-baby but that is just not realistic for the majority of us.” She continued, “I have been every shape and size over the last 4 1/2 years from having children and never had to worry about losing weight until I had kids. I had good metabolism and had always been that way before. Having children definitely changed everything and I’m so blessed and grateful to have my babies as y’all know but it definitely can test your self-esteem when you are used to looking and feeling a certain way.”

Jessie went on to say she wished she had known about the South Beach Diet after having her first two children, as the weight she gained during her pregnancy with Forrest came off much easier by following SBD! “I truly think it’s just from educating myself and knowing what to do and having this program right in front of me. My goal now as far as my body goes is to be healthy and happy and fit not “skinny” just fit and healthy and the best version of myself,” she wrote. We love Jessie and her realness! ALSO, we love Kittenish and that Jessie achieved her dream of opening her own store! Make sure to go check it out, at 304 11th Ave S, Nashville, TN!

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