Meghan Markle emerges from outdoor swim in candid photo

The trailer for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Netflix documentary dropped on Thursday, giving never-before-seen insights into their outdoorsy hobbies.

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The one-minute-long clip whizzes through picture-perfect memories from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s romance, with snaps taken inside their home, on holiday and at work – but it’s their off-duty outdoor snaps that gave a glimpse at Meghan and Harry’s shared hobbies.

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One candid photo shows Megan emerging from an outdoor paddle, clad in a black swimsuit, a striped cover-up dress and a wide-brimmed hat.

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Her two dogs can be seen greeting her as she retreats from the water, and the pet pooches make several appearances in the clip.

In another photo the couple jump for joy, decked out in hiking gear, while in a third they pose for a selfie, again wearing walking attire.

Meghan Markle emerges from an outdoor swim

Meghan is known to be a big fan of hiking, with her friendDelfina Blaquier, who is married to Nacho Figueras, one of Prince Harry’s polo teammates, sharing the pair love to walk together.

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In the long dedication to Meghan, Delfina referred to the activities she and Meghan get up to, writing: “Can’t wait to see you again soon, to share thrill, hikes, and just more chill time.”

Meghan and Harry jumping for joy on a hike

The Duchess regularly shows off her super-toned legs, and walking is a great way to keep them lean, so it’s no surprise she and Harry enjoy a hike.

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