Men are getting £550 Botox injections in their BALLS to impress women

Scrotox costs $1000 AUD, which is equivalent to around £550.

To carry out the procedure, surgeons inject muscle-relaxing Botox into the testicles.

Patients claim the op makes their balls look smoother and less wrinkly.

Some also say it can reduce redness and sagging.

Like with any surgery, Scrotox does have its risks.

Associate Professor Peter Chin, spokesman for the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand, said customers should think carefully before getting injected.

He told “The scrotum is a very vascular organ, and there is a potential risk for the Botox to travel throughout the body if injected incorrectly.”

If you are self conscious about your intimate areas, it’s advisable to seek the advice of your local GP.

They can then assist and talk you through any medical treatment that could be available.

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