Julianne Moore’s Esthetician & Wellness Expert Reveals The Anti-Stress Meditation That Will Ease Your Mind

Current times couldn’t be more stressful & luckily, Julianne Moore’s esthetician & wellness expert, Tammy Fender, shared with HL exclusively, the meditation you can do to reduce stress & anxiety.

If you’ve been suffering from stress and anxiety during quarantine and everything else currently going on in the world, trying to ease your mind may seem impossible. However, esthetician to Julianne Moore, 59, and wellness expert, Tammy Fender, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, different meditations, and ways to calm down during these trying times. When it comes to bringing peacefulness into your days, Tammy revealed, “This can be so simple really, you don’t want to add more stress by overcomplicating this wish for peacefulness. Being in nature always brings me great relief, whether in the garden or at the beach. For others, working out might bring the right kind of release from tension, and for some, it’s sitting in silent contemplation. Whether it’s creating art or walking—whatever it is, you know it deep down. It should feel good and enriching.”

Tammy admitted there are many different ways to remain calm during this anxious time, saying, “I like to use envisioning in my meditative practice. I do visualizations just before going to sleep, giving attention to my breath, and then envisioning a cleansing white light that sweeps through my body, melting away any points of tension. I also use this technique by envisioning a difficult part of my life and creating an inner image of everyone involved well and happy. Staying positive can have a wonderful effect.”

As for some tips for trying to be stress-free, Tammy revealed, “There are so many wonderful ways to create a personal practice that feels so good, so nourishing just for you. When I feel overwhelmed, sometimes I simply repeat a positive message, such as ‘I am at peace,’ or ‘all is well.’ It becomes a mantra. I work with essential oils like Ylang Ylang, which has a wonderfully soothing effect and has been a go-to essence for me these past months. Another important practice is not over-committing. Realizing the times we are in, we all need to make room for the upset and the unexpected. Slowing your pace, taking your own health and stability seriously, is essential. Give yourself a little kindness and gentle care.”

Not only are we mentally suffering from stress and anxiety, but our skin is also being affected by our feelings, which is why Tammy shared some ways you can de-stress your skin. “This is such a good time for working with plant remedies, which can destress the skin in the most obvious ways, diminishing surface disruptions, sensitivities, redness, irritation, but also function at a deeper level, too. In addition, working with the diet is important. Choosing foods that are truly nutritious, without excesses of sugar or refined ingredients. Vegetables and fruits in their natural state are healing for these times.”

As for a skincare routine that you might want to try, Tammy said, “I created Plant Milk, a richly milky botanical emulsion, precisely to address stressed skin. It has a natural calming effect and provides a wealth of essential nutrients, but it also helps shield the skin from environmental irritants. It really replenishes the complexion and then locks in all the benefits.”

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