Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis’ surprising school activity revealed

The Prince and Princess of Wales‘ children Prince GeorgePrincess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are in their first term at their new school, Lambrook, and they’ve taken part in a wholesome day within the idyllic grounds.

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The Lambrook School Instagram feed shared a glimpse into one of the school’s extra-curricular activity days. It showed a group of pupils gathered around an apple presser outside, and the caption read: “Apple pressing, apple collecting and eating, an ‘apple tree walk’, apple cake, apple juice and the chance to share expertise with younger year groups – it was a wonderful celebration of all things apples in our orchard today #appleday.”

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The royal children’s school is keen to push non-academic subjects as well as encouraging success with the core topics. The wide-ranging activities include tap dancing, bagpipe playing and swimming.

They’ll also spend a lot of time in Lambrook’s beautiful chapel, where there are four services a week and pupils’ families, as well as outside speakers, attend on Saturdays.

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The pupils had a wholesome day apple picking and pressing

The little ones will also be learning about the importance of sustainability – an issue their grandfather Prince Charles is particularly passionate about.

Every class has a veg patch, there are lessons on ecology and the food industry, and pupils planted 300 saplings last year to reduce their carbon footprint. The school also houses rabbits which the children are welcome to pet at lunchtimes.

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The private school fees increase as the students go up through the years. The fee is £4,389 per term for Nursery, which is where Prince Louis is, and this totals £13,167 across all three terms.

Years three and four are categorised as ‘lower school’ and come in at £6,448 per term, meaning Princess Charlotte’s education will set her parents back £19,344 per year.

The royal children attend Lambrook School 

Years five – eight are £6,999 per term meaning Prince George will be the most expensive child in school for the family, totalling £20,997.

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